Air Freight vs Sea Freight

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Air Freight vs Sea Freight


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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We provide custom sea freight solutions according to YOUR budget. You don’t have to break YOUR bank either full container load or less than container load.

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Air Freight

Air Freight

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Railway Freight

Railway Freight

You get MORE CAPACITY for your cargo and safely transport from china to any country. Leeline is a one-stop solution for all your budget problems.

We give FULL guarantee of customs clearance. 

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Transporting goods always be a piece of cake for YOU as we ensure safe and fast door-to-door shipping.

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Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Get RID of Alibaba’s EXPENSIVE SHIPPING through our budget-saving deals. You deliver YOUR products to customer’s doorstep within 5-7 days. Our professional team also does quality checking of your cargo.

So it meets the standards of the international air transport association. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

With our fast shipping to FBA, YOU 2X your profit through early selling. You receive 24/7 updates during all such shipments. No matter whether your cargo has large or small quantities.

We SAFELY handle the entire process at competitive rates.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Clearance

We manage all documentation for shipment for all kinds of transportation. YOU NEVER have to spend your time dealing with inter and outer shipping issues at the port. 

Price Effective Model

We safely BUNDLE pack your high-value goods to save you the maximum on all your shipping models. You save 50% of your budget through our PRICE-EFFECTIVE shipping options. 

Fast Shipping

Your customers won’t have to wait long as we maintain FAST shipments. Globally, we ship via 18 shipping methods, including express shipping and FedEx. We ship your large cargo volumes in less than 10 days.

Free Warehouse

YOU get access to the warehouse for 1 month free. Our team does a quality check and ensures the SAFE STORAGE of your shipping cargo.

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Air Freight vs Sea Freight: How to Choose?

Need to ship YOUR large cargo? And need clarification about which is better, air freight vs. sea freight? 

It drives you crazy when your production is ready, but YOU can’t find a better shipment option. 

Hold on…

You make the right choice for your company with our air and ocean freight shipments guide. We cover each shipping method’s pros and cons so that YOU figure out the PERFECT option.

Keep reading!

Air Freight vs Sea Freight

Benefits and Cons of Air Freight vs Sea Freight

Hazardous and flammable materials are transported by air and sea. But both of these cargo holds have specific pros and cons too. Here we are discussing the advantages and drawbacks of air freight vs. sea freight. So you better know which one fits your budget and large cargo volumes.

Benefits and Cons of Air Freight vs Sea Freight

Air freight


  • Air freight is the fastest of all other shipping solutions. As YOU ship by air, lead time becomes shorter to transport globally.
  • It is the MOST reliable shipping method for shipping expensive and sensitive products. YOU send greenhouse gases with complete satisfaction.
  • Air shipment is the MOST EXCELLENT courier service of all. You get access to premium features. Hard to find in other popular methods.
  • In case YOUR cargo is lost, YOU get protected by airline regulations. They offer premium insurance for your bulk cargo.


  • This shipping solution can be out of your budget as it is the MOST expensive.
  • You can’t choose air shipment for heavy weights as it costs you an arm and a leg.
  • Although it is FAST, YOUR cargo can still delay due to weather issues.

Sea Freight


  • Sea freight offers YOU cost-effective deals. MUCH BETTER for regular shippers.
  • You transport huge weights. It is DURABLE ENOUGH to ship container loads.
  • Compared to other methods, it has a much smaller carbon footprint and is more ECO-FRIENDLY.
  • You get saved from paying HEAVY VAT and Tax PAYMENTS. 


  • Your container ship takes more lead time to reach its destination than air freight.
  • Sea freight is Air freight is MORE reliable than air freight, so choose at your own risk.

Air Freight vs Sea Freight: The Main  Differences

Air Freight vs Sea Freight The Main  Differences

Here is an in-depth comparison of air freight vs. sea freight.


Price is the main factor that differentiates air freight and sea. You have to pay the amount thrice for air transportation than by ocean carriers. Choose air freight when your cargo is expensive. It contains sensitive products like food items with short lead times. 


When it comes to reliability, some things beat passenger aircraft. It has an expensive lead courier system and can ship your products in less than a week. But due to its high rates, you must go for sea freight. It offers a flat rate.

With the introduction of new policies, this system has also evolved over time. Some top-notch Forwarders offer expedited LCL, which guarantees delivery time. It is near to competing for air transportation.

Weight capacity

Sea freight is an excellent option for weight capacity. YOU load weights equal to full containers containing thousands of jars. However, it is a bit slower but has a unique carbon footprint system. This capacity option is limited in air shipment, and you must abide by their strict policies.

Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: How to Choose?

Your business must carefully consider many factors when choosing ocean or air freight.

Cost is often the primary deciding factor. But transit time, shipping restrictions, and the type of goods shipped are also important. 

Transit time

The first thing to consider is time. Air freight is much faster than the ocean freight. So it’s the obvious choice if you need your goods to arrive quickly. However, air freight is also much more expensive, so ocean freight is the way to go if you’re on a tight budget.

Shipment size

Your shipment’s weight and size are also important considerations. Air freight has strict limits on shipment size and weight. It mainly allows smaller shipments. Go for ocean freight for larger shipments

Goods type

You should consider the goods, such as fireworks, acetone cans, fire extinguishers, etc. 

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FAQs about Air Freight vs Sea Freight

Is air freight more expensive than sea freight?

Air freight is typically more expensive than sea freight. But there are some circumstances where it may be cheaper. For example, If you need to transport goods urgently(perishable goods). Air freight is also the best chance to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition.

Is it better to ship by air or sea?

You need to consider the size and weight of your shipment, the value of your goods, and whether you need special handling. Air shipping is generally best for high-value, time-sensitive shipments. Sea shipping is often a more economical option for larger loads.

Which goods are best transported by air?

Certain goods are best transported by air due to their fragility, size, or weight. Air shipping is usually only used for items that require speed or special care due to its higher cost.

Airfreight is often used to ship:
• Electronics
• Perishable food items
• Flowers
• Medicine
• Valuable paintings or sculptures

Which courier is best for international?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a courier for international shipping. Cost is one important factor. But you must also consider the courier’s reputation, delivery times, and more. With so many factors, deciding which courier is best for your needs can take time.

Here are the best couriers for international shipping to help you make a decision. These are:
• SF Express

What’s Next

Ultimately, air and sea freight have their advantages and disadvantages. Air freight is generally faster and more expensive. While sea freight is slower but less expensive. 

Your specific needs and budget determine the best option for you.

Running LOW on a budget? Have large orders in the queue to ship at strict deadlines? 

Talk to our agent to figure out the best option. 

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