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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Ship YOUR more oversized shipments and containers with our sea freight. Our team ensures your products get enough care until DELIVERED TO YOUR DESTINATION.

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Air Freight

Air Freight

Deliver your package overnight to your customers, availing of air freight services. Leeline ensures you get QUICK, RELIABLE, AND SAFE transportation of the batteries.

You get batteries from the manufacturer packed correctly. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Enjoy the safest shipping method with a 100% guarantee. Ship your medium-sized shipments of ALL TYPES OF PRODUCTS with us. You’ll receive your shipment within 5-7 days.

Our rail freight is FAST AND EASY ON YOUR POCKET.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We pick up your batteries from the manufacturer, secure the outer package and deliver them to YOU. You get your products to your doorstep.

Our expert team gives you continuous updates on every shipment. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Avail discounts on shipments from Alibaba with Leeline. We ensure you get the shipment at your desired time with low transit time.

You get quick and safe shipping options to choose from. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Make higher monthly revenue by shipping experts Leeline as your FREIGHT FORWARDER. Enjoy quick and easy shipment to FBA.

We negotiate shipping costs with the best shipping companies. You save half of your budget shipping with us. 

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Affordable Rates

We provide you with the cheapest freight solutions through our logistics network. FAST AND SAFE DELIVERY won’t cost you extra. Ship bulk shipments at affordable rates saving money.

Freight Expert

We have been providing air freight solutions for more than a decade. Our goal is to give YOU CUSTOMIZABLE and affordable cargo service.  Your shipments will be successful without any obstacles in the way.


We cooperate with many reliable logistics companies to save you time and money. Every promise we make gets fulfilled, ensuring ON-TIME DELIVERY. 

Quality Check

YOU get quality items delivered with Leeline. LEELINE checks every product it ships from dealers. There are no DOUBLE SHIPPING CHARGES on any orders.

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I find it impossible to ship power banks and batteries with exposed terminals. But this problem solved with leeline. With great care, they ship lithium batteries and other metal objects overseas. And also follows the packing instructions to determine safe and reliable packaging. Since then, we have never faced any issues regarding battery shipments. I am excited to recommend them to every business owner.

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How to Ship Batteries?

Are you having difficulty shipping metallic lithium and lithium-ion batteries?

Most AIR FREIGHT companies don’t ship batteries because they are hazardous goods. But, our logistics experts help you ship Li-ion batteries with proper packaging. You have smooth lithium battery shipments. 

Reading this article assists you in establishing your business for lithium-ion batteries.

How to Ship Batteries?

Which products have batteries?

Being used in electronic devices, lithium-ion batteries get used in many products. They get accessible, lightweight, and simple to use. From small thermometers to giant airplanes, lithium batteries get used everywhere. 

Some of the most common products using lithium batteries include:

  • Power Tools
  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablets
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automotives
  • Cameras
  • Electric Devices

How to pack batteries?

How to pack batteries

Packing lithium batteries in safe packages protect the shipment from any accidents. That’s why checking if you’ve packed according to the rules is essential.

Look at some tips to help you know about the packaging details.

  • Pack the batteries in a way that protects them from crushing. Any heating to the battery leads to an explosion causing accidents. 
  • Devices having installed batteries must not turn on during transport. It causes a fire in case the device turns on. 
  • Cover the switches to avoid accidental activation of the device. Even small devices like rechargeable flashlights cause destruction that will be uncontrollable.
  • Pack the repairable electronic items separately without batteries. Repairing electronic devices cause issues if transported with batteries.
  • Different types of batteries need other packing materials. Ask the respective company for packing instructions. It helps to prevent any issues. Follow every instruction to keep your batteries safe.
  • Do not use a packing material that has the chance of increasing the explosion rate. A paper or wooden box should never get used if there is an accident.

What documentation do you need to ship batteries?

What documentation do you need to ship batteries

Lithium metal batteries being dangerous goods need extra care during transportation. Shipping hazardous goods need additional documents. It is essential to ensure you have the right to ship the batteries. Also, you must confirm that you have safely packed the hazardous materials. 

The following shipment details should be available for enclosed inner packaging:

1: UN38.3 Certificate

It determines that the lithium metal content gets shipped safely. The lithium cells having this certificate get tested according to UN guidelines. 

2: Material Safety Data Sheet

You need the MSDS for lithium metal batteries to get approval for airline shipment. An MSDS certificate only works for 1 year, and you renew it again.

3: Dangerous Goods Contract

Some courier companies need Dangerous Goods Contracts when shipping conductive materials. Check out if your courier company requires a dangerous goods contract. 

But remember that even after having these documents. You may have to wait before getting approval. Sometimes it takes months to get the paperwork done. It’s because transporting batteries can be dangerous, causing uncontrollable accidents. 

How to ship batteries?

Lithium batteries and hazardous materials require different shipping regulations and legal requirements. You need to submit certain documents depending on the shipping method. Also, check the laws of the company you select. You ship by sea, air, or road. Have a look at the following informational points on shipping lithium-ion batteries.

1:Safe Packaging

Lithium-ion batteries must be shipped in rigid plastic packaging. Rechargeable batteries get left inside hard products like toys and watches. It helps to keep them protected. LIMITING THEIR EXPOSURE to the other products in the shipment.

2:Dont Ship Recalled Lithium Batteries

Recalled lithium batteries cannot get shipped. As a result of their high explosion risk. Shipping risks do not compensate for the cost of defective batteries. 

3:Packaging Must Be In Hard Coverings

Power tools containing lithium-ion batteries can transport if the devices have hard coverings. You keep AS MANY BATTERIES AS POSSIBLE in one box without restrictions.

4:Dont Use Unaccompanied Luggage

It’s recommended not to ship lithium batteries in unaccompanied luggage. Yet, you keep a few batteries in your hand luggage. The check-in luggage cannot contain them, especially when traveling by air.

5:Best Shipping Is Through Air Freight

You send standard lithium metal batteries by air cargo. It’s recommended to send the batteries within the products. 

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FAQs about Shipping Battery

Can you ship car batteries?

Depending on the shipping company, you may or may not ship a car battery. But, generally, shipping lithium batteries and car batteries aren’t allowed. The reason lies in accidental activation, mainly when carried through air transportation.   

Is it expensive to ship lithium batteries?

Yes, when you carry luggage with lithium-ion batteries. You must follow shipping restrictions and each packing instruction. But Leeline helps you save money, finding reliable and cost-effective dangerous goods shipments. 

Do I need a battery label for shipping?

Yes, lithium battery shipment has many risks during air transport or others. It’s essential to add a lithium metal battery mark to cope with the dangerous goods regulations. 

Is FedEx shipping batteries?

The International Air Transport Association only allows FedEx to handle lithium battery shipments. All other regulated batteries can not get shipped through FedEx. 

What’s Next

Shipping lithium-ion batteries isn’t easy. You must focus on safe inner packaging and shipping regulations to avoid accidents.

Finding a reliable shipping company for lithium metal batteries?

Leeline helps you with lithium battery shipments following the lithium battery shipping regulations.  

Contact us today to get a DIRECT QUOTE for shipping lithium batteries. 

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