Amazon Pallet Requirements

AVOID wasting money as an FBA SELLER. Leeline’s EXPERTS ensure your shipment adheres to the Amazon Pallet Requirements.

Your FBA shipments are 100% safe. Because we only use STANDARD pallets for your products. 

Amazon Pallet Requirements


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Sea Freight

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Amazon Pallet Requirements: Ultimate Guide

Knowing the Amazon Pallet Requirements is necessary to becoming an FBA merchant.

Unfortunately, only a few know what they are. So, many businesses make shipping errors that cost them money. 

But as a decade-long freight forwarder…

We know that shipping to Amazon FBA isn’t complicated. 

Our Fulfillment By Amazon experts gathered together to make this article. 

Ship to Amazon and become an FBA merchant without spending HEFT penalty fees!

Keep reading! 

Amazon Pallet Requirements

What are Amazon pallet requirements?

Amazon has STRICT pallet requirements. You have to consider these 5 factors.

1: Labeling 

Your FBA cargo must have an accurate Amazon barcode. Pallet labels should include your FBA shipment ID or PO number. And the shipping label should be 100% visible. 

2: Size

Your pallet should be 40” by 48”. A single pallet shouldn’t exceed 72”. But double-stacked pallets can reach up to 100”.

Note: I’ll explain this in detail in a later section. 

3: Condition 

There should be no cracked wooden planks. Because Amazon rejects damaged pallets. 

4: Type

You only ship GMA-standard pallets to the Amazon fulfillment center. Specifically, at least GMA grade B palletized boxes. 

5: Wrapping 

You need to wrap every FBA cargo in a clear plastic stretch wrap. It’s part of the OFFICIAL Amazon pallet requirements. 

What type of pallets does Amazon pallet requirements allow?

What type of pallets does Amazon pallet requirements allow

The type of pallets Amazon allows depends on the goods you want to ship. Amazon categorizes goods into 3 categories:

  • Package products.
  • Grocery products. 
  • Health and personal care products. 

They have different Amazon pallet requirements. So, let’s TACKLE them individually.

1. Package/Standard products

Your pallet should at least pass the GMA B-GRADE standard for these goods.

Here are the CHARACTERISTICS of the pallet: 

  • 6-7 boards at the top deck (depending on the boards’ thickness). 
  • At least 4 boards at the bottom deck. 
  • 3 STRINGERS between the bottom and top deck. 

2. Grocery products

Amazon fulfillment warehouses are STRICTER with groceries. You must use GMA 1A GRADE PALLETS. They’re also known as PREMIUM GRADE A. 

Here’s how they’re made: 

  • 7 top deck boards. The average space between them should be 2.5-4.5 inches. 
  • 5 bottom boards. 
  • NO BLOCK REPAIRS on the stringers. 
  • 4-way entry.

3. Health and Personal Care Beauty products

You need to protect these goods with GMA 1B GRADE PALLETS. You also call them MELON GRAD PALLETS. 

Here are the specifications: 

  • 6-7 boards at the top.
  • 4 or more boards at the bottom. 
  • ONLY 1 stringer may have repairs. 
  • 4-way entry. 

Note: The International Plant Protection Convention requires ALL pallets to undergo HEAT treatment. This Kills the PARASITES that live within wooden boards. 

Dimensions of Amazon pallets

Dimensions of Amazon pallets

Amazon may REJECT your cargo if it doesn’t fit the required dimensions. So KEEP the dimensions below in mind when PACKING or preparing your pallets. 

There are 2 kinds of pallets:

  • Single.
  • Double-stacked. 

Let’s go over their required dimensions. 

A SINGLE PALLET should not be taller than 72 inches. The standard size is 40 x 48 inches (1 meter x 1.25 meters). 1500 lbs or 680.5 KG is the MAXIMUM weight per pallet. 

100 inches is the limit for DOUBLE-STACKED pallets.  The rest of the standards are the same with single pallets. That means each pallet should only:

  • 20 x 48 inches. 
  • Less than 1500 lbs.

Important: Every PALLET should have NO overhang on either side. Use load bars to secure your pallets for MAXIMUM protection.

How to avoid mistakes when shipping pallets to Amazon?

How to avoid mistakes when shipping pallets to Amazon

Avoiding mistakes when shipping pallets to Amazon is easy. Just follow the tips below! 

#1:  Use the appropriate pallets 

Amazon bans 2 types of cargo pallets because of the following reasons: 

PECO pallets: You can’t move them with a standard pallet jack.  

Plastic pallets: They’re not as STRONG as wooden pallets.

So, ensure to use pallets with at least GMA B-GRADE when shipping goods from Amazon. 

#2: Comply with the size and weight requirements 

As mentioned earlier, your pallet should:

  • Be LIGHTER than 1500 lbs. 
  • NOT EXCEED 72 inches in height (if it’s single).
  • STAY UNDER 100 inches (when double-stacked). 

AMAZON rejects cargo that doesn’t fall under these specifications. You’ll WASTE more money if the company ships your cargo back. 

#3: Label goods properly 

When labeling your FBA shipment, make sure to include the following:

  1. Purchase Order Number. Amazon provides this information when you schedule a delivery appointment. 
  2. Special handling instructions. Include where your pallet’s “top side” is. Write a FRAGILE sign if necessary. 
  3. The contents of your pallet. List down the quantity and type of products you’re shipping. 
  4. The final destination of your goods. Include the specific AMAZON CENTER address. 
  5. Shipper information. Write your name, contact details, and address. 
  6. Amazon barcode. It should be VALID. 

#4: Inspect pallets before shipping 

Double-checking your PALLETS before shipping them out is necessary. This guarantees you’ve met all the requirements for your cargo. So Amazon won’t REJECT your shipment. You’ll AVOID fees. 

Follow these steps to inspect your Amazon pallets:

  1. Check the dimensions and weight. Make sure they fall within the limitations I’ve mentioned above. 
  2. Secure your products properly. Ensure there aren’t any loose items. 
  3. Check for damages. There should be ZERO cracked or broken boards. 

Leeline helps you ship to Amazon FBA faster, cheaper, safer, and easier.

FAQs about Amazon Pallet Requirements 

Does Amazon require CHEP pallets?

No. AMAZON accepts CHEP pallets. But they’re not required. Amazon accepts any pallet as long as they have at least a GMA standard B grade. Except for plastic or PECO types. 

Which method is best for shipping pallets to Amazon FBA?

The best SHIPPING METHOD depends on your priorities. Using sea freight is the BEST to save the most money. Air freight is your best friend for cutting transit time. 

Does Amazon accept plastic pallets?

No. Amazon REJECTS plastic pallets because they’re low-quality. So you should use wooden boards when shipping to Amazon. 

How many pallets can you stack safely?

Amazon only ALLOWS stacking 2 pallets. Because you shouldn’t EXCEED the 100-inches height limit with double-stacked pallets. Other shipping companies may allow you to STACK more. Depending on the weight of your goods. But not Amazon.

What’s Next

Shipping your products to Amazon isn’t ALL that hard. The pallet requirements are pretty easy to memorize.

Plus, I’ve written all the tips and tricks YOU need to succeed above. 

But do you know how you can make shipping to Amazon MUCH easier? 

Contacting a freight forwarder.

So, call Leeline. The CHEAPEST shipping agent in China. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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