Dropshipping Agent: Your Top 25 Choices

The Ever-evolving eCommerce world needs a reliable ally! 90% of Dropshipping business model startups failed due to the wrong DROPSHIPPING agent. 

After working with many international Dropshipping brands, I wrote this guidebook. Make the professional dropshipping agent selection process easier for your business! 

Leeline is the top pick due to its proven Reliability of dropshipping agent services. CUSTOM packaging options, tracking, and fast shipping methods. Tracking reduces customer disputes effectively to a SUCCESSFUL brand. 

Keep reading to choose RELIABLE dropshipping companies to build a LASTING BRAND. 

Dropshipping Agent


Top 5 Dropshipping Agents

1. Leeline


Wuhan-based dropship agent, which is a LOGISTICS hub of CHINA. Leeline has a huge network of carriers, manufacturers, and multiple suppliers. Cover you back during peak seasons with the best dropshipping supplier as a backup. Prevent supply chain disruption! 

What I like: 

  • VARIETY of quality products on different price brackets. Launch various products for different audiences, from cheap to Premium. Different profit margins and HIGH sales. 
  • Detailed Personalization with logo or branded packaging. Convert the dropshipping store into a long-term BRAND. Sustainable growth! 
  • Bilingual staff with many native accents. Make communication easier and more clear to address issues timely. 

Problems you may face:

  • Staff focus more on long-term BRAND building rather than short-term solutions. Yet very accommodating to your requests. 

2. Aliexpress


The biggest Dropshipping platform that comes to mind relating to dropshipping businesses. A subsidiary platform of Alibaba to target a B2C audience. International delivery coverage to almost all regions and countries. Low shipping cost with a variety of options! 

What I like: 

  • Huge Chinese suppliers directory with cheap rates for eCommerce business owners. I Secured private label dropshipping deals for huge PROFIT MARGIN easily! 
  • There is no minimum order quantity limit, so you start by ordering a single unit. It is easier to start and integrate with Shopify WOOcommerce stores. 

Problems you may face:

  • Dropship agents have slow shipping, especially the FREE shipping. Select premium shipping only if your PROFIT margins allow it.  

3. Alibaba


Web giant that has mostly BULK dropshipping suppliers. Each supplier has reviews and ratings to find a dropshipping agent. Their Private dropshipping agents to ESTABLISH dropshipping stores from scratch! 

What I like: 

  • Most manufacturers love to offer dropshipping agent services on the platform. You get more control over supply, customization, and QUALITY selection. High adjustability attracts a large number of customers
  • Ratings and reviews saved me from selecting shoddy dropshipping suppliers. I went through Supplier background and inspection procedures

Problems you may face:

  • Their dropship China suppliers have MOQs on most listings. 

4. CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping

A leading dropshipping agent with PRINT on-demand service. CREATE unique apparel with an astonishing outlook. Many warehouses are available around the globe to expand ONLINE business. Find dropshipping agents instantly in their directory as per your preferences. 

What I like: 

  • High-QUALITY listing creatives to create appealing PRODUCT images. Videos and INFORMATIVE images stimulate customer purchases. 
  • AutoDS integration to automate Shopify dropshipping businesses. It gave me more time to focus on BRAND and Business development. 

Problems you may face:

  • These are high-cost products as compared to an Aliexpress dropshipping agent. Low profit margin even makes break-even difficult!

5. DHGate


Professional dropshipping agents with over 20 million products. Dropshipping services in many niches with QUALITY checks. Wholesale pricing easily integrates with Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. AutoDS saves a ton of your time in updating LISTINGS and fulfilling ORDERS. 

What I like: 

  • I utilized their Massive warehouse network in NORTH AMERICA. Fast shipping to the US audience for better brand reputation. 
  • Excellent after-sale service with returns and replacements. Resolve PRODUCT disputes on time for higher customer satisfaction. 

Problems you may face:

  • Not all dropshipping agents but a few on their platform sell fake replicas. You end up in legal battles, so avoid unauthorized brand agents. 

List Of Dropshipping Agents

Name ProsCons
Niche DropshippingA one-stop shop with easy integration Little expensive for beginners
EproloSimple and Automated workflow Warehouses in limited regions 
YakkyofyImage search option to find exact product Price fluctuation makes it hard to plan sales channels 
SourcinboxIntuitive app and High-end IMAGESExpensive Pricing 
DropifiedVideo training tutorials for startersLimited features on BASIC version, so need to pay for extra services 
SpocketMost Dropshipping agents from different regions High pricing on US warehouses 
DSersMany suppliers of any single productMost features are Limited to Aliexpress 
ZendropAutomated Product import and fulfillment in a few clicksFewer scalability options for the future
BanggoodMulti-channel integration to sell on various platformsLengthy and time-consuming return policy
QBSourcingStrict Quality control for standard-compliant ProductsMOQ makes hurdles for starters
WiioCustom photography and QUALITY imagery for Brand buildingAfter-sale and customer service issues
Pound WholesaleBulk sourcing capabilities to excel in rush marketsPreferred only for UK marketplace
ZendropEnd-to-end services with PROCESS optimization Small supplier network
Dropship China ProVariety of print-on-demand products No private label products
EcommOpsBULK order fulfillment capabilities Packages start from minimum of 50 orders per day
FillSellOne on One account managerPaid plans
HyperSKULow fees and commissions Inconsistent reviews
DropHippoThere is less of a language barrier with multilingual pages Small product directory 
SourcingbroCustom dashboard for user easeExpensive rates 
uDroppyOne-click fulfillment system Premium subscription with expensive rates

What To Consider When Choosing A Dropshipping Agent?

Finding a PROFESSIONAL dropshipping agency could be a hectic process for you! 

Come across many challenges in selection. Evaluate a potential private dropshipping agent on these parameters to save time. 

Let’s understand them! 

  • Product Variety and Pricing

A good dropshipping agent has a variety of PRODUCTS. Some even have popular picks from Dropshipping INDUSTRY. 

Hot selling directory with QUALITY listing creatives including IMAGES and videos. ASK them to know about products. 

Most subscription-based platforms give a free trial to access their directory. Find the BEST SELLING products to test in your store! They get HIGH-QUALITY imagery and supplier links! 

Let’s move on to the next part of pricing, which is the most important. Do a pricing analysis by comparing competitors’ prices and sourcing prices. Must score 40% to 50% PROFIT margin after Operational costs. 

  • Warehouses and Shipping options 

After having the best pricing, look at their warehouses. Most North American marketplaces face shipping delays from a dropshipping agent in China. Ask whether they have a US warehouse or not. 

US warehouse suppliers are expensive but worth it. It helps to AVOID customer disputes over shipping delays and lags. 

Shipping options are also important. Ask about their options and prices if they charge extra. 

Pro Tip: 

Look for Express shipping options for the fastest delivery. Yet only prefer it when you have GOOD PROFIT MARGIN. 

  • Personalization 

Customization plays a huge role if you wanna BUILD a sustainable brand. It includes LOGO embedding, custom banners, or PREMIUM packaging. High visual representation of PRODUCTS results in a BRANDED outlook. 

I charge more for PREMIUM Products as it includes Personalized experience. Tailored dropshipping services help build a LOYAL-dedicated audience. 

I have used Premium packaging for luxury items like watches or jewelry. It helped to generate repetitive sales from the same audience. 

  • Automation Features 

Does your AGENT use any integration app or not? 

It saves time during bulk order processing. Helps in the SCALABILITY of your STORE while putting less effort. Create listings, order numbers, and marketing campaigns in a few clicks. 

Saves business resources to invest in EXPANSION. Like Leeline, it provides multi-channel integration to cover sales on various platforms. 

Receive instant notification of customer purchases. Fulfill orders in a few clicks and keep focusing on MARKETING! 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline is to help Shopify & small businesses shipping products from China and build your branded business.

People Also Ask about Dropshipping Agent

How do I hire an agent?

Go to platforms like Aliexpress or CJ Dropshipping. Type your product keyword and browse different listings to analyze pricing and QUALITY. Or avoid this hassle by directly contacting Leeline. 

Is there a difference between a Forwarder and an agent?

The freight forwarder handles shipment and CUSTOMS paperwork. They cover logistics yet dropshipping agent covers from product selection to final delivery. It is better to hire a dropshipping company or agent for all services. 

How much is an agent for dropshipping?

It depends on their working models. Some dropshipping sourcing agents work on a commission basis. Few charge a certain subscription amount to access their PRODUCT directory. 

What software do you use to make drop shipping easier?

In Shopify store apps, you get tons of AUTOMATION software. Oberlo was a famous software, but now DSer is booming. It helps in listing creations and the order fulfillment process. 

What’s Next

Dropshipping is a booming niche you start with a bit of upfront. Yet the most important part is hiring a reliable dropshipping sourcing agent. Fast shipping options and good quality products that lead to positive feedback. 

Which trustworthy dropshipping agent offers fast shipping to all regions? 

Contact us to boost your CUSTOMER satisfaction! Discounted deals on the CUSTOM express shipping channel. 

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