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LEELINE gets you cheap sourcing from local Chinese markets. Receive fully inspected products from Taobao. No communication gap with our bilingual staff(Chinese & English).

Customized shipping plans help you to receive a consolidated shipment from multiple suppliers.  

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sourcing Service 2

Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Extensive suppliers & Manufacturers network with quality products. Detailed supplier verification process before adding new suppliers to our catalog.

Get a complete supplier’s report before contacting. Helps you to understand their standards & quality! 

Product Quality Service 9 2

Product Quality Control

Detailed sample video reviews for product testing. Skilled staff tests every aspect of the product.

Strong decision-making with our quality data points. Saves your sample shipping cost and transit time. 

Private Label Service 2

Private Label & White Label

Dedicated guidance from designing your products to launching them. Get professional images for attractive product listings.

Receive your product with our elegant and custom-designed packaging. Build your brand without extensive hassle! 

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

No need to wait for shipment with long sea shipping time with us! Smart route selection shortens your route.

Share your special handling requirements, and we’ll handle the rest of the process. Receive your product Whole & Intact without tension. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Partner airlines are ready to ship your products. Hurry UP! Get your time-sensitive items with URGENT air Shipping.

No delay in processing at airports. We handle all your customs paperwork for a smooth experience. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Cheap and fast Rail freight option for LAND Shipping. Avoid fuel surcharges and expensive labor costs of Trucking.

We supervised Loading/Unloading with complete shipment handling. Get real-time tracking and follow-up updates for your Rail Shipping. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Save the time of handling multiple agents with our Door-to-Door shipping. Add as many suppliers as you can! Receive consolidated shipment at your doorstep with complete packaging.

Multiple shipping options with competitive service fees. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Receive your Alibaba shipping with all extra services(Inspection, packaging, and branding). You save the cost of expensive Alibaba freight.

We pick your shipments from Alibaba suppliers and handle them till their destination. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Serve your FBA Customers with High-end branding and Packaging. Direct shipment to FBA centers with real-time tracking.

Our skilled team inspects every item before shipping to save you from Bad reviews. 

Why Choose Us?


Thirty days of free storage for coming customers. No Hidden or Upfront fees for using free services. Serve foreign consumers with international fulfillment centers.    

Locally Connected

We help you get the cheapest Taobao seller and local suppliers. Access Chinese domestic markets with our Agents in every region of China


Leeline represents you and negotiates with suppliers on your behalf. We have the right understanding of local pricing and how to get good deals for you. Cheap discounted deals. 

Customization & Design Services

Make your product stand out with strong customization. We offer not only a typical Taobao agent service but also customization services. Connect with customers by targeting more pain points. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

LEELINE has been a trusted partner since I started my business. The most impressive thing is their communication and cooperative staff. Every time I need some guidance, I immediately contact them. I recommend working with LEELINE for every business out there. 

– Lori, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 Taobao Agents

Are you looking for the cheapest Taobao agent with credible services? 

Taobao caters to Chinese domestic needs more than international ones. Our product sourcing experts compiled this guidebook for choosing the right Taobao agent.

Easy to choose the right Taobao sourcing & shipping agent. Saves you from bad quality products with the inspection. 

You notice that LEELINE is at the top of the list. LEELINE has deeper access to local Chinese markets than its competitors. Chinese & English fluent staff helps you to outsource at low prices. 

Keep reading about the Pros & Cons of LEELINE and other Taobao agents. 

Taobao Agent

1. Leeline


LEELINE is a native Chinese company with fluent staff in English. Most sellers face communication gaps while interacting with Chinese suppliers. But Leeline’s team fulfills this gap. 


  • Ship direct orders to your customer with branding with them. Worldwide fulfillment network for your rapid business expansion. Excellent warehousing & Inventory management. 
  • Minimize your workload by outsourcing extra services at cheap labor costs. They offer branding, packaging, and inspection at cheap rates. 
  • Multi-carrier shipping options and mixed transport strategy for low shipping costs. Their shipment optimization helps you to save shipping space. 


  • Sourcing & International shipping plans have direct quotes. Less room for negotiations on low-volume orders. 

2. Fulfillmen


Fulfillmen is the gold mine for dropshippers with their focused dropshipping services. Not only this, but they also have solutions for private & white-label sellers. They handle all shipping solutions from sourcing to fulfillment. Great service to fulfill dropshipping orders, from my point of view. 


  • Store integration is available with both Shopify & Woo commerce. It helps you to automate your dropshipping orders and tracking updates. 
  • Worldwide fulfillment network with fast shipping from multi carriers. Get inventory updates to keep your stock levels up to date. 


  • Most services focus on Dropshippers. Best for dropshipping, but better to shop around for Private & white labeling. 

3. CSS Buy


Local Chinese eCommerce platforms have fewer quality restrictions than big platforms. Yet, CSS Buy completes its inspection services for your order item before shipping it. 

Their main focus is on cross-border eCommerce services from Taobao or local platforms. An overseas Chinese consumer orders through CSS Buy. They receive it, check the quality and ship it to them.  


  • Get instant pricing with their online cost calculator. Enter your product and Shipping information and check prices in a short time.    
  • CSS buy app helps you to shop freely. Browse products from the phone and get shipping & tracking updates in your App.


  • Most services are for individual consumers or small businesses. Look around if you are interested in bulk buying.

4. 42 Agents

42 Agents

42 Agents is another trusted name for the Taobao shopping service. They offer their services to not only consumers but also businesses. Receive your TAOBAO item and inspect the quality. You won’t have to pay an expensive shipping fee on damaged products. 


  • They are credible because they have provided services since 2011. Easy to Outsource/shop from local Chinese eCommerce platforms with their services.
  • Helpful & outstanding customer service through multiple channels(Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and email). Get your response in 24/7  Customer support.


  • Their Shop for me Pro service costs a commission of up to 20%. Expensive service if you have low-profit margins.

5. Imex Sourcing

Imex Sourcing

IMEX has sourcing & Shipping solutions from various local Chinese platforms. Their extensive supplier network includes Ali Baba and 1688 suppliers. Easy to have a backup supplier in case of issues with primary suppliers.    


  • Complete inspection & quality check facility at their warehouses. Competitive rates for extra inspection services.    
  • Receive products with elegant packaging and branding. Share your custom design details for branding. 
  • Multi-carrier shipping options with short routes(Air, Sea, and Land). Choose your shipping option according to your budget.    


  • The design & customization team is not as strong as others.  Better to hire a private product development team.                 

List of Taobao Agents

Company NameServicesLocation
JingsourcingProfessional Taobao agentYiWu, China
Baysource GlobalSourcing & Shopping services Florida, United States
Foshan SourcingChina sourcing companyChina
BasetaoFastest Taobao agent with multiple shipping methods China
China2WestQuality checking and outsourcing servicesGuangdong, China
SupplyIASourcing and dropshipping project managementMainland China
Meeno GroupQuality sourcing with cheap shipping ratesZhejiang, China
Sourcing BroOne of the trusted Taobao agents Yiwu, China
BhinerSourcing & Shipping with reliable couriers Kowloon, Hong Kong
LazpandaChina sourcing companyShenzhen, China
B2C SourcingChina sourcing agentChina
Guided ImportsSourcing products from china to any other countryShenzhen, China
Linc SourcingChina sourcing agentShanghai, China
Maple SourcingOne of the best Sourcing and Shipping companies Shenzhen, China
China Purchasing AgentChina sourcing companyChina 

Why do you need an agent for Taobao?

Mainly Taobao agents have two main benefits:

  • Negotiations & communications 
  • Sourcing & Shipping handling

Most Taobao sellers speak Chinese. It puts you in an awkward situation where you have a communication gap. Hire the best Taobao English agents that offer a wholesale purchase service. 

They communicate with sellers and suppliers on your behalf. 

How do they help with negotiations? 

You may not understand Chinese markets deeply, but they do. Most TAOBAO agents have an existing catalog of suppliers and manufacturers. Price and quality comparison helps you in negotiations. Utilize quality inspection service for better quality products. 

My ADVICE: Hire a local Taobao agent for Strong negotiation. Their skills get you the best quality products to strengthen your customers’ trust. 

How to get free shipping on Taobao?

How to get free shipping on Taobao

International shipping costs are very high, especially regarding urgent shipping. 

The negotiation skills of your Taobao agent matter most for free shipping services. Some suppliers offer free shipping only at the domestic level. The main reason is the low possible domestic shipping cost.  

How to negotiate for Free Shipping for international freight? 

Step 1: Establish stable business relations

FREE SHIPPING is mostly offered to long-term clients with high order volumes. Suppliers offer extra services and incentives to keep big clients engaged. 

Step 2: Ask for Cheap shipping options

They offer affordable shipping options from China Air Mail or other shipping companies. You don’t pay their shipping fees. 

Step 3: Negotiate handling terms to avoid product damage  

They don’t offer special handling or customized shipping plans. You also get free shipping if the supplier has a high-end product with a good profit margin. This may include special handling due to the nature of the product. 

Better to Read the agreement to avoid hidden fees and not do direct bank transfers. Pay through third-party payment methods like western union.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Taobao Agent

Is there an English version of Taobao?

English translation of Taobai is possible with google translate. Open the webpage and choose the English language from the google translate option. It automatically shows you this option, but you must confirm the language. Yet Taobao is officially a Chinese website.  

Can you order from Taobao without an agent?

You order directly, saving your agent’s commission or fee. You must understand Chinese for smooth communication. Most suppliers are local and cater to the needs of the domestic market, so don’t understand English. Hire English Taobao agents if you are not fluent in Chinese. 

How much do Taobao agents charge?

There are commission-based charges on every order value. It ranges from 5% to 10% on small orders, yet some charge a fixed price. It decreases to 2% to 5% on big order volume. If you are a long-term client, then you may get a discount. 

What’s Next

Inspection is important while outsourcing from local suppliers. They usually don’t have international standard products but have cheap pricing. It ruins your business image if you only focus on cheap pricing. 

How to get good inspections for local suppliers? 

LEELINE offers production inspection to final inspection before shipping. CONTACT US to discuss your Taobao outsourcing with proper inspection.  

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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