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WELCOME Leeline, the most cost-effective China warehouse service provider. You store products at the CENTRAL LOCATION of major cities. Letting you import from China at a moment’s notice.

Reduce business risks with our protected distribution centers. Stay focused on your business operations instead!   

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

No LONGER stress about inventory management, quality control, and warehouse issues. Leeline stores products, pack and SHIP them in your stead.

You get TIMELY updates with our around-the-clock customer support. Rest assured that your products are ALWAYS safe.



Enter the DOORS of the international eCommerce market on a budget. We SHIP products from your supplier DIRECTLY to your customers.

Polishing your brand identity with CUSTOM labels and packages. Earn more money by making LESS effort. 



Store goods for VERY AFFORDABLE rates. You have ENOUGH warehouse space for extremely bulk shipments. We accommodate the STORAGE needs of all product types.

Those include fragile and hazardous materials.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Ship LARGE shipments and containers without breaking the bank. Our team conducts STRICT quality control policies throughout the entire shipment.

Your product’s CLEAR customs borders with zero problems. Allowing you to enjoy on-time shipments on a budget

Air Freight

Air Freight

We choose the SHORTEST routes for your product shipments. Impressing your CUSTOMERS with quick stock replenishment.

Receive your products at your specific location in LESS THAN A WEEK. Earn a LOYAL customer base.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Our Agents CONSOLIDATE your products from different suppliers. Minimizing your shipping costs. Your products only have HIGH-QUALITY packaging.

Always receive sellable, undamaged goods regardless of the season. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Make your China importation journey stress-free. Our trucking services pick up your products from the supplier. Ensuring you meet your quality standard every time.

You don’t worry about paperwork or insurance. Receive your products at your doorstep on your chosen date. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Leeline communicates with your Alibaba supplier. Making sure your products have the correct quantity and quality. Get CUSTOMIZED shipping solutions for your Alibaba shipments.

You ship more Alibaba products for HALF of Alibaba’s actual shipping rates. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

SHIP to Amazon’s FBA with no first-hand involvement. Your product meets Amazon’s standards. Skipping the hefty penalties most new FBA sellers fall for.

Receive TOP-TIER product photos from our marketing team. You grow your Amazon business in just WEEKS! 

Why Choose Us?

Best Price Deals

Receive the CHEAPEST quotations for all your eCommerce needs. Those include shipping, handling, customizing, and storage services. Save money while IMPORTING more products. 

Safe Shipping

Leeline runs QUALITY checks twice for each item before shipping. The best insurance company in China protects your products’ value. Always have ASSURANCE that your assets are safe with us. 

Always Willing To Help

You Get free shipping tips and tricks from our decade-long experts. Follow our proven business models to SPEED BOOST your eCommerce success. 

Free Warehousing

We offer 30-day free warehousing services. Your stored goods have 24-7 protection from our CCTVs and guards. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I was having a hard time managing my business’ products. Luckily, I found Leeline. This company served as my warehouse manager and also fulfillment center. They shipped my products right on time, allowing me to always impress my customers. I highly recommend this company!

– Emma, New Zealand

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 China Warehouses

Finding a DECENT China warehouse is like finding a needle in a haystack. Except the needle is surrounded with DOZENS of fake ones. Willing to poke your business. 

As a fulfillment expert, I know this process can be much easier. All you need is the RIGHT information. Hence, I created this article outlining the must-know facts about China warehouses. Don’t ever fall into the schemes of fake warehouse providers again. 

The best Chinese warehouse? It’s no other than Leeline. This company has over 10 years of experience. A leading VETERAN with professional-level quality control, warehouse, and fulfillment services

Don’t stop scrolling! 

China Warehouse

What is the China Warehouse?

A China warehouse is a large facility. Serving as a storage space for product types of various sizes and quantities. These warehouses store your products properly for a specific time frame. Until your goods are ready for order fulfillment. 

On top of product storage… 

Many Chinese warehouses offer value-added services. Those include packaging, labeling, quality inspection, and even freight services. Giving YOU an upper hand in your inventory management as a business owner. 

Note: Some fulfillment centers have LIMITED warehouse services. Always research which China warehouse fits your business’ e-commerce needs the most. 

4 Types of Warehouses

4 Types of Warehouses

Let’s CLASSIFY the different types of warehouses. 

1. Public Warehouse

Third-party companies or the government often facilitate public warehouses. Hence, these warehouse facilities are available at a VERY affordable price. This type of China warehouse is best for storage. But many small business owners also use them for their logistic services. 

2. Private Warehouse

Also known as bonded warehouses. Private warehouse services are owned and operated by single corporations. Bonded warehouses work best for storing goods of businesses. Especially those with HIGH storage volume requirements

This warehousing service is not as cost-effective as public warehouses’ warehousing solutions. But YOU enjoy better control and FLEXIBILITY in managing your inventory.

3. Fulfillment warehouse

Here’s a China warehouse specializing in order fulfillment services. These warehouses don’t just PROVIDE STORAGE for your goods. They also SHIP directly to your customers in various locations. 

Enjoy the FULL advantage of shipping services with less stress. 

4. Distribution Warehouse

This type of warehouse plays a crucial role in the supply chain of wholesale products. They SERVE as intermediaries. CONSOLIDATING your products from multiple vendors. All your GOODS arrive simultaneously. You ensure cost-effective delivery. 

Benefits of the China Warehouse 

Benefits of the China Warehouse 

Using a China warehouse for your business has many benefits. I’ll list down the ONES I found to be the most game-changing. 

  • Time Flexibility 

You may use China warehouses for both long and short-term storage. You’re not CONSTRICTED by time-specific contracts. Allowing you to REPLENISH your stocks anytime. 

I’ve researched warehouses in other countries. Only to be disappointed that they don’t have this LEVEL of flexibility. China warehouses are DEFINITELY the go-to for stress-free importation. 

  • Thorough Inspections 

China warehouses don’t just store your products. These facilities also GUARANTEE your goods are 100% up to your standards. 

Chinese warehouses have years of eCommerce experience. They know the common tricks and gimmicks suppliers pull OFF to trick foreign buyers. These institutions give 100% assurance that your products are genuine and high-quality. 

  • Safe Handling 

China warehouses HANDLE thousands of parcels on a day-to-day basis. Making them EXPERTS at handling all types of products. Those include fragile, hazardous, and oversized goods. 

You don’t have to WORRY about your cargo’s safety. Warehouses in China have specialized equipment specifically for moving PRODUCTS.

For example, our warehouse, Leeline, has built-in conveyor belts and several forklifts. Allowing my staff to TRANSFER our clients’ goods safely. 

Costs of the China Warehouse 

The cost of renting a Chinese warehouse varies from one warehouse to another. Let’s go over the top 3 factors that MOST affect how much you pay for a warehouse. 

#1: Location 

The location of the warehouse space in China has a significant impact on its cost. Warehouse costs in the major cities of China tend to be higher than in smaller cities.  

For example…

Monthly rent In Shanghai costs you $6 per sqm. Guangzhou, on the other hand, falls between $5 – $15 monthly. And as for Shenzhen, the average rent is $13 – $15 per sqm.

Note: Some Chinese warehouses charge as little as $2.5 per sqm. And there are some that charge as much as $30 per sqm.

#2: Type of Warehouse 

As previously mentioned… 

There’s a variation of costs between the different warehouse types. Public warehouse centers tend to be the CHEAPEST. But remember that private, distribution, and fulfillment warehouses are BETTER for business operations. They OFFER more value-added services. 

#3: Size of the warehouse

Larger warehouses require more operating resources. So they’re GENERALLY more expensive than smaller buildings. 

How to Find the Right China Warehouse? 

How to Find the Right China Warehouse

Let’s make the process of finding a China warehouse easier. Just follow my go-to steps below to SPEEDBOOST this process. 

Step 1: Identify warehousing needs

First, identify the warehousing services you want to acquire. 

Specifically, take note of your products’ size, quantity and type. After that, ASK yourself which value-added services you’ll need. 

For example, fragile handling, custom packaging, or shipping. 

Put ALL OF THESE pieces of information in a note somewhere. They’re your warehousing needs. And you’ll provide them to your warehouse provider at a later step. 

Step 2: Research Chinese warehouses

After identifying your needs…

Start searching for a potential Chinese warehouse. 

There are multiple methods you may follow to accomplish this process.

But the methods I recommend the most are using online directories and referrals. Based on experience, these two are the fastest methods. Serving as the best shortcuts for this entire process. 

Find at least 3 Chinese warehouses that OFFER the services you need. Then, go ahead and… 

Step 3: Ask for quotations 

Request a quotation from the China warehouse you’ve listed. Tell them to include all the costs associated with their service. Ensuring that each quotation you receive is DETAILED. 

Evaluate and compare the quotations you’ve gathered. And based from those…

Select which China warehouse BEST fits your business needs and BUDGET. 

List of China Warehouse

China Warehouse ServiceLocation 
Leeline All-around warehousing servicesChina, USA, Europe 
Fulfillment BridgeWarehouse spaceHong Kong, China
MainfreightDistribution services Beijing, China
VHK LOGISTICChina warehousing serviceHong Kong, China
ZhenhubLogistics and warehouse Hong Kong, China
Zhongtong ExpressWarehouse management systemShanghai, China
FloshipOrder fulfillment solution Hong Kong, China
Debang ExpressWarehouse space for businesses Shanghai, China
ESA LogisticsThird-Party Logistics (3PL) providersHong Kong, China
Yusen LogisticsWarehouse services Distribution Shanghai, China
Apex GroupGlobal Supply Chain Solutions ProviderShanghai, China
Elee China LogisticsWarehouse spaceShanghai, China
Sanity Freight InternationalWarehousing services Shanghai, China
Beijing HYCXeCommerce fulfillment Beijing, China
Wice ChinaWarehouse and fulfillment centerShanghai, China
SF InternationalWarehouse spaceNantongkuang, China
NIPPON EXPRESS GROUPWarehousing services Beijing, China
Guangzhou Wanhang LogisticsWarehouse for your storage needsGuangzhou, China
CBIP LogisticsLogistics and warehouse services Hong Kong, China
Sino ShippingWarehouse spaceHong Kong, China

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs about China Warehouse

What are good warehouse practices?

A good warehouse is a well-organized warehouse. Meaning storage areas are CLEAN and have ample space between boxes. Proper labeling of products is also a NECESSARY practice that makes warehouses good. It makes locating products easier and prevents errors in distribution services. 

Does Aliexpress have China warehouses?

Yes, Aliexpress has many warehouses in China. You’ll find them in the major cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. Most Aliexpress products are from Chinese suppliers with their OWN distribution warehouses. 

Why is labor cheap in China?

Labor cost in China is lower than in other places for 3 reasons. First is being the LARGEST manufacturing industry in the world. Second, due to the large pool of workers available for employment. And lastly, the value of the Chinese Yuan is relatively low compared to other currencies.

Does Amazon have a warehouse in China?

Yes, Amazon has fulfillment centers in China. They’re in the major cities of Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. These warehouse centers SERVE Amazon buyers from China and Asia. You can’t VISIT them in person like every other Amazon warehouse. 

What’s Next

A China warehouse is the KEY to minimizing inventory management stress. Choose the best warehousing services. YOU ENJOY the benefits of safe handling top-tier quality control. Streamlining your INVENTORY process.

Don’t know which warehouse provider to choose? 

Contact Leeline. Get the cheapest warehousing services in China. You’ll receive a FREE quotation in under a day. 

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