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Leeline helps you to select Alibaba sellers with Free shipping. We receive your free shipping and process for international shipment. Get FAST SHIPPING for your goods at low rates.

Discounted customized shipping deals for small businesses. We make things work on your tight budget. 

Alibaba Free Shipping


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Competitive shipping prices for sea freight. Get low shipping rates with short routes. No need to wait for long TRANSIT TIMES with short routes.

Shared spaces for small shipments. You get fewer barriers to starting your shipping. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Urgent and fast Air shipping with good rates. We optimize your shipments to save space and money. Fast SHIPMENT processing for urgent delivery.

Get discounted Air freight deals throughout the year. Make things work on a low budget! 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Leeline gets you cheap international and national Rail shipping. We supervise the loading and unloading to avoid product damage. Get extra protective layers for fragile and sensitive products.

No extra labor cost and delays in ROAD TRAFFIC with Railway shipping.  

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Track your package from the supplier warehouse to your doorstep. Customized Door to door shipping with real-time tracking. Automate your supply chain with multiple suppliers.

Get CONSOLIDATION and optimization of shipment at a low cost. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Make your Alibaba shipping process faster and more EFFICIENT. We optimize the whole process to save you time and money. Save money by avoiding high Alibaba logistics fees.

We handle all extensive paperwork for customs clearance. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

We have been providing automated shipping solutions to Amazon sellers for years. We collect, inspect, merge and rebrand your products.

AUTOMATE your whole Amazon shipping from suppliers to Amazon WAREHOUSES. 

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

REASONABLE prices on different shipping methods. Urgent and fast extra services (Branding, inspection, packaging) at cheap rates.Long-term shipping solutions with low prices. 

Free Storage

Get 30 days of free storage at our warehouse networks worldwide. Easy to access Air and sea ports with trucking. Skilled warehousing staff for OPTIMIZATION. 

Fast Processing

Fast processing without delays. Skilled and hard-working staff to provide non-stop shipping solutions. NO MORE DELAYS with shipping. 


Inspection saves you from shipping fees on damaged products. Get inspection and testing videos. We replace damaged products with functional items. No more bad REVIEWS!

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Worked with Leeline, and it’s been an amazing experience. My e-commerce business is booming with proper supply chain management. Leeline is effectively handling my shipping from china. I recommend LEELINE to every starter! 

– Josephine, New Zealand

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How To Get Free Shipping On Alibaba?

Do you have a tight shipping budget and are looking for Alibaba free shipping?

Wait, we got something for you!

Our logistics expert has compiled this guidebook about Alibaba free shipping. This saves you a lot on Alibaba shipping. We have saved a lot of money with cheap shipping options. After this, you save time and money on Alibaba shipping costs

Keep moving to read more Alibaba free shipping. Avoid HIGH shipping fees with TIPS. 

Alibaba Free Shipping

What is Alibaba free shipping?

Alibaba has a lot of competition between suppliers. They want to attract buyers. Some suppliers offer free shipping to attract people. 

Most of them are trading companies. They outsource products in bulk at low prices. They have an existing logistics infrastructure that helps them with free shipping services. Not only this, but they have good PROFIT MARGINS. 

You avail free shipping deal to save shipping cost. There are limited products with free shipping. Keep a few things in mind free shipping is for short DISTANCES or very slow. You get free shipping with a suitable method if you order in bulk.

How to confirm if it is free shipping on Alibaba?

How to confirm if it is free shipping on Alibaba

Suppliers offer shipping with different shipping METHODS. Some charge for them, and some do not. Here are a few steps to confirm the free shipping on Alibaba items. 

Step 1: Search your product keyword on Alibaba. If you want to add free shipping in the search bar, it’s also good but unnecessary. 

Step  2: Open the product listing or page. And browse the description. Go to the shipping INFORMATION section. 

Step 3: Check if it MENTIONS Free shipping or not. You also check FAQs. Some suppliers mention Shipping details in the Alibaba FAQ section.

Step 4: Scroll down to the page if there is no CLEAR SIGN. Here is the supplier contact form or box. 

Step 5: Ask about shipping details. Ask about different shipping methods and processing times. Most offer the cheapest option, like sea freight, as free shipping. 

Step 6: Some offer free shipping on lightweight products. There are two different weight concepts, Dimensional weight, and actual weight. So ask for shipping offers on both weights.

Step 7: Ask about MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY and price. Some offer free shipping on certain product limits with specific shipping methods

You’ll get your easy answer shortly. The general rule is to contact different potential suppliers and wait for a reply. Most gold suppliers reply within 24 hours with the FINAL PRICE. 

How to get free shipping on Alibaba?

How to get free shipping on Alibaba

Alibaba Shipping costs are almost 5% to 10% of your net revenue. You save EXPENSIVE shipping with free shipping options. There are a few ways to get free shipping on Alibaba. Here are a few of them. 

  • Existing Free shipping Product listings

Find suppliers that already offer free shipping. You search for products on the search bar. Check their description and shipping details. Most of the time, they have mentioned free shipping in DESCRIPTIONS or FAQs. Check appropriate shipping methods and start sourcing your product. 

  • Bulk orders and Negotiation

Sometimes there is no Free shipping option. But if you ORDER large quantities, you ask the supplier for extra perks. This is branding, good packaging, or free shipping. It is up to you! 

You have to negotiate good perks. Branding or packaging is easy to NEGOTIATE. But you go with free shipping because it saves more. Confirm your shipping method and courier company. Some courier companies are cheap but so slow. Try to go with better SERVICE. 

  • Discount and promotion offers

There are some limited-time offers on every platform. Many suppliers often go with discounts and promotional offers to get good sales. Check Discount and COUPON code. Purchase within the offered time frame. Easy to get a good deal with discounts and sales seasons.

Pro Tip: Some low-quality product suppliers offer free shipping. Check reviews and pay with SAFE payment options like trade assurance. Alibaba charges a fee to assure you. 

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Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Alibaba Free Shipping 

Is free shipping actually free?

No, Either seller is selling products with a high-profit margin, or you are ordering in BULK. The supplier pays these shipping charges from profit. Some Alibaba dropshipping suppliers get discounts, so they offer free SHIPPING. They are usually low-priced and have slow shipping. 

Can you get free shipping on Alibaba?

Yes, most suppliers offer free shipping. It is usually high-profit margin quality products, or you are buying in bulk. So they offer free shipping to attract buyers. Free shipping PRODUCT LISTINGS are limited.

Can you negotiate shipping costs on Alibaba?

YES. You negotiate high shipping prices. You have to show your future relationship potential or buy in bulk. Shipping agents or suppliers easily negotiate shipping prices with long-term clients. 

What are free shipping products on Alibaba?

There are many free shipping products on Alibaba. Search product listings with a free shipping tag. You add the keyword free shipping in the search bar. Product listings mention whether it is FREE shipping or not. 

What’s Next

Only a few products have Alibaba free shipping. You avail yourself of this opportunity, but it usually ends up slow. You fasten your Shipping process with optimization at a low price. Most SELLERS offer only National shipping free. An experienced shipping agent helps you to process SHIPMENTS internationally. 

Leeline has been processing shipments for a decade. Fast shipping with different shipping methods at the best price. 

Contact us to get an Instant QUOTE Now! Free consultation for good strategy.

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

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