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Leeline helps you to get ocean freight services at the lowest rates. Get 30 days of free storage on our NETWORK of warehouses near ports.

Smooth customs clearance and On/OFF-loading with supervision. Real-time tracking with follow-up updates! 



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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Sea freight with fast and short routes. Choose your shipment time within your timeline. Shared containers are also AVAILABLE for small shipments. Cost-effective solutions, for starters!

You get extra protection layers to avoid damage on rough ocean journeys. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Fast and urgent delivery with Air-freight. We handle extra paperwork for your sensitive & chemical products. Get the best price deals with our network of AIR FREIGHT shipping companies.

You get bundles in the shortest time ASAP!

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Railways are ideal for bulk volumes at low prices. Get your Rail shipment without delays on junctions. We supervise On/OFF-loading on Railways.

You get the fastest routes with real-time tracking. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We collect your bundles from different suppliers. You get Customized door-to-door shipping to suit your business needs.

We merge packages and filter out DAMAGED products. Connect your supply chain with us! 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Get affordable freight shipping than Alibaba agents. We collect your shipment from Alibaba suppliers at a low cost. Better logistics infrastructure than Alibaba agents.

Avoid paying ALIBABA commission and save Money. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Hundreds of FBA sellers in our clientele. We ship directly to Amazon warehouses. Get Branding and packaging services before shipping to save Money.

We filter out damaged products to save you from negative reviews. Complete Automation

Why Choose Us?

Warehouse Network

We get you 30 Days of free storage service near ports. Fast and short routes to ports. You save recurring storage and transportation cost on Cargo shipments.

Customs Clearance

Hassle-free customs experience on regular and sensitive items. We handle extra paperwork in China and your FINAL destination. Fast and smooth customs experience without delay!


Fast and cheap inter-city transportation. You get fast and reliable routes and modes of transportation. You avoid damage with smooth transportation. Follow-up UPDATE on your mobile! 


Leeline has been operating for more than a DECADE. We worked with thousands of clients and corporate companies. No hidden fees or extra costs. Safe and secure journey of your Ocean shipment. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I have the best freight forwarding experience with Leeline. Now I don’t have to invest much time in paperwork. Complete AUTOMATION mode has boosted my business. I recommend Leeline to every newcomer. 

– Sandra, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 Ocean Freight Forwarders

Sea transports more than 90% of all goods around the world. It is one of the cheapest yet SLOWEST ways to transport goods. 

Your shipping process can be fast with the right routes and freight forwarders. Our EXPERT has compiled this overview of top ocean freight forwarders. After this, you find the right sea freight forwarder for a fast shipping process. 

Keep reading to discover the best ocean freight forwarders with low rates. 

Top 20 Ocean Freight Forwarders

1. Leeline


Leeline has a network of warehouses near ports worldwide. You get door-to-door customized services within your budget. You get complete CONSOLIDATION, packaging, and quality inspection before shipping. Efficient service with the best shipping rates.


  • Competitive pricing and various routes depending on your budget. Shared containers for less than container load LCL. Cost-effective for SMALLER shipments! 
  • Smooth customs experience. They handle all your paperwork for sensitive goods. Real-time tracking for shipment status. Get updates on mobile! 
  • End-to-end solutions from supplier to port. Transportation, packaging, inspection, and On/Off-loading with our supervision. Easy to expand with complete automation. 


  • Few quotations because they are a single entity. Yet prices are REASONABLE. 

2. AIT Worldwide Logistics

AIT Worldwide Logistics

AIT is a Global Transportation Provider with Worldwide freight expertise. They are available in 100 worldwide. They provide customs CLEARANCE, warehouse management, and white glove services.


  • You get good rates and management for break bulk orders. Oversized, overweight, and breakbulk CARGO experts. 
  • End-to-end ocean shipping solution with real-time tracking. You contact their 24/7 customer SUPPORT. 
  • Customized options with competitive shipping rates and flexibility. You get an option for standard container load and oversized commodity type. 


  • Not having much competitive pricing for smaller shipments. Bulk volumes have good rates.



Maersk logistics and shipping company. They focus on container transportation for both small and large businesses. You get Cost-effective LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS for different volumes. You avail of their logistics and supply chain services with digital solutions. 


  • You get Full supply chain management. Complete automation of CUSTOMS, Warehousing, transportation, and Distribution. Smooth services. 
  • Variety of prices and ROUTES available. Pricing variation gives you an option in your budget. You get warehousing if you are waiting for a specific timeline.
  • You get multi-country consolidation in a single shipment. You have with fixed sailing schedule. HASSLE-FREE and cost-effective consolidation.


  • They need better infrastructure for Air-freight. Sea freight is their main expertise. 

4. ALIBABA Logistics

ALIBABA Logistics

Alibaba is B2B Asia-based marketplace. You get a Variety of logistics services at low prices. You get access to the company’s INFORMATION page. More trust and fewer chances of shipment theft. You get extra services like storage and transportation at reasonable rates. 


  • Transparent profile with PREVIOUS reviews. Read reviews, and You get a responsible logistic partner with a complete track record. 
  • Alibaba Trade assurance gives you SAFETY for Returns & Refunds. In case of any issue with shippers, you get a refund. Fewer chances of shipment theft and scams. 
  • Variety of routes and pricing range. You choose your logistic partner in your budget. You get many backup options.


  • Service depends on INDIVIDUAL partners. You face delays in shipment or hidden charges. Better to read past reviews for credibility. 

5. Cargoes


CARGOES Logistics is Digital Solution for all Logistics services. You get an instant quote for filling the container’s SHIPPING needs. You get a smooth payment infrastructure. Many payment gateways are available. 


  • An End-to-End solution with one click. You get complete infrastructure from supplier to vessel discharge. No need to hire third-party services. 
  • You get GPS-based tracking. Also, you get an update on each milestone. Credible and safe journey for your goods.
  • You get both International & Domestic Freight. You ship goods from one factory to other with the same process and AUTOMATION. ​


  • They don’t have Air freight infrastructure. You need to HIRE a third-party service in case of urgent shipping

List of ocean freight forwarders

Suppliya shippingSourcing, shipping, inspection & 3PL Yiwu/Shenzhen
Fulfillment bridgeFulfillment and 3PL service solutionHongkong
Kintetsu World ExpressLogistics services businessShanghai
FulfillmanDropshipping business servicesShenzen
Super international shippingChina shipping companyHong kong
DdpchOcean freight shipments companyShenzhen
EJET SourcingSourcing & Shipping service companyYiwu/Zhejiang
ShippaboChina freight forwarderShenzhen
Guide importsChina shipping and Logistics servicesShenzhen
Kerry ApexKerry logistics and shipping, 3PL companyShanghai
CNXtransAlibaba freight brokersShenzhen
Bansar china China shipping and Logistics agentNingbo
Formax BPO Beijing IncBusiness Process Outsourcing supplierBeijing 
FlexportShipping and Warehousing servicesShenzhen
LeapologisticsChina shipping agentShanghai

How much does an ocean freight forwarder cost?

The average cost of shipping services is 40$ to 100$ plus international shipping costs. Yet some freight forwarders CHARGE per KG. It could go from 2$ to 4$ per KG. Check the latest international shipping rates on their websites. 

They also offer some Extra services like storage, packaging, and inspection. Customs charges are separate. Transportation and storage would be your MAIN COST. Discuss every simple detail before the contract to avoid Hidden charges

How to request a freight quote from a freight forwarder?

How to request a freight quote from a freight forwarder

You request a quote by giving details of the ocean shipments. Here are a few details you should prepare to get a quote: 

Shipment Weight & Volume: Calculate your actual and dimensional weight of packages. Also, use a cubic meter calculator that converts from INCHES to calculate CBM. Select full container load if you have HUGE volumes. 

Pro tip: Use CONSOLIDATION services before shipping services to cut shipment costs.

Date and timeline: They collect your shipment from a supplier on that date. Double CONFIRM your date with the supplier.

Transportation: Select your transportation mode. And how much load do you have? Also, decide about Low Container Load or Full Container Load. 

Product Description & value: Check the Official Commercial invoice. Is there any prohibited chemical for export, or do you need extra paperwork? Also needs value estimation for cargo insurance(If you want). 

Expected delivery time: They tell you about available ocean shipping routes and prices. You select the best possible option for business needs. 

You give these details to the SHIPPING agent, who gives you the best possible quote.

How do you ship goods by sea?

First, you need to hire a freight forwarder. He manages the process of shipment. You go with a contract with proper TERMS & CONDITIONS. 

Here is how he helps you to ship goods by SEA. 

  • Step 1: He collects your goods from the supplier. He transports goods from the supplier to the nearby port city. Manage storage and intercity transportation. 
  • Step 2: You request Inspection and packaging SERVICES. These are additional services. You avoid ocean shipping costs on damaged products by inspection. Packaging services give a protection layer for fragile products. 
  • Step 3: During storage or transportation, he gets space for your goods on the ship. He packs your goods in bundles in CONTAINERS. You go with a full container load or a Low container load. He manages cargo insurance.
  • Step 4: He ships your container to the port. Submit documents for customs clearance. Send you lading bills and supervise On loading to ship. Either you receive your goods at the destination or hire someone else. 

Transit time between the US and China depends on many factors. It takes 25 to 40 days for ocean shipping. Customs at the US can take little bit time. 

Expert tip: Go with Shenzhen to the WEST COAST and then truck to your final warehouse in the US. It’s the shortest way to the US.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Ocean Freight Forwarders

What is sea freight forwarding?

Shipping your GOODS through ocean ships is Sea-freight forwarding. A man who performs these duties is called a sea freight forwarder. Freight means transporting goods by ship, truck, or any mode

Which is better, freight forwarder or NVOCC?

Freight forwarders are better. He acts on your behalf and DEALS with vessel operators. He manages all the space on the ship and ensures safe shipment. Yet, NVOCCs sell cargo or container space to their customers. He is an intermediary between the shipper and the vessel operator.

Is ocean freight cheaper than air freight?

Yes, Ocean freight is cheaper than Air-freight. Ocean freight shipping does not involve expensive flights, and it is SLOW. It is slow and cheap. On average, air freight takes 5 to 8 days from China to the US. But Ocean Freight shipping takes 25 to 35 days.

What’s Next

Ocean freight has a LONGER transit time. Any DELAY from the freight forwarder adds spices to it. You get lame excuses, but the main problem is their negligence. 

You work with a credible Ocean freight forwarder to save time & Money. Experienced in routes and transportation and can handle TENSE situations. 

Contact us! We help you in Ocean freight forwarding with fast routes option. Variety of pricing and routes. 

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