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DOUBLE your profits as your products from ALIBABA ship to USA. We give you maximum trade assurance. You get VERY low prices regardless of your shipping method.

You’ll get a FASTER ROI and impress your customers!

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

You reduce ALIBABA shipping costs with ocean shipping. This is already the cheapest shipping method. But YOU get even bigger discounts with our shipment consolidation.

We handle the customs clearance of your cargo. You don’t have to STRESS about anything during your Alibaba shipping. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Cut your order’s DELIVERY TIME by half with air shipping. We PICK UP your goods from your Chinese supplier. You don’t have to contact a different customs broker.

Our experts process ALL your cargo’s documents. You SAVE TIME for other important aspects of your online store.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Get your PRODUCTS from several suppliers on Alibaba by land. We GUARANTEE the safety of your own products during transit. You ENJOY a much faster shipping time than sea freight.

Just pay a VERY low shipping fee. It’ll be a stress-free Alibaba shipment for you. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

ENJOY 100% peace of mind when ordering from ALIBABA sellers. We pick up your goods while checking the product quality.

You never receive FAULTY products with our logistics services. You KEEP money in your BANK ACCOUNT safe! 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

We don’t require you to have a minimum order quantity as many suppliers do. ORDER as many Alibaba goods as you need.

Every order shipped with LEELINE has QUALITY ASSURANCE. You ALWAYS satisfy your customers! 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

DOUBLE your profits in weeks by being an Amazon FBA seller. We pick up your goods from your supplier’s factory. Your cargo meets every International shipping standard.

It’s a fast and EFFICIENT shipping process. You waste no time and get FASTER ROI!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Freight Forwarder

We’ve been shipping from ALIBABA Chinese suppliers for over a decade. You GUARANTEE your products’ safety. And your cargo ALWAYS meets the International trade rules and laws. 

Pay Once And Receive All Perks

We handle your shipping insurance cost, packaging, and customs brokerage needs. ALL for a small fee! You don’t need to contact other courier companies or customs brokers. Convenient! 

Fast Response Rate

Contact us ANYTIME you have concerns. Our REPLY is within 24-48 hours. Your shipping is SAFE and successful. No stress is involved! 

Glad To Be Your Middleman

Leeline has many negotiation experts. We are the middleman between YOU and your trading companies. We’ll get you the best possible rates for your products through market research. You reduce your sample cost to zero! 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Alibaba is 1 of the best eCommerce site. But suppliers usually charge a fortune when they ship my products. Luckily, I found Leeline. This freight forwarder gave me the cheapest shipping price. They contacted my trading company for further discounts. I highly recommend Leeline!!

– Curtis, Ohio

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Does Alibaba Ship To USA?

Alibaba is 1 of the best sites to buy WHOLESALE goods. 

But many businesses still ask us, “Does Alibaba ship to USA?”

Turns out…

MANY entrepreneurs don’t know much about China’s BIGGEST eCommerce platform.

As a decade-long freight forwarder, we want to make a change. Our EXPERTS crafted this mega cheat sheet for Alibaba shipping. You won’t need to RESEARCH anything else! 

Keep reading!  You’ll save LOTS of time and money while shipping. 

Does Alibaba Ship To USA?

Best Alibaba shipping methods to USA

#1: Sea freight 

This is the most affordable freight option when SHIPPING GOODS from Alibaba. Sure, it takes time for ocean shipments to arrive. Around 30-45 days. However, you’ll CUT your shipping budget in OVER HALF! 

You should use SEA FREIGHT if: 

  • Your budget is tight. 
  • You’re NOT in a rush to replenish stock. 
  • You’re shipping LARGE quantities of goods.
  • Shipping delays won’t affect your business. 

SEA FREIGHT is generally the most flexible freight method. This means YOU ship ALL sorts of goods. Those include fragile, OOG, and consolidated cargo. 

#2: Air freight

Here’s a better freight method for expensive shipping products. You’ll get your goods in 7-10 days with air freight. It’s a MUCH faster option than OCEAN freight. But of course, it’s slightly more expensive than sea freight. 

Note: This is a GOOD shipping option for occasional shipments of HIGH-VALUED goods. Or time-sensitive products. But I don’t recommend air freight when REGULARLY buying bulk orders. You might get a SLOWER ROI. 

#3: Express Shipping 

Let me introduce the FASTEST freight method: Express shipping. This is your BEST choice if you want to RECEIVE your products from Alibaba in just 3-5 days. 

I HIGHLY recommend this for:

  • Small and urgent goods. 
  • Replenishing your stock ASAP.

But know that EXPRESS SHIPPING is also the MOST EXPENSIVE freight type. So you shouldn’t stick to this freight type when REORDERING BULK ORDERS.

#4: E-Packet

This one’s a service exclusively offered by China post. It’s IDEAL for small packages coming from your Alibaba supplier. It’s a much cheaper option than express shipping. 

E-packet usually takes 6-15 days to arrive. 

Note: You won’t need to HIRE a customs broker using ePacket. This freight method already includes your cargo’s documentation. 

How long does railway freight take from Alibaba to USA?

How long does railway freight take from Alibaba to USA

RAILWAY freight from Alibaba to the USA takes 15 to 30 days. But it MAY take longer depending on the type of goods you’re shipping. Your goods also are delayed if they need any SPECIAL handling care or assistance. 

Railway freight isn’t a common shipping method between China and the USA. 

After all, the LONG distance between the 2 makes it hard to establish railway routes. 

It’s best to AVOID railway freight when ordering from Alibaba. Couriers MOVE and transfer your cargo often. You get a broken or low-quality product at the end of the RAILWAY journey. 

How much does shipping cost from Alibaba to USA?

How much does shipping cost from Alibaba to USA

The shipping cost from ALIBABA to the USA depends on lots of factors. It’s hard to give any SPECIFIC value. 

But to give you a GENERAL idea, shipping fees are usually more expensive when:

  • Your products are bigger or heavier. 
  • The FINAL DESTINATION is far from China.
  • Your cargo’s transit time is shorter.
  • You use your freight forwarder’s VALUE-ADDED services.

How to ship from Alibaba to USA?

How to ship from Alibaba to USA

There’s no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL solution for shipping from Alibaba to the USA. There are lots of ways to do so. But to make this process SUPER EASY, CHEAP, and stress-free. Follow the steps below to ship from Alibaba to your country! 

#1: Find a supplier.  

Knowing your supplier’s location is CRUCIAL for this process.So you need to CONTACT a reliable supplier before you proceed. 

Pro tip: Check your supplier’s reliability by checking its reviews and RATINGS. 

#2: Inform your supplier that you’ll handle shipping. 

Many Alibaba suppliers know how to SHIP to the USA. But they’ll CHARGE YOU FORTUNES for doing so. It’s best to contact a freight forwarding company for this shipping process. 

With that said, inform your supplier that YOU handle the shipment. That means you’ll be picking up your order from their warehouse. 

Once your supplier agrees with this shipping setup…

#3: Contact a freight forwarder. 

Find one that’s:

  • Near your supplier.
  • EXPERIENCED at handling Alibaba products.
  • Reliable (check online reviews). 
  • Offering the value-added services you need (like customs brokerage). 

Pro tip: You find freight forwarders by ASKING other business owners. In-person or ONLINE through forums. Using Google’s search bar is also an EASY way to find Alibaba freight forwarders. 

Your freight forwarder ASK you for ALL the necessary information to ship your goods. Just ANSWER your shipper’s request. 

And then… 

#4: Wait for your order 

No stressful delays, expensive penalties, or incorrect paperwork.

That’s the BEAUTY of using a freight forwarder for your Alibaba shipments. 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Alibaba Ship to USA 

Can you ship Alibaba to USA?

Yes. You ship from Alibaba to USA. Your supplier can HANDLE the shipping process in your stead. Alternatively, you can contact freight forwarders to pick up and deliver your goods. 

Do you pay an import tax from Alibaba to USA?

Yes, you pay an import tax from Alibaba to the USA. How much you pay exactly depends on several factors. Those include what products you’re importing, how many, and how much they are. 

What is the cheapest way to ship from China to USA?

The CHEAPEST way to ship from China to the USA is sea freight. Because this shipping method takes LONGER, usually more than a month. Sea freight is BEST for bulk and wholesale orders as you’ll SAVE lots of money. 

How much is USA customs duty?

Your cargo’s customs duty depends on:
• What your products are.
• Your cargo’s country of origin. 
• The total monetary value of your goods.
Generally, your USA customs duty is 0-20% of your cargo’s overall cost. 

What’s Next

Shipping from Alibaba to the USA isn’t as HARD as it sounds. And UNLIKE what most say, this process isn’t always expensive. Just KEEP the tips I’ve mentioned in mind. Contact the right freight forwarder. And you’ll successfully ship from Alibaba to the USA! 

Not sure of which freight forwarder to contact yet?

Hit us up! We’ve been shipping orders from Alibaba to the USA for over 10 years. We’ll make this process SUPER EASY AND AFFORDABLE! Click here for a free quote. 

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