Pricing & Plan


We provide 24/7 online real-time feedback to all your inquiries. You’ll enjoy fast delivery and shipping, which makes your customers loyal to your brand. 


Our rates are unbeatable whenever it comes to 2-day delivery and shipping. You can compare our rates to other providers. 


Your fulfillment costs – picking, packing, packaging, order handling & shipping – are charged as a combo kit: Fulfillment and Storage.

Our Pricing & Plans

The Value of Pro Service

We offer reliable and fast shipping by sea, rail and air. You’ll get unmatched competitive prices because we ship in large volumes daily. We ship different kinds of products worldwide, notwithstanding the volume.

Service Fees

Determine a quote based on your shipping needs.

If You Don’t Have Shipping Agent Yet

You can rely on us to purchase products, conduct quality inspections and transport the products from the suppliers to your location. You will get your products in perfect shape and timely.

If You Have Shipping Agent Already

  1. Ship by the trusted freight forwarder

Feels free to compare our price and delivery plan with your current agent. If our plan is favorable, be rest assured that we create a healthy environment for long-term shipping and logistics partnerships.

  1. Ship by suppliers

We offer competitive logistics prices and solutions compared to shipping directly from suppliers. You’ll get comprehensive product sourcing services, from product sourcing, labeling and packaging, quality control inspections, and order follow-up to shipping.

Dropshipping Plan

Dropshipping from China Becomes So Easy

Product Sourcing

Multi-channel Shipping

Branded Dropshipping

Quality Inspection

Inventory Storage

Order Fulfillment

The Value of Pro Service

We help you source the best supplier with the most competitive prices at no hidden costs. Your orders will be thoroughly inspected to ensure your store doesn’t get negative reviews. 

Processing Fee 

From $1 ~ $2 per order

Service Fees

Determine a quote based on your shipping methods.

1month Free Storage

If You Don’t Have Dropshipping Suppliers Yet

We will source and recommend the perfect products and suppliers for you. Your products will be purchased, packaged, and shipped to your location safely.

If You Have Dropshipping Suppliers Already

You can reduce your e-commerce supply chain risk by using our alternative suppliers. We help you source and purchase products,  provide top-notch design packaging, ship products, and track the products to your location.    

Sourcing Plan

Make Your Supply Chain Much Simpler and More Efficient

Free Product Sourcing

Follow Up Production

Customize Products and Packaging 

Recommended Hot-selling Products

Collection Samples & Inspection

Product Photography

Private Label

Free Warehouse 1 Month

The Value of Pro Service

Submit your request, and our agent will get you a quote and sample within 48 hours for free. Once you confirm the product details, we will coordinate the production process and ship it to your location.

Service Fees

If You Don’t Have Suppliers Yet

We’ll get you better-priced suppliers, to compare with yours. We will manage your mass production, quality inspection, and international logistics if you choose our suppliers.

If You Have Suppliers Already

For the smooth production of your products, we provide advice on communication with suppliers and follow-up of product production. Also, you can get quality inspection.

If You Have Already Placed Orders With Your Suppliers

Our agents will pick up your products from different suppliers and store them in our warehouse. Your products will receive expertly quality inspections before shipping to your location. 

Quality Plan

Mitigate Import Risks and Ensure On-time Delivery and Quality

Factory Audit

Supplier Background Check

Pre-Production Inspection

In-Process (DUPRO) Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Final Inspection

Container Loading Check

First Article Inspection

AQL Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection

100% Inspection

CE Compliance

Social Compliance Audit

The Value of Pro Service

We audit factories to ensure they meet international standards. Our agents conduct thorough, piece-by-piece inspections of each product at the supplier’s factory. In our warehouse, we recheck and repack before arranging for international shipping.  

Service Fees

Factory Audit start from $300

Product Inspection start from $300

Pre-shipment Inspection start from $300

Social Compliance Audit start  from $495

Fulfillment Plan

Fast fulfillment to Accelerate Your Sales

1 Month Free Warehouse

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon FBA Prep

Product Bundling

Subscription Box Fulfillment

The Value of Pro Service

We pick, label, pack, store and conduct quality product inspections before shipping. You’ll get better processing and handling rates from us. You’ll get one of the fastest shipping and order handling from us. 

Processing Fee 

  • From $1 ~ $2 per order
  • Free Storage

Shipping Fee

Varies based on destination, weight, dimensions, shipping service, and more. You can get shipping recommendations from our fulfillment advisors.

FBA Label Fee

The fee for FBA Label service is $0.2 per item. (MOQ 20$ Per order)

Who connects to us?

Amazon Sellers

You can rely on us to develop your assembled products at competitive market prices. We source Amazon products and ensure they meet FBA labeling requirements before shipping to the FBA warehouse. 

E-Commerce Brands

We can give your e-commerce business a facelift with our systematic state-of-the-art inventory. So, whether you’re a newbie to e-commerce or looking to expand your product selection, we got you covered. 

Import Trader

Trade Importers from Africa, India, and other South Asian countries need to recommend a variety of products. We source, pick and consolidate the orders and ship to them without any hassle.  

Offline Supermarket

Supermarkets need low prices on product items to make profits. We help supermarkets in Southeast Asia and Africa source equivalent products to meet their seasonal sales.  

Ready to get started to grow your business?

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Hey I'm Sharline, the founder of Leeline. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing and shipping in China, we help 2000+ clients import from China,Alibaba,1688 to Amazon FBA or shopify. If you have any questions about sourcing and shipping , pls feel free to contact us.

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