Ecommerce Packaging

Leeline gets you custom packaging with branding. Avoid product damage with strong packaging materials. Our professional design team helps you to develop interactive packaging.

Enhance your customer’s experience. Build a strong brand foundation with custom-branded packaging. 

Ecommerce Packaging


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cheap and fast sea shipping with short routes. Get protective packaging for sea shipment. We use strong and long-lasting packaging materials for a tough sea journey.

No more product damage during sea freight. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Optimized packaging & shipment help you to save money during Air shipping. Get short, compact, and light packaging to keep the least shipment’s weight and dimensions.

Discounted deals from our airline network. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Rail provides both domestic and international levels. We supervise the loading and unloading of rail shipments to avoid damage.

No more road traffic and delays at junctions with intelligent selection. Real-time tracking with follow-up updates

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Leeline handles your supply chain from the supplier’s warehouse to yours. Get customized shipping plans with many suppliers.

Get consolidation and packaging services at cheap rates. No more extensive labor costs with pre-shipping services. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Leeline collects your Alibaba shipping and packs it with your packaging. We optimize the shipment packaging and handle all the shipping operations.

You get low freight charges and fast shipping with optimized packaging. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Get standard amazon packaging at low rates. Long-lasting Amazon packaging solutions. We inspect your Amazon products before shipping them to the FBA center.

We test every single product and filter out damaged products. Your customer gets functional items. 

Why Choose Us?

Design Team

Our professional and creative design team helps you to get elegant packaging. We use interactive color patterns to enhance customers’ experience. Match the tone of your product. 

Long Lasting Packaging

Strong and durable packaging to cover tough transit time. No more damaged boxes and products with strong packaging. Get air pillows or double-walled cardboard fragile and sensitive items.


Custom labels and logos in packaging help in branding and a strong brand image. Get customized and interactive branding to lay the foundation of your brand. 

Fast Shipping

Fast and prompt shipping with short routes. Direct shipping to your warehouse with supervised loading and unloading. Get access to our global warehouse network. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I recommend LEELINE to every business owner. I love interacting with their cooperative and professional staff. Thanks to their consultation and guidance for my shipping plan. Looking forward to future collaborations. 

– Jan, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Ecommerce Packaging: Ultimate Guide

Do you want to increase brand awareness as an online seller without marketing costs? 

Focus on your E-commerce packaging to increase brand awareness. Free marketing without cost. Our expert has compiled this guidebook for safe and branded packaging. After reading, Choose long-lasting packaging to fight tough e-commerce shipping. 

Keep reading; here is a complete guidebook on Ecommerce packaging. Saves product damage with the right choice. 

Ecommerce Packaging

What Is ECommerce Packaging?

It is the packaging of any e-commerce or online store product. E-commerce businesses only interact with their customers through online ads or products. E-commerce products go through a long transit time, so they must be safe and protected. 

You must have beautiful and elegant packaging for the customer’s experience. Take the example of Apple. We all know apple has a wonderful unpackaging experience. People make videos and post about them on the internet. 

It shows how important packaging is for customers. Now apply the same thing in E-commerce. You build a brand’s image without extra marketing costs. 

Why is e-commerce packaging important?

Packaging is the first thing customers interact with while receiving your product. Most businesses consider packaging part of their product. Here are a few points to elaborate on the importance of packaging. 

1. Protection:

Strong Packaging protects your products during tough shipping. Most fragile or sensitive products get damaged due to poor handling and packaging. Protective layers like traditional packing peanuts prevent any harm to your product.

 Your customer gets a safe and undamaged product. It helps online retailers to avoid returns and refunds due to damaged products.

2. Brand image:

Custom box helps in building brand equity without marketing costs. It is important to expect to brand. Add custom labels and logos on the packaging for branding. 

More people see your shipping box if it is long-lasting. More brand awareness with long-lasting eCommerce boxes. 

3. Customer’s experience:

Customer unpacks your product with existing. You enhance their experience with custom-branded packaging. eCommerce brands focus on keeping customer retention with branding.  

Types of E-commerce packaging

Types of E-commerce packaging

Packaging involves two sides. Interior packaging and exterior packaging. Both have specific use cases. Consider all types while choosing e-commerce packaging. So here are their different types. 

1. Exterior packaging

Exterior packaging is about keeping products safe. There are many exterior packaging layers depending on the protection layers. Exterior packaging adds the most weight and size. So better to go with lightweight and compact exterior packaging. 

  • Shipping Boxes: Corrugated cardboard boxes are best for retail packaging. They are complex and rigid. Makes your product safe. It is often recommended for the long shipping. It is sustainable packaging. 
  • Poly mailer boxes, padded envelopes, or bags: are best for small-distance shipping. You get a light packaging material. Yet, it does not have a delivery process or size issues. Resulting in low shipping costs. But it is less safe for fragile products. 
  • Tubes or jars: These are for short distances with special handling. Personal care, cosmetics, or food stores use them. They come in different materials. Mostly metal for durability and safety. 

2. Interior packaging

Most interior packaging includes protective layers and design elements. You add branding logos or accessories in interior packaging. This is the place where most brands and branding materials are. 

  • Bubble wrap: Air-filled bubbles provide protection and cushioning to fragile items. It is also the most common packaging. They are small air-filled bubbles that resist every push to prevent damage.
  • Foam inserts: It is a custom packaging solution. There is a variety of foam materials to protect against vibrations. Most electronic products use foam inserts. Most foam inserts are made of recycled materials. 
  • Tissue paper: They do not provide much protection but are best for branding. The brand adds its logos and best wishes for the customer. It is more focused on later use. Custom-printed tissue increases customer loyalty.

How to pack for an online business?

How to pack for an online business

Packaging is a very simple process. Most online sellers have outsourced their fulfillment process. Convey your special handling request (if you have any) to them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to package products for the E-Commerce industry:

  • Step 1: Do a measurement of your product. Choose the right packaging. Better to use custom boxes for external packaging. Use foam inserts or air bubble wrap for internal packaging. Internal packaging depends on your product’s sensitivity or fragility. 

Branding advice: Use custom-printed boxes or custom stickers to keep customers engaged. Also, add a few extra stickers of your brand. 

  • Step 2: Add your cushioning material to the product. Add branding and custom labels with the cushioning. Pack according to the design if your box has a special unpackaging experience. Yet, most brands are adopting frustration-free packaging. Give it a try if you like. 
  • Step 3: Seal the corrugated boxes. Better to seal every corner with tape for extra protection. Seal using packing tape or sealant. You add a few extra strikers of your eCommerce businesses to boxes. Label it with the destination address. 

Do weight and measurements for shipping cost. Select your shipping carrier and drop shipping boxes to them. Use lightweight eCommerce packaging for low dimensional weight.

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FAQs about E-commerce Packaging

What are the best shipping rates for online stores?

Sea freight has the best shipping rates for online stores. But it is very slow. It is the best option if you have a backup stock and can bear the long transit time. Yet, Air shipping is fast but expensive shipping. 

What is the cheapest way to ship for a small business?

Standard shipping or LCL Shipping with Sea freight. Both are cost-effective and best for small businesses. The standard shipping process takes time.  Yet, it is better to ship products at low cost.

How does Shopify calculate shipping?

Shopify gives various options to sellers. You either use a third-party carrier for cost calculations or a fixed rate. Third-party carriers calculate shipping based on weight, size, and location. 

Does UPS charge by weight or size?

UPS uses dimensional weight, which includes both size and weight. Both add to the shipping charges. Better to go with compact and short packages to avoid high shipping charges. Avoid oversized boxes or poly mailers. Go with an eco-friendly padded envelope or a sturdy box. 

What’s Next

eCommerce companies convey their message with product packaging. It is an important part of brand identity. Yet, it is a challenging part as well. You need proper resources for this. Increasing your operational costs at the end.

The best way to keep your operational cost low is outsourcing. Leeline has been helping in fulfillment and shipping for a decade.

Contact us to choose your customized packaging process. Make online shopping more visually appealing. 

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