Yanwen Tracking Fake

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Is Yanwen Tracking Fake in 2024?

Many business owners online asked, “Is Yanwen tracking fake?”

But to no avail did they receive the answers they were looking for. 

Leeline’s shipping experts decided to step out. And craft a DETAILED REVIEW about Yanwen. So you won’t fall into the hands of the WRONG ecommerce shipping company. 

After a month-long research…

We found Yanwen to be an unreliable logistics provider. It’s a LEGIT company with various shipping methods to offer. But it’s cons heavily outweigh the pros.

Keep reading to know more about why we don’t recommend Yanwen.

Yanwen Tracking Fake

What Is Yanwen?

YANWEN is a shipping and logistics company headquartered in Beijing, China. The company was founded in 1998. And it BECAME the leading cross-border service provider in 2008.

Yanwen has over 700 million annual parcel delivery. And has earned the trust of more than 200,000 e-Commerce sellers. 

This carrier company partners with China Post, eBay, and DHL. But it is MOST popular with AliExpress

Yanwen OPERATES across a network of 50 cities throughout China. And ships to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

Fun Fact: Yanwen Express is particularly BEST-SUITED for shipping small parcels.

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake?

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake

People often think that Yanwen has fake tracking.

But that’s not true.  Yanwen just provides inaccurate or unreliable tracking information.

Here’s what’s happening… 

Yanwen’s tracking system STOPS outside the border of China. Meaning you WON’T get any more updates on your shipment. Making you assume that you have a FAKE tracking number. 

Not the best tracking experience, isn’t it?

Here’s another scenario that Yanwen Express tracking seems fake: 

Some packages FAIL to arrive at their final destination. And customers aren’t pleased. 

Yanwen’s tracking service has sparked controversy among its customers. It’s not fake at all. But Yanwen just provides a very poor quality service.

How Does Yanwen Tracking work?

How Does Yanwen Tracking work

Yanwen logistics works just like other Chinese couriers. It PICKS UP (or receives) goods from your supplier. Then, agents ship your e-commerce cargo from the Yanwen facility to your address. 

Note: Yanwen is RELIABLE for your goods during the entire route of shipping

Wanna know the different types of Yanwen shipping methods? 

Let’s tackle each one… 

#1: Yanwen Express

Here’s the PREMIUM shipping service by Yanwen logistics. You’ll receive your Yanwen parcel in just 5 to 15 days. This is the IDEAL method for urgent and light shipments. 

#2: Yanwen Economic AirMail 

On a budget?

Then this shipping service by Yanwen logistics is for you. 

Economic AirMail also uses air freight. But it’s MUCH SLOWER than Yanwen Express (15 to 45 days of delivery). So YOU pay less for your Yanwen shipments. 

#3: Yanwen Special Line

This shipping method is the middle ground of FAST shipments and affordable rates. You’ll receive your Yanwen package in 1-2 weeks. But YOU don’t spend as much money. Compared to the Express service. 

Note: There’s a Yanwen tracking number provided for these multiple shipping options. 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Yanwen Tracking Reviews

Yanwen Tracking Reviews

#1: Underdeveloped website 

It’s the ERA of tech. So most people visit a company’s website to know whether it’s reliable. 

Unfortunately, YANWEN doesn’t take this into consideration. DOZENS of people complain that Yanwen’s website is very underdeveloped. Some parts, including the tracking ID page, aren’t even translated into ENGLISH. 

So, it’s VERY HARD for international businesses to navigate Yanwen’s site. 

#2: Unreliable tracking services

Every Yanwen parcel gets a TRACKING number. But you can’t always rely on this tracker. 

Because hundreds of people are complaining that…

YANWEN barely updates its tracking system.

Most customers only got a notification when their products LEFT Yanwen’s warehouse. After that, they never received updates while their goods were in transit. 

This is a HUGE headache for business owners like you. Because you’ll risk DISAPPOINTING customers with delayed stock replenishments. You even have to REFUND your buyers if you sell pre-order items. 

#3: Wrong shipments 

Here’s an unfortunate Yanwen customer experience just weeks ago:

A man ordered 2 cabinets using Yanwen’s logistics services. It was door-to-door shipping. 

So, for WEEKS he waited for his shipment. 

Almost a month later, he got a notification. Stating that his cargo is already at the community mailbox. 

Odd that he never got it at the doorstep. 

But no biggie, for the customer. At least the long wait is over, he thought. 

He went straight to the community mailbox. And guess what he found…

NO CABINETS IN SIGHT. Just a box filled with socks. The customer lost a HUGE CHUNK OF TIME and money. 

#4: Unresponsive customer support

Unresponsive customer support

You have tons of shipping concerns in mind. But no one’s there to ANSWER any of your questions.

A frustrating situation, right?

But it’s what AWAITS if you choose Yanwen as your freight forwarder.

At least more than half the time. 

Many users left reviews saying that this freight forwarder takes weeks to respond. They’re left with NO CHOICE but to bottle up questions on their own. 

If you’re a business owner… 

Unresponsive customer support means dozens of unfulfilled orders. And THOUSANDS of lost profits for your business. Such a HUGE disadvantage. So it’s best to AVOID Yanwen for expensive or urgent shipments. 

#5: Affordable shipping rates 

Yanwen is a very low-cost carrier for international shipments. Sure, it has TONS of downsides. But YANWEN can be an accessible freight forwarder if you’re on a budget. 

“What’s the cheapest shipping service from Yanwen?” 

It’s Economic Air Mail. A very affordable air freight shipping service. 

Of course, how much exactly you pay depends on several factors. Like your cargo’s size and weight and your final destination. So giving a semi-accurate estimate for the Air Mail’s shipping rates is hard. 

#6: Ships to over 200 countries 

Wanna ship globally?

Not a problem. Yanwen caters to over 200 countries worldwide. You won’t make customers miss out on your products. 

Other freight forwarders only ship to less than 100 countries. Usually, the first-world nations. So partnering with Yanwen gives you a HUGE advantage in the global market. 

Note: This freight forwarder takes care of your cargo’s customs clearance. So you won’t have to worry about processing your shipment’s paperwork. 

Yanwen Alternatives

You want to avoid Yanwen’s unreliable and slow tracking service. So you’re EXPLORING alternative companies that meet your shipping needs.

I got you. Here are 2 of the best freight forwarders you want to consider.

1. Leeline 


Let’s start with the MOST-PROMINENT of all freight forwarders in China: LEELINE. 

The company stands out among the options listed. Rest assured that your parcels always ARRIVE on time. You won’t push AWAY customers due to late deliveries.


  • LEELINE provides an ACCURATE tracking number and detailed information about your shipment status. You won’t stress yourself waiting for your parcel. 
  • This company HAS experts with 10 years of experience. They’ll give you 100% support until you receive your shipment.


  • Leeline’s website doesn’t show its standard rates. So you need to ASK for a quotation to know its price list.

2. Guided Imports

Guided Imports

Guided Import’s TOP-RATED service has served thousands of business owners worldwide. It offers the BEST RATES and guarantees safe shipment for your parcel.

This freight forwarder provides a WIDE SELECTION of shipping options. You ship hassle-free without losing your parcel. 


  • Guided Imports offers MORE budget-friendly pricing. Compared to a quotation you show from other freight forwarders.  


  • This company doesn’t offer CONSOLIDATION services. You CAN’T ship in bulk using products from multiple suppliers. 

How do you track your parcel from Yanwen?

Tracking your Yanwen package is a very easy process. Because this logistics provider had a built-in TRACKER on its website. 

Let’s take this step-by-step! 

Step 1: Know your Yanwen tracking number

You’ll find n tracking numbers on the shipping confirmation email you received. Alternatively, you may contact Yanwen customer service. And they’ll provide you with your tracking information. 

Note: Yanwen tracking numbers begin with two capital letters. Followed by a series of numbers. Then, once again, they end with two capital letters. 

Step 2: Go to the Yanwen website 

Head to this link. And allow it to load completely.

Step 3: Click TRACKING

You’ll find this heading at the top of the page. 

Step 4: Type your tracking number

Click the search bar on your screen. Then, write your cargo’s exact tracking number format. After that, click the track package button. Or the blue arrow circle.

When the search results load… 

Step 5: View your tracking information 

Here, you’ll know which carrier is currently handling your Yanwen post. And when your goods reach their destination country. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Yanwen Tracking Fake

How long does Yanwen take to deliver?

Yanwen’s Express AVERAGE delivery time is 6 to 25 days. But sometimes, it may take up to 60 days before your package arrives. Making it difficult for e-Commerce sellers to rely on the service. 

What does in transit mean Yanwen?

In transit means your package is still ON ITS WAY and has yet to be delivered. DURING this time, Yanwen will send you notifications on the movement of your parcel. So you monitor your shipment.

Do I need to pay money if I receive a parcel from abroad?

It DEPENDS on the situation. Most of the time, you don’t need to pay to receive your parcel. Because freight forwarders usually include everything in the quotation. However, you’d have to pay when importing the parcel if you handle the custom brokerage.

What’s Next

Yanwen isn’t a fake company. However, it’s not the BEST logistics provider for businesses. Because Yanwen doesn’t always ship on time. And you’ll have a hard time contacting its customer support. 

Want a better freight forwarder recommendation?

The answer’s LEELINE. We always ship on time for the LOWEST rates. Click here to talk with our agents. 

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