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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

SHIPPING internationally doesn’t have to BREAK THE BANK. Our SEA FREIGHT is available to both FTL and LTL international shipments.

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Air Freight

Air Freight

BOOST your inventory management to the next level. You never run out of stock with our air freight services. It only takes days before you receive your goods.

Our efficient tracking system GUARANTEES you don’t experience unexpected delays. You have ZERO STRESS while shipping multiple packages! 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

ALWAYS deliver goods safely with our railway freight. Our staff oversees your ENTIRE ORDER. You never worry about missing items.

High-quality packaging protects all your goods. Your eCommerce store IMPROVES its overall customer experience rating. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Leeline picks up your products from eCommerce merchants. Our agents print packing slips, clear customs clearance, and book a shipping courier.

Receiving your cargo at the door is ALL you have to do. You get more time to focus on your eCommerce business.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

AVOID Alibaba’s expensive shipping carriers. Our shipping methods are ALMOST half the price. Add Alibaba’s CHEAPEST products with our very affordable freight services.

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Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

ENTER the global market as an AMAZON FBA SELLER. Your parcel’s shipping labels and print packing slips are in the HANDS of our experts.

You know the EXACT DETAILS of your delivery through our 24/7 customer support. Be an FBA seller in just weeks and EAR MORE! 

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Fast Business Transaction 

TIME is gold for eCommerce businesses. So we start the shipping process immediately after the ORDER CONFIRMATION. You receive your goods ASAP and impress customers. 

Cheapest Rates

Our shipping methods and value-added services are the CHEAPEST. Those include the packing process, consolidating, and even sourcing. You become a successful entrepreneur without breaking the bank. 

24/7 Customer Support

Shipping becomes stress-free with our customer support. Just send us your QUESTIONS or concerns. And get a response in just 24-48 hours.

Accurate Tracking

Never experience unwanted delays! TRACK multiple shipments ANYTIME with Leeline’s accurate tracking. You get LOYAL customers with on-time stock replenishments. 

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Packing Slip: Ultimate Guide

MANY new eCommerce businesses make this mistake:

Not including a packing slip inside their shipments. 

So they RISK disappointing customers. And make the return process much more complicated. 

Leeline wants to make a change. eCommerce shipping is MUCH easier than you think. Our shipping experts crafted this ULTIMATE GUIDE. You’ll know exactly why it’s crucial to have PACKING SLIPS when shipping. No extra research is needed. 

Keep reading to become a more professional business owner! 

Packing Slip

What is a packing slip?

A packing slip is a LEGAL shipping DOCUMENT. Usually included inside your parcel. It CONTAINS important and detailed information about your shipment. 

Specifically, packing slips list the following shipping details:

  • The recipient and seller’s shipping address
  • Order number 
  • Out-of-stock items (Line items) 
  • Complete name of the receiver
  • Quantity column of products 
  • An itemized list of your shipped items
  • Product Description
  • Weight and size of the package

The packing slip VERIFIES that everything you ordered is INSIDE your package. Use it to cross-reference with the shipping label. So you know whether you received the CORRECT items safely.

Fun fact: Sometimes, there’s only one packing slip for multiple shipments. If the customer ordered them SIMULTANEOUSLY. 

Why are packing slips so important?

Why are packing slips so important

There are 3 reasons why packing slips are important in your e-Commerce business. Let’s go over each one!

#1. Shipping is more accurate 

A packing slip is NECESSARY to pack orders accurately. USE it as a reference to ensure YOU pick the right products before sealing a cargo. 

This way, you REDUCE the chances of having returned items. And you increase customer satisfaction when you deliver the right products.

#2. Tracking multiple orders 

Packing slips are important when tracking your shipment. Especially if your items are SPLIT into multiple boxes. Identifying what products belong to a specific customer will be much easier. You also reduce the chance of MIXING UP different orders together. 

It’s easier to STAY organized and speed up your delivery process. 

#3. Faster inventory management

Managing your inventory can be very stressful. But packing slips save the day regarding inventory management. They help you determine the products that you need to restock. Looking back and checking what orders you’ve shipped already is easy. 

Fun fact: Amazon’s fulfillment centers don’t include a packing slip inside their parcels. Reducing packaging waste is currently their top priority.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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What is the difference: Packing slip vs invoice vs shipping label

Packing slip vs invoice vs shipping label

A packing slip, invoice, and shipping label are ESSENTIAL documents for shipping products. They provide a MORE organized way of your shipping process. 

While they serve similar purposes, let’s examine their differences.

  1. Packing slip

ALSO known as a waybill and shipping list. It is a document CONTAINING your important information. Mainly about the products inside and the recipient’s details. 

Fun Fact: This document is PLACED inside your package.

  1. Shipping labels 

On the contrary, the shipping label is found OUTSIDE your package. This document is necessary for timely delivery. After all, it’s what couriers use as a reference for the final destination of goods. 

Shipping labels also help the recipient VERIFY that they receive the right package. They have the following information: 

  • Shipper address
  • Universal product codes (or a QR code)
  • Purchase order number
  • Consignee information 
  • Recipient’s shipping address 
  1. Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is USED to request payment for your goods or services. It’s also PROOF of the transaction between you and the buyer. 

Note: The invoice is usually SENT to the person responsible for the products. 

Here are the lists of information included in the invoice:

  • Financial details 
  • Billing address 
  • The Order date 
  • Payment method
  • Order number 
  • Payment terms
  • Which payment platform to use 

How to create a packing slip?

Creating a packing slip isn’t a COMPLEX process. It won’t even take an HOUR to do. As long as you follow the RIGHT steps. 

So, I created this guide for you! 

Step 1: Gather your shipment’s information 

Specifically, the following data:

  • Recipient’s address and full name.
  • Your store’s name and address.
  • Details of the products.
  • Shipping method and tracking number.

Step 2: Choose a packing slip template 

There are TONS of free ones online. You may also create the template yourself, though. I’ll teach you how later.

Step 3: Customize your template 

Input the details you GATHERED earlier into the template. Always double-check the information before moving to the next step. 

Step 4: Add any additional information 

You may also include the shipping method or tracking number of your cargo. Adding your store’s logo to the packing slip is also a GREAT WAY to encourage repeat buyers.

Step 5: Print your packing slip 

After that, leave it INSIDE your package. Before sealing it off with packaging materials. 

Alternatively, you may send packing slips through email. 

Packing slip template

Packing slip template

Need help with CREATING your packing slip? 

NOT A PROBLEM. Here’s a simple packing slip template you may USE as a starting point. Just copy the format and CUSTOMIZE it according to your needs! 

Now, the question is…

Do you need to create the packing slip yourself?

Surprise, surprise.

You actually don’t. Or at least NOT ALWAYS.

After all, HIGH-QUALITY shipping companies have their packing slip templates. All YOU have to do is provide your shipment’s information. 

And the freight company generates the PACKING SLIP automatically. 

This is the case when shipping with FedEx, USPS, or UPS. 

Of course, though…

You always add your own packing slip to your parcels. Customizing the document is MUCH MORE EASIER this way. Plus, you add a LOGO that advertises your brand! 

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FAQs about Packing Slip

What is a packing slip used for?

E-commerce sellers use packing slips for fast and accurate shipment. This printed document HAS ALL the necessary information to complete an order. So it’s also helpful for verification purposes UPON delivery of your package. 

Is a packing slip the same as a receipt?

No, they are not the same. A packing slip is helpful for shipping or receiving cargo. Serving as the proof of purchase is the role of receipts. However, they both contain pieces of information about an order. They serve different purposes.

Do you put the packing slip in the box?

Yes, packing slips are usually FOUND inside the box. They HELP customers verify whether they received the correct order. Returning items is also easier when there’s a packing slip. They don’t degrade as fast as the shipping labels outside the parcel.

What’s Next

By now, you know precisely why packing slips are essential. So KEEP the tips and tricks I mentioned above in mind. And don’t forget about packing slips when shipping goods to your customers again. 

Need a freight forwarder to IMPORT products for cheap?

Leeline’s the company for you. No other shipping companies beat our price. You GUARANTEE a faster ROI for your business. Click here for a free quotation. 

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