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CUT your shipping costs by 50%. And you RECEIVE ocean shipments COMPLETELY SAFE with our efficient shipping services.

Contact our customer support 24/7 to check your SHIPMENT STATUS at no charge. 

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Leeline Provide You Best Sea Freight Services

FCL Sea Freight from China

RECEIVE your FULL CONTAINER LOAD (FCL) orders without breaking the bank. And get custom-tailored shipping plans, so you ALWAYS have sellable items in stock.

YOU get cargo insurance for ALL of your shipments. Our team guarantees your products’ safety. 

FCL Sea Freight from China
LCL Sea Freight from China

LCL Sea Freight from China

Get your SMALL packages and cargo safely anywhere around the world for a low price. And ENJOY our free temporary warehouse service.

Your individual products are 100% safe, and YOU receive regular updates. ALWAYS have peace of mind that your packages won’t be lost. 

BULK-Cargo Ship Sea Freight from China

We put EXTRA CARE for your irregular and oversized items. No hidden fees at all. Our EXPERTS manually check every aspect of your BULK products.

Even if they’re liquid, solid, or hazardous. We always guarantee your cargo’s SAFETY.

BULK-Cargo Ship Sea Freight from China
OOG (Out of Guage) Sea Freight from China

OOG (Out of Guage) Sea Freight from China

Our company has cost-efficient shipping services for overweight or oversized cargo. YOU save up to 40% on shipping costs even when ORDERING massive machinery or vehicles.

Get 24/7 updates and real-time images of your order. ALWAYS get your packages on time and WITHOUT DAMAGES. 

Roll-On Roll-Off Sea Freight from China

Receive your WHEELED CARGO with the utmost care from our TOP-TIER carriers. Our experts ensure that you’re ALWAYS up-to-date about your delivery’s status. And we DO thorough checks before the OCEAN SHIPPING.

This way, even FRAGILE products are completely unharmed inside the wheeled vehicle. 

Roll-On Roll-Off Sea Freight from China

Looking for Sea Freight Forwarder Service Door-to-door from China?

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What Makes Us Different?

Leeline has OVER a decade of experience SHIPPING from China to anywhere around the world. So, ALL our freight forwarders and CARRIERS know the BEST way to handle your cargo. 

Our LONG experience in the industry lets us OPTIMIZE our cost-effective shipping process.  HENCE, you and your business get LOWER shipping rates and duty fees. PLUS, we DON’T have any hidden charges that disappoint you at the border. 

YOU only receive the BEST order fulfillment. Regardless if you need FCL services, LCL services, or ANY shipping methods. 

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2000+ Clients Trust LeeLine

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Ship Your Products and Make Big Money

We help small and large businesses ship goods to the port or your door. Explore the transport options to meet your needs.

Sea Freight Forward Service: Ultimate Guide

One of the HARDEST parts about starting a business is to sea freight your goods from your suppliers. 

DOZENS of our business owners have come to us with this problem.

So, for over 10 years, we’ve taught OUR CLIENTS the EASIEST way to ACCESS shipping companies. And find the CHEAPEST freight forwarding shipping rates. 

We listed our TOP shipping SECRETS in the GLOBAL network supply chain! YOU don’t want to miss this article! 

Sea Freight Forward Service

Types of Sea Freight

#1: FCL Sea Freight 

Full Container Load/FCL Sea Freight refers to this:

BIG delivery containers with PRODUCTS that all belong to YOU. 

BIG business owners around the world usually use this freight forwarding service. YOU save the MOST money with this transportation type. Because FCL services are offered at VERY competitive rates. 

#2: LCL Sea Freight 

Less than container load Sea Freight means…

SHIPPING a project cargo that isn’t BIG enough to fit a whole 20-foot container. 

This is for smaller shipments. This is for smaller shipments. Meaning YOUR packages ARE shipped along with other people’s goods inside one container. 

Less than a container load is a must-use sea freight type for small business owners. It’s one of the EASIEST and most cost-effective transportation types for small orders. 

#3: BULK Cargo Sea Freight 

Break bulk cargos refer to ITEMS that don’t fit in traditional containers for shipping. 

Freight forwarders usually pack BULK shipments with barrels, crates, or boxes. But CARRIERS may also choose to not pack BULK cargos at all.  

INSTEAD, they’re poured directly into the SHIPMENT SHIP.

Some examples of BULK CARGO products are: 

  • Minerals/cement.
  • Grains like wheat/rice. 
  • Livestock or animal products (can’t really put a cow inside a box, right?) 
  • Chemicals like gasoline. 

#4: OOG (Out of Guage) Sea Freight 

Out-of-gauge project cargo refers to a PRODUCT that’s TOO BIG to fit a standard full container load. Some OOG items are machinery, aircraft parts, and automobile trailers. 

THESE products won’t fit in ANY containers. So, carriers need to MAKE special adjustments to PROVIDE shipment for OOG cargo. 

This transportation type is usually the most expensive. Because OOG shipments take up EXTRA spaces that other goods could’ve used. Unlike Full Container Load or LCL services.

#5: Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) Sea Freight

This type of Sea Freight refers to:

SHIPPING vehicles with wheels, like delivery trucks, from one location to another. 

FREIGHT FORWARDERS usually have unique shipping vessels for RORO shipments. Because vehicles NEED to be clamped to the floor. This way, they don’t slip out while shipped to their FINAL DESTINATION. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight

3 Advantages of Sea Freight:

#1: Cost-effective transportation 

Its competitive rates make it the BEST way to get your products delivered around the world. You save the MOST money. 

Fun fact: The CHEAPEST way to use Sea Freight is to order Full Container Loads. Less than Container Load/LCL or smaller shipments are pricier. 

#2: Best for bulky goods 

You can deliver or order LARGE and oversized project cargo with EASE using Sea Freight. 

#3: Very safe

Large ships are safe against any commodity type. REST ASSURED that your products are UNHARMED. Even if you’re shipping hazardous or flammable materials. 

3 Disadvantages of Sea Freight: 

#1: Slow speed

Ocean shipments take up to months to deliver products from one location to another. This is a very long time compared to using Air Freight. So, you MAY NOT always refill your inventory on time. 

#2: Delays are possible 

Sea freight is more at risk for SHIPPING DELAYS. Because bad weather or ship maintenance can occur during the shipping process.

Your customers may opt for a different store if you always give them their products late. 

#3: Not always available 

Some countries in the world DON’T have ports large enough to accommodate Sea freight. 

When should you use Sea Freight from China?

When should you use Sea Freight from China

It’s confusing to choose between different types of freight for your business needs. But don’t worry. 

Let me teach you… 

#1: On a budget 

Sea freight is the CHEAPEST of all shipping methods when ordering from China. In fact, it can be up to 75% cheaper than air freight. 

It’s the BEST way to ship your products if you want to save money. And it’s a must-use transportation method for small business owners. 

#2: For bulky goods 

Sea freight is IDEAL for big or heavy packages. 
However, sea freight is your best friend for bulky goods. In fact, SOME couriers charge lower per kg if you’re shipping a big product.

What products should use Express Shipping from China?

Products that are heavier than 100KG and bigger than 2 CMB should use sea shipping. Because BULKY goods aren’t allowed in sea freight and express shipping. 

Here are some of the MOST common products shipping using sea freight:

  • Heavy machinery and their parts.
  • Cars and other vehicles.
  • Entire containers are filled with small parcels.

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

Sea Freight Forwarding Process

Sea Freight Forwarding Process

Step 1: Export Haulage.

This is when your SUPPLIER delivers your cargo to the freight forwarders. Products are usually transported by trucks or rails during this step.

Step 2: Quality check.

Here, your freight forwarder ENSURES that the cargo is fit for delivery. If the supplier’s products are damaged, the shipping company won’t accept them. 

Step 3: Customs clearance for exporting.

Most freight forwarding companies offer customs clearance brokerage services. So, they’ll also HANDLE the customs clearance for your goods.

Step 4: Ocean Freight.

This is when your cargo travels from one country’s port to another. 

Step 5: Customs clearance for importing.

Authorities check if your cargo has ALL the necessary documents to enter the country. Your freight forwarder usually takes care of these papers too. 

Step 6: Destination handling.

Carriers UNLOAD your cargo and verify the address for delivery.

Step 7: Import haulage

At this point, your packages are delivered to you. 

How to Calculate Sea Freight Cost?

Most freight forwarders CALCULATE the Sea Freight cost for you when you ask for a freight quote. 

But it still HELPS a lot if you know how to do this calculation yourself. Because YOU ensure that your FREIGHT COMPANY doesn’t cheat you into PAYING MORE.

Luckily, this PROCESS IS VERY EASY.  

But remember that how much you PAY depends on the type of Sea Freight you use.

Let’s start with… 

How much does FCL sea freight cost?

As mentioned earlier…

Your ORDER fills up an entire delivery container for this sea freight method. 

That said, to calculate how much YOU have to pay for FCL… 

Just refer to your freight forwarder’s FLAT RATE FEE per container. 

For example:

YOU may need to pay $20,000 per 40-foot shipping container regardless of the products inside. 

So, just ask your freight forwarder:

“What are your flat rates for your FCL containers?”

And you’ll know EXACTLY how much you have to pay. 

sea freight cost

How much does LCL sea freight cost?

LCL shipment cargos are paid by HOW MUCH SPACE they take up (measured in cubic meters). 

Your shipping company has a RATE PER CUBIC METER you can use to estimate how much you have to pay.

For example:

If you have a cargo with a volume of 3 mᶟ. And the COMPANY’S RATE is $20 per cubic meter. Then, you have to multiply 3 by 20.

As a result, your LCL freight cost is $60.

How much do Bulk, OOG, and RORO sea freight costs

For these 3 sea freight types… 

It’s HARD to estimate how much you’ll have to pay.

That’s BECAUSE there are no standard rates for these items. And HOW MUCH YOU PAY will heavily depend on your freight forwarder. 

These items VARY GREATLY in shape, volume, and weight. So, YOU may need to pay more or spend less depending on the EXACT ITEM or PRODUCT you want to ship.

For example:

A shipping company may CHARGE YOU EXTRA if you want to ship cars or aircraft. But the RATES may be lower if you send gravel or GRAINS instead. 

Note: The BEST WAY to calculate how much shipping your BULK, OOG, or RORO cargos will cost is to ask your freight forwarder. 

How to Find Reliable Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies?

How to Find Reliable Ocean Freight Forwarding Companies?

Step 1: Know the type of sea freight you want.

Opt for FCL sea freight if you’re ordering HUGE amounts of products. 

But if you’re only ordering a few goods, go for LCL. 

Note: You should only use Bulk, OOG, and RORO sea freights for IRREGULARLY shaped or overweight packages. 

Important: Use the specific sea freight type you need when you do the NEXT STEP. For example, if you need FCL, ask for FCL FREIGHT COMPANY RECOMMENDATIONS.

Step 2: Start searching for freight forwarding companies.

You have 3 options for this step:

#1: Asking other business owners you know 

This is the BEST way to find reputable ocean freight forwarders. Because you get direct recommendations and reviews from people YOU already trust. 

#2: Asking people online

Use forums like REDDIT or QUORA to ask people the BEST freight forwarders they’ve tried. You may also use social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to reach out to others. 

#3: Use Google or the search engine 

Type and search the “Best (type of sea freight) forwarding company” and run through the results. After that, find a candidate that stands out. This is our LEAST RECOMMENDED method. Because it’s time-consuming and NEEDS lots of research from your end. 

Step 3: Compile at least 3 ocean freight forwarding companies.

YOU started searching for shipping companies in the previous step.

So, this time, you must have at least 3 freight forwarders in mind. 

“Why not just 1?” 

Well, YOU SHOULD compare the rates of shipping companies with each other to SAVE THE MOST MONEY.

Step 4: Contact each freight forwarder. 

ASK them the rates or FLAT RATES for the specific type of sea freight you need. 

Or ask them for a freight quote by sending the DETAILS of your shipment goods like the:

  • Weight of your cargo. 
  • How big your package is. 
  • Address for your shipment. 
  • The products inside your load. 

And once you have the responses of ALL 3 FREIGHT FORWARDING COMPANIES… 

Step 5: Compare their prices and inclusions. 

Some freight forwarding companies are CHEAPER. But they won’t handle your goods’ import and export clearance documents. While others are more expensive because they HANDLE EVERYTHING related to your cargo. 

Step 6: Decide on the freight forwarding company that works for you.

Go with a company that handles the documents if you’re a new business owner. This way, you can minimize stress. But you may ALSO take the import and clearance papers yourself if you want to save money.

The decision relies on what YOU prioritize. There are no right or wrong decisions for this. 

Step 7: Ask around.

Before you FINALIZE your decision… 

Ask other business owners or people in online forums if they’ve tried using the COMPANY you picked in step 6. If you see primarily POSITIVE REVIEWS, proceed with your decision. 

But if MOST OF THE PEOPLE are complaining about the company, FIND ANOTHER ONE! 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQ about Sea Freight

What is FOB?

Freight on Board (FOB) or Free on Board refers to the specific location where the liability for the goods transfers from the SUPPLIER to the buyer. For example, let’s say the FOB is the Port of Shanghai. In this case, the buyer takes all the responsibility for the product once it leaves the said port.  

What documents do you need to ship from China?

You’d need a packing list, bill of lading, commercial invoice, insurance certificate, and certificate of origin. Your freight forwarding company usually handles these papers for you. So, you don’t have to prepare them yourself. 

How long will it take for my shipment to reach my port?

It DEPENDS on how far you are and who your freight forwarder is. But for the most part, your shipment will take 30-40 days to reach your port if you’re ordering from China. 

Can I transport goods bought from different cities in China in one shipment?

YES. The easiest way to do this is to contact a freight forwarding company. Ask multiple suppliers to deliver the product to your freight forwarder’s warehouse. And the shipping company will ship your packages together. 

What’s Next

MANY entrepreneurs lose money because they don’t know how to use SEA FREIGHT.

BUT YOU certainly won’t be one of them. 

You’re ALREADY equipped with the right tools to succeed in using SEA FREIGHT for your business. Remember the tips above to ORDER products from China safely and cheaply. 

Still, looking for a reliable freight forwarder? Leeline is what you’re looking for! Contact one of our agents and get your freight quote for FREE.

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