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Successfully SHIP your goods from China through port-to-port shipping. We HELP you throughout the entire shipping process. We clear customs, RENT shipping containers, and arrange the port schedule for YOU.

You don’t experience the tedious process of port-to-port shipments. 

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We ship internationally from 10 DIFFERENT PORTS in China. Get DIVERSE products from ANYWHERE in the country and impress your customers.

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Shanghai Port
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Guangzhou Port
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Sea Freight

Enjoy the cheapest port-to-port shipments with sea transportation. Our experts handle your cargo’s proper paperwork and cargo insurance.

Other freight forwarders can’t BEAT our ocean freight rate. You SAVE both time and money! 


Air Freight

CUT your cargo transportation time in HALF! We create a DETAILED shipping process plan for your air freight delivery.

Our experienced shippers get your cargo at the earliest port schedule. You get MORE FREE TIME focusing on other aspects of your store! 


Railway Freight

Deliver your GOODS safely with railway freight! You get CARGO INSURANCE and 24/7 cargo tracking service. Your package reaches its destination country in LESS THAN A MONTH.

You always know your carriers’ schedule availability and port schedule. It’s a STRESS-FREE shipping process, as you’re constantly updated about your cargo! 


Door-to-Door Shipping

LEVEL UP the convenience of your shipping process. Our DOOR-TO-DOOR transportation services INCLUDE pick up and doorstep delivery. Just send us the details of your cargo.

We handle customs clearance, carrier liability, and cargo insurance. No need to MANAGE DOCUMENTATION yourself! 


Alibaba Shipping

SAVE money while ordering from Alibaba. We contact your supplier directly. When your goods arrive at the port, we SHIP them to your country. You receive ACCURATE cargo tracking services as well.

So you know exactly when your order arrives at the port. No complicated steps or EXPENSIVE port charges. 

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Amazon FBA Shipping

Get the LOWEST port to port quotes for your AMAZON FBA shipping. We ENSURE your shipping containers meet Amazon’s standards. PLUS, you enjoy our consolidated shipping.

It saves you a LOT from your document submission fees and security fees. Double your profits easily as an FBA seller with more free time! 

Reduce costs and make better data-driven decisions in every port!

Why Choose US?

Experienced Shippers

Port to port, door to door, YOU NAME IT, we’ve done it before. We have over 10 years of shipping experience. You guarantee that ALL our transportation services are high quality. 

Fast Transactions 

We HATE delays as you do. TRY our port-to-port services and receive your products in just WEEKS. Your cargo is in the hands of trusted shipping carriers. You get SAIL DATE immediately. 

All-on-one Freight Forwarder 

We have ALL types of shipping services. Those include your customs clearance, rail services, door-to-door shipping, and container rental. We have transport or forwarding equipment as well. You don’t waste time trying to find other freight companies. 


Ask us for our port-to-port quotes. You’ll get the LOWEST prices. Especially with our ocean freight rate. 

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2000+ Clients Trust LeeLine

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Ship Goods from Anywhere in China To Global

We offer safe, efficient and cost-effective cargo transportation.

Port Shipping: Ultimate Guide

Port shipping is 1 of the best money-saving modes of shipment.

But only a few know how to successfully do this process. 

Leeline wants to make a change. Our experienced shippers compiled the ULTIMATE GUIDE for port shipping. You won’t WASTE time or money during this shipment process. 

Make port-to-port cargo transportation easy by reading this article! 

Port Shipping

What is port shipping?

Port shipping is the PROCESS of moving cargo from 1 port to another. The shipper is only responsible for your products between the origin and final port. There are no pre-carriage or on-carriage services involved. 

This shipment method is the BEST for experienced shippers. Not for beginners. 


Because port-to-port shipping requires YOU to handle the additional services for your cargo. Those include:

  • Processing document submission fees.
  • Ensuring your products have scheduled trucking services.
  • Talking to customs authorities.  
  • Getting a container rental. 
  • Paying for local handling charges. 
  • Checking the port authority’s schedule. 

How does port shipping work?

Port SHIPPING works simply. First, your cargo is LOADED at the nearest port of your products’ original location. Then, you have to PERSONALLY pick up the shipment at the final destination’s port. 

You, as a buyer, are the ONE in charge of your cargo during port shipping. Unless you hire freight forwarders to process your shipment for you. 

When problems arise for your package… 

You’re the ONE who has to talk to the customs personnel. It’s a much more complex shipping process than DOOR to DOOR. But port shipping saves you more money. 


  • Tracking: Cargos in port shipping have ACCURATE tracking numbers. You’ll ALWAYS know where your shipment is. 
  • Cost-effective: You REDUCE the expenses for the EXTRA transportation services by carriers. 


  • More responsibility: Paperwork becomes your responsibility. This is HARD for most new importers. 
  • Time-consuming: You lose time for other aspects of your business. 

Types of ship port

Types of ship port
  • Inland ports

Inland ports are located for SMALLER bodies of water. Take rivers or lakes as examples. They’re usually for cargo purposes or passengers. 

Some inland ports accommodate BOTH. 

They operate like normal seaports. But as inland ports have shallow water, DEEP draft ship traffic isn’t allowed. 

  • Fishing ports

These ports are MAINLY for commercial purposes. Specifically for fishing activities that can be for business or recreation. Fishing ports rely HEAVILY on the availability of fish in a specific location.

Hence, if fishing isn’t abundant in an area… 

Fishing ports most likely don’t exist as well. 

“Do these ports generate revenue?”

ABSOLUTELY. Fishing ports generate the most income out of all types of ports. As long as they’re properly managed and fish are abundant. 

Downside: Fishing ports need LOTS of maintenance. 

  • Warm water ports 

Warm water ports are COMMON in countries that FREEZE during winter. An example is the VALDEZ port in Alaska. The Vostochny port in Russia is also a warm water port. 

These ports are NECESSARY to maintain trade ALL YEAR ROUND. Because if the sea freezes, ships won’t be able to enter. Obviously, the economy takes a HUGE hit.

Warm water ports are RARER than other port types. After all, not ALL countries have winters cold enough to FREEZE oceans. 

  • Dry ports 

These ports CONNECT railway systems to seaports. They’re the CENTER of the most import and exporting processes. They also act like warehouses for shipments of nearby congested seaports. 

A dry port is like a seaport. But it’s away from a coastline. 

  • Seaports 

SEA ports are the most common ports in the world. They’re used for ALL KINDS of commercial activities. They can accommodate large and small vessels. 

Seaports are for recreational and commercial purposes alike. And they’re usually beside the major coastlines. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

How much does port-to-port shipping cost?

How much does port to port shipping cost

HOW much your port-to-port charges DEPEND on many factors. Hence, port shipping prices VARY significantly. It’s hard to give an ESTIMATE about how much your port-to-port services’ costs may be. 

Here are the…

TOP factors that influence how much your port shipping fees are: 

#1: Distance between the original location and the destination country

This heavily determines your shipping cost. The further they are, the MORE expensive it’ll be. Because longer transit time requires MORE fuel. 

#2: Freight type 

Transporting by air is more expensive than shipping by sea. The shorter the transit time, the higher your freight costs will be.

#3: Cargo’s size and weight 

More extensive and heavier boxes cost more to ship. They require SPECIALIZED equipment to move. You’ll also need to get more expensive insurance. 

#4:Type of products

Some goods are more sensitive than others. Take fragile items, for example. Hence you’ll have to pay a higher handling fee when shipping them. 

Other aspects that may influence your shipping costs are:

  • Customs tax.
  • Documentation submission fees.
  • Lading release fee. 
  • Security fee for Maritime security purposes.

Note: How much you pay for the factors above VARY depends on your goods as well. 

Tips when shipping port-to-port

Tips when shipping port to port

Port-to-port shipping isn’t as HARD as you think. These TIPS will make this process super easy. Follow them all for a successful port-to-port shipment! 

1. Craft a detailed shipping plan

You must pick up your cargo at the port with this shipping style. Hence, it’s necessary to know exactly WHEN your shipment will arrive at the destination port. 

You should also guarantee your products meet the import standards of your country. Because you’ll be the one to FIX problems with customs if necessary. 

2. Insure your cargo 

Port-to-port shipping is generally SAFE. But don’t make the mistake of NOT ENSURING your goods. One accident is ALL it takes to lose your shipment’s monetary worth. 

3. Pack your goods properly

Not ALL port carriers are gentle with packages. It’s BEST to pack your cargo as safely as you can. So it’ll have NO damage even when handled aggressively. 

Note: Follow your shipping company’s labeling and packing requirements. 

4. Know the correct documents to prepare 

There is a lot of paperwork for port shipping. You should prepare EACH ONE thoroughly to prevent any problems at the border. Documentation issues waste your time and money. It’s a HUGE hassle you won’t want to experience as a business owner. 

5. Contact a freight forwarder 

Here’s the best tip for your NEXT port-to-port shipping needs. CONTACT a freight forwarder! It’s a shipping company that’ll HANDLE all your shipment’s needs. Those include the documents, insurance, and EVERY RELATED FEE. 

You even ask your freight forwarder to DELIVER right to your doorstep. This shipping alternative is for those who want to save time and energy.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Port Shipping

What is the largest and busiest kind of port?

The LARGEST and busiest kind of port is a seaport. It’s usually where MOST imports and exports pass through. Shanghai’s port is 1 of the busiest ports worldwide. 

What is the difference between door-to-door shipping and port-to-port shipping?

In door-to-door shipping, you receive your cargo right at your doorstep. You must pick up your goods at the port in port shipping. 

The former is the MOST CONVENIENT option. The latter is cheaper. 

What Services are Included in Port-to-Port Shipping?

Port-to-port shipping includes these services:
• Ocean freight.
• Payment for your cargo’s shipping container. 
• Cargo tracking.
• Lading release fee.
• Security fee. 
• Document submission fees.
• Origin/destination handling charges.

What’s Next

Port shipping lets you save up to 50% of your shipment costs. It’s a MUST-KNOW way of importing your business’ products. I’ve listed everything you need to know about port shipping above. Come back anytime you need to! 

Want port-to-port shipping to be EASIER than it is?

Contact Leeline. The top freight forwarder in China. We have UNMATCHED port shipping rates. Click here now! 

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