China Rail Freight Companies

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China Rail Freight Companies


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Railway Freight

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Top 20 Rail Freight Companies in China

ARE you finding reliable FCL and LCL shipping Companies?

Rail freight is the best alternative whether you need to ship a whole container or only a few pallets.

One of the biggest challenges in China is shipping. This is mainly because there are different types of freight companies. Which means it can get confusing to choose the best one. Our in-depth examination of Chinese freight rail transit comprises 20 companies. 

You’ll learn about the whole procedure and China’s rail freight requirements. Help you streamline your shipping procedure.

Keep reading!

Top 20 Rail Freight Companies in China

1. Leeline


Leeline is one of China’s leading freight companies. It never misses a deadline and ALWAYS DELIVERS your products on time.

Keep all of your personal information confidential. And the service has not cost you a fortune. Introduces innovative new approaches to the freight rail industry.

What else is there?

The firm provides LCL, FCL, and railway carriage services. You may obtain a free quotation and choose the solution that best suits your needs. There is no need to concern about customs clearance.


  • It offers many rail freight forwarding solutions. You get an estimate for free.
  • You use the warehouse for free for 30 days. It lowers inventory risks.
  • You get your things on time and at a lesser cost. You save both time and money this way.
  • It has already collaborated with well-known logistics partners. As a result, you count on them.


  • You are not permitted to transport dangerous commodities. 

2. Crane Freight and Cartage

Crane Freight and Cartage

Crane worldwide logistics is a Chinese logistics expert. It offers rail freight forwarding services from China to Europe. It initiated the services in 2008. 

This service minimizes your stock level by up to 40%. If you have questions regarding the services, you ask them directly with just one click.


  • This company takes the safest and most efficient route for rail freight forwarding. Preserve your business core values. 
  • It offers an excellent price for the services. Its inexpensive services save you money. 
  • It offers environment-friendly service. Doesn’t harm the environment.  


  • It only offers rail freight services from China to Europe.

3. Hart Logistics

Hart Logistics

Hart Logistics is one of the experienced top rail freight companies. The company’s in-house developers team provides excellent freight shipping. 

You expect time-saving specialized services. Offer you more affordable pricing and rapid delivery.

That’s Cool, Right?

In over 20 nations, you get a hassle-free solution. And you won’t have to bother about customs clearance with Hart Logistics. They take care of everything for you.


  • It offers a number of freight-transportation alternatives via rail. You may choose the service that is best for you.
  • Get you an estimate within 8 hours. A faster response time equals a faster quote for you.
  • Pricing is quite competitive and comes at a lower cost. Get the greatest services without breaking the bank.
  • It provides distribution, warehousing facilities, and other logistical solutions. As a result, you’ll have everything in one spot.


  • Your delivery may take longer than usual due to the route.

4. DFH Global Logistics

DFH Global Logistics

They’ve been doing customs brokerage and shipping for over a decade. Built a comprehensive system of interrelated services. Cater to your shipping, logistical, and paperwork requirements.

They coordinate collection and delivery from any number of your suppliers everywhere. Providing a range of logistical options to suit your unique products and needs. From small to ginormous and from hazardous to routine.


  • Locally owned business provide reasonable delivery costs. Increase your profit by finding the greatest bargains.
  • Get online booking service and full shipment tracking. Save operating costs.
  • Open LCL services, including final-mile delivery, container filling, and storage. Complete and total solution to your problem.


  • You won’t be able to tell who the actual website owner is when you look at WHOIS.

5. DSV


DSV Rail Freight is a Privately owned company. Provides rail freight transportation services. It provides customer-specific solutions to individual needs. 

The benefits are that it  improves your supply chain efficiently. Ship everything from materials used in building to chemicals, equipment, foodstuffs, etc. 

The multimodal capability offers an excellent solution for your product delivery.


  • It offers supplier-friendly supply chain solutions. The services are safe, so you rely on them.
  • The company avoids fuel tariffs and offers cost-effective services. Give you the best shipping solutions.
  • The services are environmentally risk-free. So, you won’t be causing any harm to the environment.


  • The company hasn’t mentioned anything about customs clearance. So it might be a concern for the customers. 

List of China Rail Freight Companies

CompanyService Location
bnsf railway Norfolk Southern rail freight Ship in 3 Canadian and 27 Us Region rail freight companyTexas, USA
CSX TransportationEastern U.S. and Ontario/Quebec freight railroadUSA
Logistics PlusFreight, supply chain, fulfillment, warehousing and logistics solutionsPennsylvania, United States
Toll Grouplogistics service provider and transportation management company Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
Comprehensive 3PL and transportation companyFlorida, North America
OmniTRAXPrivate railway and freight forwarding company, Logistics hubs, Short line railroads service providerColorado, United States
PLS Logistics Servicesfreight forwarding, brokerage, trucking, PLS Logistics Services Pennsylvania, United States.
Union pacific railroadLeading clandestine logistics solutions and shippingNorth America
World ShippingGlobal logistics companyOhio, United States.
Logistic DynamicsFreight rail forwarding and freight brokering servicesNew York, United States.
SCT Logisticsfreight forwarding, logistics and transportation servicesNew South Wales, Australia.
Patriot Rail & PortsPrivate railway and freight forwardingFlorida, United States.
RSI Logistics CompanyLogistics services and shippingMichigan, United States
CF Rail ServicesRail freight transport serviceIllinois, United States
Rapid Express FreightCertified and accredited freight brokerNew York, United States
Railroad TransportRail freight forwarderVictoria, Australia

What are the requirements for train shipping from China?

Train shipping from China involves many details. Most importantly, the shipper must meet the requirements for shipping freight from China. Below are the requirements needed

  • Commercial Invoice

Each container requires one genuine business invoice. For shipping, customers must stamp and sign. 

The cargo description has an English and a Chinese version of the HS code. It helps you to avoid any customs delays and deliver your shipment smoothly. You are unable to ship overseas without a commercial invoice.

  • Packaging List

Maintain a separate original packing list for each container. For shipping, customers must stamp and sign. An English and a Chinese version of the HS code for each cargo description. Tells the exporter, the international freight forwarder, and the final consignee some information, 

  • About the Packaging 
  • Dimensions of the package 
  • Weight of each box to the labels, etc
  • Stuffing List

Place a unique stuffing list in each storage container. The HS code for each cargo in both English and Chinese. Also, includes the station’s term to describe the unloading process.

  • Export Clearance

A detailed inventory of products within the container to follow China’s customs laws. Documentation showing that you pay the customs fees. The products are ready to process for shipment. 

  • MRN in Europe

Must include Bar codes for items sent from Europe to China by a container.  A unique MRN is a customs identification number. It generates for customers when declaring items for import or export. The generated number traces your purchases back to you personally.

What factors did you consider when shipping by rail from China?

What factors did you consider when shipping by rail from China

1. Sending in Container 

Sending goods by rail necessitates using a container. You rent that from the railway company’s terminal. Consider your warehouse location. Moving things by road to the depot may be more cost-effective for loading if it is near a container depot. 

2. Temperature Control 

It’s important to consider potential short-term temperature variations while exporting by train. The weather is warm in China but cold in the United States. Sudden temperature shifts harm Several objects. Consult your logistics company If you need to ship perishable goods.

3. Check rules and regulations 

Some countries have regulations against importing certain products. Make sure all of your documentation is to avoid unnecessary holdups.

4. Careful Management 

Rail terminals are smaller than harbors. Carefully manage transport to and from the depot due to limited storage.

How do you get rail freight from China?

How do you get rail freight from China

Here’s a guide on accomplishing Chinese Rail Freight to US destinations

Step 1: Look for a reliable freight forwarder

Most railroads book train space via freight forwarders and logistics companies. Consult a freight expert. You’ll get in-depth information such as costs, schedules, and lead times.

Step 2:Arrange for the shipment

Freight agents arrange for the shipment of your items. They will carry it from the Chinese plant to the nearest railway station once you place your order.

They’ll place it Within two to three days of your shipment’s arrival at the railway terminal.

Step 3:Customs Clearance

Find freight forwarders who will handle customs clearance documentation on your behalf. Customs clearance and rail gauge conversions must occur at one of two major stations:

  1. Dostyk, Kazakhstan, is on the Kazakhstani side of the border with China.
  2. Maaszewicze/Brest, the Polish/Belarusian boundary.

Step 4:Delivery of product 

Goods transferred to trucks at the northern European railway station for delivery.

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about China Rail Freight Companies

How much does rail freight cost?

Rail freight cost Depends on the factors-
• Starting point,
• Final location of package,
• and shipment volume.

The cost of transporting a container by rail is around double that of ocean transport.

Ex. 40-foot containers can store 22,000 kg of products. Taking the train there will set you back around $8,000.

Is it safe for my cargo to use Rail Freight?

Yes, it is safe for your cargo to use rail freight. It is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. You won’t have to stress about traffic, accidents, or finding a parking spot. The expense of maintaining a train system is also lower.

Can you ship LCL cargo from China to Europe by rail?

Yes, you ship LCL cargo from China to Europe by rail. As a general rule, for LCL, one cbm is the lowest possible volume. Trains go between China and Europe daily, on average. Rail freight from China to Europe typically takes between 15 and 18 days to arrive.

What’s Next

China has the world’s largest railway network, with high-speed trains connecting the world. So, it is the biggest source of freight trains in the world. Rail freight has the potential to be dependable, quick, and efficient.

Here we choose the top 20 China rail freight companies for you. Depending on your needs, choose any one of these options.

If you still don’t know how to choose. Contact LEELINE. Find out how a customized rail solution helps you save your profit margins.

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