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Get your shipping cost estimate in a FEW HOURS. Leeline adopts a mixed transportation strategy for a low cost. You get 30 days of FREE storage in our warehouse network worldwide.

Instant quotation with many shipping methods. Get access to short routes for low shipping costs. 

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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We get you short sea routes for low shipping costs. SUPERVISED loading and unloading. Get protective packaging to avoid product damage.

Get a SHARED container as a small business owner. More profit margins!

Air Freight

Air Freight

Our Airlines NETWORK gets you discounted rates. You get fast delivery speeds with a competitive advantage. We handle extensive paperwork for sensitive materials.

We optimize your shipment for lower shipping costs.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

You get mixed modes of transportation with the railway for a lower cost. Avoid delays at junctions with our route selection.

You get your Rail shipping cost calculation in a few hours. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Get smooth MULTI-CHANNEL sourcing and shipping experience with us! We collect, merge and pack your items from different suppliers. You get 30 days of free warehousing for your storage.

We optimize your door-to-door shipping process to save MONEY.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

We handle your Alibaba shipping from the supplier to your doorstep. You get better rates than Alibaba logistics agents. We collect and optimize your shipment.

A CUSTOMIZED plan to ship from different Alibaba suppliers is available.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Hundreds of Amazon SELLERS are in our clientele. You get your shipment direct to Amazon warehouses. We inspect your shipment and REPLACE damaged products with functional ones.

You get elegant branding for your Amazon customers. Build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Why Choose Us?

Instant Quotation

You get your quote within a few hours. You give the required information on our website and get an estimated quotation. No hidden fees. 

Multi-channel Shipping

You get mixed modes of transportation for reduced costs. We supervise every loading and unloading. You get better prices with special HANDLING.

Optimization of Shipment

We optimize your shipment for reduced size and weight. You get more space for more shipments. Easy to STORE and SHIP with reduced cost.

Better Routes

You get access to better routes for fast and cheap shipment. We avoid traffic and get you the best land, sea, and Air freight route. Avoid late shipping without extra HASSLE.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I’m Impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism of LEELINE. It is a smooth and seamless shipping experience From the supplier to my warehouse. I recommend Leeline for its EXCEPTIONAL shipping services. 

– Emma, New Zealand

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How To Calculate Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs are a significant expense. It is estimated to be 20% of your revenue. What if you could calculate shipping costs more EFFECTIVELY? 

Here is a complete GUIDEBOOK from our logistics experts. This comes with years of freight experience. After reading our tips, you get a better deal from a FREIGHT FORWARDER. 

Keep reading to learn more about calculating Shipping costs. You get a better understanding of the FUNDAMENTALS of negotiation.

How To Calculate Shipping Costs

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is the price to move a package or shipment from one place to another. 

It depends on the size & weight of the package with distance and shipping METHOD. Sea, land, and Air are three different shipping methods. There are some extra services. Shipping Insurance, special handling, packaging, storage, and customs costs are also included. 

Every service level has a different cost. Like, the OVERNIGHT service has more shipping fees than average shipping. You calculate shipping fees with package dimensions and destination country.

What can affect shipping costs?

How to reduce shipping costs

Several factors have a direct impact on the shipping cost. Here are a few of them:

  • Size & weight of the package
  • Distance and Destination
  • Shipping method (Land, Air, and Sea)
  • Extra SERVICES (Handling charges, insurance, storage, and packaging) 

First, your shipment SIZE and WEIGHT have a greater impact on cost. Large volumes have more charges than small volumes. You have to go with the entire container in large volumes. It is better to ship large volumes with cheap methods. 

Then it comes to the Distance and destination. Long Distance cost more than a short distance. You select your shipping method based on your DESTINATION. A different method for different types of shipping. 

Sea freight is the most popular and most used method. It is SLOW and CHEAP. Air freight is expensive but fast. Yet, trucking and trains are for land shipping. Different shipping costs for different methods. 

In additional costs, you count insurance, protective packaging, and storage. Special handling request for sensitive materials costs more. You request PROTECTIVE packaging for fragile items. 

Shipping cost is variable with fuel surcharges and inflation. It is an important factor. Agents have shipping RATES charts for flat-rate shipping.

How to determine shipping costs?

How to determine shipping costs

First, you need to understand the size and weight of your SHIPMENT clearly. The shipping method for urgent delivery or normal delivery. Also, your timeline for shipping and destination. Is it in the Peak season or off-season? 

After that, what special services do you need? Special HANDLING, storage, and insurance. 

After having a CLEAR idea about these basic things, here are a few ways to determine the cost. 

  • Calculating shipping costs with charts & calculator

USPS shipping offers an online USPS shipping calculator. You put your details of the package and your timeline. Select first-class PACKAGE service like USPS priority mail. It gives you an estimate of the USPS shipping cost

Final USPS shipping costs can vary because it is different from the exact cost. FedEx shipping RATES are also listed on their flat rate shipping charts. You get a better idea about shipping rates.

  • Direct quotation

Direct quotation from a Shipping company is more accurate. You provide package DETAILS (Size & weight) with necessary information. This quotation is INSTANT or within a specific time. 

It’s better to get a quote from the shipping company. They have updated rates to CALCULATE shipping rates.

How to calculate shipping costs?

The calculation of shipping costs involves three steps. Here are three of them. 

  • Basic calculation of your shipment
  • Shipping calculation with quotation
  • Comparison and NEGOTIATION 

STEP 1: Basic calculation of your shipment

It involves the package weight and size calculation. You calculate dimensions for DIMENSIONAL weight. Try to optimize your boxes for a lower cost. Also, extra charges for extra services you want. Protective layers and shipping insurance is worth taking services.

They give satisfaction and protection. Different shipping methods have different rates. Land and sea ROUTES are cheap like Rail and vessels are cheap. Add up all the costs. Keep a small margin for fuel surcharges. 

STEP 2: Shipping cost calculator & quotation

Most companies like USPS or FedEx have an online calculator for estimated costs. Use the Online USPS shipping calculator. You get quotes with different shipping methods. AND get a direct quotation from their representative too. Air freight is expensive, and Sea freight is cheap. DIFFERENT routes have different charges too. 

For example, Shipping from China to Los Angeles is cheaper than from CHINA to New York. Routes and shipping zones matter most. 

Shipping cost is VARIABLE. The online USPS shipping calculator doesn’t give an exact cost. The final USPS shipping costs are always different. Try to get quotes from a DIRECT shipping company. They update their shipping rate charts with fuel and inflation. You get an exact quote. 

STEP 3: Comparison and negotiation

Consider using a shipping aggregator website. They COMPARE rates from most shipping companies. It’s better to get deal with comparison. You go with the manual method. Compare quotes from different agents with different methods. 

You use quote references in negotiation. Also, you can NEGOTIATE by showing this as a long-term deal. They offer free shipping deals for long-term clients.

Try to discuss every detail before agreeing. STORAGE and shipping routes are important. Sometimes agents charge more for these things. You avoid Hidden charges with discussion. Keep in mind that the cost of shipping can vary.

How to reduce shipping costs?

How to reduce shipping costs

There are several ways to keep your shipping COSTS low. Here are a few of them. 

  1. Mixed modes of transportation. 

Air freight is expensive. Sea freight is cheap but slow. Trucking and rails have different prices too. Mixed MODES of transportation are cheap for shipping internationally

For example, you are shipping from China to the US. Do China to LA, then truck it to your destination. It’s CHEAPER than China to New York and your destination in the US. 

  1. Optimization of your shipment.

Use a smaller box size. It is more efficient for size and weight. This lowers the DIMENSIONAL weight of your package. Also, using optimized and organized shipping needs less handling effort. 

Merging your different items into single boxes also reduces actual weight. Small businesses have One benefit of their own packaging. It reduces the cost of international ORDERS.

  1. Negotiation.

You negotiate your shipping cost with an agent. Companies negotiate for long-term clients. You get discounted rates on large volumes. Get QUOTES from many agents and compare them.

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FAQs about Calculate Shipping Costs

How much do 40 lbs cost to ship?

It is challenging to give you an estimate. Shipping cost depends on VARIOUS factors. It includes size & weight, shipping method, and Distance. But with a rough ESTIMATE, it costs almost 60$ to 80$ with express delivery. Yet, these are not exact shipping charges.

What is the cheapest way to ship?

Sea freight is the cheapest way to ship. It is slow, and 90% of goods are transported by sea freight. You ship with containers. You went with an entire CONTAINERS for large volumes. Shared for small volumes with the same destination. 

How much should I charge for shipping?

It depends on your shipping options method, Distance, and size & weight. You pay higher for Air freight than Sea FREIGHT. You get charged based on these factors. Small packages have fixed costs with different delivery times.

How to get a shipping discount?

Large volumes get shipping discounts. Also, companies give DISCOUNTS to long-term customers on special occasions. Christmas, Easter, New Year, and common discounts for long-term customers. Also, they give DEALS in Off seasons.

What’s Next

Solve the complex process of shipping cost calculation with the right information. You have to understand basic AFFECTIVE factors. It includes the package’s weight and size, Distance, and shipment type. Tools and agents available for cost calculation. 

Most of the time, the final COST differs from the estimated cost.

But with us, You get an ESTIMATE of your shipping cost with different shipping zones. Discuss route planning and shipping strategy. 

Contact us! GET your Shipping cost calculation and final quote Now!

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