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STOP the endless search for a QUALIFIED China freight forwarder. LEELINE offers the BEST PRICES for shipping services in the country.

OUR experts handle the entire process when shipping your cargo. YOU enjoy our on-time delivery WITH ZERO STRESS

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

GET the lowest international freight rates with our OCEAN SHIPPING. OUR logistics solutions GUARANTEE your products are 100% safe. Our ocean freight services cater to EVERY delivery type. That includes LCL shipment and OOG service. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

AVOID DELAYS and get the fastest transit times with our air freight services. Your cargo arrives in its DESTINATION COUNTRY in DAYS. The short wait lets YOU restock faster and impress your business customers. You stay on TOP of the supply chain. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

ENJOY more competitive prices by shipping your cargo by land. YOU maximize your cargo’s space with our consolidation services. Our container loading supervision AGENT guarantees that your shipment is SAFE. Even during rough tracks. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Save TIME and ENERGY with our door-to-door service. OUR AGENTS pick up your cargo from your supplier. We HANDLE your shipment’s customs clearance and cargo insurance. All you have to do is wait for your products at your doorstep. ZERO STRESS for you! 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

CUT your shipping costs in HALF when ordering from ALIBABA SUPPLIERS. We’re partnered with global shipping lines. You get MASSIVE DISCOUNTS. PLUS fast delivery service when ordering from China’s biggest eCommerce platform. Get a FASTER ROI with our competitive rates!

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

BECOME a certified AMAZON FBA seller without breaking the bank. We deliver your PRODUCTS directly to Amazon’s warehouse within days. Packing and CONSOLIDATING are part of our additional services. You become an FBA business in weeks! 

Why Choose Us?

Fast Delivery

Our EFFICIENT shipment process guarantees your cargo’s delivery in just a number of days. YOU don’t spend weeks waiting for your products with our express services. Your business’ customer satisfaction SKYROCKETS. 

All-in-one Professional Service

LEELINE offers EVERY shipping-related service you need. We COVER customs clearance and cargo insurance. Our logistics services also GUARANTEE the safety of fragile items and special cargo. 

Full transparency

You avoid unexpected costs. And you know EXACTLY when your shipment arrives. We are ALWAYS ready to answer your concerns. Thanks to our 24/7 customer support. Make shipping goods ENJOYABLE and easy with our FULL transparency policy. 

No Hidden Fees

There is no hidden fee for all our services except mentioned upfront. You also don’t have to worry about overdraft fees and minimum. We customize the plan according to your budget and save costs.

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 100 China Freight Forwarders

Finding a reputable CHINA freight forwarder is a WILD GOOSE CHASE. 

We’ve heard this struggle from HUNDREDS of our clients. 

So our EXPERTS compiled the top 100 Chinese shipping companies. NO NEED to STRESS about finding an efficient freight forwarder for your business. 

Don’t miss this article. Or you’ll regret it. 

Top 7 China Freight Forwarders

1. Leeline


Let’s start with the KING of all China freight forwarders. The BEST one on this list. 

LEELINE should be your go-to pick for EVERY shipping-related service you may need. 

This company sources, ships, and delivers your goods for you.

YOU stay on top of the supply chain without doing the hard work. 

This company has OVER 10 YEARS of experience. Its EXPERTS give YOU 100% support for your shipment every time! 


  • LEELINE offers eCommerce order fulfillment services. It HANDLES all your business shipments. It’s always a stress-free process for you. 
  • Cost-effective services. This freight forwarding company is the CHEAPEST in CHINA. You increase your business’ profits and LOWER your expenses. 


  • You only see prices when you ask for quotations. The website doesn’t show the company’s STANDARD RATES.

2. China Freight

China Freight

Here’s another LONG-TERM China shipping agent you don’t wanna miss.

China Freight has served THOUSANDS of business owners over the decade. And it provides cost-efficient logistics solutions for BIG and small businesses alike. 

It’s a ONE-STOP shop for entrepreneurs that want to focus on sales. Instead of their shipments. 


  • 30 days of free warehousing. YOU don’t need to spend extra to keep your products safe before their shipping date. 
  • They OFFER customs brokerage. You don’t need to find a separate company for the customs clearances of your goods. 


  • You may only call them during their business hours. Staying up LATE AT NIGHT is necessary to contact this company if you’re from the US. 

3. Guided Imports

Guided Imports

GUIDED IMPORTS is a must-contact freight forwarder if you want to AVOID stress.

This company provides a WIDE ARRAY of shipping services. Its experts HANDLE the quality control and packaging of your products.

All you have to do is wait for your goods. 


  • It PROMISES to beat any price in the market. Show Guided Imports the quotation rates other freight forwarders offer you. And this company gives you a more COMPETITIVE PRICE. 


  • It doesn’t offer any CONSOLIDATION service. You can’t reduce shipping costs by packing your goods into a single shipment. 

4. Shenzhen Marine Shipping Agency

Shenzhen Marine Shipping Agency

Let me introduce the freight forwarder you shouldn’t miss if you’re shipping from Shenzen ports. 

This company has over 2 decades of shipping experience. Its LONG-TERM eCommerce knowledge in freight forwarding BENEFITS your business. 

Because you don’t have to worry about ACCIDENTAL mistakes during your shipment. 


  • It has experience working with big corporations like CHEVRON. Your goods get the same shipping quality established businesses do. 
  • This company OFFERS consultancy services. Ask their experts to conduct market research on your behalf to MAXIMIZE profit. 


  • WEBSITE is underdeveloped. It HIDES the high-quality international freight forwarding services this company can offer. 

5. Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Welcome to another POWERHOUSE amongst International freight forwarders. 

This company is a member of the WORLDWIDE known Yamato group. Which has SERVED businesses with top-quality eCommerce services for 40 years.

Yamato Logistics offers sea and air shipments. You also RELOCATE your whole business with this company’s export license. 


  • It has MULTIPLE contact numbers. It’s easy to reach the company. You get answers to your cargo-related questions IMMEDIATELY. 
  • The company offers procurement services. This is PERFECT for new entrepreneurs who still don’t know what to sell. 


  • This International freight forwarding company doesn’t offer rail freight. 

6. Shipkoo logistics

Shipkoo logistics

REDUCE the time you stress about shipping with Shipkoo logistics’ simple processes.

This company PRIOTIZES fast and easy transactions. YOU don’t need to be an expert to partner with it. 

Your business gets a UNIQUE shipping solution. Every. Single. Time. You avoid wasting money through GENERIC shipments.  


  • FULL transparency with the process. This freight forwarder shows the exact cost and location of your shipment. YOU don’t get unexpected charges. 
  • This company has OVER 30 integrations with B2B platforms. It PROCESSES your shipments directly from websites like Amazon or eBay. 


  • The website has outdated articles. This freight forwarder USED to actively post helpful blogs for businesses. But it stopped doing this free service for its customers. 

7. Global Link Logistics 

Global Link Logistics

Let’s end this list STRONG with another high-quality freight forwarding company. 

This freight forwarder OFFERS 10 AFFORDABLE shipping services for business owners like YOU. It accommodates all your shipment needs without FAIL. 

The best part?

Quotations are free. FEEL free to contact Global Link Logistics for any shipment-related questions.


  • It offers PET MOVING services. A UNIQUE shipping service that other forwarding companies don’t have. 
  • SHIPS to 120 countries worldwide. YOU easily become a global business with the help of this company. 


  • You can’t call the company directly. It only provides a FORM you must fill up for quotations. 

List of China Freight Forwarders

Supplyia ShippingSourcing, Shipping, Inspection, 3PLYiwu/Shenzhen
DdpchChina Shipping agentShenzhen
BansarchinaCustoms broker/freight forwarderNingbo
Forceget Shipping & 3PLShenzhen
LivingstonintlAll-around shipping agentShenzhen
Air7seasChina Shipping agentShenzhen
China divisionInternational LogisticsShenzhen
Yusen-logisticsFreight servicesShenzhen
CargofromchinaInternational LogisticsShenzhen
FreightforwarderservicesChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ShippoChina Shipping agentShenzhen
NextsmartshipAll-around shipping agentShenzhen
FreightwavesChina Shipping agentShenzhen
AgsmoversChina Shipping agentShenzhen
PartnertradeFreight transport servicesShenzhen
ChinafreightGlobal freight servicesShenzhen
GeodisChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Shaq-logisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
YamatohkCustoms brokerShenzhen
ShipkooChina Shipping agentShenzhen
MntlinkChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Globalinklogistics Shipping & 3PLShenzhen
SinoglorylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
GslogisticsFreight servicesShenzhen
FloshipFreight transport servicesShenzhen
LigentiaChina Shipping agentShenzhen
CbiplogisticsInternational LogisticsShenzhen
Tj-chinafreightChina Shipping agentShenzhen
PhxlogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Worldcargo-logInternational LogisticsShenzhen
EverglorylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
KerrylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
TrimanshippingFreight forwarder Shenzhen
MarineagencyChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Kako-logisticsAll-around shipping agentShenzhen
BtxglobalChina Shipping agentShenzhen
JbhuntCustoms broker/freight forwarderShenzhen
RohligChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Us-deliverChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ChinausfreightAll-around shipping agentChina, US
ShipwareChina Shipping companyShenzhen
AsianausaChina Shipping agentShenzhen
FreightosAll-around shipping agent Shenzhen
Container-xchangeFreight forwarder Shenzhen
TwillChina Shipping agentNetherlands

How do you ship directly from China suppliers?

Step 1: Know your suppliers’ location.

This process requires contacting a freight forwarder.

Not all forwarding companies accommodate shipments from all over China. Some only work in specific regions or CITIES. 

So you MUST KNOW where your suppliers’ warehouses are before you ask for a quotation. 

Step 2: Determine if your supplier ships or not.

MANY suppliers need you to pick up your orders. But others OFFER to ship your cargo to your freight forwarder. 

It’s necessary to know this information in advance. SOME forwarding companies do not offer pick-up services. 

Step 3: Find 3 freight forwarders in China.

It’s BEST to choose companies from the 7 freight forwarders we listed above. 

All of them are AFFORDABLE, high-quality, and reputable companies. YOUR products will be in good hands. And you MAXIMIZE your profit when shipping with these freight forwarders. 

“Why do I need to choose 3?”

YOU should only decide on the FINAL freight forwarder after asking for quotations. Picking 3 companies at this step ensures you can compare and contrast prices later. 

Step 4: Ask each company for quotations.

Include your answers to these questions in your email:

  • Where are your suppliers located?
  • Do you need pick-up services or not?
  • How big is your shipment?
  • Do you need additional services (ex: customs clearance, consolidation)? 
  • What products are you shipping?
  • Where is your cargo’s final destination?

When you receive replies from ALL 3 companies…

CHOOSE the freight forwarder that BEST suits your budget and needs. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about China Freight Forwarder

What is FOB price from China?

FOB price refers to ALL the seller’s expenses until your cargo REACHES the port. MOST Chinese suppliers offer FOB pricing when you buy their goods. YOU process your cargo’s insurance and customs clearance. Not your seller. 

What is the best shipping method from China?

The best shipping method from China is Sea freight. This ALLOWS you to ship BULK wholesale products for the lowest prices. You have to wait longer. But you save THE MOST MONEY in the long run. 

Which country is best for freight forwarding?

CHINA is the best for freight forwarding. This country has hundreds of freight forwarders. It’s the CENTERPIECE of the world’s eCommerce businesses. You won’t have any problems searching for suppliers and shipping companies.

What’s Next

Starting a business can be intimidating. But finding a reputable China freight forwarder? 

It doesn’t have to be! 

All the shipping companies above have YEARS of experience. They also work with new business entrepreneurs. Contact any of them. YOU won’t be disappointed. 

Still unsure of which freight forwarder to pick? CONTACT LEELINE

We offer all shipping-related services. Give us a call! Our lines are always open. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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