Best Shipping Company For Small Business

Let’s WELCOME the best shipping company for small business owners. Leeline’s experts craft a DETAILED shipping strategy for your online store. We ship your products immediately for a VERY affordable price!

You NEVER exceed your budget! You impress customers

Best Shipping Company For Small Business


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

SHIP internationally for the lowest shipping rates with SEA FREIGHT. We consolidate your GOODS. So you get volume-based discounts. Your goods are ALWAYS safe with our partnered major carriers.

You get 100% peace of mind while waiting for your products. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Replenish your stock on time, every time. Our air freight’s last-mile delivery ensures YOU get your products in 7-10 days. Shipping fragile items are possible with our HANDLING expertise.

Your online store BOOSTS its brand identity through fast delivery speed. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Your shipment’s safety with our HIGH-QUALITY ground shipping services. We cater to EVERY shipping volume, big or small. Our experts oversee the ENTIRE shipping process. And YOU receive accurate tracking numbers.

NEVER WORRY throughout your international shipping journey. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Our shipping truck picks up your cargo from your supplier’s warehouse. We prepare your shipment’s paperwork. And DELIVER your goods straight to your door.

You stay on top of the supply chain with MINIMAL effort! 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

AVOID Alibaba’s expensive shipping costs. Leeline’s small business shipping solutions are HALF THE PRICE of other companies. You enjoy Alibaba’s AFFORDABLE items and our cheapest rates.

Sell your goods for a MUCH LOWER price and beat your competitors. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Be a SUCCESSFUL GLOBAL business with Amazon FBA. You don’t stress about your shipment’s paperwork. We use the right packaging and Amazon shipping labels.

Sell as an FBA store in less than a month and earn more profit!

Why Choose Us?

Cheapest Shipping Costs

Leeline OFFERS the cheapest small business shipping solutions. YOU MAXIMIZE your profit. The least money to enjoy the best service.

Handle All Types Of Shipments

OVERSIZED. Fragile. Hazardous. Leeline has shipping solutions for ALL kinds of products. You get ZERO-STRESS when enjoying the best shipping methods. 

We Prioritize Delivery Time

We TREAT your goods as priority mail. Our EXPERTS compare and contrast multiple carriers. And choose the FASTEST one. YOU always receive your products on time. So you get 100% customer satisfaction. 

24/7 Support

LEELINE offers 24/7 customer support for small business owners like you. Tell us any of your questions or concerns. We respond in 24-48 hours. It’s stress-free shipping for you. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Last year, I didn’t know how to import wholesale products. But luckily, I found Leeline. They provided me with a multi-carrier shipping strategy. For the lowest shipping costs. They also helped me in choosing affordable packing materials. So I doubled my profits in just months.

– Maria, UK

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Best 20 Shipping Companies For Small Business

Many find choosing the best shipping company for small business stores HARD. After all, some freight forwarders have expensive shipping rates. And small online stores can’t afford those. 

However, LEELINE believes that eCommerce shipping shouldn’t be EXPENSIVE. 

So our logistics EXPERTS compiled this article. You finally learn the BEST shipping companies if you’re a small business on a BUDGET. Enjoy top-tier shipping services for half the price. 

Keep reading to reduce shipping costs significantly! 

Best 20 Shipping Companies For Small Business

1. Leeline


Let’s give a round of applause to the BEST and globally renowned freight forwarder: LEELINE

This company is committed to providing TOP-NOTCH services to its end users. It ALREADY has thousands of loyal customers around the world.

This freight forwarder ALWAYS guarantees your delivery’s fulfillment. Reach ANY DESTINATION worldwide with this top-tier shipping company. 


  • This company has incredible TIME TRACKING tools. You ensure timely delivery of your cargo. 
  • Leeline HANDLES every service related to shipping. That includes sourcing, warehousing, shipping insurance, packing, and delivery.


  • There is a TIME difference between China and the US. You need to stay awake during the late hours to reach them.

2. Sendle



Sendle is 1 of the CHEAPEST shipping companies in China. You SHIP your products for AS LOW as $5 a piece. 

The best part? 

This freight forwarder picks up the PACKAGE from your supplier. You won’t have to SPEND extra to transport your products to this company. 


  • Sendle shows the FLAT shipping costs. You won’t need to spend time asking for a quotation. 
  • This company offers FREE tracking software on its website. You know exactly when your cargo arrives. 


  • You must sign up for an account on this shipping platform. 

3. The One Shipping 

The One Shipping 

Make your business a SUCCESSFUL ONE with The One Shipping.

They offer some of the best shipping services. It always DELIVERS ON TIME, so you satisfy customers. And you SAVE MONEY with this freight forwarder’s consolidating services. 


  • They have inventory management services. You won’t need to SPEND EXTRA finding a separate warehouse for your goods. 
  • The One Shipping ships all around the world. So YOU don’t worry even if your customers are from faraway shipping zones. 


  • The website isn’t fully developed. It hides the company’s FULL POTENTIAL in the shipping industry.

4. SINO Shipping 

SINO Shipping 

AVOID stress when fulfilling your shipping needs with SINO SHIPPING. 

This company has OVER 35 years of experience. It has more than 50 experts to teach you the BEST shipping services for small businesses. 

From paperwork and packing to loading your products. SINO Shipping has your back. 


  • Its experts help you choose the best small business shipping options. You SAVE MONEY and INCREASE your profits in no time.
  • This freight forwarder offers shipping discounts for OVERSIZED shipments. You won’t break the bank shipping in bulk. 


  • SINO Shipping doesn’t have a phone number. Sending them an email is necessary to get in touch. 

5. Guided Imports 

Guided Imports

Here’s another SHIPPING powerhouse you shouldn’t miss: GUIDED IMPORTS. 

This company promises to BEAT other freight forwarders’ prices. So BARGAIN with this freight forwarder to WIN the cheapest shipping prices. 

Guided Imports offers every shipping method small business owners choose. You won’t need to CONTACT other shipping companies. 


  • 3 different shipping options. Economical, Standard, and Urgent. This company has a SHIPPING solution for you. Whether you prioritize speed or money. 
  • GUIDED IMPORTS encourage bargaining. Other companies don’t allow this. 


  • It has NO freight consolidation services. 

List of Shipping Companies For Small Businesses

Freight Forwarder Name ServiceLocation 
AIR SEA TRANSPORT INC.Air/Sea transportation Shanghai, China
AEB Logistics International shippingChina 
Trans Hope International Co., Ltd.Freight companyShenzhen Shi, China 
ADP Supply Chain ManagementSupply managementShanghai, China
BDP International Logistics servicesBeijing, China
Bollore Logistics MexicoFreight forwarding serviceShanghai, China
ExpeditorsInternational shipping servicesShanghai, China
ZGGSHIPAir/Sea express freight Shenzhen, China
Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd.All-around shipping agentHong Kong
Shenzhen Marine Shipping Agency Co., LTDInternational and domestic shippingShenzhen, China
Shipkoo logisticsLogistics solution providerHong Kong
Mornington International FreightMulti-carrier shipping agentShenzhen, China
Global Link Logistics Co., Ltd.International freightShenzhen, China
Sinoglory Logistics Co., LtdWorldwide shipping agentHong Kong
MaerskLogistics company Chengdu, China

What is the shipping service for small business?

What is the shipping service for small business

Door-to-door shipping is the BEST shipping service for small businesses.

Because ALL you have to do is wait for your shipments. No stressful paperwork, packing, or labeling. Your freight forwarder handles all of this work for you. 

“Is this shipping service expensive?”

Not necessarily. Some freight forwarders, like LEELINE, have very affordable door-to-door shipping services. 

Here’s how it works:

The shipping company picks up your products from your supplier. It’ll handle ALL the documents and customs clearance. Then, your freight forwarder delivers your order. 

It’s a COMPLETELY stress-free process. 

Note: The door-to-door shipping rates depend on several factors. Those include your products’ details, final destination, and extra handling services needed. Ask your freight forwarder for a quotation to know the accurate cost. 

How to choose shipping company?

Step #1: Evaluate your shipping needs.  

First, determine WHAT shipment services your business requires. This step HELPS you decide if the shipping company is right for you. 

Step #2: Check the services they offer. 

You need to know the LIST OF SERVICES the company offers. Especially if your business requires shipping internationally. Or you specialize in heavy or fragile goods that need special handling.

Note: SOME shipping companies for small business stores offer limited services. So choose the right freight forwarder according to your store’s needs.

Step #3: Compare the pricing list. 

The SHIPMENT COST has a huge impact when choosing the right shipping company. Make sure you choose the one that offers the lowest price. But PROVIDE the best quality of service.

Here are 2 ways to compare your international shipping cost:

  1. Ask for a quotation
  2. Visit the freight forwarder’s website

Pro Tip: Consider having at least 3 companies on your list. Examining multiple logistic providers increases your chance of finding the best one.  

And finally, you’ll be able to…

Step #4: Choose the best shipping company.

And that CONCLUDES the process! SELECT the best company that aligns with your budget and fulfills your expectations. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Best Shipping Company For Small Business

Is shipping via UPS, USPS, or FedEx cheaper?

These companies’ shipping costs vary DEPENDING on your products. Ask for a QUOTATION and compare the rates of these three freight forwarders. So you’ll know which carrier OFFERS the cheapest rate for your package. 

Is free shipping worth it for small businesses?

YES, free shipping is worth it for small businesses. You DRAW the attention of most customers when you offer free shipping. But note that you might lose profits. Especially if you don’t calculate shipping costs accurately. 

Is UPS or DHL better?

BOTH companies are as good as the other. DHL has a broader range of international shipments. While UPS is recommended for its reliable tracking. So research which shipping carrier offers the best shipping solution for your needs. 

What’s Next

Choosing the right shipping company for your small business is CRUCIAL. After all, this DECISION directly impacts how much profit you earn. 

Keep the STEPS and tips I mentioned above in mind. So you know EXACTLY how to MINIMIZE your shipping expenses and double your revenue. 

Still unsure of which shipping company to contact? 

Call LEELINE. We have the cheapest high-quality shipping methods and services.

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