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Enjoy BIGGER profits with the #1 E-commerce fulfillment center: LEELINE. This fulfillment company has the CHEAPEST rates for all its services. Including inventory management and order fulfillment service.

You won’t break the bank while INCREASING the customer satisfaction of your online store.

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cut your fulfillment costs in HALF with ocean freight. We ensure that our packing and shipping processes meet your STANDARDS.

You FULFILL all your customer orders on time with our timely fulfillment process. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Always MEET customer expectations with fast delivery. Your buyers receive your products in 7-10 days with our air freight services. We choose the most affordable shipping carrier.

So YOU always stay within your budget while luring in REPEAT BUYERS. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Deliver your goods SAFELY 100% of the time with RAILWAY freight. Our experts craft a DETAILED ground order fulfillment strategy.

You and your customers CUT shipping costs. And get an accurate shipment tracking number. You won’t ever worry about your shipment. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Make the ENTIRE process of fulfilling orders stress-free. We pick up your goods from your supplier. Our experts CONSOLIDATE your products in our inventory storage. The order fulfillment process starts only hours after you receive an order.

You have MORE TIME for other important aspects of your business. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Our negotiation experts communicate with your Alibaba supplier. And we PICK UP your products to store them in our fulfillment warehouse.

You avoid Alibaba’s default EXPENSIVE shipping services. So you get a FASTER ROI with international shipping. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

BOOST your business with Amazon’s third-party fulfillment service. We CONSOLIDATE your products. Our experts label and pack your crates according to FBA’s standards.

You AVOID penalties and start selling immediately. 

Why Choose Us?

Fast Order Fulfillment Services 

Our agents IMMEDIATELY pick and PACK your goods when customers order. Your products ship out in less than a day. You don’t experience logistics services delay that make you LOSE money. 

24/7 Customer Support

We want to LESSEN the burdens of being a business owner. LEELINE offers 24/7 customer support services. Hit us up WHENEVER you’re free. You always get a response in 24-48 hours. 

Cheapest Rates

Leeline is CHEAPER than other eCommerce fulfillment companies. Even SMALL BUSINESSES become our fulfillment partners. Those include custom packaging, shipment consolidation, and outsourced fulfillment. 

Customized Fulfillment Solutions

We always have the BEST eCommerce fulfillment solution for your business. Whether you PRIORITIZE shipping speed or low shipment costs. So DON’T HESITATE to contact us if you have any fulfillment needs. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Leeline is the best eCommerce fulfillment provider. They always send me updates regarding my products inside their shipping inventory. I satisfy all my customers with Leeline’s fast shipping. So I’m now getting repeat buyers. I highly recommend this company.

– Emma, New Zealand

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Top 8 E-commerce Fulfillment Centers

Having a hard time finding the right e-commerce fulfillment center for your business? 

You’re not alone. Many of our CLIENTS also come to us with the same problem. They want an OUTSOURCE fulfillment solution. But are AFRAID some fulfillment providers may RIP THEM OFF. 

Leeline knows that eCommerce shipping is MUCH EASIER than most think. So our fulfillment experts gathered around. And we compiled the BEST order fulfillment companies for your eCommerce business. 

You won’t need to STRESS about outsourcing fulfillment again.

Just keep reading! 

Top 8 eCommerce fulfillment Center

What is a fulfillment center?

Fulfillment centers are large WAREHOUSES that deliver goods on behalf of sellers. They receive, inspect and pack orders before shipping them to your customers. You get FEWER tasks on your plate. 

A Fulfillment center is essential for e-commerce businesses and retail stores. It gives you ACCESS to different warehouses. So you expand your shipping reach and speed up your delivery transit. 

There are TONS of benefits to using a fulfillment center. 

But the primary advantage is you SAVE money on shipping costs. 

8 Best eCommerce fulfillment centers



LEELINE is the top selection for your unique fulfillment needs. 

This company helps you streamline your order fulfillment operations stress-free. It has the CHEAPEST rates for the fastest order fulfillment. You increase your work efficiency while SAVING money. 


  • LEELINE offers 1-month free warehousing. You REDUCE expenses, especially if you’re just starting your e-commerce business.
  • This company offers a wide range of fulfillment value-added services. Including sourcing, packing, and consolidating your products. You DON’T need to work with multiple service providers. 


  • You’ll experience a time difference between their working hours. If you live outside the border of china. You might delay transactions and other related operations of your business.



Here’s another TOP-RATED fulfillment service provider you must add to your list. 

Ship Network offers a variety of services. Including customized order fulfillment processes, packaging, and subscription box services.

It’s a ONE-STOP-SHOP fulfillment center. You DON’T need to find other companies for your fulfillment needs.

Fun fact: Ship Network used to be RAKUTEN SUPER LOGISTICS. 


  • Ship Network offers 1-DAY order fulfillment. You expect on-time delivery of your goods and increase loyal customers.
  • This company fulfillment service offers marketing help to small businesses. You drive more sales and increase your social media engagement.


  • Ship Network is BEST for big enterprises. It might be TOO expensive for small businesses. 



DELIVERY becomes seamless with ShipBob’s fulfillment service. 

This company has SERVED over 7000 thousand brands. You GUARANTEE that your shipments are in good hands. Just sit back and relax. While their DECADE-LONG experts fulfill your customers’ orders on time. 


  • ShipBob offers same-day and 2-day delivery shipping options. You meet customer satisfaction with smooth and on-time delivery.
  • This E-commerce fulfillment center processed 5,000 orders each day. They are experts in this field. You get 100 % peace of mind when they pack your customers’ orders.


  • Using their shipping software might be hard for non-tech-savvy business owners. 

#4: ShipHero Fulfillment 

ShipHero Fulfillment 

You won’t ever DISAPPOINT customers with this fulfillment services company. 

ShipHero has a 100% accurate fulfillment service. And it has MULTIPLE FULFILLMENT CENTERS. You store as MANY PRODUCTS as you want without excess fees! 


  • ShipHero ships your products from the WAREHOUSE closest to your customer. Your buyers don’t wait too long. You get MORE repeat buyers with minimal effort. 
  • You receive SNAPSHOTS of your goods before shipment. So you ALWAYS guarantee the quality of your product’s packaging.  


  • This company doesn’t have a PUBLIC phone number. Emailing them is necessary, which could take up more time. 

#5: ShipMonk 


GROWING your business with this fulfillment services provider is a PIECE OF CAKE. Because ShipMonk has over 100 integrations with MAJOR eCommerce platforms. You won’t exclude customers anywhere in the world. 


  • This company is 1 of the FEW fulfillment service providers with warehouses in EUROPE. You’ll surely IMPRESS European customers with FAST DELIVERY. 
  • ShipMonk has a built-in fulfillment services cost calculator. You won’t have to WAIT for a quotation to estimate your order fulfillment expenses. 


  • This fulfillment provider is MORE EXPENSIVE than other companies on this list. 

#6: Fulfillment by Amazon 

Fulfillment by Amazon

AMAZON is the king of ALL eCommerce platforms.

Why not let its EXPERTS handle your eCommerce fulfillment process for you? 

You stock your goods in MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. Your customers only wait days before they receive your products. So YOU establish your brand without stress.


  • This fulfillment provider has a “MANAGE INVENTORY DASHBOARD.” You ENSURE that Amazon’s agents properly sort your goods online. 
  • Amazon has MILLIONS of active buyers. You won’t have to advertise your eCommerce business to customers. 


  • This order fulfillment company only works for AMAZON. You must contact other eCommerce fulfillment centers to sell on other platforms. 

#7: Shopify Fulfillment Network 

Shopify Fulfillment Network

This eCommerce fulfillment company is a goldmine for SHOPIFY SELLERS. 

SFN doesn’t charge upfront fees for the FIRST 6 months. You won’t break the bank just to enjoy a HIGH-QUALITY eCommerce fulfillment service. 


  • You ONLY PAY when your products sell. It’s the best eCommerce fulfillment partner if you’re a SHOPIFY seller on a budget.
  • High-quality inventory management. You GUARANTEE that your products’ order fulfillments have ZERO mistakes.


  • You can’t fulfill orders from other eCommerce platforms. Because this third-party logistics company is EXCLUSIVE for Shopify. 

#8: Simpl


Make SHIPPING extremely “SIMPL” with this top-tier order fulfillment center. 

It PRIORITIZES a very easy-to-use interface. So it’s ONE OF THE BEST fulfillment partners for business owners who aren’t too comfortable with tech!  

No complicated setup process. No stress! 


  • Accurate tracking. You know if your product’s in transit, received, or returned. You get 100% peace of mind during shipment. 
  • Responsive CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You fix ALL concerns and problems in just 24 hours.


  • It only fulfills orders for Shopify, Magento, and eBay. Simpl isn’t the best fulfillment partner if you WANT the biggest customer base.

How to choose shipping fulfillment services?

Step 1: Decide which eCommerce platforms you want to use

First, figure out which online platforms you want to SELL products on.

I’m talking about websites or apps like:

  • eBay. 
  • Shopify.
  • Alibaba.  
  • Amazon.

Not all fulfillment services CATER to all eCommerce platforms. For example, Amazon’s FBA is exclusive to the Amazon selling platform. 

Hence, you must decide where you want to sell your goods. 

Once you have the answer to this question… 

Step 2: Find fulfillment centers 

Find 3-5 fulfillment service providers. And ENSURE that they fulfill orders for your PREFERRED eCommerce platforms. 

Pro tip: Choosing fulfillment centers near YOUR supplier is the best choice. This REDUCES your transportation expenses. 

Step 3: Pick the best order fulfillment service for your needs 

Compare the companies you found in the previous step. And PICK the center that best provides you with your fulfillment needs. 

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs about E-commerce Fulfillment Center

What does a fulfillment center do?

A fulfillment center SERVES as a central hub. It handles the entire logistic process of your business. Including shipping and handling of your goods. So you FOCUS on other crucial aspects of your business. 

What is the difference between eCommerce and fulfillment?

E-COMMERCE simply refers to selling your product or service online. On the other hand, FULFILLMENT is the process of delivering your goods. Knowing the difference between these two HELPS you stay on top of your business. 

Is Shopify a fulfillment center?

SHOPIFY is not a fulfillment center. It is an online store for businesses to sell their products online. However, Shopify has its OWN fulfillment center. It’s called the Shopify Fulfillment Network. And it’s 1 of the best fulfillment centers you use. 

What is the importance of e-commerce fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment is essential in today’s crowded marketplace. It is as important as having your physical store. Because you reduce cart abandonment rates. And ensure accurate and express delivery of your goods.

What’s Next

Your chosen fulfillment center either makes or BREAKS your business. 

I recommend choosing the COMPANY I listed above. You won’t ever disappoint your customers. 

Still unsure of which E-commerce fulfillment center to choose?

Contact LEELINE! We have the CHEAPEST order fulfillment rates. You won’t BREAK THE BANK while impressing customers worldwide! 

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