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EXPONENTIALLY lower shipping costs with our consolidation service. Our agents PACK your smaller shipments into one container. 

ALL your packages arrive on the same schedule. YOU avoid wasting time and energy.



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Consolidated Shipping Solution

Sample Consolidation

Sample Consolidation 1

RECEIVE all your requested samples in a single shipment. Your suppliers deliver product samples to our consolidation center.

Our company COMBINES your goods into a truckload shipment. YOU don’t spend weeks waiting for various samples to arrive.

Air Freight Consolidated ShippingAir Freight Consolidated Shipping

Enjoy our fast and SAFE shipping process! DELIVER to your customers FASTER with our air freight consolidated shipments.

YOU receive your goods in days. ALWAYS be on top of the supply chain by shipping SMARTER and faster. 

Sea Freight Consolidated ShippingSea Freight Consolidated Shipping

SAVE half of your budget with our OCEAN consolidated shipments. We transport your entire cargo by sea vehicles.

YOU pay BULK rates that are WAY cheaper than transporting small loads. YOUR entire container is 100% SAFE with our cost-efficient sea freight service.  

Rail Freight Consolidated ShippingRail 1

GAIN access to our QUICK LOADING process with rail freight shipping. YOU receive ALL your products in a single shipment through land transport.

Our agents perform quality control measures in our storage sites before shipping. You NEVER receive damaged freight products, even when the track is bumpy. 

Alibaba Consolidated Shipping


GET your ROI faster by AVOIDING Alibaba’s EXPENSIVE SHIPPING FEE. We pack your Alibaba orders into one large shipment. Utilizing truck space as MUCH as possible.

So YOU get the cheapest rates. We assume 100% responsibility for your goods until you receive them. 

Amazon FBA Consolidated Shippingexpress transportation

DELIVER all your products to Amazon’s distribution center for the cheapest rates.

We offer several shipping options. They all ensure the proper delivery of your products to Amazon FBA. Become an FBA seller fast without breaking the bank. 

We help small and large businesses ship goods to the port or your door.

Explore the transport options to meet your needs

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Reduced Shipping Costs

We offer the CHEAPEST RATES among freight consolidation providers in China. Our experienced shipping agents ESTABLISH relationships with worldwide carriers.

We pay the LOWEST prices for every freight delivered to our customers. 

Less Risk of Damage

You ALWAYS receive your cargo consolidation without damages. Our consolidation strategy PRIORITIZES safety over anything else.

OUR experts protect your packages with top-tier packaging materials. Trust our consolidation facility.

Unlimited Support

Reach the top of the supply chain with our help! Leeline creates consistent relationships with clients. We can be your business’ PERMANENT logistics partner.

A long-term shipping partnership with us GUARANTEES monthly discounts and FREE services. 

Quality Assurance

We have a COMPLETE understanding of how International shipping affects goods. So our agents focus on keeping the quality of your products UNHARMED during shipment.

YOU ONLY receive the BEST packaging materials. 


ALWAYS get your delivery on time with our FAST consolidating freight services. Leeline has daily production schedules.

We ship your ENTIRE cargo immediately when ALL your packages arrive. Your packages reach their destination region in days or WEEKS. 

reliable partners

Get long-term support from our experts. And learn PROFITABLE tips from our decade-long eCommerce experts.

We maintain relationships with BUSINESS owners like you. Become a better entrepreneur while enjoying FASTER consolidated shipping services. 

Our happy Clients

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2000+ Clients Trust LeeLine

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


We can Make Shipping from China Easy!

Manage your stock, track your deliveries and reduce shipping costs in one place.

Freight Consolidation: Ultimate Guide

Lots of business owners WORRY about expensive shipping rates. They don’t KNOW the best strategy for REDUCING shipping costs. Which is freight consolidation. 

We’ve HELPED thousands of clients to have more control over their shipping costs. We’ll also teach YOU EVERYTHING you need to know about freight consolidation. And how to pick the RIGHT freight forwarder for this process. 

Keep reading to LOWER shipping costs with freight consolidation.

Freight Consolidation

What is freight consolidation?

This is a process where your shipper COMBINES multiple shipments into a single cargo. 

Freight consolidation HELPS you save the most money from shipping fees. Because FCL shipments (full container loads) are CHEAPER. Compared to shipping small packages on their own.  

Only YOUR packages may occupy the entire space of a truck. You may also do CONSOLIDATED shipping with other businesses around you. 

You save more money since your packages occupy fewer trucks. The QUALITY CONTROL process is also easier because ALL your goods are together. 

LCL vs. LTL vs. FTL shipping

LCL vs. LTL vs. FTL shipping

Less than container (LCL):

This is for GOODS that don’t fill up an entire container. Individually shipping small packages is EXPENSIVE. An experienced shipper combines multiple LCL shipments to fill a full container. Which becomes an LTL shipment. 

Less than truckload (LTL):

This is for SHIPMENTS that don’t fill up an entire truck. Only containers. The CARRIER ships your cargo and other people’s goods inside a truck. 

Full truckload (FTL):

A freight forwarder combines MULTIPLE LTL shipments for your business. So YOUR packages fill an ENTIRE truck. This shipping method gives you more cost savings. It’s a must-use shipping strategy to MAXIMIZE profit. 

What is your benefit of freight consolidation?

  • Only ONE custom clearance 

Your packages ALL leave and ENTER borders together. YOU only need to prepare a SINGLE document for your goods. This is much more efficient and CHEAPER. You don’t get constant headaches from SUPPLIERS while preparing custom clearances. 

  • Lower shipping costs 

SMALLER shipments cost more. PUTTING multiple packages into ONE container/TRUCK CUTS your shipping expenses in half. YOUR customers pay less for your products. YOU generate more PROFIT for your business in the LONG run. It’s ALWAYS a win-win situation. 

  • Avoid shipment errors 

It’s MUCH EASIER to track and control ONE tracking number. Compared to having DOZENS. YOU get little to no stress while waiting for your orders. 

  • Safety advantages

ONLY one freight forwarder handles your goods. YOU reduce the RISK of wrong delivery and mishandled cargo. There are also FEWER transfers involved with consolidated shipping. YOUR goods don’t SHAKE or move as much. 

FRAGILE packages are twice as safe. 

  • Save energy

Your freight forwarder HANDLES most of the tasks related to your consolidated shipping. YOU only actively contribute to the process when it’s TIME to receive your goods. This is a LIFESAVER for busy business owners. 

And it LETS you get extra hours of sleep you most likely have been missing for weeks. 

What is Your Benefit of Freight Consolidation

The challenges of consolidated shipping

  • Finding a reliable freight forwarder

Freight forwarders like Leeline are necessary for consolidation shipping. But NOT all freight forwarders offer freight consolidating services. Hence, it could be DIFFICULT to find carriers at FIRST. Especially if you’ve never SHIPPED wholesale goods before. 

  • Longer waiting time

Your carrier only ships your products when ALL your goods arrive at its facilities. There are also EXTRA STEPS in this shipping method that delays delivery time. That includes consolidation and deconsolidation. You RECEIVE your cargo at a much later date. 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

What are the Types of Consolidated Shipment Services?

There are 2 types of CONSOLIDATED shipping: carrier consolidation and order consolidation.

Carrier consolidation:

For this, a carrier collects SMALL packages that ALL go to the same region. The buyers of these goods are DIFFERENT. But everyone SAVES money. Since their packages are consolidated along with other people’s products. 

Order consolidation:

This happens when a CARRIER consolidates only one buyer’s goods into a single truck. Without anyone else’s products. 

Your freight forwarder picks up/receives your products from your supplier. And the company COMBINES YOUR packages before shipment. 

Consolidated Shipment Services

How to Find Freight Consolidation Companies?

Step 1: List the products you want to ship.

Some companies don’t consolidate certain products like those that are:

  • Perishable. 
  • Made with electronics. 

You must know the kinds of goods YOU want before you find a freight forwarder. 

Step 2: Decide how you want to consolidate your products.

Do you want to fill an entire truck? 

Or a small container that is less than 20 feet tall? 

You need to choose between FCL or FTL shipping. Because SOME freight forwarders ONLY do FCL (full truck) shipments. 

Step 3: Know how you’ll get your goods from your suppliers.

Some suppliers DELIVER to your freight forwarder’s warehouse. OTHERS need you to pick up your products. 

Note: There are freight forwarders that don’t OFFER pick-up services. So you must give them this information during your quotation. 

get your goods from your suppliers

Step 4: Get recommendations for freight forwarding companies.

ASK business owners around you if they know a GREAT freight forwarder. Or use forums like REDDIT or Quora to ask people on the Internet. 

Asking for recommendations is MUCH BETTER than searching online. YOU ensure you can trust the consolidating company.

Step 5: Ask 5 different companies for quotations.

PICK at least 5 companies from the recommendations you got in the previous step. And contact EACH of them to get a quotation. 

In your email/message, include the following information:

  • Whether you want FCL or LCL shipping. 
  • What type of products do you want to consolidate. 
  • Whether your supplier will deliver your products to the freight forwarder. 
  • The location of your supplier (if pick-up is needed).
  • Your address (the final destination of your products). 

Step 6: Compare the responses of the freight forwarders.

Some won’t be able to accommodate your request. This is PERFECTLY normal. 

SELECT among the freight forwarders that say they can fulfill your consolidating needs. Compare their services and PRICES. And choose the company that BEST suits your budget and priorities. 

Step 7: Make a deal with your freight forwarder.

You’ve CROWNED the winner amongst the companies you contacted. All that’s left to do is COMMUNICATE every detail about your shipment to your freight forwarder. Then, WAIT for your order to arrive! 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Freight Consolidation

What is the consolidation fee?

This is the fee you pay your freight forwarder to CONSOLIDATE your products. This is DIFFERENT from the freight costs you pay to transport your goods. The exact amount depends on your shipping company. 

Is consolidated shipping faster?

No. Consolidated shipping is generally SLOWER. Because the shipping company waits for  ALL YOUR PACKAGES before shipping them together. Packing your packages together also takes more time. 

Why is LCL more expensive than FCL?

LCL is more expensive than FCL because it’s more time-consuming for carriers. They PACK the packages inside the containers themselves. There are also MORE custom documents required for LCL containers. Because packages inside have different final destinations. 

What documents would a freight forwarder issue when consolidating cargo?

A freight forwarder would issue these papers when consolidating:
• Certificate of origin
• Packing list (what products are inside your cargo)
• Insurance certificate
• Import and export documents 
Without these documents, YOUR cargo won’t pass through the border. 

Can you track a consolidated shipment?

Yes. Freight forwarders give tracking numbers for consolidated shipments. You’ll know exactly where your delivery is and when you’ll receive it. 

What’s Next

Freight consolidation is MUCH easier than you think. It’s the BEST way to SAVE tons of money from your shipping fees. 

All you need is a RELIABLE freight forwarder to pack your smaller packages. YOU get little to NO stress while waiting for all your products. 

Leeline is one of China’s CHEAPEST and most reliable freight consolidating companies. Contact us ANYTIME you need to consolidate your goods for the LOWEST rates. 

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