UPS Shipping From China

Leeline helps you to get on-time Shipping with an URGENT schedule. Set your schedule and avail our 30 days free warehousing service. You get consolidation and elegant packaging.

Complete AUTOMATION of your Shipping. You get updates on your mobile while focusing on your business expansion. 

UPS Shipping From China


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We try to get you the best sea routes for urgent Delivery. Compare different sea routes with our specialist and decide on the best price.

Fast On-Loading & Off-Loading with ON-SITE agents. Real-time tracking updates of your cargo! 


Air Freight

Choose low-cost Air-freight routes with the help of our specialist. We Filter out DAMAGED products before Shipping. It saves you from bad reviews and expensive Shipping.

Get the Best deals with our NETWORK. Fast Delivery as possible with complete security and reliability!

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Gets the shortest routes with the best prices. We also add extra protection layers to sensitive and easy-to-damage products.

You get SEALED and secure cargo with Railway freight. Get Real-time tracking of your cargo!

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We handle your Shipping from different suppliers. We MERGE items into a single pack for low shipping costs. Get fast, reliable, and regular service to connect globally.

Best prices and transportation options. Automated Door-to-door service for your smooth supply chain. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Get better Transportation and warehousing for your Alibaba supplies. We inspect and filter out damaged products before Shipping.

Also, CONNECT with your suppliers and offer free 30 days of warehousing. Fast Delivery with our reliable and safe network.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Automate your Amazon FBA shipping with our NETWORK. On-time shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses with cost and time-effectiveness.

We offer Quality inspection and branding for your products. 

Why Choose Us?

Fast Shipping 

Many Air, Sea, and Land transportation options. Fast Shipping with our reliable network. COMPARE the times of different routes and decide the fastest route. You won’t have to wait longer for shipment! 

Customs Clearance

You don’t have to deal with extensive paperwork. Our reliable agents handle customs in CHINA and many other countries too. We are present while on-loading & off-loading to ensure safe shipment.

Best Pricing Option

Compare different routes and transportation options. Get an instant quotation for your cargo. We accommodate shared containers for small bundles to REDUCE shipping costs. Saves time and cost!

Warehousing and Distribution

You get 30-day FREE warehousing with our 18 warehouses worldwide. Fast distribution with custom branding. Fulfillment service with elegant packaging and fast Shipping. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I was struggling with warehousing and Transportation to ports for UPS shipping. My friend recommended me LEELINE, and I can’t thank him in words! Now I don’t have to worry about storage and Transportation at all. I recommend Leeline to every starter. 

– Frank, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

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UPS Shipping From China: Ultimate Guide

UPS is the best option for shipping from china. 

But you need someone to handle Transportation & warehousing for UPS shipping. Finding a reliable agent or company to handle all your UPS shipping takes time and effort. 

Don’t look further. Our Shipping gurus have compiled this guidebook for UPS shipping from china. We have handled many cases of china express shipping. You get the UPS shipping company’s overview for your next Shipping. 

Keep reading! 

UPS Shipping From China

Why do you use UPS shipping from China?

Why do you use UPS shipping from China

UPS shipping has a short delivery time with good international shipping infrastructure. Many options for sea, land, and air freight. Your parcel arrives in 2 to 5 days by express Delivery. You track your shipment

  1. Urgent & Fast Delivery

UPS shipping is best for URGENT and fast deliveries. No matter small or Large packages. If you are facing an Out-of-stock situation and need urgent Delivery. Then you should use Air-Freight or Express Delivery. Their Sea freight also has good TIMELINES in comparison with competitors.  

  1. Better International infrastructure

UPS gives you fast International shipments. You get REGULAR shipments from China to the East and west coast. They also have land routes with trucking for fast delivery. Short and Direct Air-routes for your ease. 

  1. Low prices

UPS is cheaper than many big shipping companies. Sea freight is cheap and best for Bulk VOLUMES, while Air-freight for Small volumes. They have good prices and routes. They provide Value for money service on fast Shipping. 

  1. CUSTOMS clearance

You get a Customs brokerage account for a smooth customs experience. The best option is to avoid customs delays. They clear your Customs in short, and it prevents delays in SHIPMENT. You have to fill customs declaration form for brokerage. 

What products should use UPS Shipping from China?

There are different UPS Shipping options for different products. In general, you send any product. Here are a few of them: 

  • Fashion Products 
  • Clothing Items 
  • Electronics and Toys
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Baby Products 
  • Foods and Eatable Products
  • Books & Stationery
  • Kitchen & Home Related Items
  • Medical and Healthcare Products
  • Raw Materials for Manufacturing
  • Everyday Goods

In short, you can send every general product with UPS shipping. There are some chemical and SENSITIVE products. You need certifications or extra paperwork for those products. Submit your paperwork to ensure a SMOOTH customs experience. 

How long is the UPS shipping time from China to the US?

How long is the UPS shipping time from China to the US

Shipping time depends on your route after you start shipping. There are different timelines for different routes and Transportation in normal conditions. First, you have to collect items from remote areas of suppliers.

It takes up to 1 week for regular posts with Express Delivery. They decide on Transportation and routes to ensure your Delivery. 

Air-Freight takes 5 to 12 business days, depending on flight schedules and routes. It is recommended for small packages with urgent Delivery. You also send sensitive or easy-to-damage products with extra protection.

Sea freight is slow but cost-effective. Depending on the route, it takes up to 20 to 30 business days, for example. Shenzhen to New York route takes more time than Shenzen to LA route.

How to calculate UPS shipping rates?

You calculate your UPS shipping rates with their Application. Yet, UPS has a flat rate for packages. 

You locate this Application on their official website. Go to the Shipping tab. Select Calculate Time and Cost. Fill in the required fields and get an INSTANT quotation or rate list. 

Here are the Benefits of this Application. 

  • Schedule of all freight services in the USA and 200+ countries. For example, all schedule details from china to the East or west coast. 
  • Shipping rate of packages in every country and currency. You pay in different currencies. 
  • Available routes from your nearest options to DIFFERENT destinations. 
  • See DETAILS like expected delivery date, pay rates, and Customs timeline

These rates do not include TAXES and non-routine customs brokerage charges. Also, you may have to hire an agent or shipping company for Transportation along with UPS. You have to PAY their charges also. So the final cost may vary. 

In short, this Application estimates your import deliveries.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Top 5 UPS shipping companies in China

1. Leeline


Leeline has a network of warehouses for storage and fulfillment. You can get complete fulfillment, packaging, and quality inspection before Shipping. You would get fast routes and Transportation to ports for UPS shipping. 


  • Get 30 days of free STORAGE service. Avoid recurring storage costs if you are waiting for your Ideal UPS route. Saves money and more room for profit! 
  • You request branding with custom labels, logos, and BRANDING material. It helps you to build a brand’s Image without extra marketing. Also, protective packaging for UPS shipping.
  • They handle all your Transportation and paperwork. CUSTOMS clearance, carriers, and tracking services help you to automate your Shipping. Automation helps you in expansion. 


  • Single quotation. You won’t have so much EDGE in negotiations. Yet, prices are reasonable. 

2. EJET Sourcing 

EJET Sourcing

EJET Sourcing has worked with UPS and many other companies. They offer complete sourcing and shipping services. You also get sourcing Services from them. They have agents and a warehouse NETWORK for smooth services. 


  • You get extra PROTECTIVE packaging for sensitive goods. They protect your easy-to-damage products on UPS shipping. Your customer will get Undamaged and safe products! 
  • You get Warehousing & Consolidation in China for big volumes. Warehousing in china is cheaper than in the US. Save MONEY and time! 
  • They offer branding and packaging services. Add custom labels and logos before shipment. You won’t have to add BRANDING material after shipment. 


  • They need to improve fulfillment services. 

3. Bansar China

Bansar China

Bansar is a big name from china. They are shipping EXPERTS and offer different routes and services. You get Shipping of both DRY container goods and mixed cargo goods. They manage both corporate and small clients.


  • They handle all your PAPERWORK for customs with UPS. They get you a smooth customs experience with a UPS Customs brokerage account. 
  • They get you customized Door to door services. They collect your items from different suppliers and can merge them into a SINGLE pack. Cost-effective solution for Shipping. 
  • They have a large number of Amazon FBA sellers. They DIRECT ship to Amazon warehouses with UPS shipping. Their agent sends and receives a shipment from ports. Hassle-free selling on Amazon! 


  • Not have better prices for Air-freight and SOME bundles.

4. Sino Shipping

Sino Shipping

SINO Shipping has agents in over 50 countries. Their agents can receive and send your UPS shipment from the airport and seaports. They provide a full range of logistics and transportation services. Hassle-free import. 


  • Better consolidation and warehousing service. You get warehousing SERVICES in many countries around the world. 
  • Their services include FREIGHT forwarding with the ocean, air, and land transportation. You ship your stock in a short time with the best possible route. 
  • Full automation of your UPS shipping. They take CARE of your Paperwork, Customs, and transportation. Also the fluent staff in any language. Better Communication with Automation.


  • They need to improve their branding services

5. Fulfillment Bridge

Fulfillment Bridge

Fulfillment bridge is a global fulfillment solutions provider. They help the supply management process for e-commerce sellers. They FULFILL products with UPS and many other companies. You have access to their warehouses around the globe. 


  • You get an inspection of every product before shipment. Saves time and energy! 
  • You get warehousing and UPS shipping on a small scale. They send Direct products to your customers with FAST UPS shipping. 
  • They offer custom branding of your products. You build a brand with fulfillment and fast UPS shipping. The best OPTION to automate your fulfillment. 


  • They don’t process bulk volumes. They fulfill and ship your SMALL volumes and orders with UPS. 

List of UPS shipping companies

Linde Beijing International Transport Agencyinternational freight forwardingBeijing
ShippaboChina shipping agentShenzhen
AEB LogisticsShipping experts – Freight forwarderQingdao, China
guide importsChina shipping and Logistics servicesShenzhen
Kintetsu World ExpressLogistics servicesShanghai
Super international shippingChina shipping companyHong kong
International transportationfreight forwarding enterprisesShenzhen
Formax BPO Beijing IncBusiness Process Outsourcing supplierBeijing 
JJ ShippingComprehensive shipping serviceShanghai
FlexportShipping and Warehousing servicesShenzhen
LeapologisticsChina shipping agentShanghai
Shenzhen Marine shipping agencySea-freight Shipping expertiseShenzhen
DdpchChina shipping agentShenzhen
Suppliya shippingSourcing, shipping, inspection & 3PL Yiwu/Shenzhen
CRSCLTransportation servicesBeijing

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about UPS Shipping From China

Do ups ship from china?

Yes, UPS ships from china. There are DIFFERENT options for Delivery. Express delivery is the fastest option for regular post. Sea freight and Air freight are also available for Shipping. Sea freight is slow but cheap. Air freight is fast but expensive. 

Is UPS reliable for international Shipping?

Yes. UPS and FedEx are both good options. Yet UPS is usually faster than FedEx for International Shipping. They have a good logistics and Shipping network for small and large packages. 

Do UPS parcels go through customs?

UPS has a customs brokerage service. They can CLEAR shipments on their own. They prevent delays in shipment. You also get a UPS Customs Brokerage account. You have to contact their customer service and fill out forms and provide documents.

Is UPS higher than FedEx?

Yes, UPS is better and higher than FedEx. FedEx is better for domestic Shipping For companies with large packages. Yet, UPS is better for international Shipping and small PACKAGES. They have better international logistics and Shipping infrastructure.

What’s Next

UPS is one of the fastest shipping companies with reasonable rates. But UPS shipping from China needs a lot of work. 

It involves Transportation from suppliers to the Nearest ports. You need warehousing and extra protective PACKAGING before UPS Shipping. It is hectic if you are a beginner. 

Contact us! We help you with Transportation & warehousing for UPS shipping in china. We also help you in the destination COUNTRY. Hassle-free experience. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

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