Kickstarter Fulfillment

Leeline’s the BEST crowdfunding fulfillment partner for your Kickstarter orders. We handle your supply chain management and SHIP internationally in your stead.

You guarantee the lowest Kickstarter shipping costs. Save both time and money.   

Kickstarter Fulfillment


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Kickstarter Fulfillment

Kickstarter Fulfillment

Fulfill the Kickstarter orders of ALL your international customers. Our agents deliver from your supplier directly to your customers. Don’t worry about value-added tax policies or customs duties.

Leeline does the vast majority of your order fulfillment. Giving you MORE time to focus on your crowdfunding campaigns. 

Customized Packaging Options

Customized Packaging Options

We pack and label ALL your shipments based on your branding. Get LOYAL customers with attractive products and rewards.

Ship CUSTOMIZED orders for an AFFORDABLE price. You improve your STORE PRESENCE while on a budget. 

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Have 100% peace of mind that your crowdfunding resources are SAFE. You get full-coverage insurance once your inventory arrives at our warehouse.

Always SHIP orders on time. You GUARANTEE an efficient inventory process. 

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Make international shipping EXTREMELY affordable. Our negotiators compare and contrast couriers. Winning you the BEST rates for your LCL and FCL shipments.

You only use up-to-standards containers for your products. Fewer expenses. Enhanced safety! 

Air Freight

Air Freight

Receive your crowdfunding shipment in under a week. We handle ALL the paperwork. Including the duties and taxes of your pre-orders.

Your inventory is always ready to ship. Satisfying your customers with FAST transit time. Get more repeat buyers. 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Enjoy Leeline’s cost-effective ground shipping services. You get the SHORTEST railways routes. Helping you STAY within your budget and preferred shipping timeline.

All UNLOADING and LOADING checkpoints are supervised. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Receive and sendinventory ANYWHERE in the world stress-free. Our trucks pick upyour products from the supplier. Conducting an on-the-spot quality control to SECURE your investment.

Wait for your products at the doorstep. You save TONS of energy for your business.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Our agents consolidate your products to MAXIMIZE your container space. Helping you ship more inventory for less capital.

Earn MORE PROFITS long-term. You beat competitors by having better product prices.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Ship products from your China supplier directly to Amazon. Our shortcut Amazon FBA process minimizes your waiting time and expenses.

All your products ADHERE to FBA’s standards. Customized packages help you attract Amazon buyers immediately. 

Why Choose Us?

Customized Fulfillment Solutions

Leeline has 10 years of experience working with crowdfunding creators. You guarantee to receive customized fulfillment solutions. Ship more and faster without compromising standards. 

Cheapest Rates

Avoid EXPENSIVE setup fees or unexpected charges. Leeline gives accurate quotations that BEAT other fulfillment companies’ rates. Allowing you to always STAY within your budget. 

Supportive Fulfillment Company

Your GOALS are also our goals. We walk with you every step of the way. Our 24/7 customer support is always available. Receive detailed answers and advice in less than a day. 

Vast Value-added Services

From customizing and packing to customs clearance. Leeline is READY to cover all your eCommerce needs. Partner with us and never waste time finding other freight forwarders again. 

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

I needed a fulfillment company for my Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Fortunately, I found Leeline immediately. This company is the most cost-effective freight forwarder. I send rewards to my backers in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend Leeline. Especially to businesses who prefer long-term contracts.

– Emma, New Zealand

Ship From China and Make Big Money

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Kickstarter Fulfillment: Ultimate Guide

The Kickstarter fulfillment process is like an endless marathon. You have to ship orders and rewards CONSISTENTLY. Draining most crowdfunding entrepreneurs’ energy. 

As a  decade-long fulfillment expert, I got a solution for you. Let me introduce you to the BEST Kickstarter fulfillment providers. I’ve tested ALL of them myself. Rest assured that they’re the top of the bunch. 

You never have to spend hours fulfilling your Kickstarter orders again. 

Want a spoiler?

Leeline is your NUMBER 1 fulfillment company option. This company has the cheapest rates and FASTEST shipping times. Impressing all your crowdfunding support. 

Don’t stop reading for your Kickstarter fulfillment’s success! 

Kickstarter Fulfillment

What is Kickstarter fulfillment?

Kickstarter fulfillment is the PROCESS of sending rewards to your backers from different countries. These backers are individuals who PLEDGED their support for your online Kickstarter project.  

The order fulfillment process involves product development. As well as the shipping and fulfillment of international orders.

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter ENSURES a successful Kickstarter campaign.

And by utilizing Kickstarter fulfillment services. You easily deliver the Kickstarter rewards to backers. Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction for your international backers in A SNAP. 

How Does Kickstarter Fulfillment Work?

How Does Kickstarter Fulfillment Work

Kickstarter fulfillment refers to the process of delivering backers’ rewards. After successfully meeting your funding goal. 

I often help clients with their Kickstarter order fulfillment. Here’s how it usually goes: 

Phase 1: Start Planning 

First, determine the rewards you offer your backers. You should also PLAN your preferred TIMELINE for order fulfillment.

Planning gives you the necessary resources to fulfill your promises to your backers. Ensuring you have a successful campaign. 

Phase 2: Production

Once your crowdfunding campaign gets enough funding. You may START the production of your backers’ rewards. This is the process of CREATING your crowdfunding products. Usually done with the help of suppliers. 

Phase 3: Shipping

The LAST step is shipping your products. Here, you ship products every time you receive an order. You may also DELIVER your backers’ rewards in this process. 

If you contact a Kickstarter fulfillment provider…

They DO all the 3 phases of this whole process for you. Less stress. More time saved. Allowing you to FOCUS on the crucial aspects of your crowdfunding campaign. 

How To Choose Kickstarter Fulfillment Services?

Here are factors to consider in choosing your Kickstarter fulfillment partner. I find these ones to be the MOST INFLUENTIAL. Regarding the success of your Kickstarter fulfillment. 

  • Location

You should opt for a crowdfunding fulfillment company with multiple warehouses worldwide. This way, you reduce the fulfillment costs regardless of your backers’ country. Ensuring the prompt delivery of your pre-orders is also easier. 

  • Fulfillment services

Look for a service provider that offers a WIDE variety of services you need. Such as inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping. You should also consider a fulfillment warehouse that handles return management well.  

  • Experience

Choose a fulfillment center with experience in handling Kickstarter campaigns. Doing so ensures YOU won’t have challenges when it’s time to fill orders. 

  • Cost

Find a service provider that offers the CHEAPEST rate. Fulfillment centers offer different services and shipping rates. Compare and contrast so you decide which one fits your budget.

Top 6 Kickstarter Fulfillment Companies

1. Leeline


Leeline’s the KING of all crowdfunding fulfillment companies. 

This company handles thousands of deliveries at a time. Ensuring YOU always satisfy customers. Professional agents give you 24/7 updates. Never have to worry about your crowdfunding shipments. 

What I liked: 

  • Leeline has crowdfunding-focused value-added services. You develop, customize, label and ensure your products at ONCE. 
  • This company has a HIGHLY supportive team. I received expert advice for my crowdfunding goal for FREE. Leeline answered ALL MY QUESTIONS in less than 2 days. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • This company’s customer support hotline isn’t available on the weekends. 

2. ShipBob


Fulfill your backers’ rewards with ShipBob’s fulfillment services.

ShipBob has over 30 fulfillment centers across 6 countries. Never worry about your Kickstarter order fulfillment. 

Deliver your backers’ rewards ON TIME. And celebrate the success of your Kickstarter campaign.

What I liked:

  • ShipBob offers 2-DAY express shipping. You GUARANTEE a fast and accurate delivery of your Kickstarter products. Exceed your supporter’s expectations quickly as a flash.
  • Create amazing designs with ShipBob’s customization suite. You STAY on your brand’s identity. Making your products stand out from other creators.

What I didn’t like:

  • I tried ShipBobs express delivery, but it’s a little expensive.

3. Easy Ship

Easy Ship

Make your Kickstarter order fulfillment easy with Easy Ship.

Easy Ship has a strong crowdfunding track record. Making them one of the LEADING companies you trust for your campaign. Their crowdfunding experts guide you every step of the way.

What I liked:

  • Deliver your supporter’s rewards EVERYWHERE. Easyship offers a massive network of couriers. Giving you the BEST rates and shipping options. 
  • No hidden fees. Easyship provides a transparent pricing structure. You know EXACTLY what you’re paying for.

What I didn’t like:

  • Reaching their customer service is challenging. I received automated responses half the time. Even when I needed to speak with an agent. 

4. Ship Monk

Ship Monk

Introducing your ULTIMATE partner for Kickstarter fulfillment solutions.

Ship Monk provides TOP-NOTCH services for your Kickstarter campaigns. Say goodbye to your shipping concerns and HELLO to a seamless delivery.

What I liked:

  • This company has an extensive network of fulfillment centers. Deliver your backer’s rewards anytime. And reach your supporters WORLDWIDE.
  • BIG discounts on shipping rates. ShipBob SAVED me tons of money on shipping my supporter’s rewards. This company helps me stay on my crowdfunding budget.

What I didn’t like:

  • I prefer calling regarding shipments. Unfortunately, Ship Monk only responded to my concerns through email. 

5. Next Smart Ship

Next Smart Ship

NEXT in line is your TRUSTED partner in crowdfunding fulfillment.

Next Smart Ship is committed to helping your crowdfunding campaign succeed. Deliver your backers’ rewards HASSLE FREE.

What I liked:

  • This company offers FLEXIBLE warehouse solutions. No matter the SIZE of your Kickstarter product. Next Smart Ship got your campaign covered.
  • User-friendly website. I was always UPDATED on my inventories and shipments. This company provided me with accurate details of the location of my delivery.

What I didn’t like:

  • Customer support isn’t active on weekends. 

6. Ship Wire 

Ship Wire 

Welcome to another POWERHOUSE when it comes to crowdfunding fulfillment services.

This company HELPS you navigate the complicated process of fulfilling Kickstarter campaigns. Making this company your go-to choice for FIRST-TIME campaign creators.

What I liked:

  • You’re always updated with Shipwire’s inventory management system. It keeps you in the LOOP on your Kickstarter rewards status. 
  • Ship Wire’s Shipping rate calculator helped me ESTIMATE my upfront cost. I stayed within my budget limit. Helping me not to overspend.

What I didn’t like:

  • Smaller campaigns with limited resources might find Shipwire’s pricing too expensive.

FAQs about Kickstarter Fulfillment

What service does Kickstarter provide?

Kickstarter provides several services for your crowdfunding campaign. It OFFERS Kickstarter campaign guidelines, a creator handbook, and a Q&A forum. Allowing you to execute your crowdfunding campaign effectively. Kickstarter also integrates with several third-party companies. Helping you FIND the best manufacturers and fulfillment centers for your backers’ rewards.

How does Kickstarter handle shipping?

Kickstarter doesn’t handle your rewards shipping. Third-party fulfillment providers handle that instead. However, Kickstarter has articles HELPING you find the appropriate international shipping carrier. Ensuring you deliver ON-TIME to your backers.  

What is the difference between Kickstarter and crowdfunding?

Kickstarter is a platform where YOU showcase your campaign to raise funds. This platform provides you ACCESS to a large community of backers. Giving you support by donating to bring your project to life. On the other hand, crowdfunding is the ACT of raising funds from communities.

What’s Next

Kickstarter fulfillment makes your order fulfillment a walk in the park. It ensures your supporter’s rewards are delivered promptly. Giving you TONS of extra time for your campaign. 

Need a Kickstarter fulfillment service provider?

Contact LEELINE! We got the best rates waiting for you. Get a quotation in LESS THAN A DAY. 

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