Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

LEELINE gets you cheap sourcing from Guangzhou wholesale markets. Our skilled agents check the production facility’s standards and certifications.

Avoid quality damage and defective items with the supplier’s inspection. Complete supplier verification to choose the right supplier. 

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Sourcing Product Suppliers 

Access local Chinese suppliers with cheap rates. Free supplier hunting process till you find an ideal supplier.

We negotiate on your behalf and try to get you the best deal. More profit margin with cheap sourcing.  

Product Quality

Product Quality Control

We guarantee consistent quality. Our production process inspection helps you to avoid low-quality manufacturers. Avoid inventory and raw material loss with timely decisions.

Decreases your product cost as well as you get quality products.  

Private Label

Private Label & White Label

Leeline helps you from the sourcing process to Product branding & Listing. Get stunning Images with highlighted features. Multinational team for design & customization.

Makes you unique products to crush your competitor. 

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Secured sea shipping with secured container choice. Enjoy the best shipping method at cheap rates. Our local team handles shipments on ports.

Priority-based space reservation on the vessels to save time. Keep your supply chain efficient without any tension. 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Receive your fragile & Time-sensitive items with our urgent air shipping. Discuss your shipping timelines with Leeline’s dedicated air shipping assistance.

Take your slot, & we handle the rest, from customs clearance to airline selection. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Fast and Cheap rail shipping for both Domestic & International routes. We handle Rail shipping from different Chinese regions to Ports.

Real-time tracking updates with supervised loading & unloading. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

LEELINE handles complete supply chain management from suppliers to your doorstep. Avoid the time-consuming process of hiring multiple agents with our One-stop solution.  

Better invest time in business expansion.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Customized Alibaba shipping plan with consolidated & optimized shipment. We receive shipments from many suppliers and repack them into single packaging.

Saves you handling time & labor costs without extra charges. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Inspection of each FBA item saves you every bad quality review. Direct shipment to FBA Center with a fast shipping method(Air, Sea).

You never run out of stock due to shipping delays.  

Why Choose Us?


Establish your brand’s identity with custom labels and logos. We add branding & elegant packaging to every item. Build a loyal customer base line without a huge marketing budget. 

Supplier Catalog

Hundreds of Guangzhou suppliers and manufacturers are in our network. Direct sourcing from manufacturers saves you a huge cost. 

Customs Handling 

LEELINE handles the complete custom process for smooth clearance. Don’t worry about Extensive customs paperwork and requirements for clearance. 


Strong design and Product development team to stand out your product. Build unique products and target new audiences

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I wanted to import business supplies from Guangzhou but faced quality issues. Thanks to my one fellow business owner who introduced LEELINE to me. I am impressed by their work. I definitely recommend working with LEELINE and their team. 

– Victor, California

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

Want a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent for cheap China sourcing? 

Hold On! Our product sourcing experts have compiled this list of agents to save you valuable time. Utilize existing relationships with suppliers & sourcing experience to minimize sourcing costs. 

LEELINE has topped the list for his experience & deep connections in Guangzhou. They have helped thousands of Overseas companies & foreign buyers in Guangzhou supplier sourcing. 

Don’t stop and keep reading about your business’s best China sourcing agent

Top 20 Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

1. Leeline


Leeline has a manufacturer network in every sourcing category to get discounted prices. An experienced team is fluent in both Chinese and English. You won’t face any communication gap with the supplier. Easy to negotiate prices for a good deal with better trade terms. 


  • The inspection team helps filter out damaged products before shipping. Won’t face shipping and handling charges for damaged products. 
  • Located in Wuhan, the transport hub of China. Makes your shipping easier and cheap with complete handling. 
  • Real-time inventory & tracking updates with thirty days of free warehousing or storage. Worldwide storage & fulfillment network to keep your backup stock safe and organized.


  • Prices or quotes are straightforward, with fewer chances of negotiations for small orders.

2. Guangzhou Sourcing

Guangzhou Sourcing

Guangzhou sourcing company has better access to local Wholesale markets of Guangzhou. Specialized in various categories (Sanitary, Medical, Hospitality, and restaurant supplies). Makes them sourcing champions in these categories with a strong grip. 


  • Strong product development team in their specialized category. Truly understands product features and what makes them stand out. 
  • Consultation services to build a successful import business. Their Guangzhou agents offer procurement management for construction projects. 
  • Quality management and inspection services to filter out damaged products. Experienced sourcing team that looks after quality in the whole process. 


  • Their services are only limited to a few product categories. Yet they may expand in the future. 

3. Sourcing Nova

Sourcing Nova

Another famous name for Guangzhou sourcing is Sourcing NOVA. Free instant quote to calculate your sourcing cost. Also offers Amazon prep services and Dropshipping fulfillment. Easy to expand in multiple businesses. 


  • Good warehousing and storage services near Yantian Port, Shenzhen. Access worldwide sea shipping in a few hours. Low transportation cost towards ports. 
  • Extensive consultation for Import/Export customs documentation. Connect with their customs agents through them for a better deal.
  • Different sourcing plans to meet your sourcing needs. I recommend an enterprise solution if you are a big brand. 


  • Don’t offer shipping solutions along with sourcing. Sourcing is also limited to a few categories. 

4. Alibaba


No doubt Alibaba is famous for sourcing from China. This is one of the biggest B2B marketplaces in the world. 

Finding local Guangzhou agents is easier with filters. Filter out agents with their location. This helps you to find particular agents from the Guangzhou region. 


  • Previous reviews & Feedback to evaluate the agent’s services. Easy to filter out a credible sourcing & buying agent in thousands of available agents. 
  • The supplier information page tells you deeply about their credibility. Also, Alibaba trade assurance gives you a refund & returns security. 
  • You get multiple quotes and pricing offers. Negotiate with them through chat and sign your final deal with the formal agreement. 


  • Service depends on individual agents. Prices are high due to Alibaba fees. 

5. Morefar Global

Morefar Global

Morefar Global provides sourcing services in more than 10 countries. Good connections in Guangzhou markets. They offer services in different categories. From electronic accessories and mobile phones to leather bags. Very versatile with the best quality 


  • 2500+ suppliers and manufacturers in various categories. Direct sourcing from factories at low prices. 
  • Quality inspection service saves you from default or damaged products. They offer a complete factory audit with certification verifications. 
  • Get customized items from factory owners. Also helps you to outsource from other online platforms with good pricing. 


  • Shipping services are not available on their main site. Yet you request to find a good shipping partner or handle it yourself. 

List of Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

Ejet Solutions LimitedSourcing agent GuangzhouChina
Amanda Intl Group companySourcing & Supply chain managementGuangdong, China
Foshan SourcingSupplier evaluation and sourcing companyChina
Tanndy LimitedRaw Building materials sourcing and managementChina
China2WestChinese sourcing agentGuangdong, China
Fami SourcingGuangzhou sourcing agentGuangdong, China
Meeno GroupSourcing agent from ChinaZhejiang, China
Sourcing BroSourcing company Yiwu, China
GzamandaSourcing and import to EU and USAChina 
LazpandaSourcing and shipping servicesShenzhen, China
CSC International Inspection LtdInspection, Sourcing & Shipping agentChina
Guided ImportsImport and sourcing company Shenzhen, China
China Purchasing AgentChina sourcing companyChina 
Linc SourcingSourcing company Shanghai, China
Maple SourcingSourcing process manager and agentShenzhen, China

How do you directly source from Guangzhou?

How do you directly source from Guangzhou

The Chinese market is very cheap but comes with a language barrier. Direct sourcing is only possible with a professional sourcing agent. Why is direct sourcing only achievable with sourcing agents? 

Here are the following that make Chinese sourcing agents necessary. 

  • Supplier hunting from the Guangzhou wholesale market is difficult. First, you don’t have any existing connections, and the second is a huge language issue. You need a reliable sourcing agent with connections in Guangzhou, China. 
  • Quality affects business directly. They inspect products before shipping. Their role becomes more crucial if you outsource from factories. Sourcing agents offer production inspection to achieve the best possible quality. 
  • Shipping process handling is another important service. They hire a shipping agent, but most also offer it. 

But where do you find the best Guangzhou sourcing agent? 

Keep reading. I have written something for you in the following section. 

How do foreigners find a Guangzhou sourcing agent?

Foreigners visit China for their sourcing, but it is very expensive. Most people visit Guangzhou directly and try to find agents. There are three main ways to find any sourcing agent. 

  1. B2B platforms

B2B platforms like Aliexpress are very helpful. Search with your keywords, and then it shows you their past reviews and feedback. Best way to evaluate any sourcing agent. It is the best place if you need a one-time service(inspection, branding, or packaging). 

  1. Search engines

Conversely, Search engines like Google are also best for finding sourcing services. Google and type relevant search terms like “ Sourcing agent Guangzhou China.” It shows you sourcing agents for the Guangzhou market. 

But How to check their credibility? 

Well, use the same search engines. Type the scam keyword with their name to show any reported scam of that agent. Check their website and social media handlers. See whether they are updated and have some angry customers. 

  1. Personal recommendations

The best way to find any service is to ask your social circle. Ask fellow sellers and business owners who import from Guangdong province. Post in online communities, and most people tell you about their Guangzhou agents. CHECK their websites, and repeat the same process of search engines. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

What does a sourcing agent do?

They handle all sourcing and shipping of your inventory. First, they help you with supplier finding and sample product inspection. Now they manage your sourcing from suppliers. After that, agents do branding and packaging if you want. 

Why does China sell things so cheap?

China is an industrial and manufacturing hub of the world. They have the cheapest manufacturing process with skilled labor. It makes their markets so cheap for international customers. Check their local marketplaces if you want cheaper sourcing. 

Does Guangzhou suppliers reliable?

Reliability and credibility depend on individual suppliers, not on any region or platform. Take precautionary steps and carefully decide about sourcing. Hire a local Guangzhou agent to find credible & reliable suppliers. 

What’s Next

Guangzhou markets are very diverse, with different quality categories. Yet if you look for a cheap product, you may end up with bad quality. These quality problems further affect the business reputation and customer trust.

But How do you get Quality products even at good prices?

Leeline has an extensive quality inspection process with strong negotiation. Contact us to discuss your quality expectations from Guangzhou.

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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