Best Pick-up and Delivery Services in China

ENJOY the easiest and CHEAPEST pick-up and delivery service for your business! Get 100% peace of mind with our PROFESSIONAL shipping team.

We PICK UP your shipment from the original location. And deliver it SAFELY to the final destination or your door

Best Pick-up and Delivery Services in China


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Pick-up and Delivery from China

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Door to Door

RECEIVE your shipment at the door directly from your supplier WITH ZERO STRESS. Our PROFESSIONAL AGENTS arrange to meet and contact your manufacturer for you. NEVER exhaust your energy until the shipment process is COMPLETE. 


Full container Load (FCL)

ALWAYS get your cargo-filled trucks on time. OUR company has reliable contact with TRAILER COMPANIES. We deliver your ENTIRE FCL from the warehouse to your location. YOU only pay a very low pickup fee, maximizing your business’ profit. 


Less than container Load(LCL)

Let us HANDLE your LCL shipments for you. YOU don’t need to FILL a FULL container to use our services. Because we SHIP SMALL parcels along with big ones. All your HIGH-VALUE items are safe with our LCL shipping! Our professional shipment team HANDLES your cargo’s insurance for you. All you need to do is wait outside your doorstep!

OOG (Out of Gauge) Sea Freight Delivery from China

Out of gauge(OOG)

YOU won’t be disappointed when shipping OVERSIZED and overweight goods. We PICK UP directly from your supplier’s warehouse. And DROP your cargo at its FINAL DESTINATION. Our quality-control agent CHECKS your high-value items at all times. It’s a STRESS-FREE delivery service for your business!

If your shipment goods are under the incoterm of EXW or DDP, we handle the pickup and delivery service on time and safely.

Why Choose Leeline for Your Pickup & Delivery?

Real Support


Your business gets 100% support from our freight experts. YOU receive advantageous TIPS AND TRICKS to save the most money when shipping.

OUR professional agents ASSIST you until your delivery is complete. 

Free Warehouse


ENJOY up to 30 days of our free warehouse services BEFORE we deliver your cargo. YOU guarantee the safety of your package.

NO NEED to arrange warehouse services for your package in advance! 

Cheap Shipping Rates


SAVE up to 50% of your shipment budget! Leeline offers the CHEAPEST shipping rates in China.

You won’t break the bank just to ENJOY top-quality delivery service options. 

100% Shipment Transparency

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We NOTIFY you of your shipping box’ state and location EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY. YOU know exactly when your cargo leaves China’s local pickup point. And when we drop it OFF at your doorstep. 

GAIN peace of mind by KNOWING your shipment’s safety is in reliable hands. 

Custom ClearanceCustom Clearance 

YOU don’t need to deal with complicated paperwork. Our professional team knows how to safely transport packages to other countries. We have 10 years of shipping ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. 

We know how customs policies work in different countries. YOUR cargo will reach its FINAL DESTINATION without any delay at the border. 

Shipment Customization

Shipment Customization 

We offer LOTS of extra services related to shipping. From packing, and warehouse services, to QUALITY CONTROL. YOU may choose and customize each of them! All you need to do is pick up your cargo at the door! 

Our CUSTOM shipping options are PERFECT for business owners like YOU! Save money while getting ZERO TO NO stress. 

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2000+ Clients Trust LeeLine

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


We help small and large businesses ship goods to the port or your door.

Explore the transport options to meet your needs

Pick-up and Delivery: Ultimate Guide

MANY businesses assume that SHIPPING from other countries is a brain-wrecking activity. 

But we beg to DIFFER. 

Overseas shipment is as EASY as grabbing groceries with pick-up and delivery service! You just need the RIGHT information to use this shipment method. 

We’re a freight forwarder that OFFERS stress-free shipping solutions to businesses. It’s time for YOU to lower your shipment costs with our effective strategies! 

Don’t miss this article!

Pick-up and Delivery

What is Pick up and Delivery?

This is a SHIPPING service where a courier PICKS UP your packages from 1 location. Usually a supplier’s warehouse. And DELIVERS them directly to your door or another SPECIFIED location. 

You won’t have to WORRY about anything. Because YOUR shipping company handles all the work for you. 

There’s no NEED to take a trip to the post office yourself. Or to PROCESS domestic and international customs documents. 

Pick-up and delivery is a must-use shipment option for NEW business owners. It’s SO easy and convenient! 

Advantages and disadvantages of Pick-up and Delivery

Advantages and disadvantages of Pick-up and Delivery


#1: Faster fullfilment 

YOU don’t need to leave the house to deliver with pick-up and delivery. YOUR shipping courier or freight forwarder handles all the work. YOU save time and COMPLETE your delivery immediately. 

Simply PLACE a pickup date on your shipping company’s website. And wait for them at your door/warehouse. 

#2: 100% order completion 

Pickup and delivery ensure that all your goods reach your customer’s door. YOUR buyers won’t need to spend extra to get your products. ALL they have to do is wait for your cargo.  

#3: Increase customer satisfaction

This DELIVERY OPTION significantly lowers the RISKS of damaging your goods. YOU satisfy and impress your customers with your business’ efficient delivery. 


#1: More expensive

The pick-up and delivery method is MORE costly than other shipping options. Because the shipping company does most of the work for you. 

#2: High customer expectations 

MOST eCommerce platforms offer door-2-door deliveries now. The BIGGEST ones like 

Amazon even offers same-day delivery. Customers HAVE high expectations for delivery service options. 

YOU have to deliver your goods fast and safely so you won’t disappoint your buyers. 

How does Pickup and Delivery work?

PICK-UP and DELIVERY is a very efficient shipment process. Let me break down the entire delivery process below. 

Step 1: Your courier receives your information.

Most companies NEED you to fill up the information on their website. But some prefer talking with you through calls or email.

Note: Many freight forwarders ask for an ID or passport before they verify your purchase. 

Step 2: The shipping company picks up your order.

Your freight forwarder/courier ENSURES that the products it’s about to pick up are ACCURATE. Meaning the goods match what you listed when you asked for your quotation. 

Most freight companies also conduct quality control during this step. Because the liability for your products transfers to the courier during this point. 

Step 3: The courier delivers your cargo.

For pickup and delivery, your PACKAGE is always dropped at your door. Or wherever you specified as your goods’ final destination. 

You don’t need to pick up your cargo from a dropping point. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

Pickup and Delivery Courier

Pickup and Delivery Courier

There are lots of local pickup and delivery couriers. It’s confusing for MOST business owners to choose from ALL of them. I want you to SAVE time and energy. 

So, here are the TOP couriers for pick-up and delivery services! 

#1: UPS

This courier is a STAPLE for business owners who ship within UNITED STATES. UPS offers fast and SAFE shipping services. YOU deliver your goods to your customers’ doorstep without any stress. 

This COMPANY also provides packing and labeling services. NO NEED to spend all your time worrying about your cargo! 


  • Delivering packages OVERNIGHT. You don’t KEEP your buyers waiting. You BOOST your customers’ satisfaction.  
  • Advanced tracking services. ALWAYS know where your cargo is. Get 100% peace of mind. 
  • Extensive assistance for their partnered business owners. Get TIPS AND TRICKS from experts to improve your shipping strategies! 

#2: FedEx

FedEx is another TOP CONTENDER for experiencing the BEST pick-up and delivery service. This company lets YOU ship all types of products. From fragile shipments to OVERWEIGHT goods. 

Just purchase a BOX from FedEx. Or let their shipping team PACK your products for you. And YOUR goods will be at your customer’s doorstep FASTER than you know it.


  • EXTREMELY fast shipping times (1-3 days within the US). IMPRESS YOUR buyers and make them hit check out again.
  • Saturday deliveries. You don’t keep your customers waiting. 
  • Affordable International shipping. Become a WORLDWISE BUSINESS without breaking the bank! 

#3: DHL

DHL is best known for SHIPPING small parcels QUICKLY for low prices. It’s ONE of the best international couriers. DHL is capable of DELIVERING across the world OVERNIGHT. 

This company OFFERS all types of freight options. It also delivers to REMOTE areas. Your customers are extremely satisfied when you ship with DHL. 


  • Shipping FRAGILE goods. You won’t waste money even when YOU ship expensive products. 
  • Preparing CUSTOM documents for business owners. NO NEED to stress about lengthy paperwork! Save time and energy for other parts of your business. 
  • Delivering big CARGO (like exercise equipment). 

#4: Leeline

This company offers the CHEAPEST shipping options for big AND small parcels. It’s BEST for business owners who often ship from China.  LEELINE picks up your delivery from your door/warehouse. And this company SHIPS your goods directly to your customer. 

You won’t need to process anything during shipment! 

Note: There are no weight or size restrictions at all. EXPEDITED shipping is available for all kinds of products. 


  • FREE warehouse services. YOU won’t need to spend more to KEEP your cargo safe while waiting for shipping. 
  • Different shipping methods are available. DELIVER your goods in the way you want to. When you want to. 
  • CHEAPEST shipping rates. CUT your expenses in half. GET ROI faster! 

#5: SF 

This is one of the BIGGEST international couriers in mainland China. SF offers both standard and EXPRESS shipment services. Their DOOR-2-DOOR delivery gets to you the fastest when ordering from Chinese suppliers. 


  • 2 shipment methods. You can always choose between speed or a LOWER price. 
  • Temperature-controlled delivery. SAFELY ship meat products, medicines, and other temperature-sensitive goods. YOU don’t need to worry about wasting money. 
  • Fast International shipping. ALWAYS replenish your stock in time and IMPRESS your customers. 

How do you get a package Pick-up and Delivery?

How do you get a package Pick-up and Delivery

Step 1: Contact your supplier.

Inform them that you’ll contact a freight forwarder to PICK UP your cargo. This STEP is necessary. Because it ensures that your manufacturer finishes PACKING your products before pickup. 

Step 2: Find a freight forwarder.

You may ASK other business owners for recommendations. Or you can also search freight forwarders ONLINE. 

Note: ENSURE that the shipping company you choose is RELIABLE. It’ll be responsible for your package from the initial place to the FINAL DESTINATION. 

Step 3: Tell your freight forwarder the details of your delivery. 

Make sure to include the following information:

  • When do you want your shipment to arrive? 
  • Where is your supplier’s warehouse? (Pick up location).
  • Where’s the final destination of your cargo? 
  • How you’d like to pay for the shipment fees?

Step 4: Wait for your freight forwarder to pick up your cargo.

From here on, you don’t need to ASSIST your freight forwarder with the shipping process. 

All you have to do is wait until it’s time to…

Step 5: Receive your shipment.

The pickup and delivery process is COMPLETE once you receive your cargo at your door. YOU don’t need to put in any effort. 

This process is as easy as grabbing groceries at the supermarket, right? 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Pick-up and Delivery

What is the difference between delivery and pickup?

Delivery is the PROCESS of delivering cargo at the customer’s door. Pickup means the PACKAGE is picked up from a specific location. Shipping couriers often combine the 2 services for the BEST customer satisfaction. 

Which courier service is cheaper?

UPS is the cheapest COURIER that offers pick-up and door-2-door delivery services. For as LOW as $15, this courier picks up your order. And DELIVERS directly to your customer’s door. 

What is pick-up rate?

The PICK-UP date depends on your shipping courier. But in general, it costs less than $5 per package to AVAIL pick-up services. For example, UPS charges $2 for pick-up. While FedEx charges $4.

Is pick-up Safe?

Pick-up is SAFE. In fact, it’s one of the SAFEST shipping services. YOU don’t need to drop your cargo to a post office. Your goods avoid shaking too much during transit. 

How big of a package will UPS pick up?

UPS picks up packages up to 150 lbs and 108 inches long. You don’t need an account to make UPS pick up your oversized cargo for you. You can leave your package outside your door even when you’re not home. 

What’s Next

Pick-up and delivery is the BEST shipment method for businesses who want to SAVE time and energy. The courier HANDLES most of the work for you. All you need to do is wait throughout the whole shipping process.

KEEP the information we included above in mind. And you’ll HAVE THE EASIEST TIME accessing pick-up and delivery services. 

Need a freight forwarder to handle all the work for you? Contact one of our agents! 
Leeline OFFERS the cheapest pickup and delivery rates. What are you waiting for?

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