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SOURCE PRODUCTS for the lowest prices with Leeline. Receive best-selling items with a LOW minimum order quantity. We only work with cheap and proven China wholesale websites.

You guarantee your ROI with our 100% product quality assurance. 

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Free Hassle Shipping From China


Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Our experts negotiate with multiple suppliers. Allowing you to enjoy the CHEAPEST wholesale prices without needing to visit China.

We don’t enforce a HIGH minimum order quantity. Making it EASY to start your business on a budget. 

Product Quality Control

Product Quality Control

BOOST your customer satisfaction with our thorough product quality control. We inspect the size, color, and material of your products. Visiting factories in-person is our policy.

You remain at the HEAD of the business game with ALWAYS-SELLABLE products.

Private Label

Private Label & White Label

GIVE your store a catchy logo and top-tier product photos to attract customers. You work with our decade-long graphic designing experts.

Polishing your business’ packaging, online store design, and customized products. You attract customers with zero stress.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

SHIP more, even on a budget with sea freight. Our insurance services GUARANTEE that your products are safe until your DOORSTEP.

You ship both LARGE and small shipments without breaking the bank. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

RECEIVE your goods in under a week afterordering from China wholesale suppliers. Our experts handle the ENTIRE shipping process. Including customs clearance, scheduling shipments, and packaging.

You earn MORE FREE TIME polishing your business.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

CHOOSE Leeline for your ground shipping needs. You get 24/7 TRACKING service. Guaranteeing peace of mind during your shipping. Receive your cargo in less than a month.

You enjoy a VERY AFFORDABLE rate with our negotiating expertise. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Leeline picks up goods from your China wholesale supplier. And oversees the entire shipping process and finishes ALL the paperwork.

All you need to do is WAIT for your products. Importing products is EASIER than ever with us. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

IMPORT Alibaba products for the lowest prices. We communicate with your Alibaba supplier. Conducting QUALITY INSPECTIONS before we repackage your products.

You save tons by combining Alibaba’s cheap goods and our affordable freight methods. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Sell to CUSTOMERS worldwide without breaking the bank. You guarantee that your shipping containers MEET Amazon FBA’s standards.

We consolidate your goods to LOWER your shipping fees. Doubling your profits in just months is EASY. 

Why Choose Us?

Decade-long Experience

You get 100% trade assurance with Leeline’s experience. We’ve served THOUSANDS of business owners like you. Giving you a HIGH-QUALITY shipping service is our priority. 


Every shipping method Leeline offers is AFFORDABLE for small businesses. Our minimum order quantities are the LOWEST. We’re always open to negotiation for working around your budget. 

All-in-one Company

From sourcing wholesale products, consolidating, and offering drop shipping service. Leeline caters to ALL TYPES of eCommerce needs. You don’t waste time trying to FIND other trade companies in China. 

24/7 Customer Support

Send us your questions and concerns regarding your products, shipment, or payment methods. And RECEIVE a response in under 48 hours. You guarantee your peace of mind during the ENTIRE shipping journey. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Leeline is one of the best sourcing agents and freight forwarders. I got my China Post parcel in just two weeks. All my wholesale electronics and fashion accessories arrived damage-free. I highly recommend Leeline to business owners like me.

– Peter, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 30 China Wholesale Websites

Finding the BEST China wholesale websites for your business is no easy feat. 

You must BEWARE of unreliable sites, fake scammers, and OVERPRICED services. Sourcing is a GAME with a dozen big bosses. 

As a Leeline product sourcing expert, I’ve tried and tested over 50 LARGEST China wholesale markets. And SHORTLISTED the top 30 sites for you to BOOST your profits. 

The ultimate winner? 

It’s ALIBABA. This website is KING with the CHEAPEST wholesale prices. And service called trade assurance. 

Don’t stop reading to find the WINNING sourcing websites from China. 

Top 30 China Wholesale Websites

1. Alibaba


Let me introduce the world’s largest B2B Chinese wholesale website.

Alibaba is your ONE-STOP shop for your online e-commerce or physical retail store. I found millions of sellable products. Always ready for your wholesale procurement. Never worry about running out of stock with Alibaba! 

What I liked: 

  • NEGOTIATE directly with Alibaba’s suppliers. I tried negotiating with suppliers. And got a 20% discount when I increased the product quantity. 
  • Alibaba has a buyer protection policy related to payment, product quality, and shipment. I never encountered UNRELIABLE suppliers due to Alibaba’s buyer-protection policies. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • There are counterfeit products offered by some sellers. BEWARE and take preventive measures to avoid this issue.

2. Made in China

Made in China

Here’s another Chinese wholesale website you don’t want to miss!

Made-in-China offers product listings of over 40 INDUSTRIES catering to your wholesale needs. You’ll never RUN OUT of product ideas! 

What I liked: 

  • The website SHOWS you the entire steps and guidelines on sourcing products. No complex buying procedure. So I never had problems navigating this website. Even as a first-time user. 
  • Made-in-China has a “selected supplier” option. You easily determine products that have a minimum order quantity. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • The refund policy takes longer than most websites. It took almost a month for my refund to arrive. When some of the electronic products I ordered didn’t work. 

3. DHgate


Looking for a budget-friendly wholesale website?

DHgate is HOME to over 31 million shoppers and merchants worldwide. But most of its suppliers are China-based. You get the HIGHEST QUALITY products at factory direct prices. 

What I liked: 

  • DHgate doesn’t require MOQ. This ALLOWS you to purchase products depending on your order quantity.
  • The website OFFERS flash deals and promotions to encourage more buyers. This is an excellent opportunity to buy in bulk, as it also comes with free shipping.

What I didn’t like: 

  • Unresponsive customer support. Sometimes it took them weeks to reply to my refund concern. 

4. Global Sources 

Global Sources

Buy wholesale products EASILY with Global Sources. 

You easily filter products by category and their suppliers. Saving you TIME and energy for focusing on other aspects of your business. 

What I liked: 

  • Trusted suppliers carry a verified badge. I found it very easy to determine which supplier offers high-quality products.  
  • Global Source has 40 years of experience. Assuring that you’ll get smooth and fast transactions. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • Not ALL sellers can be trusted. I almost got scammed by a new supplier. Luckily, I checked its reviews before I finalized the transaction. 



The SKY’s the limit with one of the largest China wholesale markets for electronics. 

I felt like I was BROWSING down the aisle of a convenience store. When I bought several cellphone accessories from SUNSKY. After all, you see product after product. A KINGDOM of cheap electronics that never ends. 

What I liked: 

  • No MOQ for some products. I ordered 1 phone case for HALF THE retail price in malls. Making Sunsky perfect for small businesses. 
  • You get discounts for bulk orders. Allowing you to SAVE MORE MONEY as you buy more often.

What I didn’t like: 

  • I couldn’t contact manufacturers directly. Making it impossible to negotiate prices. 

6. HKDTC Sourcing 

HKDTC Sourcing


These 3 words best DESCRIBE how I view HKDTC Sourcing. 

It’s HONESTLY one of the best Chinese wholesale websites. Meeting RELIABLE fashion, electronics, or office suppliers becomes a walk in the park. With this website’s OVER 50 years in the industry.

What I liked: 

  • Customer support is very responsive. I emailed regarding a shipping concern and received a response in under 5 hours. Buying from this China wholesale website gives you 100% peace of mind. 
  • This website also has a MOBILE APP. Easily restock on the go. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • There are a few suppliers. Making bargaining harder compared to other websites. 

7. DIYTrade 


Let’s WELCOME another high-quality online China wholesale website: DIYTrade. 

It’s honestly my favorite in terms of buyer protection. After all, the top sellers have a BIZ MEMBER icon. Buying from these suppliers guarantees your investment’s safety. 

What I liked: 

  • Simple website design. It was effortless to find the PRODUCTS I needed. Using this website is NOT A PROBLEM, even for non-tech savvy business owners. 
  • One of the few websites that support customized services. Making it a perfect trading company if you want to ESTABLISH your brand.

What I didn’t like: 

  • You can’t buy using the website. Contacting the supplier OUTSIDE THE PLATFORM is a must to buy products. Which could be risky.

8. LovelyWholesale 


LovelyWholesale got you covered. This wholesale website MANUFACTURES its own products.

Yes, with their own factories.

I was able to COMMUNICATE with this wholesaler seamlessly. As they control every product on the website.

What I liked: 

  • Efficient REFUND/RETURN services. I got my refund in just 2 weeks. When one of the pants I ordered was different from the size. 
  • Fast shipping. I got my order in less than 5 days. Making it one of the best websites if you WANT TO RESTOCK fast. 

What I didn’t like:  

  • You can’t NEGOTIATE prices. What you see is what you get. 


MEET another goldmine for wholesale products. is ALMOST an identical twin of Alibaba. MOST Alibaba suppliers are most likely on this website too.

But plot twist…

Products in 1688 are likely cheaper. Because this website caters to CHINESE businesses. And manufacturers in China give CHEAPER QUOTATIONS to businesses near them. 

What I like:

  • It has the cheapest products. You SOURCE MORE GOODS for a much lower price. 
  • Thousands of ACTIVE suppliers. I was able to source EVERYTHING from earrings to heavy machinery. 

What I didn’t like:

  • The ENTIRE website is written in Chinese. Working with sourcing agents like Leeline is necessary to MAKE THE MOST out of this website. 

10. Chinavasion 


On a budget? Hob onto the CHINAVASION train to get products for less than $10. 

I found this website VERY easy to use. All you need to do is sign up for 3 minutes. And you start shopping for wholesale goods.

What I liked:

  • Low shipping prices. I even got FREE SHIPPING on my second wholesale purchase.
  • Tons of DISCOUNTS. You get up to 70% OFF if you buy at the right time. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • Some items, like phone accessories, don’t have a warranty. 

List of China Wholesale Websites

WebsiteService Location
AliexpressProviding wholesale productsHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
SheinOnline wholesale platform China
ChinabrandsWholesale product source for business ownersShenzhen, Guangdong, China
Banggood Selling products for wholesale pricesBaiyun, Guangzhou
LightintheboxCheap products in bulkBeijing, China
GearbestHelping you find Chinese suppliers Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Chinagoods B2B wholesale websiteYiwu, China 
TbdressOnline wholesale platform Beijing, China
DX.comWholesale product source for business ownersChina 
TomTopWholesale websiteShenzhen, Guangdong
YiwuGoOnline wholesale platform Yiwu, Zhejiang
ZafulWholesale websiteHong Kong
DIYTrade B2B platform Shenzhen, China 
FocalPrice Wholesale product source for business ownersShenzhen, China 
JoybuyB2B wholesale websiteBeijing, China
Wholesale7Wholesale websiteGuangzhou, China
TmallOnline wholesale platform Hangzhou, China
SammydressSelling fashion products like wedding dresses Shenzhen, China
NewchicB2B wholesale websiteHong Kong
YesStyleWholesale product source for business ownersHong Kong

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China

Choosing a website where you buy wholesale products is a time-consuming task. 

But I got good news for you…

Alibaba is your BEST choice when purchasing wholesale products in China. Thanks to its VAST selection of products. And significantly LOWER production costs than most websites.  

Furthermore, Alibaba PROTECTS its buyers by offering a buyers protection policy. One is the trade assurance policy. Which SAVES YOU from suppliers that don’t comply with your agreed-upon terms. 

How to find Chinese wholesale suppliers?

China has thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers. It’s UNDENIABLY the best country to source wholesale products at low prices. 

Let me teach you the top methods I personally use to find the cheapest China wholesale vendors. 

Method #1. Use legit Chinese wholesale websites. 

I’m talking about eCommerce websites like: 

  • Alibaba.
  • Global Sources.
  • Made-in-China 

Luckily, these China online wholesale websites have supplier directories. They provide a list of Chinese suppliers for wholesale products you want. You also compare which Chinese factories offer the best price. 

All of that in just one click!

Pro Tip: Always check the supplier’s ratings and responsive rate. Ask for product samples if necessary. 

Method #2. Ask sourcing/trading companies.

Sourcing companies give the most reliable information about China suppliers.

After all, they communicate with Chinese factories daily

I suggest you ask for recommendations from trade companies like:

  • China Sourcing.
  • Leeline Sourcing. 

Based on my 20 years of experience…

They are the best sourcing companies in China. Providing international buyers with HIGH-QUALITY products for a very reasonable price. Surely, they’ll provide you with the best trusted Chinese wholesale suppliers. Perfect for your business. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about China Wholesale Websites

Which is better for wholesale, Alibaba or AliExpress?

Alibaba is a BETTER website than AliExpress for purchasing wholesale products. It has more robust buyer safety measures and diverse product categories than AliExpress. 

What should you avoid on Alibaba?

You need to avoid fraudulent sellers and suppliers. Alibaba has robust supplier verification methods. But it doesn’t completely get rid of unverified and suspicious suppliers. You must ALWAYS double-check reviews. Before you make a transaction with suppliers on Alibaba. 

What is the largest online sale platform in China?

Taobao is the largest online sales platform in China. It has an 80% market share of the total ONLINE TRANSACTIONS in the country. 

Fun fact: The Alibaba Group also owns Taobao in addition to Alibaba. 

Is it safe to buy from China?

Buying products from China IS SAFE, just like in other countries. Just ensure to buy from buyer-safety-verified suppliers when buying from online platforms. And don’t WIRE TRANSFER payment unless there’s a money-back guarantee protocol. For lost packages and faulty products. 

What’s Next?

Your PRODUCTS are the face of your business. Guarantee their quality, and you’ll also guarantee the SUCCESS of your store. So you must pick out the best suppliers for your goods.

Still don’t have a reliable source for your products? 

Just contact Leeline. In less than a WEEK, you’ll find the best products. We ship them for the LOWEST rates. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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