CNE Express Reviews

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CNE Express Reviews


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Sea Freight

Cheap shipping for both FCL & LCL shipments. Container size selection with our expert’s assistance. We optimize your shipment before shipping to save space and shipping costs.

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Air Freight

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Smooth customs clearance without any hassle. We handle all the paperwork for customs clearance.  

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Railway Freight

Safe and secure Rail shipping with protective layers. We add protective packaging before every shipping.

You get a whole & intact shipment without any damage. Smart route selection to avoid delays at junctions. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Customized shipping plans for door-to-door shipping with many shipping options. Adjust your peak and off seasons with sales data. Receive your goods with continuous supply chain management.

Complete handling from the supplier’s warehouse to your doorstep.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

No more high Alibaba freight fees with our shipping plans. Keep your Alibaba shipping supply continues. Warehousing for excessive stock.

We merge your Alibaba shipping from different suppliers to save you cost and time.

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Shipping To FBA

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Save recurring marketing costs with custom labels and logos. Easy to build a brand’s audience. 

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Fulfillment and shipment with fast delivery methods. Fast clearance on ports and borders with our paperwork handling. No delay in shipping with slow transit time. 

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CNE Express Reviews

Want genuine CNE Express reviews before starting your eCommerce business? 

Hold on; I got something for you! 

Our experts have handled hundreds of eCommerce shipping cases. Read reviews from their experience to make a sound decision. 

In this review, you READ about their pricing, shipping times, & tracking feedback. A better understanding of how CNE Express works and what they have to offer you. 

Keep reading to understand CNE Express.

CNE Express Reviews

What Is CNE Express?

CNE is a Chinese-based express delivery service established in 2009. Not only in China but also operates in Japan, Europe, and the USA through their partners. They have partnerships with many leading companies Like DHL and UPS. 

You get shipping solutions with maximum efficiency. Yet, custom shipping solutions are also offered according to your needs. Save money and time with custom solutions. 

Do you know the best thing about CNE Express? 

It’s real-time tracking updates. Get follow-up and tracking updates from every location. Also, their good customer service is notable often. You also get parcel storage and packaging options like a standard fulfillment service.

Is CNE Express Fake Or Legit?

Is CNE Express Fake Or Legit

CNE Express is a legit company with efficient operations. They are officially certified Amazon logistic providers. Not only this but an official partnership with DHgate & Aliexpress

CNE Express has a partnership with many major courier companies. Every major name that comes to your mind. Here are a few of them: 

  • DHL
  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Poste Italiane
  • La Poste
  • DPD
  • Aftership
  • Alles Post

They are all part of their courier companies’ network. CNE Express plays a major role in connecting Chinese merchants to global customers. You get your tracking number and follow-up updates. 

They have operations all over the world, especially US & Europe. You get the best customer support in case of any issues. Many shipping options are available for your budget adjustment. 

In short, CNE Express is a legitimate company. But is their shipping fast or slow? How do they work? Keep reading. We have answers to this question in the following. 

How Does CNE Express work?

CNE Express has middleman work for your package fulfillment. So how do they work? 

  • First, they pick up the item or package from the seller/merchant. 
  • They repack it with branding or according to your requirements. 
  • Go to the courier service(DHL, Fed-EX, or any partner service) 
  • Ship this package with a shipping label. 
  • Get their tracking number and pass it to the sellers. 

CNE Express takes responsibility for your package during shipping. You get tracking updates. Most Chinese sellers tend to use CNE Express more than other shipping services. So is either the service good or not? Check out the reviews in the following. 

CNE Express Reviews

CNE Express Reviews

CNE Express has different delivery services. Most online sellers use their services for shipping. Yet, customers have mixed reviews related to CNE Express. Here are the reviews of their every specification. 

  1. Delivery time

CNE Express doesn’t have its own shipping infrastructure for international shipping. They have partnered with many carrier companies. So shipping time varies with their partner. 

What do most people have to review for their shipping time? 

A large part of users has satisfied experiences. Yet, Some customers don’t like their slow shipping, especially from the US. 

They have categorized their shipping services for every country. Their famous shipping solutions are: 

  • CNE Global First – UK
  • CNE Global Priority- France
  • CNE Global Priority- Germany
  • CNE Global Specials
  • CNE Global speed

CNE Express shipping takes 7 to 15 days to the UK. Shipping to the United States takes 15 to 20 days, while shipping to Europe takes 10 to 12 days. Canada has almost the same shipping times as the US. 

Some factors affect your shipping timelines like: 

  • Holidays (Christmas, Early October celebration, Chinese New Year) 
  • CUSTOMS delay
  • Weather conditions
  • Huge order processing volumes 

In most countries, their local partners have different processing times. It also affects your shipping time. Yet, purchase good shipping options while selecting shipping methods. 

  1. Prices

Pricing and fees are important aspects of shipping. It averages 5% to 8% of your net profit. Luckily CNE Express offers reasonable rates for shipping. 

Your charges depend on weight, size, and shipping distance. Every shipping category has a different pricing structure. 

Customs and takes play a huge role in pricing. But you know packages below 2 Kgs have no custom charges. Saves you a good profit margin on small packages. 

Destination countries have different import taxes and duties, So keep that in mind. 

Charges start from 8$ to 9$, weighing half a kg or approximately 1lbs. But as you go up, an extra 0.5 kg to 1 kg cost 4$. Every shipping category has different per kg charges. You may get low charges if you have massive shipments. 

Pro tip: Use concise & compact packaging. Optimize your package and product weight. Face low shipping charges even on fast shipping services.

  1. Tracking

CNE Express is a huge hype related to its tracking system and updates. They collect data from their partner carriers and update it in their system. It’s an automated system. 

But the question Is all the hype of tracking worth it?

Well, honestly, No! Still, their system needs improvement. While surfing on the internet, Several users have pointed out their flaws. For example, the package was not delivered despite tracking showing it was. 

Contact your local post office. Most probably, it is a mistake by the local package handler. Confirm that there is any expected parcel for you! If they say yes, then you don’t need to worry more. If No, then you have to call their customer support. 

Final verdict

No doubt CNE Express is worth trying. Most e-commerce sellers, especially from Aliexpress, use their logistics solutions.

Their noteworthy services include

  • Tracking in real-time
  • Repacking and checking (For customs)
  • Fast Shipping  (varies with shipping distance)

Tracking is solid, but we have pointed out their flaws, But it does the job. Also, if you plan to use CNE Express for the US, hold on! 

longer shipping distances like the US have slower shipping times. Excellent customs processing, so kudos to them.

Overall it’s a fine service at a reasonable cost. Don’t forget better planning with alternative solutions during shipping delays. So It’s totally worth it to try this service while having fun at the food court without the shipping hassle. 

How Do You Track CNE Express Packages?

How Do You Track CNE Express Packages

Tracking is no doubt the best feature of CNE Express. You must have a tracking ID for tracking. 

  • Go to the CNE’s official website. Here is the box on the right side of the webpage (Computer UI layout). 
  • PASTE your tracking number there and click track. They mention your expected waiting time there. So prepare your package on that date. 

There is another option of AITRACK on the same page. It shows the different statuses of up to 10 packages.  Here are the common status of packages. 

  1. In transit (In shipping)
  2. Pick up (CNE has picked up the package and now processing it)
  3. Undelivered (Arrived at the destination but not delivered yet) 
  4. Delivered (Customer has received the package)  
  5. Alert ( Any important message related to the package) 
  6. Expired ( Customer has not received it, and shipping label has expired) 

You also track packages using any third-party tracking platform. Paste your tracking ID on their search bar and check the result. Better to use the CNE website for fast-tracking updates. 

Would CNE Express support help me with any issues? 

CNE has great customer support. If your package gets lost or you face any issues, don’t hesitate to contact them. Wait a day or a week before filing a complaint because of potential delays. Customs clearance and huge processing volume is the biggest reason for the delay. 

Sometimes customer support sends you webpage links for guidance. They are in the Chinese language, so better to use Google translate. The wrong address could be a reason for the delay. Check their site or make a phone call for updates.

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FAQs about CNE Express Reviews

Is CNE Express fast?

CNE Express is a fast shipping company with a network of many courier companies. Your shipping time depends on shipping distance and package size. Yet, It offers the fastest service to the UK and Europe. It is usually sluggish and late if you have concerns about US shipping. 

Where is CNE shipping located?

CNE Express is from China, whereas its headquarters are in Shanghai. It establishes in almost 2009. Not only in China but also operates in Japan, Europe, and the USA through their partners. They have partnerships with many leading companies Like DHL and UPS.  

What is the most trusted shipping company?

USPS is the most trusted shipping company. Good handling and shipping history. USPS also offers ePacket shipping from China to the US, which is cheaper and faster than CNE Express. You consider USPs as a good alternative To CNE Express.  

How long does CNE Express take to deliver to us?

Shipping to the US through CNE express is more sluggish than their competitors. So it normally takes 15 to 20+ days from China to US shipping. Every partner has different shipping and handling time. USPS or DHL are their main carrier partners who offer fast shipping. 

What’s Next

CNE Express is a great service for shipping parcels. It also sometimes has slow shipping to the US. There are a few alternatives for CNE, like ePacket. But Sellers don’t know how to access alternatives. 

Do you also want to access their fast alternatives at a lower price? 

Contact us to start your fast parcel shipping operations at a low price. 

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