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Save up to 50% of your dangerous goods shipping expenses. Our experts have handled THOUSANDS of hazardous materials shipments over the decade.

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You GUARANTEE the safety of your hazardous cargo with our 100% proper packaging. Every hazardous material meets the dangerous goods packaging requirements.

We DOUBLE CHECK your freight containers before shipment. So you NEVER have to worry. 

Dangerous Goods Classifications

Our experts TAKE CARE of your dangerous cargo’s proper identification for YOU. We use accurate dangerous goods labels for your shipment’s shipping paper.

ALL your dangerous goods fall under their corresponding packing groups. Your cargo PASSES through International regulatory agencies with no problem.

Dangerous Goods Classifications
Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Cut your EXPENSES by HALF when shipping hazardous materials. We TRANSPORT your dangerous goods by ocean freight. Ensuring that it meets ALL the applicable regulations for sea transport.

You get 100% peace of mind when you transport hazardous materials. 

Air Freight

Shipping dangerous goods by AIR is made easy. You only wait for DAYS when transporting hazardous materials.

YOU get consolidated air shipment. So YOU ship dangerous goods for cheap. 

Air Freight
Amazon FBA Shipping

Amazon FBA Shipping

GET the cheapest AMAZON FBA services when shipping ANY hazardous material. We guarantee that your cargo PASSES Amazon’s strict dangerous goods regulations. Your shipment also receives a PROPER shipping name.

You start selling products with hazards posed SAFELY through Amazon FBA!

Ship Dangerous Goods International!

Why Choose Leeline?

#1: Decade-long experience  

LEELINE has SHIPPED hundreds of dangerous goods shipments. Guarantee your hazardous materials packages also get TOP-TIER handling. 

#2: 24/7 customer support

Our experts are ALWAYS ready to answer your questions about HAZMAT shipping. You don’t have to STRESS about the shipment process. And you can SPEND more time doing other crucial aspects of your business! 

#3: Affordable 

We don’t CHARGE you a fortune like other shipping companies. Our fees already include VALUE-ADDED services. Those include packing every hazardous material. And preparing documents that meet ALL hazardous materials regulations. All you have to do is wait for your dangerous goods at your doorstep! 

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I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Ship Goods from Anywhere in China To Global

We offer safe, efficient and cost-effective cargo transportation.

Dangerous Goods Shipping: Ultimate Guide

Many think dangerous goods shipping is the hardest type for businesses.

But as a freight forwarder that handles hazardous materials regularly…

We beg to DISAGREE. 

With the proper knowledge, shipping dangerous goods isn’t HARD. 

We prove this, Leeline’s TOP freight experts gathered their minds together. And crafted this cheat sheet to make transporting DANGEROUS goods safe and EASY! 

Keep reading! 

Dangerous Goods Shipping

What are the dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are materials designated as HAZARDOUS if not controlled. 

They POSE threats to the safety of humans, infrastructures, or vehicles during transport. So they usually need MORE care and attention than regular non-hazmat products. 

MANY management systems manage the transport of dangerous goods. 

Some of the most common ones are: 

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.
  • (International Civil Aviation Organization) ICAO technical instructions.

But every country also has its OWN federal hazardous materials regulations. 

Dangerous goods are DIVIDED into 9 classes. And KNOWING where each of your hazardous materials falls is necessary. Otherwise, a border staff may reject your shipment.

Here’s a table that shows the 9 dangerous goods classes:

Class number Type of good
3Flammable liquids 
4Flammable solids 
5Oxidizing substances 
6Toxic and Infectious Substances
7Radioactive Material
9Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles. Including Environmentally Hazardous Substances.

Some specific examples of HAZMATS are: 

  • Ammonium nitrate fertilizers
  • Hazardous wastes 
  • Radioactive materials 
  • Infectious substances 


Fun fact: Mobile phones are also considered as DANGEROUS GOODS. They contain lithium-ion batteries. And batteries fall under CLASS 9 of the table above. 

How much does it cost to ship dangerous goods?

How much does it cost to ship dangerous goods

How MUCH you pay to ship dangerous goods MAINLY depends on:

  • The courier you use. 
  • Whether your dangerous goods are accessible or inaccessible. 

Note: Accessible dangerous goods are ITEMS that crews must access during transit. While inaccessible dangerous goods don’t need direct attention from couriers. 

Accessible goods’ shipping costs are MORE expensive than inaccessible ones. 

Here’s a table that shows… 

How much do top couriers charge when shipping hazmats: 

Courier name Fee for accessible goodsFee for inaccessible goods
FedEx$132.10/shipment or $2.26/ KG $75/shipment or $0.75/KG 
UPS$146/shipment or $0.79/package $72/shipment or $8.64/package 

How to pack dangerous goods?

Warning: You need PROPER TRAINING in packing dangerous goods before following these steps. Noncompliance to this requirement is PUNISHABLE by law. These steps only serve as a GUIDELINE. Not a standardized step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Know your products’ class type. 

The 9 dangerous classes each need different packing requirements.

So, your first step should be identifying your products’ class. 

You use the classification table I added above for reference. But for the most accurate identification, contact your supplier. Or read your product’s user manual. 

Step 2: Study the packing regulations for your goods’ class type. 

This is how you’ll know:

  • The type of packaging you need. 
  • The documentation you must prepare. 
  • Your cargo’s marking and labeling requirements. 

And it’ll serve as your DETAILED guideline for packing your goods. So, follow the instructions you see here as you pack your goods. 

Note: The rules for your hazmat shipment also vary depending on its freight method. Some goods are not allowed in air transport vehicles due to safety reasons. 

Step 3: Let your courier double-check your packaging. 

Couriers are usually more than willing to help YOU safely transport your goods. 

So before dropping your hazmat products for shipment…

Let 1 of your courier’s staff verify that your packaging meets their requirements. And your shipment has ALL documentation necessary. 

What documentation is required for a dangerous goods shipment?

What documentation is required for a dangerous goods shipment

In comparison to shipping regular non-dangerous products… 

You need to do MORE paperwork when shipping dangerous goods. 

Preparing these documents is necessary: 

  • Hazard class
  • Packing group
  • Shipper’s certification
  • Accurate shipping name
  • UN identification number
  • Emergency response information
  • Quantity, number, and type of packages
  • Any additional information as specified in Title 49

And you need to prepare more documents depending on your FINAL destination. 

Pro tip: It’s best to OUTSOURCE your HAZMAT’s documentation. Many inexperienced shippers encounter problems at the border due to incomplete requirements. If you leave the paperwork to the experts, you won’t have this problem. 

How to ship dangerous goods?

How to ship dangerous goods

Step 1: Verify whether your products are hazardous. 

You use your item’s Safety Date Sheet to do so. And you obtain this from your product’s manufacturer. 

Once you verify that your good is dangerous… 

Step 2: Receive proper training. 

As mentioned earlier, before you ship dangerous products… 

The LAW requires you to be trained and educated about HAZMAT shipping. 

So, if you’re eager to ship hazardous products for your business… 

Get trained to be a hazmat employee. Someone who is, by law, ALLOWED to prepare dangerous goods for transportation. 

Note: You also make 1 of your employee do the HAZMAT training in your stead. Just ensure that they handle all your dangerous shipments in the future. 

Step 3: Find your goods in the Hazardous Materials Table. 

This table has EVERYTHING you need to know about shipping your hazardous material.

That includes the following: 

  • The required shipping labels. 
  • The quantity limit for your product type. 
  • Allowable packaging and specific instructions. 

Step 4: Pack your dangerous goods. 

Use the instructions you found in the previous step to do so. 

Note: Some highly-dangerous products require UN-specification packaging

Step 5: Mark and label your package. 

Obtain the necessary hazard communication documents for your cargo, including:

  • Labels.
  • Markings.
  • Shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods. 

Then, ensure to include these details on the outside surface of our package:

  • UN number.
  • Proper shipping name.
  • Shipper/consignee’s name. 
  • Address of the final destination. 

Note: You should also fill up the dangerous goods declaration you prepared earlier. Then, stick it outside the packaging of your goods. 

Step 6: Ship your HAZMAT. 

Contact your courier of choice and pay the NECESSARY fees for your hazmat shipment. 

Pro tip: You SKIP THIS ENTIRE PROCESS if you contact freight forwarders like Leeline. These shipping companies handle your entire shipment for you. You’ll save TONS of time, energy, and even money.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Dangerous Goods Shipping

What are the 4 types of hazardous materials?

The 4 types of hazardous materials are the following:
• Ignitable.
• Corrosive.
• Reactive.
• Toxic.
If a product shows ANY of these characteristics, it’s considered hazardous. But checking the Hazardous Materials Table is the best way to VERIFY if a product is dangerous.

Who can send dangerous goods?

Only TRAINED hazmat employees can prepare and send dangerous goods. Don’t want to get trained? Freight forwarders SHIP your HAZMAT products in your stead. They’ll pack and prepare the paperwork for ALL your dangerous shipments for you. 

What is the cheapest way to ship dangerous products?

The CHEAPEST way to ship hazardous products is to contact freight forwarders. You don’t have to SPEND money to train as a HAZMAT employee. And you’ll ALSO avoid penalties and fees. 

What things cannot be shipped?

The EXACT ITEMS you can’t ship depend on your courier and cargo’s DESTINATION country. Let’s use shipping to the US with UPS as an example. In this case, you can’t ship goods like vape products, common fireworks, or currencies.

What’s Next

You need to PUT MORE WORK to ship dangerous goods. But keep the tips we mentioned above in mind.

And shipping HAZMAT won’t be risky, expensive, or IMPOSSIBLE. 

Just ensure you get PROPER TRAINING before shipping dangerous goods. And you’ll be SUCCESSFUL in this process. 

Want to take a SHORTCUT?

You ALWAYS contact LEELINE: China’s most affordable freight forwarder.

We’ve been SHIPPING dangerous goods for over a decade. Click here to get a FREE QUOTE! 

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