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Get an instant Amazon FBA shipping quote from LEELINE. We help you to calculate your FBA Fees with estimated sales. Get different shipping routes and methods to save shipping costs.

Get 30 days of free storage in our warehouses worldwide. Easy access to ports. 

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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Get access to short sea routes for fast & cheap shipping. We supervise loading and unloading at ports to save products from damage. Protective layers protect fragile and sensitive items.

We handle all the customs paperwork for clearance. Smooth experience. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Optimized and well-packaged inventory for Air shipping. We optimize your shipment in every possible way to minimize space use and weight.

Further, get discounted deals with our airline network. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Avoid road traffic and delays with Rail shipping. Both domestic and international railway freight is available. Rail shipping is cheap and fast. We offer real-time tracking with supervised ON/OFF loading.

Alternative short rail routes without junctions delays are available. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Complete shipping plan from supplier’s warehouse to yours. No delays and middlemen in routes. Save costs and money with customized shipping plans.

Direct shipment to FBA centers without delay. Get extra services at cheap rates.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Leeline makes your Alibaba shipping smooth. We handle your shipment and fulfill your Alibaba trade terms with the supplier. Get a shared container for small shipments at cheap rates.

We merge and repack your Alibaba shipment from multiple suppliers. FAST SHIPPING at cheap rates.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Direct shipment to Amazon’s warehouse. Get inspection and branding services to avoid bad reviews. You decide your shipping plan with an estimated cost.

Cost and fees analysis before shipping, so you make a sound decision. 

Why Choose Us?

Branding and Inspection

Skilled staff filters out damaged products and replace them with functional item. Avoid bad reviews with the inspection. Get elegant packaging with custom labels and logos. Build your brand image without an expensive marketing campaign. 

Warehousing & Fulfillment

We have a Global warehousing network in different countries. Cheap  Storage and warehousing to save Amazon FBA fees. Fast fulfillment process with prompt shipping. Entertain your customers around the world.

Optimized Packaging

Short and compact packages have low storage and shipping fee. Saves expensive shipping on Air freight & express shipping. Get more space in your containers with optimized packaging. Ultimately saves Amazon high storage fees. 

Short Routes

Avoid delays and expensive freight charges with short routes. Get access to a mixed transportation strategy for cheap shipping. Fast shipping without delays. 

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Top 5 Amazon FBA Calculators

Around 40% of new sellers failed. Why? Because of their poor planning of profit margins and Amazon fee handling. Most of them don’t even hear of an Amazon FBA calculator. 

Believe me, these tools save you a few headaches. Our experts have come up with this article after handling man shipping to Amazon FBA. So you don’t have to face the same troubles as beginners face. You Handle your profit margins and fees with better planning. 

Have a read about the top 5 Amazon FBA calculators. The best way to understand Amazon’s fee on every product. 

Top 5 Amazon FBA Calculators

Why Use FBA Calculator?

Why Use FBA Calculator

Amazon FBA Fee calculator is very useful for making strategies. Fulfillment by Amazon FBA has a fee. You calculate fees on your item price and product storage. Finding the best cost-price equation for profit is necessary. 

For example, You have a selling price of 10$, and the product cost is 5$. But it shows Amazon’s fee is 2.5$ to 3$. It has a profit margin of 2$ to 2.5%, which is low. Now you focus on making your product more successful by outsourcing cheap products. 

It is better to get an idea of the exact fee before launching. You spy on competitors and check their actual product prices. Moreover, you optimize your outsourcing and shipping.

Top 5 Amazon FBA Calculators

1. FBA Revenue Calculator

FBA Revenue Calculator

This is a web-based Fee calculator by Amazon. It is most trusted due to winning Amazon ownership. Yet, it is limited to North American marketplaces and some European marketplaces. It is a useful tool for real-time cost comparisons between FBM and FBA. 


  • Exact cost estimation with a free Amazon FBA calculator. It’s an amazon tool which means accurate data, not false data.  
  • Best to spy on competitors, Copy and paste their ASIN or UPC and see their fulfillment fee. Easy to check whether either product is profitable or not. 


  • It does not show the storage costs in peak and off-season. It shows Amazon’s commission and fee on every single unit sold.

2. AMZ Scout 

AMZ Scout

AMZ scout is a browser-based tool for product & cost analysis. It gives you information, including Amazon’s fee structure with monthly estimated sales. Also product’s profit per unit and net margin.


  • Easy to use, Just go to your product’s page and run the extension. Gives an estimate in a few clicks with the recent pricing history of the product.
  • Better strategy formation with net profit margin and Amazon fees. Choose a product with good monthly sales estimation with advertising costs & taxes. 


  • Not possible to do Calculations using varied weights and dimensions.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s profit calculator has an accuracy of 85%. So it gives you a sound idea about upfront and variable costs( Amazon fees). You get an idea about advertising and giveaways it needs to be successful. You get real-time cost estimation with a few clicks. 

Pro tip: Keep in mind the giveaway number is not certain.  


  • Upfront costs and product costs help you to understand your ideal sourcing price. It fluctuates with quality, but it’s better to have a base idea. 
  • If you think about FBM, it gives a better comparison of FBA vs FBM. Get your final data in XLS format and use it for better strategies. Easy to make changes while offline. 


  • It is a paid feature that comes with the Jungle Scout basic subscription.

4. Helium 10 FBA Calculator

Helium 10 FBA Calculator

Helium 10 is a famous keyword finder tool. Yet they recently launched their profitability calculator.  It includes all pricing information, FBA fees, and advertising costs. Following that, your ultimate revenue and net profit margin. We all know it varies, but this estimate helps you to finalize your strategy.  


  • It Comes with Helium 10 plan. A powerful product-finding tool with relevant keywords. Get search volumes of these keywords to check the demand for products. 
  • Mobile Application (IOS, Android) to access tools from anywhere. Browser extension gives instant calculations with few clicks. 


  • It’s a paid FBA profit calculator. 

5. Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch has a profitability prediction tool. It uses Amazon’s revenue calculator as its information source. Yet, it uses many data points for its prediction, like Amazon’s fee and profit margin.  All you have to do is enter your ASIN on the tool’s web page. They also have browser-based extensions for your ease.  It also displays similar profitable product ideas.


  • This profit calculator is free to use. Its browser extension provides quick results. Calculate the net profit for each item.
  • Its competition research and market intelligence tools aid in better planning.


  • It is a predictor of profitability. The outcome differs owing to Amazon’s added expenses.

How To Choose Amazon FBA Calculator Right For You?

Better to choose your tool according to your needs. Test them before finalizing them. There are different factors you must consider before choosing an Amazon FBA calculator. 

Free or Paid: Most tools are free, while some are paid. Helium 10 calculators have a monthly subscription with their existing plans. 

Web or browser-based tools: Some tools integrate with the system and provide results while browsing. Yet, some are web-based dedicated tools and needs specific tab to access. It does not affect you much, but it affects your productivity. 

Marketplaces and fulfillment model: Most tools show data from specific marketplaces like US or UK. They do not support new or small marketplaces. So choose a tool according to your chosen marketplaces. Also, some don’t show data for specific fulfillment models like Multi-channel fulfillment services. Keep that in mind while choosing your tool. 

Extra services: Storage or removal fees are important. Note that if your tool shows their expenses or not. Prep service also adds to other costs. 

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FAQs about Amazon FBA Calculator

How is FBA cost calculated?

Go to Amazon revenue calculator.  Amazon’s fee calculator is a useful tool that provides a full breakdown of FBA Fees for each product. The ultimate fee may fluctuate If you need extra preparation services.  

Can I start Amazon FBA with no money?

No, Initial investments are required. You need existing inventory and pay for their shipping costs. Manufacturers don’t need much money to start Amazon FBA. They just ship them to the FBA center.  Also, keep advertising costs in your mind.

Is it free to ship to Amazon FBA?

Amazon does not charge fees for accepting your merchandise, so it is free. Yet, you need transportation to go to the Amazon fulfillment center. As a result, you must pay for transportation. It is both yes and no, depending on how you view it. 

Does Amazon only charge once the item ships?

Amazon charges a fulfillment fee when they dispatch the order to the customer. They do charge a monthly storage fee. The amount of products in Amazon’s warehouse determines it. It also varies due to peak and off seasons.

What’s Next

Amazon fees calculator gives an overview of fee structure. We all know keeping our outsourcing & shipping costs low is a way to profitability. Here comes a tricky question about keeping our shipping and outsourcing costs low. 

Use cheap shipping methods with skilled staff. Leeline provides you with cheap rates for multiple shipping methods. 

Get in touch to discuss your shipping and storage costs. Lower your costs with skilled staff. 

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