Freight Forwarders in Hong Kong

It’s TIME to contact the best freight forwarder in Hong Kong: LEELINE. International freight forwarding isn’t hard with our RELIABLE logistics services.

YOU ship your cargo without stress. Our freight forwarding agents handle your packing, labeling, and paperwork. 

Freight Forwarders in Hong Kong


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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

SAVE half of your budget with our cost-efficient sea freight logistics service. We cater to ALL TYPES of shipments. Including LCL services and BULK cargo.

We guarantee the SAFETY of your goods from one ferry point to another! 

Air Freight

Air Freight

RECEIVE your products in less than a week with our air freight logistics services. We handle your cargo’s customs clearance and quality control.

You don’t have to WORRY about anything. BOOST your customers’ satisfaction by never running out of stock! 

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

SHIPPING through land simplified. Our experts ensure that your goods travel through rail freight without damage. We also handle special cargo like fragile goods that require EXTRA CARE.

You get 100% peace of mind until your shipment arrives. 

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

SAVE the most of your energy. Our door-to-door services ensure YOU receive your goods from your supplier without stress. We pick up your cargo. And drop it at your doorstep directly.

We process your shipments’ customs clearance and schedules. It’s a fast, efficient, STRESS-LESS process for you! 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

AVOID hefty shipping fees when sourcing from Alibaba. OUR freight forwarding services are the CHEAPEST in the country. Alibaba’s sellers can’t beat our price.

Let us HANDLE your delivery with our distribution services. So YOU pay less and get a FASTER ROI.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Become an FBA seller in weeks with our FAST shipping services. Our experts prepare a strategic position for your shipment needs.

So your goods reach Amazon’s commerce center WITHOUT DELAY. Start selling in FBA faster to maximize your profit! 

Why Choose Us?

Everything in One Basket 

YOU don’t have to worry about processing anything. Our agents handle all your shipment needs. From consolidating, customs clearance, and inventory control. Our extensive network in the shipping industry allows us to cater to ALL your needs. 

Extremely Affordable

Our rail, air, and sea freight have the cheapest rates. Other shipping agents can’t MATCH our prices. YOU won’t find a BETTER deal from other companies! 

Ships Everywhere

Reach your customers worldwide. Because we ship EVERYWHERE. From Asian countries, Europe, Central Asia, including Latin America. We’re connected to a worldwide network of shipping agents. Say the place, and we’ll get your products there! 

24/7 Customer Support

STAY on top of the supply chain with the help of our experts. We answer ALL your questions in less than 24 hours. You don’t overthink anything during shipping.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

Leeline is much better than other shipping agents I’ve tried. They have experts that answer all my newbie questions. Their patience and cheap rates allowed my business to succeed. Definitely check this company out!

– Kathy, New York

Ship From China and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products and help you ship from China.

Top 20 Freight Forwarders in Hong Kong

We know how it feels to FIND a reliable freight forwarder in Hong kong. It’s like finding a NEEDLE in a haystack. A tedious and exhausting journey. 

But we want this process to be EASY for you. 

Our best China freight forwarder experts gathered together. And compiled the  ULTIMATE top 20 list of shipping agents in Hong Kong. You don’t need to SPEND TIME cramming research ALONE. 

Keep reading! You’ll know the best China freight forwarder for you!

Top 20 Freight Forwarders in Hong Kong

1. Leeline


Let’s start this list STRONG with the king of all shipping agents. 

LEELINE is the best freight company you can contact for ALL your shipping needs. It has a REPUTABLE factory building that accommodates several shipping services. 

From packing, customs brokerage, and shipment. LEELINE got your back! 


  • Their FEES are extremely low. YOU win against your competitors because you SELL your products cheaper. This ATTRACTS more customers. 
  • They ship everywhere. LEELINE has connections with MOST container terminals in the world. Your business reaches ALL your customers worldwide. 


  • Their BUSINESS HOURS are nighttime in western countries. Staying up late is necessary to get in touch with Leeline through a call. 

2. The One Shipping

The One Shipping

Here’s another POWERFUL shipping company that can BOOST your business. 

The One shipping makes you feel like you’ve found the one! 

It OFFERS high-quality cargo services on time. YOUR project meets all its specific needs. You always be 100% satisfied with their service. 


  • They ship LCL and FCL shipments. It’s best for ALL industries. Because YOU ship in bulk without any worries. 
  • This company ships from mainland China. YOU don’t limit your suppliers to Hong Kong. So, you ORDER diverse wholesale goods. 


  • The website isn’t TOO developed. You don’t see TOO MUCH of the company’s background in the shipping industry. 

3. Sino Shipping 

Sino Shipping

ENJOY stress-free transport with SINO shipping.

This company has OFFICES throughout China and Hong Kong. It has over 50+ agents in different countries worldwide. So your cargo is in good hands wherever it goes. 

SINO shipping has over 35 YEARS of shipping experience. STORE your goods in this company’s industrial building. And YOU won’t be disappointed. 


  • GIVING recommendations is second nature to SINO shipping experts. YOU only choose the BEST courier and freight types for your cargo. You save the most money! 
  • It OFFERS every service you think about. SINO shipping sources goods and offers custom clearance services. You don’t need to CONTACT other companies. 


  • This company has NO public phone number. Send them an email if you have any questions or concerns. 

4. A&G Logistics Limited 

A&G Logistics Limited

ENJOY FAST and EFFICIENT transactions! 

A&G Logistics Limited has been ACTIVE for over 20 years. YOU get the top-tier shipping SUPPORT only experts can provide. 

They have OVER 20 value-added services you can choose from. That includes COOL CHAIN and PERISHABLE goods shipping. Other companies can’t compete with A&G Logistics Limited’s shipment FLEXIBILITY! 


  • This company is EASY to contact. You call their telephone or WhatsApp number ANYTIME. Sending them a FAX is also possible. Your concerns are answered immediately. 
  • It can SAFELY ship fragile goods like wine, medical drugs, and VEHICLES. Plus, it handles their CUSTOM CLEARANCE. Even when other companies can’t accommodate these types of products. 


  • It doesn’t offer RAIL freight services. One of the best shipping methods if you want to SAVE money. 

5. APC Asia Pacific Cargo (HK) Ltd

APC Asia Pacific Cargo (HK) Ltd

Last but not LEAST, let me introduce: APC LOGISTICS. 

This COMPANY promises to make SHIPPING EASY. And trust me, they don’t fail that promise. 

APC handles ALL your delivery through air, freight, and rail. It also OFFERS eCommerce support like packing, labeling, and distribution services. It’s one of the BEST shipping companies for businesses like yours!


  • EXTREMELY reliable. This company always ENSURES your goods. You get the appropriate refund if something unexpected happens to your cargo. 
  • The website has designated phone numbers for different countries. You contact this company from ANYWHERE in the world. You won’t pay any toll! 


  • It’s not TOO budget-friendly like the companies above. 

List of Freight Forwarders in Hongkong

Company ServicesLocation
Thrift Logistics LimitedAll-around shipping agentWo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
China Wheel Shipping (Holdings) LimitedAll-around shipping agentShiu Fung Hong Building, Hong Kong 
Global Logistic China LimitedAll-around shipping agentKwai Tak Industrial Centre, New Territories, Hong Kong
Logwin Air & Ocean Far East LtdAll-around shipping agentSkyline Tower, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong 
Wider Logistics LtdInternational LogisticsPacific Trade Centre, Hong Kong
Cargo-partner Logistics LimitedFreight servicesTrade Square, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fast-Link Express LimitedInternational LogisticsSun Fung Centre, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Hansen Exhibition Forwarding LtdInternational LogisticsOn Sum Street, New Territories, Hong Kong
DCH Logistics Company LtdInternational LogisticsYuen Long Industrial Estate,New Territories, Hong Kong.
Kingsway Logistics Company LimitedAll-around shipping agentGolden Dragon Industrial Centre, Hong Kong
Regal Worldwide Logistics Ltd.All-around shipping agentSan Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Future Sky Logistics LimitedAll-around shipping agentHoi Luen Industrial Centre, Hong Kong
Kerry Freight (Hong Kong) LimitedFreight servicesKerry Cargo Centre, Hong Kong
Lapton Freight International Ltd.Freight servicesHK Industrial Centre. Hong Kong 
Flynt International Forwarders LtdAll-around shipping agentNewport Centre, Hong Kong

What services does a freight forwarder in China provide?

What services does a freight forwarder in China provide

Different companies have different shipment support for business owners like YOU. 

But let’s talk about the…

3 most common services by shipping agents

#1: Freight forwarding

This is WHEN the shipping agent transports your goods. It can either be through sea, land, or AIR FREIGHT. 

#2: Product sourcing

Some companies also SOURCE your goods for you. YOU save time and get high-quality wholesale products for cheap. 

#3: Customs clearance

ALL shipments that cross borders require documentation. Freight agents HANDLE all the paperwork for you. 

How do you choose a freight forwarder in Hong Kong?

Step 1: Know your supplier’s location. 

Knowing the location of your supplier is a must before you SEEK freight forwarders. Especially if your manufacturer can’t ship your goods.

Because not all shipping agents offer a PICK-UP service. And some only offer this for nearby locations.

So, once you know where your supplier is located… 

Step 2: Find freight companies. 

Get direct recommendations from other businesses. Or ASK your families and friends who have shipped from China before. You may also utilize FORUMS like Reddit or Quora for more options as well. 

And if you want a shortcut… 

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the shortlisted Hong Kong shipping agents we listed above! 

Pro tip: It’s BEST to focus on companies near your supplier’s location. 

Step 3: Contact at least 3 companies. 

Ask each of them for quotations. And COMPARE their prices, offers, and SERVICES included. 

DON’T BE AFRAID of asking follow-up questions. 

JUST ensure that you communicate professionally. And always say things DIRECT TO THE POINT. 

Not sure what to include in your shipping quote? Read the next section. 

How do you get a shipping quote?

GETTING a shipping quote isn’t complicated. All YOU need to do is PROVIDE accurate details about your cargo. 

Specifically, you should provide these pieces of information: 

  • Description of your goods.
  • Your shipment’s size and weight. 
  • Whether you’re using LTL or FTL.
  • Any special handling NEEDS of your goods. 
  • Where is your products’ current location?
  • Where do you want to ship it to?
  • How much is the estimated value of your goods?
  • Do you prefer faster transit or cheaper transport?

As long as you include all of these… 

A reliable shipping company can give YOU accurate quotations. 

Looking for the Best China Freight Forwarder?

Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

FAQs about Freight Forwarders in Hong Kong

How do I know if an international freight forwarder is legit?

It’s easy. All you have to do is ASK other people. Otherwise known as customer reviews. Interview other businesses who have used the shipping agent. And ASK them if that company is legit and reliable. 

Why is Hong Kong such a powerful shipping port?

When finding a FREIGHT FORWARDER, Hong Kong is the best location. This port serves as the MARINE GATEWAY to Southern China. MOST imports and exports use Hong Kong’s ports. So the handling fees are AFFORDABLE. 

COURIERS ship daily, so YOU don’t waste time waiting for shipment. 

Are freight forwarders safe?

Yes. They are COMPLETELY safe. They’re your shipment’s legal representatives if you hire them. The government regulates freight forwarders. So you won’t be scammed. 

Why do I need a freight forwarder?

You need it to MINIMIZE the time and money you spend shipping. Freight agents handle all the work for you. They’re also EXPERTS at finding the cheapest shipment options.

What’s Next

The best way to ensure your shipments are SAFE is to hire a freight forwarder. 

So compare the shipping agents we included above. And choose the company that BEST suits your needs. 

Don’t know which shipping agent to pick?

Contact us anytime. Our LINE is always open.

Do you want ship Goods from China To Global?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

Do you want a better price on shipping?

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