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Shipping goods via LCL can save you 50%. We offer 18 SECURE AND QUICK shipping methods. You get EASY INTERNATIONAL CUSTOM CLEARANCE, preventing any delivery delays.

Our shipping team manages your order from booking to delivery, which saves you time.

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We ship your HUGE SHIPMENTS via sea freight. By choosing us, you save money without sacrificing quality and on-time delivery.

For international shipments, we ensure quick delivery by MANAGING CUSTOMS CLEARANCE.

Air Freight

Air Freight

By delivering your package overnight, you make a quick delivery possible. We ensure that you receive your goods FAST AT A FLAT RATE.

We work with reliable and safe air freight companies. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

We guarantee a safe and the best shipping method. Leeline resolves your shipping needs through the railway in one place.

With SAFE DELIVERY of goods, you benefit from 30 days of the free warehouse.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We deliver your products to your doorstep. We keep you UPDATED ON EVERY SHIPMENT with our expert team.

YOU save effort and time with Leeline providing a better shipping solution.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Get discounts on shipments from Alibaba with Leeline. The shipment arrives at your desired time with a SHORT TRANSIT TIME.

You choose from a range of SAFE AND QUICK shipping options. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

With Leeline, you enhance your Amazon business shipping to FBA. Our shipping costs get negotiated with the best shipping companies.

You spend half time on shipping if we HANDLE IT FOR YOU.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Delivery 

With less shipping time, Leeline delivers products anywhere in the world faster. On-time deliveries without delays keep your customers happy. Low transit time deliveries reduce supply chain management stress. 

Secure Transport

Our international air freight service ensures your goods don’t lose in transit. Your inventory always gets filled on time, keeping customer counts high. Your air shipments are tracked 24/7.

Competitive Price

We negotiate shipping prices on your behalf with international shipping companies. You spend less on shipping goods to your destination warehouse. 

Quality Checking

We take responsibility for delivering quality items. Quality checks get performed on every product shipped with Leeline. You save double shipping charges for replacing items.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Leeline is a great company to work with. They keep us up to date on any changes or delays to our shipments. We can always contact them with questions. We recommend Leeline for all your shipping needs

– Gary, New Zealand

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

LCL Shipping: Ultimate Guide

Shipping through LCL reduces time and makes shipping of SMALLER SHIPMENTS EASY.

But confused about how to do it and what’s included? 

Leeline help with 10+ years of experience in HANDLING LCL SHIPMENTS. WE contain condensed information about LCL Shipping to guide you in detail. You ARE through making your first successful LCL cargo.

 Keep on reading to learn to calculate the cost and procedure of LCL shipments.

LCL Shipping

What is LCL mean in shipping?

LCL shipment refers to shipping in which goods do not fill an entire container. Shippers’ goods get loaded on a container freight station and shipped together. Shippers share lower shipping costs with other shippers based on a certain volume.

Consolidating shipments saves money and transit times of shipments.  It reduces the possibility of damages due to handling. The freight forwarders and carriers maintain strict safety protocols to ensure safe shipments.

How does LCL Shipping Work?

How does LCL Shipping Work

LCL serves as a cost-effective and efficient way of shipping goods. It allows many parties to share the cost of shipping a full container. The process starts with submitting documents, invoices, and bills of lading.

Then the shipping cost gets determined. That’s based on the density and volumetric weight. The higher the density and volumetric weight, the higher the cost. You also need to factor in the cost of fuel and other surcharges.

The freight forwarder arranges for the goods to get picked up and delivered to the port or warehouse. Once the goods have arrived, the freight forwarder checks them. Finally, arrange for them to get loaded into the designated container.

The container gets sealed and shipped to its destination. The container gets unloaded at the destination, and the goods get divided. Afterward, the freight forwarder arranges delivery of the goods.

It’s a great way of reducing shipping costs and getting goods to their destination in less time.

How is the LCL shipping price calculated?

How is the LCL shipping price calculated

LCL rates get calculated based on the following:

  • Total volume or weight of the shipment
  • Origin and destination of the shipment
  • Type of cargo 
  • Extra services 
  • Availability of space on the vessel
  • Transit time
  • Handling or processing the shipment

For an accurate calculation of LCL rates, you must know your shipment’s dimensions and weight. 

For calculating volume:

Measure your shipment’s length, width, and height.  Then multiply these measurements to get the volume. The volumetric weight measures how much space your shipment takes up. It’s the volume of the shipment divided by the cubic meter size of the shipping container.

For calculating weight:

Multiply the volume by the shipment’s gross weight to get the total weight. Using this weight, the total cost can be calculated.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

What is the difference between LCL and FCL? 

LCL shipment (Less than Container Load)  consolidates many LCL shipments into one. Customers use this method when a shipment occupies less than a whole container space. The benefit for LCL shippers lies in lowering shipping costs. 

FCL stands for Full Container Load. An FCL shipment consists of an entire container dedicated to one customer. Customers usually use this when shipping large volumes of goods.

How to find LCL Shipping agent?

How to find LCL Shipping agent

1. Identify Your Needs

Before looking for an LCL freight agent, take some time to think about what you need from them. How much container load do you need to transport your goods? Do you need any special LCL freight service? Do you want to ship less than a container load? 

Knowing the answers helps you find the right LCL shipping agent.

2. Research Online

Once you know what you need, search for an LCL cargo agent. An easy way to start could be an online search. You look for testimonials to better understand LCL agents. You also check out message boards to get feedback from other previous users.

3. Ask Around

Talk to friends, family, colleagues, or other businesses using LCL shipping services. You also contact your local trade association related to your industry.

4. Review Options

Once identified some LCL shipping agents, review their entire process of work. Ask for a total cost quote to save money to ship containers. It’s important to compare agents’ shipping rates and transit times to get the best deal possible.

5. Make Your Choice

Now you choose the best LCL shipping agent for low transit time. Ensure you read their LCL method/shipping terms before signing the agreement. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any doubts about small businesses.

FAQs about LCL Shipping

How long does LCL shipping take?

The length of time it takes for LCL shipping varies depending on:
• The number of stops
• The origin 
• Destination ports
• Container load
LCL shipments take anywhere from two weeks to four months to arrive.

What is the minimum weight for LCL shipment?

The minimum weight to ship LCL shipments varies depending on the following:
• The shipping company 
• The type of cargo 
• Shipping method: Air cargo,  ocean freight, rail freight
• Freight forwarder 
An LCL shipment should weigh between 150 and 200 kilograms (330 to 440 pounds).

How do I pack an LCL shipment?

Ensure that all LCL cargo gets packed in uniform size, shape, and weight. 
• Label each container stuffing with the shipment’s details. Such as the shipper’s and consignee’s names, addresses, and contents. 
• For hazardous LCL shipments, mark the box dimensions with the appropriate shipping labels.

What’s Next

LCL shipping services provide an efficient and cost-effective way to ship goods. For businesses needing FAST AND ECONOMIC SHIPMENT, LCL shipping services prove ideal.

Yet, finding a reliable LCL shipment company takes lots of time…..

Leeline strives to provide customers with the BEST POSSIBLE LCL CARGO SOLUTIONS. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures your cargo arrives on time.

Send us a quote today, and we are back within 24 hours.

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