Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance: The Complete Guide

Customs clearance involves preparing and submitting different documents to clear the products’ clearance by the customs authorities; during the international trade.

According to your products, it is vital to know all the required documents in advance and other import taxes or tariffs.

Therefore, you can arrange all of these required documents on time to avoid time-consuming issues.

If you are importing China’s products and are worried about the customs clearance, you can get through this guide.

Customs Clearance

What Is Customs Clearance?

Customs clearance is one of the crucial steps involved in international trade. If you want to pass all of your products through the customs smoothly, you will have to prepare all the required documents on time.

When you import the products from one country to the other; the custom clearance will check your products and other documents to ensure that you are not importing any prohibited goods.

The customs officer always checks all of your documents and commercial invoice. It is a crucial and most important document.

You can get the information regarding the receiver and the shipper’s contact information. Beside it, through all of these documents, the officers came to know about the shipment details like export date or airway bill number.

Beside it, at the time of customs clearance, the officers also check if you have paid all the duties and other required charges.

The amount which needs to pay depends on the type of goods, values, and laws of both countries.

Furthermore, the customs ask the customers to pay for all the duties or taxes, which they have not paid yet.

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What Is The China Customs Clearance Process?

Every country has its own instructions or rules for customs clearance services. Therefore, China also gives you a set of rules; which can follow when you are importing the products from China

China has the largest economy and has been importing its products from all countries around the globe.

China offers you a set of instructions for all the importers to get all of their products quickly.

The customs clearance services ensure the safety of your products inside and outside the country.

Therefore, all of these rules’ essential purpose is to maintain order and discipline in the whole process.

1.Full Fill China Customs Shipping Regulations

Being an importer, you must be aware of all the rules and regulations. So, the whole process can run smoothly. You need to assure the Chinese government that you will follow all the rules.

If you want to pass all of your products smoothly through customs clearance without any hurdle or issue, you need to make sure that you have all the certificates.

Above all, it is essential to ensure that your whole processes will proceed according to the standards.

If you are well trained and well experienced in this field, you will be able to handle all of these issues smoothly, and the whole process will continue smoothly.

Before you go for your products’ shipping, make sure that you have collected all the documents.

The following are the certificates; you need to get before going for the customs clearance.

Product Certification

There are two quality certificates, i.e., CCC and CFDA. You will have to get both of these documents when you are importing from China.

CFDA is required in case if you are dealing with the health food or baby formula. If you want to ensure the custom clearance, you will have to show this certificate for the customs clearance.

HS Codes

HS stands for harmonized codes and is applicable around the globe for the classification of the products.

The exporters can face several numbers of difficulties. One of the most fundamental issues they face is the HS codes’ speciation to apply for the products.

Therefore, it is crucial to classify all of your products before getting the HS codes. So it is crucial to determine the types of your products and then get the HS codes accordingly.

The HS codes help us determine the type of certificates or other documents they will have to get for the customs clearance, for other regulations. The HS code helps you to classify all of your products at the international level.

Furthermore, the HS code will help you to get the GB standards. Therefore, it is crucial to classify all of your products according to the HS standards.

HS Codes

Gb Standards

After getting the HS codes, you need to consider another important factor is the GB standards.

The GB standards are very different and unique concerning packaging, labeling, and other food products.

Furthermore, you may have to submit the test reports to ensure that your products are according to the GB standards.

Import License

The import license is another important document which you need to get while importing the products.

Therefore, it would be good if you apply for an importer license. You may need various types of documents for customs clearance.

For instance, you need to provide the bill of landing, packaging list, insurance policy, quality certificates, inspection certificates, and handbook processing data.

Taxes And Tariffs

It is essential to note that the cost you pay here depends on the different taxes and tariffs.

Therefore, you must be able to calculate all the charges. If you do not want to lose a single penny, you must calculate all of your charges.

The tariff is divided into six different categories:

  • Tariff quota rates
  • General rates
  • Preferential rates
  • Most favored nations
  • Agreement rates
  • Provisional rates

Being an importer you have to pay different types of taxes, collectively known as the import taxes. The import taxes depend on different factors, such as the VAT.

Vat Excise Duty

The VAT is the same as for the domestically produced products. It is paid on the product tariff, as mentioned above.

The VAT is applied to a small number of products only. It is a duty which you need to pay for a certain number of goods.

The VAT is applied to a certain number of products. Therefore, before you pay the Vat, make sure that it will be needed for your products or not. Tabaco and alcoholic drinks are some of the products for which you have to pay the excise duty.

Customs Valuation

It is important to provide all the documents that can tell about cost insurance and freight price. The CIF price includes the following:

  • Packing list
  • Insurance costs
  • Freight costs
  • Commission for the seller

The Chinese customers have a database; where they can check all of their CIF processes. It is an excellent way to check whether it is in line with the local rate and tariff.

Customs Valuation

China Custom Declaration Form

Well, most of the importers know very clearly about the China custom declaration forms. The H833 was an overall system for the customs declaration.

All of these declarations are managed electronically. The Chinese custom provides you an extensive guide regarding customs clearance.

The customs clearance is very crucial sep in international trade, and you cannot skip this step. Therefore, make sure that all of your products will pass through all of these tests.

Cr Number

You will get a CR number just after getting register at the Chinese customs clearance as an importer.

The CR numbered is referred for the customer registration code, which is required both for the Chinese importers and exporters.

If you want to ensure the unnecessary disturbance during the customs clearance, ensure that the CR code is stated in the documentation.

China Customs Tracking

It is again another important factor or element of the custom celebration. Through China Customs tracking, you can check or determine the status of our shipments.

You need to provide the declaration number and the verification code if you want to know the status quickly.

2.Prepare The Necessary China Custom Clearance Documentation

Try to prepare the entire document needed for the import customs clearance. You need to get all of these documents when you get the products from a Chinese or local manufacturer.

A Purchase Order From The Buyer

It is a very crucial and most important document which you need to get. The document shows all the necessary details about the products which you have purchased.

A Purchase Order From The Buyer

Sales Invoice

The sales invoice let the importers know about the overall transactions. It can contain information regarding the following:

  • Unit cots
  • Quantity
  • Delivery conditions
  • Products’ description
  • Packing List

The document is just like the sales invoice, but it will not include any pricing. You can get more information regarding shipment contents like weight, volume, or other measurements.

Well, it is a supporting document, which is required for the commercial invoice.

Shipping Bill

If you want to ensure a safe and quick customs clearance, you will have to provide the shipping bill. It is essential to fill the shipping bill within a month. If you fill the shipping bill and the necessary customs clearance document, it can help you.

Bill Of Lading Or Airwave Bill

All of the Chinese companies or the suppliers provide the bill of landing. The bill helps the users to get to know about the arrival of their parcels.

In some cases, it can be different from the one you got from the Freight Company to be confusing.

Certificate Of Origin

The certificate of origin tells the importers about the place of origin. For instance, the document will tell the province, city, or town of China where they are getting the products.

Proper Certifications (Cfda, Ccc, Ciq, Ccic, Cel)

In China, the customs clearance is one of the fundamental steps you cannot ignore in international trade.

Besides all of the other documents, you have to provide the CCC, CIQ, CCIC, CIQ, and CFDA.

Otherwise, the Chinese government will confiscate all of your products and documents at the time of customs clearance.

Proper Certifications (Cfda, Ccc, Ciq, Ccic, Cel)

What Is The Customs Clearance Process About Destination Countries?

In international trade, the products pass through the Chinese trade and the customs of importing countries. Like China, all of these countries all have their own rule, which you need to follow.

The U.S. Customs Clearance Process

If you really want to get to know about the supply chain, you will also have to get an idea about the US customs clearance process.

1.Shipper Or Consignee Will Upload Packing List And Commercial Invoice

The shipper must upload the listings of the packaging and other commercial invoices. It will help the customers to get to know about the minor details of your products.

2.Customs Brokerage Partner Will Confirm Details Match Shipment Details

The customers can also get each minor and major detail. For this purpose, you can contact the customs brokerage partner; they will get to know everything about your products.

3.Customs Brokerage Partner Will Review Hts Classification Of Products

The HTS classification of the products is a crucial element; therefore, it is the customs brokerage partner’s duty to provide all the minor details regarding HTS classification.

4.Customs Brokerage Partner Will File Entry Summary (7501) And Cbp Will Release Or Hold For Exam

The customs brokerage will ask for an entry summary. The CPB can release or may hold it for the exam.

5.Customs Brokerage Partner Will Forward Duties Owed

The customs brokerage partner will forward all the duty details. If you want to ensure your products’ efficient or smooth clearance, you will have to follow all of these steps.

The U.S. Customs Clearance Process

The Uk Customs Clearance Process

If you are essential to the products outside Europe, you will have to pass through the customs clearance process.

1.Check If You Need To Follow This Process

You need to understand a lot of factors before you get through customs. Therefore, it is crucial to check the whole process or all the steps you need to follow while importing products from different countries.

Most businesses may hire transporter or customs agents; to make the customs clearance an easy process.

2.Set Up Your Business For Making Customs Declarations And Register To Import Goods With Restrictions

The company or business that is importing the products from outside China needs to get the EORI number.

You can also use the CHIEF system to get an easy and effective customs clearance process. Besides it, you can also buy software that will submit the declaration through the CHIEF.

3.Set Up A Duty Deferment Account If You Import Regularly

Furthermore, you can also set a deferment account if you want to make the custom duties’ payments. The account will be helpful in the payment of different duties.

4.Arrange For The Goods To Be Inspected

If you are import products like plants or animals, you will have to search for a place to put them and take care of them. And you have to arrange a proper place for them before the products reach the United Kingdom.

5.Submit The Import Declaration

You will have to submit the import declaration form. Therefore, it would be better if you know how to submit the import declarations.

6.Pay Vat And Duty

You need to pay the VAT and other duties. HMRC will let you know about the charges you will have to pay after submitting the declaration form.

7.Get The Goods Released If They’re Held Up At The Border

Custom can hold all of your goods at the border, in case if:

  • If the customers have not paid the duty or VAT
  • If you have not got the license for the import of the products, ye
  • Sometimes, the customs can hold the shipments
  • It is tough for you to get the products if the custom has not cleared or pass the products

The Uk Customs Clearance Process

The Australia Customs Clearance Process

Australia offers you a set of strict instructions and rules, which every importer has to follow while importing products from different countries.

To make the entire process easy, the importers can also seek professional help.

1.B2b And B2c Goods Under $1000 Aud

Most business transactions through online business are usually lower than $1000, and International Post handles them. Therefore, customers will not need any custom clearance agents.

You may not have to pay for any sort of custom duty or any other charges for all of these products.

Therefore, you will get all of your goods straight from the Australia Post. But in the case of restricted products such as alcohol or other tobacco products, you may have to get a permit.

2.B2c And B2b Goods Over $1000 Aud

If you are going to import $1000 or more products, you will have to pass through a very complicated process.

Therefore, you will have to get an import declaration form. Beside it, the customer will have to pay some extra and heavy duties.

Mostly, this type of deals happens in business to consumer trade.

Australia Customs Clearance

How To Improve Efficiency In Customs Clearance In China?

Everyone wants to get all the required products on time and not pay the extra amount or charges.

But in a few incidents, you may have to face multiple numbers of issues while importing from China. So, take special care about such type of issues.

You may face multiple numbers of issues due to the inefficiency or due to the communication gap.

Therefore, it is essential to import the efficiency of customs clearance. The following are the few ways to improve the efficiency of the customs clearance:

1. Proper Packaging And Loading

The improper packaging or loading of the goods can be a reason for the delay. For instance, if all the products are not packed or loaded correctly, you may not deliver them over long distances.

Therefore, most people hire professionals or exports for the packing and loading of the products. But if you hire the services, you will have to pay a specific amount of money to the experts.

Furthermore, you need to know that the Chinese government makes sure that you have packed the products according to their requirements.

There is a certain number of products which require to be adequately packed. So, always make sure that all of the products are adequately packed.

2. Provide Accurate And Complete Information About Imports

It is imperative to provide the exact, accurate, and complete data of your products. It is preferred that your products are very adequately packed and ensure the parcels are just following the documentation.

The errors can occur because of multiple numbers of reasons. For instance, the error can be an accidental or human reason. Well, depending on the errors, you may have to a hefty fine.

When you import the products, it is crucial; make sure they are of the best quality. Furthermore, you need to make sure all the products are adequately packed.

3. Another Way To Improve Efficiency Is To Adjust To The Random Sampling Ratio

When you import China’s products, it is essential to make sure they are correctly packed or covered. In some cases, you may fail to get excellent compliance.

The users may have to pay for different mistakes at this stage if it is suspected that the product contain any sort of toxic or harmful substances.

How To Improve Efficiency In Customs Clearance In China

7 Things You Need To Know About The Customs Cearance Process

The customs clearance can be a complicated or confusing process for beginners. If you are want to get or buy the products from China to different countries, you need to know the following things.

1. Customs Will Request Payment Of Taxes And Duties

The custom will ask for the payment, such as tax or some other duties. If you fail to pay them, the custom will deliver your products to an independent customs broker on arrival.

But it would be an expensive option; therefore, always try to pay all of your custom clearance charges on time.

It is the only best way to get all of your products on time without paying extra charges.

2. The Time It Takes Varies From Shipment To Shipment

Well, in the case of shipment, there is no time limit. The time which shipment can take depends on the nature of your products.

For instance, there are several types of products, which can take many days in customs clearance.

Therefore you may have to wait for many weeks or even a month to get your parcels.

3. Customs Charges In The Uk Are Calculated Using Three Variables

If you want to import China’s products to the UK, remember they calculate shipment charges concerning three factors. For instance, you have to pay for UK Duty, UK Vat, and some additional charges.

You will have to pay some additional amount to benefit from the testing, storage, and x-rays.

4. All Goods Are Subject To Trading Standards

In the case of customs clearance, certain items can capture the attention of everyone. For example, lithium batteries, electronics, or other toys; can easily capture anyone’s attention.

5. China Customs Prohibited Items You Should Know

In international trade, everyone needs to know about specific products, which China does not import. Or you may have to get the license for the import of a large number of products.

The license is required only for those products which are expensive or requires the more massive regulation.

For example, to import drugs, fur, or other livestock, send some other nuclear materials; you will have to get a special permission letter.

6. Properly Loaded Shipping Containers Can Ease The Process

The transport of goods is a very crucial factor; therefore, you need to take special care. If you do not handle the products properly, they may get damaged.

As a result, you will have to wait for your parcels to arrive. Therefore, always hire a professional.

7. It’s Best Left To A Freight Forwarding Company

The experienced and well-trained staff knows how to handle all of your issues. Therefore, when you are importing the products, you can handle all of your dealings with other persons; but make sure they are well trained.

If you hand over all of your dealings to an untrained person, he may ruin all of your efforts or products.

Therefore, it is better to contact the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder will handle all of your clearance requirements, such as documentation or other issues.

Best Left To A Freight Forwarding Company

How Leeline Help You Find A Reliable China Customs Broker In 2020

Leeline is one of the best companies, which can help you import products from China.

You can contact the company and stand with you and try to help you out at each step; so you can get the best quality goods directly from China.

The company provides the best quality of goods directly from the factory.

You can easily contact the company, and they will surely provide a list of the best Chinese suppliers. So you can get high-quality goods directly from China.

Furthermore, you can also get assistance from Leeline in the customs clearance. The company will stand beside you at each step and offer their helping hand; so you can get all of your goods on time.

Professional Paperwork

The company has a collection of well trained and experienced staff. Therefore, they can help you out in getting all the required documents or other paperwork.

The company knows very well about all the documents which you will require for the customs clearance. Therefore you will be able to finish all of your paperwork within no time.

Familiar Customs Clearance Policy

The company is well familiar with all the Chinese customs clearance policies; therefore, they can let you get out of this situation within no time.

High Efficiency For Brokerage

With the help of highly trained professionals, the company will provide you their best services. So, the customers can get all of your goods smoothly without any stress.

Long Time Free Warehouse Storage

There are different types of goods, which need to be stored. For instance, plants, animals, or maybe food, so you can contact the company.

So, Leeline will arrange the warehouses for you, storing all of your products.

There are multiple numbers of products that need special care. Therefore they need a prepare storage place, so you keep them for a long time.

24/7 On-Line Support

The company provides let you get the best customer support to their customers. You can contact the Leeline at any time without any worry and let them know about your issues.

The company will provide you their best services. Therefore, if you face any issue, visit them; they are always ready to help you.

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24 7 On-Line Support

Final Thoughts On Customs Cearance

The Chinese economy has shown exponential growth over the last years; therefore, most importers prefer Chinese goods over others. But, most of the buyers face difficulties in customs clearance.

Therefore, it is better to collect all the required documents and pay the duties in advance; so you can get all of your products on time.

FAQ For Customs Cearance

The following are the questions, which most of the customers used to ask about the customs clearance. So, you can get through them to find the best possible answers.

1.Why Should I Use A Customs Clearance Agent?

The customs clearance agent helps you prepare the documents and payment of different taxes or other duties.

2.What Happens After Customs Clearance?

Suppose you have provided all the required documents and products that do not contain any prohibited items.

In that case, you can get all of your goods. If you have not paid the duties or paperwork is not complete, you may not get the products.

3.How Much Does Customs Clearance Cost?

For the customs clearance, the customers may have to pay about $50 to $120. Well, this value will change depending on the countries or some other factors.

4.Where Can You Find A Customs Broker?

There are different ways to contact the customs broker. You can contact different companies, such as Leeline, and help you find the best customs broker.

5.How Long Does Customs Clearance Take?

Most of the time, all of your products will be cleared within minutes or hours. But, there is an issue; you may have to wait for a long time.

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