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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

YOU transport bulk quantities of products in containers through our ocean shipping service. We offer negotiable rates on every shipment, SAVING you money. Get your shipments within 10-15 days across the world.

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Air Freight

Air Freight

With us, you SAVE money on quick shipments. The consignment process includes merging, packing, and delivering the shipment on time.

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Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Get secure, cost-effective, and high-value shipping through our rail freight. You get everything done in one place, fast, and without breaking the bank.

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Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

REDUCE your hassles of packing, booking, and shipping goods. Leeline works as your freight organizer between your manufacturer and YOU.

We pick from one door and transport to the other, keeping the PACKAGE SAFE.  

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Avoid the EXPENSIVE SHIPPING METHODS of Alibaba when sourcing products. We provide lower air cargo rates to save on your budget.

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Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

SAVE 50% on your budget by selling on Amazon through us. We deliver your goods to the warehouse WITHIN TIME to ensure quick sales.

You get your inventory transported from the manufacturer to the Amazon warehouse.

Why Choose Us?

Safe Transportation

We ensure your goods aren’t lost in transit during international air freight. YOUR supply chain always gets filled before time, maintaining customer count. We keep you updated about delivery time on your air shipments 24/7.

Flexibility With Consolidation

Our flexible consolidation saves you time and money. During this process, Leeline carriers collect production from many suppliers at once. Once your SUPPLY arrives, it’s shipped COLLECTIVELY so that no risks get involved. 

Quick and Easy Custom Clearance

You don’t worry about international customs issues. Our team ensures that goods get shipped worldwide without any difficulty.  All your international shipping needs will get handled by us. 

Competetive Air Cargo Rates

Count on us to negotiate prices with international shipping companies on your behalf. You won’t have to pay high freight charges for imports. Saving money on shipping charges helps you buy more products for your business.

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How do You Reduce Your Air Freight Rate?

Having difficulty finding the air cargo rate for your bulk and small packages?

Air freight rate depend on a shipment’s gross weight and volume weight. But that’s not it; you need to know more about CALCULATING AIR CARGO RATES. 

Leeline logistics has more than 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a freight forwarder. This article explains how rates get determined based on our experiences. You MANAGE THE SURCHARGES and other international air freight costs. 

Move on to read further about air cargo rates.

Air Freight Rate

3 Types of air freight cost

Depending on the different forms of the plane, air freight has three types:

  1. Charter cargo

Charter cargo measures the distance from one location to another. The shipment depends on the air freight capacity of the air carriers. That’s why shippers pay more for shipment charges.

  1. Belly cargo

In a belly cargo, the marginal cost determines the shipping rates. This usually helps to reduce the total shipment charges.

  1. Feeder cargo

These cargoes deal with small aircraft and are thus suitable for shipping companies. DHL and FedEx depend on the feeder cargo for their shipments.

How are base rates determined?

How are base rates determined

Career base rates differ depending on your chosen company and your expected destination. A carrier may charge more or less, but the basic points remain constant. The shipment weight and volume help to calculate the total shipping charges. The two different types of weights determine the total cost.

A general rule entails that the shipment holds less weight but more space. Then the cost depends on the space it covers. The shipment may appear small, but it is quite heavy. Then the cost depends on the weight of the shipment.

The two weights considered during cost calculation include:

1: Gross/ Actual weight

It’s the weight of the shipment on a weighing scale. 

2: Volumetric Weight

The volumetric weight can be estimated using the package length, with, and height. Multiply the three values and divide them with the dimensional factor. This gives the volumetric weight.

Once you have the gross and volumetric weight. Multiply the heavier value by the cost per kg, and you get the base rate.

What are the air freight rates of DHL/FedEx/UPS?

What are the air freight rates Of DHL

The air freight rates of DHL, FedEx, and UPS can easily be known by getting a quote from them. You put the total weight you want to ship and your destination to know the exact air freight rates. 

The formula used by these shipping companies to calculate weight, includes:

Length x Width x Height / 5000

Generally, FedEx appears more expensive than others. But you get high-quality shipping services.

How do you reduce your air freight rates?

How do you reduce your air freight rates

Cargo rates remain the same. Still, some ways help in reducing your air freight price. Especially when transporting worldwide, rates get too high and unaffordable. So use the following tips to pay fewer cargo charges. 

1: Finding Consolidation Services

Find a company like Leeline that offers consolidation services. You might have to pick different shipments from manufacturers at the time. If your shipping company consolidates these shipments together, you pay fewer charges.

2: Put More In One Shipment

Putting more weight in one shipment saves money. Because shipping in different parcels requires you to pay more taxes per shipment. Try to convince your customers to order more items from you. As this reduces the total shipment charges. A smaller package costs more than a larger shipment.

3: Take Advantage of Off-Peak Days

Off-peak days have lesser shipments, making it easy for shipping companies. The cargo company charges less to ship worldwide with a reduced load. You select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to ship your parcels. Sometimes a national holiday also works to reduce shipping charges.

4: Picking Deliveries At Night

Allowing your career company to pick up the deliveries at night makes things easy. Most of the deliveries get picked up during the day, increasing cost as there’s more rush. By reducing the use of company sources at night, you reduce your cost. 

5: Have Strong Relations With Cargo Companies 

Maintain relationships with the cargo companies that you use most. It helps you get better shipping rates and more facilities. A long-term contract makes shipping processes easier and quicker.

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Examples of air freight rate

Examples of air freight rate

Example 1

Freight cost per kg: 5$

Dimensions of the cargo: 1200mm x 800mm x 1070mm

CBM: 1.027

Gross weight: 140 kg

Chargeable Weight: 1.027 x 167 kg= 171.5 kg

As the chargeable weight is more, we will use it to calculate the price.

Total price: 171.5kg x $5 = $857.5  

Example 2

Freight cost per kg: 5$

Dimensions of the cargo: 1200 x 800mm x 1070mm

CBM: 1.027

Gross weight: 300 kg

Chargeable Weight: 1.027 x 167 kg= 171.5 kg

As the chargeable weight is more, we will use it to calculate the price.

Total price: 300kg x $5 =$ 1500

FAQs about Air Freight Rate

What are the 2 main categories of cargo air freight?

1. General Cargo:
it includes goods like:
• Jewelry
• Pharmaceuticals
• Electronics

2. Special Cargo: This includes goods that need certain conditions for transportation. For example, a certain temperature or air pressure.

What is the difference between air cargo and air freight?

Air cargo means a shipment carried by a third-party flight. These are usually passenger planes.

While air freight means a shipment that’s carried by the flight of the shipping company. These planes usually do not carry passengers and designated for carrying freight only.

Is air freight based on volume or weight?

The chargeable weight depends on volume and weight. The freight rate depends on volume when weight appears less than the volume. It’s because the package carries more space. While if the weight appears more than the volume, the shipping charges depend on the weight.

How do you negotiate freight charges?

Negotiating air freight costs becomes difficult when you try it yourself. Taking help from an air freight services providing company makes negotiation possible.

What’s Next

Air freight serves to be the fastest and securest form of transportation. The international air transport association has DESIGNATED AIR CARGO RATES. According to weight and volume.

But how to calculate the exact air freight prices?
Leeline freighters help you. We’ve long-term contacts with creditable and high-value freight companies. Ask us about the dimensional weight, and air freight prices.

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