DHL Shipping From China to USA

Get 40% less shipping rates on bulk packages, SAVING ON YOUR BUDGET. Transport with the NEEDED METHOD, depending on your package size.

We manage your shipments on time, helping you maintain your inventory. Enjoy QUICK AND RELIABLE shipping solutions.   

DHL Shipping From China to USA


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

TRANSPORT BIG CONTAINERS with our sea freight services, avoiding delays. We pick up the containers from the port and deliver them to your destination. 

Enjoy affordable rates on sea freight with Leeline.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Deliver small and expensive products with our air freight method. We ensure fast delivery to your destination. You get more satisfied customers by managing your stock with NO ZERO PRODUCT TIMES. Leeline quickens the delivery process for YOU. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

YOU get the best railway freight solutions to deliver big shipments worldwide. Get REGULAR TRAIN SCHEDULE UPDATES to know where’s your parcel and how soon you’ll receive it. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

SAVE your time by relieving stress on direct shipping. Leeline provides accurate and reliable shipping solutions reducing your effort.

ESTABLISH YOUR BUSINESS sourcing and delivering your products around the globe.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Save 50% of your budget when shipping through us from Alibaba. Say GOODBY to ALIBABA high shipping services. We SAFELY ship at your door within the time limit through 18 shipping methods. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

YOU sell INTERNATIONALLY through AMAZON FBA using our CHEAP shipping options. SAVE maximum. Leeline picks CARGO from the manufacturer and transports the goods to the Amazon warehouse in LESS than a month.

YOU also don’t need to worry about documentation and customs clearance.  

Why Choose Us?

More Shipping Options

Enjoy a variety of shipping options, including rail, sea, ocean, and air freight. You ship with quick and reliable methods to get the delivery at desired location and time.

30 Days Free Warehouse

Enjoy our 30 days free China DHL warehouse when shipping from China. You get safe and reliable storing of your inventory with us.

Processing in Holidays

No need to lose business with late shipments during the Chinese holidays. We work 24/7 throughout the year to make your shipments on time, helping with your business. 

Less Delivery Times

Ship from China to anywhere globally with less shipment time, making quick deliveries. You keep your customer count by providing on-time products with no delays.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I needed DHL Hong Kong air freight services, but facing difficulty. On a friend’s reference, contacted Leeline for help. They are amazing and easy to work with. The Leeline customer support team responded within 4 hours, and my shipment was on the way within a day. Thanks to their quick air freight solutions with low freight costs.

– Viola, New York

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

DHL Shipping From China to USA: Ultimate Guide

Are you thinking about how long the DHL express takes from China to USA? 

DHL freight offers QUICK CHINA Express SHIPPING PROCESS throughout the globe. You boost your business using advanced, cost-effective, and quick shipping methods.

Can’t find a reliable DHL agent service for your business?

Leeline help using 10+ years of experience dealing with China to USA shipments. And help you get easier with bulk and small shipments.

Continue to read the article with our SHARED EXPERIENCES.

DHL Shipping From China to USA: Ultimate Guide

When should you use DHL shipping from China to USA?

As an e-commerce business owner, you need shipping services from China to the USA. Most shipping companies ask for more shipping charges yet offer delayed deliveries.

DHL shipping offers cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions. When you have less time and have an empty inventory, you should choose DHL shipping. 

What products should use Express Shipping from China?

What products should use Express Shipping from China

Ensure you refrain from putting any illegal products in your shipment. You carry anything if you follow the rules of express shipping. Here is a list to help you out:

  • Expensive Jewelry
  • Automobiles
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Beauty Products
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Everyday Goods
  • Baby Products
  • Raw Products for Manufacturing
  • Mobiles and Computers
  • Books
  • Eatables
  • Animals

You carry dangerous chemicals if required for medical and other useful purposes. But ensure you have all the documents to transport the dangerous liquid.

You must submit the documents to ensure your shipment gets canceled by customs. Products like weapons, chemicals, and drugs put the shipment-carrying vehicle in danger. 

How long does DHL express take from China to USA?

How long does DHL express take from China to USA

DHL Express shipping varies depending on different factors. 

Some factors affect shipping time from China to the USA.

1: Distance From Host Country

More distance from the host country delays the shipment. If your host country resides near China, the transit time is less. In some situations, you may get shipment within 2-3 days. Countries far from China can take even a week to receive shipments.

2: Shipping Method

The shipping method you have chosen also defines the delivery time. Air flight is the fastest way of transferring your shipments. But it is more suitable for bigger and bulk parcels. That’s why you may have to choose an ocean or rail flight that takes more time to deliver.

3: Courier Company

Some courier companies have beneficial relations with shipping organizers. It helps to reduce total shipping time. Leeline manages your shipments within your needed time. You get your parcels picked from the manufacturing company with Leeline. It saves your efforts and time in getting the shipment.

How to calculate DHL shipping costs?

Calculate the DHL shipping cost using the volumetric weight formula, which is given.

  • Volume/Dimensional Weight (in kg) =Length*Height*Width(in cm)/5000 
  • Get the volumetric weight that helps determine the shipping cost.
  • Please enter your dimensions, weight, and destination into DHL shipping calculator.
  • Compare the cost with other courier services and book your service.

The shipping cost depends on different weights, where one is the volumetric weight. The other is the growth rate. You get the gross weight by putting the package on the weighing scale. The number on the digital screen is the gross weight. While you have calculated the volumetric weight by applying the formula.

Considering both weights, now analyze which weight one’s faster. If the volume metric weight exceeds the gross weight, you pay according to that.

The volumetric weight determines the shipping cost. Because your shipment needs more space even if the weight is less.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Top 5 DHL shipping companies in China

 1. Leeline


Let Leeline make your international shipping easy with 10+ years of experience. You enjoy reliable solutions for DHL China shipping. Helping you boost your ecommerce business. 

They manage your China to US shipments from the manufacturer to your destination. 


  • You get SAFE DELIVERY of bulk shipments without any damages. They have secure express shipping for transferring shipments.
  • You choose from different shipment modes depending on your budget and urgency. These include air, ocean, sea, and rail freight. 
  • Avoid shipping delays with Leeline. You get quick customs clearance reducing transit time. It helps you build customer trust.

2. AIT Logistics

AIT Logistics

Do you want to transport your goods using China to the US sea and ocean freight? AIT Logistics is an expert in the job. 

They SERVE to be the leading sea freight DHL express shipping company. Helping YOUR businesses to grow by sourcing goods by ocean freights. 


  • Express shipping costs above $500 for bulk orders. With AIT Logistics, SAVE MONEY on express shipping, paying less DHL shipping cost. It REDUCES the burden on your total budget.
  • With 1500 weekly direct services to 100 countries, you get reliable shipping methods. You use suitable shipping options for SAFE AND EASY international shipping.
  • They provide the DHL same day with fast and quick delivery speed. You don’t need to lose your online business with delayed logistics services.   

3. Shiprocket


Shiprocket provides easy cross-border shipping solutions. And helps people to carry container loads with authentic international shipments. 

You’ll get easy integration into the world’s favorite ecommerce websites at significant cost. Generally, you need to sign some necessary documents to complete the shipment process. 


  • You ship availing the cheapest option available to other countries, saving your pocket from shipping expenses. They provide a flat rate on your shipments instead of giving different prices. 
  • You enjoy the quick delivery, ensuring your customers get products on time. Shiprocket freight forwarder maintains low transit time to provide quick express shipping.
  • Use their international shipping services for maximum weight, and you ship across 220+ countries. You ship from China to the US without limitations in any country across the globe. 

4. SF Express

SF Express

Enjoy different shipping options for China to the US with SF Express…..

You enjoy quick air express freight with advanced management of your DHL parcel. They protect your small parcels and bulk shipments with years of experience. 


  • You get real-time updates from the express shipping company. Stay aware of your DHL shipment location and delivery delays in case of the Chinese holidays. 
  • Fill out very few documentation forms, reducing the time consumed. It helps to quicken the China DHL international delivery.
  • Ship the entire container with international express benefiting from their high cost.  They have relations with major ports, saving time on unloading.

5. UBI Smart Parcel

UBI Smart Parcel

Grow your business by avoiding major delays when you ship from China. UBI Smart Parcel uses advanced technology to reduce delivery times and shipping rates.

Make your shipping experience easier in the cheapest way, increasing your profit margin.


  • More than one way of checking your shipment status RELIEVES your stress.
  • They have experience in handling several shipments with a smart system. Thus providing continuous updates to the shipper. 
  • Ship one container or small parcels, and you pay fewer rates on actual weight. They offer the CHEAPEST way for every shipment.

List of DHL shipping companies

Zhongtong ExpressLogistics CompanyShanghai, China
Kintetsu World ExpressSupply chain managementShanghai, China
Oceanwide Shipping CoOcean shippingDalian, China
AIR SEA TRANSPORTOcean, Air, Rail, Logistics Main Player In ChinaShanghai
Qingdao Yuanyong Forwarding companyQingdao
ADP Supply Chain Management Logistics and supply chain companyShanghai
Messiah Freight & Distributors UK LtdAll shipping servicesShanghai
ExpeditorsshippingShanghai, China
Trans Hope International CoLogistics CompanyShenzhen Shi, China
Bollore Logistics Logistics CompanyTaiwan
Sun Ocean & Air Logisticsshipping servicesTaiwan
Fulfillment BridgeGlobal fulfillmentHong Kong, China
International transportationGlobal freight forwarding companyShenzhen, China
Marine shipping agencySea shippingShenzhen, China
CRSCLSpecial railway freightBeijing

How do you use DHL shipping from China to the USA?

Using DHL shipping from China needs to follow some steps, including:

  • Choose A Shipping Company

Choose a reliable and trustable shipping company to avoid any loss of products. Search on Google to find the best shipping companies. 

  • Get A Quote

Contact the shipping company and ask for a quote. Check if you afford the shipping cost of the particular company or shipping method.

  • Select Shipping Method

From the available shipping methods, choose the one you need. If you need quick delivery of small packages, then choose air freight. While for bulk shipments, other shipping methods should be chosen.

  • Submit Documents 

You must submit the required documents to start your shipping journey. Make a list of the documents, collect them and then submit them.

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about DHL Shipping From China to USA

How can I pay for shipping?

You pay the freight costs using different payment methods, including:
• Mobile payments
• Debit cards
• Checks
• Master cards
• Credit cards

What shipping documents are required to ship by DHL Express?

• Information of shipper and receiver, including address and phone number.
• A detailed list of contents in the content in the international courier.
• Shipment weight.
• Number of packages inside.

Is DHL Express faster than DHL Parcels?

Yes, DHL express ships faster than DHL parcels. DHL Express serves as a quick and reliable solution for same-day delivery. It’s the best  China to the US shipping method.

What’s Next

Shipping from China with reduced delivery times feels like a never-happening thing……

DHL provides affordable yet quick shipping solutions. You enjoy fast delivery services, regular updates, and complete shipping packages. But it can cost you an arm and leg if you don’t get in touch with right shipping partner.

Looking for an AFFORDABLE and SAFE DHL shipping company?

Send us a query, and we will respond with shipping solutions and direct rates. 

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

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