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LEELINE gets you a good quality shipment from 1688. Access the local Chinese market with us. CHEAP sourcing and huge profits.

We handle everything from supplier hunting to shipping on your doorstep. Complete customized plans according to your needs. 

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers are in our network. Native Chinese language speakers for better negotiations.

Get free supplier hunting service and guidance till you finalize your ideal supplier. 

Product Quality

Product Quality Control

Inspection staff visit the production site and check standards. Full control over the quality, even during production. We filter out damaged products from shipment.

Replace them with functional items to keep the stock level balanced. 

Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label

Attractive product listing with professional product images. Make your product’s feature prominent in the listing. We add custom labels and branding for your strong brand’s Identity.

Customers receive products in elegant packaging. BOOSTS customer satisfaction. 

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Competitive rates for both FCL & LCL shipments. Right container choice according to your shipment with dedicated assistance.

Reduce your international shipping costs with shipment optimization. Fast shipping with short sea routes. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Get urgent Air shipping with our airline network at cheap rates. Direct shipment from 1688 suppliers to you after processing.

Optimize your shipment to minimize space use and weight. Discounted deals for you with extra services. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Extra protective layers for sensitive & fragile products during RAIL SHIPPING.  Real-time tracking with supervised ON/OFF loading for satisfaction.

Rail is cheap and fast, which reduces your international & Domestic shipping costs. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door to Door shipment handling & management with real-time updates. No need to hire many shipping agents. Customize your plans according to your PEAK & OFF seasons.

Avoid expensive shipping rates with an advanced shipping strategy.  

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Receive safe and intact ALIBABA Shipping with protective layers and packaging. We pick up, process, and optimize  Alibaba shipping. 

Get consolidated Alibaba shipping from multiple suppliers. No more extra labor and shipping costs.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Instant shipping quotes with different methods help you to make a sound decision. Get branding and elegant packaging before shipping to FBA Center.

Increase brand loyalty & customer following without extra effort.  

Why Choose Us?


1688.com has huge Chinese suppliers that don’t speak the English language. We have fluent staff in Chinese and English for easy negotiations. Easy to negotiate rates with a quality product. 

Production Inspection 

We check raw materials, standards, and licenses. Get a detailed video review of product samples with full testing. No more bad reviews & customer complaints with quality inspection. 

Customs Clearance

No more delays at customs due to poor paperwork management. We handle all import/export customs paperwork. Smooth customs process with no delays. 

Free Storage 

30 days of free storage at local and international warehouses. Easy access to ports for shipping internationally. Avoid recurring storage costs for backup stock. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Thank you for helping me with sourcing & shipping from 1688.com at low rates. I wanted cheaper sourcing from local Chinese suppliers. Leeline made this possible with its complete supply chain management. I recommend LEELINE to every starter. 

– Mary, Florida

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 1688 Agents In 2024

Want reliable service from an experienced 1688 agent? 

If yes, then hold on! Our product sourcing experts compiled this list of reliable agents for 1688 sourcing. After reading, Choose your purchasing agent with complete understanding. 

No doubt, LEELINE is at the top of the list. Their cheap rates and negotiations with the supplier are their strength. You get global shipping at a reasonable cost, making them the perfect choice. 

Yet, Keep reading about the overview of all agents & Companies. 

Top 20 1688 Agents

1. Leeline


LEELINE has an office in Wuhan, the transport hub of china. Native Chinese staff with English fluency that gives you a smooth communication experience. Not only 1688.com, but you also get access to other local factory owners. Get Deep access to China’s domestic market for cheap sourcing at competitive rates.


  • International fulfillment warehouses make the drop shipping business simple.  Serve your customers across borders with Fast processing at good rates.   
  • The strong Design & Product development team for product customization. Easy to stand out from the crowd by targeting more pain points.
  • Extra services like branding, packaging, and inspection at very cheap rates. Obtain product samples with prompt courier shipping partners.    


  • Non-negotiable rates for low-volume orders. Bulk buying has more room for negotiations and discounted deals.

2. Bestfulfill


BESTfulfill is more focused on fulfillment services for drop shippers. Hundreds of suppliers and winning products are in their catalog. Access winning products in a few clicks. Also, design your custom labels and branding material with their design team. 


  • Packaging and branding for dropshipping products to look them branded. Makes a strong brand identity at reasonable prices. 
  • Multiple courier partners for fast shipping. Adjust your shipping speed according to budget and customer requirements. 
  • Fulfillment centers spread across the world for fast fulfillment. Serve your international customers more easily. 


  • Not the best sourcing or purchasing services. Good for drop shippers with fulfillment needs. 

3. China Purchasing Agent

China Purchasing Agent

This is a local Chinese reliable agent, as their name shows. They offer import and sourcing services from all over Chinese marketplaces. Check supplier information & Evaluate different suppliers through them.      


  • Calculate shipping charges with their online calculator. The final cost may vary due to extra services. Instant quotes with different shipping methods.     
  • Get custom packaging and bundling according to shipment size. Branding and labeling save extra time. Easy to transport a single international shipment.   
  • Real-time tracking and shipping updates with air and sea shipping. Better price with high shipping volume.      


  • Desired Product customization services are not as strong as other websites. Also, Not good minimum order quantities for starters.    

4. LINC Sourcing

LINC Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is one of the best sourcing agents for the Chinese MARKET. Get complete sourcing and shipping plans with legal consultation. Better representations in case of issues with suppliers and manufacturers. Fluent Chinese-speaking staff for better negotiations. 


  • 1688.com has local Chinese suppliers, so they have quality issues. Inspection services help you to avoid quality issues.  
  • Local Chinese manufacturers network to help you in cheap manufacturing. Bulk sourcing from manufacturers. 
  • Minimal cost for wholesale as well as private labeling. Good profit margins with their negotiations. 


  • Limited customization and product development team.  Shop around for better customization opportunities.

5. Fillsell


Fillsell offers sourcing & shipping from Chinese and US markets. Good option if you are looking to source from different countries. They handle all sourcing & shipment from 1688.com suppliers with customs handling.     


  • Sourcing from their US suppliers saves international shipping costs and long transit time. 
  • Shipment optimization helps you to reduce base shipping weight and dimensions. Face low shipping costs due to less dimensional weight. Save labor & shipment handling costs. 
  • Store integration with the Shopify app for dropshippers and retail businesses. Automate outsourcing and fulfillment in a few clicks and enjoy more time!   


  • Less focus on private and white labeling due to huge demands from dropshippers.

List of 1688 Agents

Company NameServicesLocation
JingsourcingChina sourcing agentYiWu, China
Baysource GlobalSourcing from china to USFlorida, United States
Foshan Sourcing1688.com sourcing companyFoshan area of China
B2C SourcingSourcing and shipping solutions providersChina
Guided Importsproducts sourcing from 1688.com Shenzhen, China
CNXtransChina sourcing agentChina
Maple SourcingBest manufacturer and supplier finderShenzhen, China
TonysourcingShipping & sourcing companyYiwu, China
Sourcify1688.com Sourcing CompanyCalifornia, United States
China2WestChina sourcing companyGuangdong, China
SupplyIASourcing and dropshipping project managementMainland China
Meeno GroupSourcing agent & freight forwarderZhejiang, China
Sourcing BroSuppliers hunting and sourcing agentYiwu, China
Dragon SourcingSourcing service companyLondon, UK
LazpandaChina sourcing companyShenzhen, China

What are the risks of sourcing on 1688?

What are the risks of sourcing on 1688

1688.com is a local sourcing platform for the Chinese. We have all heard of Alibaba, but most local suppliers prefer 1688.com for sourcing. Here is the common risk you face while sourcing from 1688. 

  1. Quality issues 

It’s a prominent issue because of local supplies. China is a competitive market for retailers and suppliers. So Suppliers focus on cheap products, which end up low-quality products. 

So how to avoid these quality issues? 

The best way is production inspection if you are sourcing from manufacturers. Product inspection before shipping also helps you to filter out damaged products. 

  1. Communication gap 

Most Chinese suppliers are not fluent in English. It causes a major problem for communication. You need to hire a local Chinese representative for negotiations. It saves you a lot of sourcing and shipping costs. 

  1. Payment issues & Scams 

You need to pay suppliers with their appropriate payment method. You often end up in a scam where they request you to send them private payments. Better to work with a supplier who accepts international payment methods. 

How do you get a trusted agent in China?

There are two ways to find a trusted agent in china. One is through personal recommendations, and the second is with B2B platforms. But while finding an agent, you need to remember a few things. Here are these important points. 

What does their previous client say about them? Do they have a presence on the B2B platform where you check their feedback and reviews? 

If Yes, then evaluate their credibility with previous reviews. 

What are their services, and what are they promising? Some agents don’t have the right infrastructure for a particular sourcing service. They outsource these services to other companies. This not only increases costs but shows a lack of transparency. 

Branding, packaging, or shipping are services that most agents outsource. Inquire about all these services. 

Better to discuss any free service they offer. Most of them charge for these at the end. It is, of course, a Hidden cost. Mention these services in your agreement. 

View business registration information. They are more valid and credible if operating for a long time. Their Government business licenses tell more about their background than any website. 

Last, pay through a third-party assurance app with refund options. You would be in a better place in case of any issues.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about 1688 Agent

Can you buy from 1688 in the USA?

Yes, you buy from 1688 despite being from the USA. Yet, 1688.com is a Chinese business website with more local suppliers. But it is also available for international sourcing. Hire a Chinese sourcing agent if you have a language issue. 

Do you pay taxes when buying from China?

There are many import taxes and duties that Customs take on certain values. Customs have updated charts about taxation values on their website. Check if you have any shipments coming from china. 

Which one is cheaper, 1688 or Alibaba?

1688 has more domestic suppliers. Thus, almost all suppliers have good rates. Most suppliers don’t speak English. Alibaba suppliers have better communication skills than 1688. But they are not cheaper than 1688. 

What’s Next

Sourcing from the local Chinese market may have many product quality issues. It affects your customer’s and business reputation. It can be avoided easily with a detailed inspection of products. 

Do you want to receive only high-quality products with the proper inspection? 

Contact us Now to start your supplier hunting with production inspection. Make important, timely decisions even before shipping. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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