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GET 100% peace of mind when shipping your products. Our CARGO INSURANCE policies ensure YOU GET a refund for damaged cargo. 

YOU always save money. Because we ASSUME the liability for your products during transit.

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Types of Cargo Insurance

Single Coverage

PROTECT your standalone cargo from ALL RISKS during shipment. Our risk managers calculate the total amount of your product.

YOU may claim a full refund when there’s an INDIRECT or DIRECT PHYSICAL LOSS during your parcel’s shipment. 

Open Coverage

Only PAY once a year to GET an INSURANCE POLICY for all your shipments. Our open CARGO COVERAGE is ideal for business owners that SHIP regularly.

YOU lower your freight charges for each delivery. Thanks to our open cargo coverage discounts.  

All-Risk Coverage

INSURE your products from all risks possible with our all-risk cargo coverage. We take 100% liability for your package during transit.

We shoulder ALL EXPENSES when anything happens to your cargo. 

Named Perlis Coverage

PAY less on your FREIGHT CHARGES with our named Perlis cargo coverage. Our POLICY limits the type of risks YOU may claim a refund for.

YOU choose the risks you want to protect your package against. 

General Average Coverage

YOU won’t have to pay a cent when your delivery box/trucks experience a delay. OUR risk managers PAY for the recouping losses in your stead.

Ensure your products are against ANY unexpected liability during transit delays. 

Warehousing Coverage

STORE your filled boxes/trucks in our warehouse without worries. Our warehouse coverage GUARANTEES you get a refund for damaged cargo during storage.

We shoulder the LIABILITY and risks. You save money while having ZERO STRESS. 

We help small and large businesses ship goods to the port or your door.

Explore the transport options to meet your needs

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us? 

  • Trusted 

Leeline partners with only the BEST and most trusted insurance companies. YOU provide 100% SAFETY for your cargo coverage. All your products are SAFE until they reach the final distribution or YOUR doorstep. 

Pay less while lowering the risks of BLOWING UP YOUR BILL during shipment. 

  • Fast Claims

GET your cargo refund in DAYS! Our insurance cargo coverage GUARANTEES that we pay on time, every time. You recover all the money you lost for your DAMAGED cargo without delay. 

  • Experienced Handlers

EVERYONE we hire knows our insurance cargo coverage policies. Even our car haulers and trucking companies. Hence, our offices IMMEDIATELY know if you have damaged packages. 

Leeline’s STAFFS also continuously conducts debris removal from your cargo. YOU lower the risks for your commodities hauled while they’re inside vehicles.

Our happy Clients

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2000+ Clients Trust LeeLine

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Ship Your Products and Make Big Money

With dependable service and on-time delivery, we aim to be a long-term business partner for our customers.

Cargo Insurance: Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our one-stop GUIDE for implementing CARGO INSURANCE. Many business owners think they HAVE TO pay premium prices to protect their packages. 

They end up paying TOO MUCH for their freight charges. 

LEELINE strives to AVOID making cargo insurance feel like COMPLICATED MATH. We’re a decade-long freight forwarder that provides EASY solutions for our clients. 

Especially those who want to protect their cargo for cheap.

Keep reading to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about cargo insurance! 

Cargo Insurance: Ultimate Guide

What is cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance PROTECTS your packages from specific cargo risks, which include:

  • Cargo loss.
  • Cargo damage.
  • Delayed shipment costs. 
  • Non-delivery by courier. 

This insurance policy is EXCLUSIVE to shipments. 

You insure all types of cargo. From the SMALLEST parcels to bigger appliances like refrigeration or heating equipment. 

There are different types of cargo insurance. You may CHOOSE the inclusions and limits of the POLICY you want.

When do you need cargo insurance?

When do you need cargo insurance

You NEED cargo insurance every time you ship products. Especially if you want to do FRAGILE SHIPPING. 

It’s NOT REQUIRED BY LAW. But it’s a must for business owners like you. Unless YOU want to risk losing your money during shipment. 

YOU expose your goods to VARIOUS RISKS after shipping them. YOU can’t always ensure that your products won’t be part of accidents.

Cargo insurance GUARANTEES you get refunds if your shipments get damaged. ANYTIME during transit. May that be when your package is at the dock awaiting final distribution. Or when it’s currently in transit on sea or air vehicles. 

How much does cargo insurance cost?

How much does cargo insurance cost

The EXACT cost of your cargo insurance depends on the freight forwarder you hire. 

But in GENERAL, expect to pay $0.60 per $100 of your cargo’s value. 

Other COMPANIES base the computation on the value of goods and freight combined. They CHARGE 1-3% of the total value of these 2 for your insurance. 

If YOU want to save money… 

CHOOSE the insurance type with a higher deductible. Or one that LIMITS the damages ensured. 

For example:

YOU can ensure your products against direct physical loss. Not AGAINST shipment delay risks to PAY LESS. Like the Named Perlis Coverage.

Note: The type of product YOU ship also changes the exact insurance cost. Fragile products like refrigeration or heating equipment are expensive to insure. Compared to cargo with non-fragile items like apparel. 

What is the general average?

Let’s say there was a FIRE on the sea vessel your shipment was on. 

There were no destroyed packages. But the CARRIER had to PAY extra to combat the accident. And for the delayed shipment. 

In this scenario, your CARRIER may declare a general average. 

This refers to the TOTAL monetary value caused by accident. The amount is divided between the shippers. Meaning, EVERYONE who had cargo on that flaming ship must pay their share. Before they can pick up their goods from the DOCK awaiting final distribution. 

No payment MEANS no cargo release. 

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Cargo insurance vs marine insurance: what is the difference?

MARINE insurance is a VERY BROAD terminology. It has several types, and ONE of them is CARGO INSURANCE. 

Here are the 5 types of Marine insurance: 

#1: Hull insurance

This ensures your SHIPS and other shipment vehicles are from DAMAGES. Ships, airplanes, and auto haulers can all apply for hull insurance. Even a motor carrier has this option. 

The insurance company covers the cost of damages during an accident. Not the owner vehicle owner. 

#2: Machinery Insurance

This type of insurance covers the damage to the machinery of a shipping vessel. Companies hire inspection SPECIALISTS for this insurance. It’s HARD to figure out the value and other details of machine components. 

#3: Protection

This Marine insurance type COVERS your vehicle from all types of risks. That includes accidents or THEFT. 

#4: Indemnity

This is an AGREEMENT when a vehicle (ships, auto haulers, or motor carrier) is borrowed. The 2 parties decide on WHO shoulders the insurance bill. Whether that’s the ORIGINAL owner or the person hiring the vehicle. 

#5: Cargo insurance

This INSURES a merchant’s products during shipment. It also PREVENTS shippers from losing money when there’s an accident during delivery.

Note: YOU can use cargo insurance when shipping through ocean, sea, and rail freight. EVERY transportation vehicle, including car haulers, OFFERS this insurance. 

As you can see, CARGO insurance isn’t the same as marine insurance. It’s under the UMBRELLA of the latter. And it’s simply a SUBTYPE. 

How to file a claim for cargo insurance?

FILING a claim for cargo insurance isn’t as hard as you think. Let me help you with the EXACT steps to do it. 

Step 1: Knowing your cargo’s loss or damage.

There are 2 ways you’ll find out you have a damaged package: 

  • Seeing it yourself. 
  • Hearing it from your carrier. 

Step 2: File a written report.

This is a FORM/REPORT that summarizes what happened to your cargo. 

Your written report MUST include these details:

  • What are the damages inside your package? 
  • When did you receive or hear about your cargo?
  • How was your cargo damaged (based on the carrier’s statement)?

Pro tip: Take a picture/video of your damaged package. This shows your insurance company the extent of your damages. 

Once you have this document ready… 

Step 3: Contact a claims adjuster.

This is a PROFESSIONAL who specializes in estimating HOW MUCH your goods cost. And HOW MUCH you should be compensated for. 

This isn’t necessary. But contacting a claims adjuster is a must if you want to MAXIMIZE the refund you get. 

Note: Attach your claims adjuster’s statement with your written report. 

Step 4: File your claim.

SEND the 2 documents you prepared to your insurance company or freight forwarder. So they can PROCESS your insurance refund immediately. 

Important: You must complete this entire process within your company’s allotted period. So claim your liability insurance ASAP. 

Step 5: Wait for the company’s response.

Reliable insurance companies or FREIGHT FORWARDERS won’t take more than 3 days to reply to you. Be patient and wait for the company’s response.

If the company asks you to send further documents…

DO SO ASAP. THE faster you accomplish the requirements, the QUICKER you get a refund. 

How to find cargo insurance companies?

How to find cargo insurance companies

Step 1: Know the type of freight you want.

SOME insurance companies ONLY cover specific freight types. You must know how you want to deliver your goods. So choose between these shipping methods:

  • Air freight.
  • Sea freight. 
  • Rail freight.
  • Express shipping. 

Step 2: Start searching for cargo insurance companies.

Important: Take NOTE of the specific shipping method you chose in the previous step. If you want to use AIR FREIGHT, search “air freight cargo insurance companies.” 

You have 2 options:

1. Ask other business owners/people.

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to know cargo insurance companies. Direct recommendations from business owners guarantee you can trust the company you contact. 

2. Use the search engine.

If you don’t have anyone to ask…

Simply type and search “The best cargo insurance company for (type of freight).” Then, SELECT the candidates that stand out from your research.

Step 3: Choose the top 3 companies. 

It’s CRUCIAL to compare and contrast insurance companies based on their quotations. Don’t settle for just one during the early stage of your research process.

Step 4: Get a quotation from each insurance company.

Send each of them an email, including the following:

  • The starting and final destination of your cargo.
  • What are the products/goods you want to ship? 
  • The ESTIMATED total price of your package. 
  • Other details you want them to know about. 

Once all 3 insurance companies reply to you with their rates… 

Step 5: Select an insurance company that meets your needs.

Compare the prices and INSURANCE cargo coverage of all 3 companies. Then, hire the company that suits your products’ needs the most.

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Cargo Insurance

Is cargo insurance a requirement?

Cargo insurance isn’t a requirement. But it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use it. YOU reduce the risks of LOSING revenue with cargo insurance. You also get peace of mind even if there are delays in your shipment. 

How is cargo insurance calculated?

You can calculate cargo insurance USING your goods’ monetary value. Sometimes the shipment fee is also included. Some companies charge $6 per $100 of your cargo’s value. Others require you to pay 1-3% of the total amount. 

What is the minimum cargo insurance required for carriers?

There’s NO minimum cargo insurance required for carriers. Insurance isn’t required by LAW. It’s optional for both the CARRIER and the shipper.

Who is responsible for cargo insurance?

It DEPENDS on the agreement between the shipper and carrier. Some SHIPPING CARRIERS take care of the insurance fees for you. Others require shippers to independently apply for cargo insurance. 

Is freight covered in cargo insurance?

No. FREIGHT is usually not covered in cargo insurance. Both fees are separate. Some companies, though, COMBINE the amount of both. You only pay once for freight charges and insurance. 

What’s Next

Applying for CARGO INSURANCE isn’t child’s play. But it’s ALSO not a complicated setup. 

Just take note of the INFORMATION listed above. And you’ll SUCCESSFULLY lower your insurance expenses. You also PROTECT your cargo from all shipping risks.

Need a freight forwarder that handles the cargo insurance for you? Look nowhere else! Leeline is here for you! 

Contact us to get a quotation FOR FREE. 

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