4PX Tracking Fake

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4PX Tracking Fake


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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Secure and safe sea shipping with our protective layer packaging. We optimize your FCL and LCL shipment to save more space in containers. You face fewer shipping charges.

Select a 20- or 40 ft container at cheap rates with expert assistance. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Priority-based processing of your Air cargo at airports. Get time-to-time discounted deals to cope with expensive Air shipping. We handle customs not only in China but in our destination country too.

Get real-time tracking with a tracking number. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Access fast rail shipping for both domestic and international deliveries. Smart route selection to avoid delays at junctions. Supervised loading and unloading to avoid product damage.

You get rail shipping at very competitive rates. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Complete handling and shipping management from the supplier’s warehouse to your doorstep. Cheap storage space with warehouse management. We also offer direct fulfillment to the customers.

Saves you time and shipping costs with customized door-to-door shipping. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Receive consolidated and merged Alibaba shipping at your doorstep.  We handle both small and large shipping volumes from multiple suppliers.

Consolidation and shipment optimization saves you labor costs and time. Get compact & concise shipments with fast delivery. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Direct shipment to the FBA center from Mainland China. We add elegant packaging and branding for your better brand’s foundation.

Receive your Amazon shipment in 10 days with operational updates. No supply shortage! 

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Free Storage 

30 Days of free storage at warehouse networks worldwide. Keep backup stock without recurring storage costs. More profit margin with a low storage cost. 


Product inspection before shipping to get only functional items. Saves you high shipping costs on damaged products. No more bad reviews from angry customers. 

Multiple Shipping Carriers

Get both express & standard options through Multiple carriers. Fast shipping at discounted rates. Backup Alternative carrier with just one click. 

REAL- Time Tracking

Real-time tracking on all shipping services (Air, sea, rail, and trucking). Get operational updates with free universal shipment tracking. Stay updated and satisfied. 

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I have worked with many logistics companies but was very impressed by LEELINE. Very cooperative and professional staff, especially their customer support. Thanks for the continued updates. I love to work with this logistics company again. 

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Is 4PX Tracking Fake in 2024?

Is 4PX tracking fake? 

If you are afraid to try 4PX shipping and tracking, hold on! First, read this review by our eCommerce shipping experts. Get shipping tips and alternative solutions with their experience. 

In this review, we discuss 4PX tracking and how it works. You get to know how to use 4PX tracking and its alternatives. Full review for a better understanding to make a sound decision. 

Keep reading about 4PX Tracking and get answers about their credibility. 

Is 4PX Tracking Fake

What Is 4PX Tracking?

4PX Express started in 2004 as a logistics and parcel delivery service. Their main motive was to serve eCommerce sellers with good international service. 

4PX operates in more than 50 countries around the world. Many eCommerce sellers use their service for order fulfillment. Singapore post is one of their key investors, so you get better international service. Easy to get customized solutions according to your business needs. 

 No doubt tracking is the biggest part of eCommerce services, so they focused on it. You get real-time tracking as per their claim. We have discussed that part in the following with details. 

Is 4PX Tracking Fake? 

Is 4PX Tracking Fake

4PX provides legit courier service with legit tracking. 4PX has warehouses worldwide with around 2000+ staff. Yet, people have mixed experiences with their shipping and tracking service. 

Some found it fast, especially with international mail transit. On the flip side, some faced slow delivery with their logistics partners. Delivery time varies with location and global services. Don’t skip upcoming reviews for complete clarity. 

4PX collaboration with major shipping and courier companies. It is the market leader for Cross border eCommerce shipping. Yet, they also offer consulting services to eCommerce brands. 

Some sellers send you bogus tracking IDs. Double-check with the shipping company. Yet, some shipping companies need faster processing. 4PX partners(USPS, FedEx or UPS) may process your parcel. 

Ask through Email. Is the USPS facility preparing to dispatch your package? Wait. You’ll get an update in the upcoming days.  In short, 4PX tracking is Completely legitimate. 

How Does 4PX Tracking work? 

How Does 4PX Tracking work

4PX works with many courier services for shipping.  The most famous companies in their network are: 

  • DHL
  • USPS
  • USP
  • Singapore Post Limited
  • TNT 
  • Aramex

First, they pick up the package and process it for shipment with their partners. 4PX uses these companies’ shipping data to update tracking. 4PX ships the package to their facility shipment operation center. 

The parcel gets checked for import and export services in the processing facility. Depending on the destination country, they use any preferred partner in their network. 

Companies use airlines for International Parcels shipments. International air transport association has real-time data on Airline tracking. When the destination country airline arrives, it gets updated automatically. 

These data points got shared between 4PX and logistic companies. All this data got combined and updated in their tracking system. 

4PX Tracking Reviews

4PX Tracking Reviews

4PX Express offers real-time tracking according to their claim. Still, some people have reservations about their service. Here is the review of 4PX tracking with different aspects. 

  1. People reviews/ Experience

People have mixed reviews. While browsing the internet, I came across many comments. As per my experience, they are working fine as other shipping companies. Yet here is what users feel problems with their service: 

  • Updates: Users don’t get updates with their tracking numbers. Some people have misleading or false shipping statuses. It usually occurs due to the neglect of the local courier handler. Confirm your parcel status with them before any complaint. 
  • Arrival time: They mention your parcel’s expected arrival time. It gets affected by many factors. Some significant factors are customs delays, weather conditions, or huge processing volumes. You get your parcel, so expect a 1 to 2 days delay with mentioned factors. 
  • No tracking at all: Some buyers face tracking errors. This could be because of a system issue or a wrong tracking ID. Confirm your tracking information twice with your seller. 

These are notable issues in reviews & experiences of users. Most of them got their item in the given time. 

  1. Delivery speed

4PX provides global express services with the help of carrier partnerships. Shipping time depends on destination and shipment size. Both are directly proportional to shipping charges as well. 

Delivery speed to famous destinations is: 

  • North America(The United States, Canada & Mexico) takes 15 to 25 business days
  • Europe (France & Germany) requires 12 to 20+ business days
  • UK and western Europe take 8 to 14 business days
  • Middle East takes 8 to 15 business days
  • South America might take up to 30 Business days

4PX has processing centers across the world for shipment optimization and packaging. 

They claim fast delivery but expect delays in shipment with 4PX. Significant factors are customs, weather conditions, and huge processing volumes. Give 1 to 2 days margin for delay. Most buyers received their shipments on time, while few did not. 

  1. Customer services

Contact 4PX customer service in case of any issues with shipping. They reply and solve your issues.  [email protected] is their customer support email. Yet every country’s processing center has different contact information. Check the website for your country’s dedicated support. 

The package got returned to the sellers when you didn’t receive it. Some post offices hold packages for a few days. Confirm with the local courier handler or office through email or phone. Then contact their main support. 

Support is helpful and cooperates with you. Communicate your issue with clarity and details. 

Pro tip: Email your tracking number and all related information. Personalize it and show every single detail to avoid confusion.

Final Verdict

4PX is a good service for cross-border eCommerce shipping. No doubt their tracking has some flaws. Most of the time, it does not show you the right shipping status. Overall it’s a good service at a reasonable cost. Don’t forget better planning with alternative solutions during shipping delays.

How do you use 4PX tracking?

Two ways to track, either through the official website or universal tracking platforms. Use the official tracking website for real-time updates. Yet, universal tracking platforms are not biased and have exact updates. 

  • Go to the official website.
  • Navigate to the TRACKING page. (Open from the main or slide menu)
  • Enter the tracking number. (Enter up to 5 different IDs at once)
  • Click on the track. It shows the shipment status

Here are common statuses to check the progress of shipment: 

  • SFC Shipment arrived at the Airport
  • Arrived at the destination processing facility
  • In the destination country, preparing center 
  • Local post office facility arrive 
  • Your pickup arrival for the post office item
  • FPX sign waiting
  • Delivery office airline arrives 
  • Export center case or export center hand-over time in international exchange
  • Destination processing facility parcel arrival
  • The destination country airline arrived
  • Unsuccessful delivery attempt 
  • Courier delivery departure 
  • Destination country arrival 
  • Customs send items abroad
  • Post office item received 
  • Departure from domestic air cargo terminal
  • Operating point packing 
  • Temporary absence 
  • The sorting center accepted the shipment
  • Shipment at the exchange office
  • Carrier shipment confirmation item waiting
  • Shipment confirmation arrival at the delivery office 
  • Delivered at the destination post 

Contact customer support in case you don’t understand the status. Every status has an explanation in detail, but you still ask. Sometimes the system has an error and does not show the exact status. 

Customs clearance and huge processing volume is the biggest reason for the delay. Contact your courier company and ask about your status. Consider alternatives for fulfillment and shipment service. 

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FAQs about 4PX Tracking Fake

Where is the 4PX track located?

4PX Express is from Shenzhen, China, and offers services to eCommerce sellers. They are now extended to more than 50 countries worldwide through courier partners. TNL, Fed-Ex, and USPS are their famous partners. 

Can package tracking be faked?

Yes, some Scam sellers use fake tracking IDs to fool their customers. Yet, Some buyers face tracking errors. This could be because of a system issue or a wrong tracking ID. Confirm your tracking information twice with your seller.

Is 4px legit?

4PX is a legit company that offers logistics solutions. They have a partnership with many major courier companies. Major names that come to your mind include DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. 

How long does 4PX take to ship to the USA?

Shipping to the US through 4PX express is more sluggish than their competitors. So it normally takes 15 to 25+ days from China to the United States. Every partner has different shipping and handling time. 

What’s Next

eCommerce businesses face constant fear of customer support and satisfaction. No doubt good tracking services ease your operations and nerves. Yet, an error in tracking ID or system affects your business reputation. 

Do you want real-time tracking with a credible system? 

LEELINE offers real-time tracking to both you and your customer. Contact Now to start your shipping strategy for your eCommerce business.

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