Dropshipping eBay To Amazon In 2024

Dropshipping eBay to Amazon is a clever yet intricate method. But with the right strategy, this UNPOPULAR dropshipping route is a GOLDMINE

eBay often packs bargain-priced items. Amazon buyers are some of the biggest money-spenders online! I’ve been dropshipping from eBay to Amazon. I’ll share the KEY to mastering this business model. 

Finding products that are LEGAL to dropship is crucial. Understanding the platforms’ business policies and terms is also necessary. Coupled with avoiding copyrighted products to dropship. Familiarize these, and guarantee a SIGNIFICANT BOOST of your profits.

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Dropshipping eBay To Amazon

Drop Shipping From eBay to Amazon: How Does it Work?

Think of it like this: A different approach to dropship products. 

Instead of selling products from the usual dropshipping model. An eBay seller FINDS POPULAR ITEMS from Amazon and lists them in their eBay store. 

No need to worry about STORING physical dropshipping products. The dropshipping supplier on Amazon receives a notification. Each time a seller on eBay makes a sale for an item. Suppliers ship the product DIRECTLY, without you worrying about the shipping.

Why is this good? 

Well, it saves on STORAGE and SHIPPING COSTS. Plus, there’s no need to deal with dropshipping products that DON’T SELL WELL.

It’s a win-win situation for every dropshipping store. eBay products are LISTED on the eBay listing page. And when someone makes a purchase, products WILL BE ORDERED on Amazon. The dropshipping suppliers then handle the rest. Sending it straight to eBay customers. 

Dropshipping eBay to Amazon: Is it Legal?

Dropshipping eBay to Amazon: Is it Legal?

Yes, it’s legal. But there are some ETHICAL CONCERNS floating around.  

Successful eBay sellers, myself included, haven’t faced any suspension or legal repercussions. But, the business practice RAISES CONCERNS about fairness and transparency.

eBay buyers feel deceived by RECEIVING items with Amazon packaging. When, in fact, they paid a HIGHER PRICE on eBay. 

How about Amazon sellers’ perspective? Well, they also feel cheated. Realizing some eBay sellers are MAKING A PROFIT from their platform. 

So, here’s the catch. Amazon and eBay business policies allow dropshipping. But not from one marketplace to another. 

Amazon eBay dropshipping IS ACCEPTABLE. Only if there’s a contract with a private supplier. Strictly following each eCommerce space policy. 

The reality is all about MONEY. There’s no doubt that Amazon and eBay reap large profits from Amazon to eBay Arbitrage. Making them tolerate inexperienced drop shippers. 

eBay’s focus is on maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting its reputation. Amazon, in contrast, is STRICT on the usage of discounted gift cards. Keep this in mind to safeguard your Amazon to eBay dropshipping journey.

How to Start Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon

How to Start Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon

Step 1. Find Affordable Product Listings on Amazon Marketplace

Products with free shipping are the BEST ITEMS to drop ship and sell online. My go-to strategy involves using filters to find the best deals. 

Here are a few different ways to find products with a good profit margin:

  • Use Dropshipping Softwares

Try tools like ZIK Analytics, Terapeak, and Chili Hunter to conduct product research. The search results for these tools UNVEILS high-demand products. Providing valuable sales opportunities.

  • Opt for Manual Search

I recommend manual searching if you’re just starting with dropshipping. And have a LIMITED BUDGET to spend on costly dropshipping software. It might take time and isn’t scalable, but it’s SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS. 

  • Choose Listing Software with an Item Locator

Consider listing software like Salefreaks, which has an item locator. Simplifying eBay RETAIL ARBITRAGE. As it automates inventory management, Amazon FBA, and listing optimization.

Step 2. Sign up for an eBay Account and Create eBay Listings

During the signup process for your eBay seller account. eBay needs validation details, such as an address and contact number.

After providing these, head to the “sell” section and select the “sell” button at the TOP RIGHT. Then go ahead and click the “advanced tool” to switch to the ADVANCE SETUP.

Now, this is the crucial part.  

Before listing each product, remember to use their Amazon product name. Apply a fitting category, and if it claims NO RESULTS, proceed to select “continue listing.” 

As you land on the next page, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Include royalty-free photos and a catchy title listing
  • Copy the Amazon product description
  • Input weight and dimensions from the Amazon page.
  • Set a competitive selling price.
  • Enter your PayPal email for payments.

The listing process might feel like learning an unfamiliar dance at first. But with the help of an API integration. Creating eBay listings simultaneously will be a piece of cake to master.

Step 3. Purchase from Amazon vendors and sell on eBay

Time to process the INITIAL eBay order!

After listing a sought-after Amazon product to your eBay account. Wait for the payment confirmation from the buyer. Before proceeding to process the order.

Add the chosen item to the cart and input the buyer’s address. Once it’s done, let Amazon sellers manage all associated SHIPPING and LOGISTICS COSTS.

And that’s it! That’s how easy eBay dropshipping works. 

Common Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

  • Difficulty in Tracking Orders

Amazon ships directly to the eBay seller’s address, NOT the customer’s. This is the scenario drop shippers like us face most of the time. Luckily, CUSTOMIZING the shipping orders is possible, aiding this concern. 

  • VERO Violations

VERO stands for Verified Rights Ownership (VERO). This violation arises when selling products on Amazon that are COPYRIGHTED on eBay. eBay policy and eBay rules state that it may lead to potential account suspension. So, conduct thorough product research to avoid this severe issue.

  • Locking of Amazon Account

Actions like using fake account details. Logging in from multiple accounts. Using many gift cards may lead Amazon to LOCK your Amazon account. Suppose this happens. The only way to resolve it is to contact Amazon customer support.

  • Profit Loss due to Price Fluctuation and Inventory Shortages

Inventory shortages or price fluctuations on Amazon LEAD TO LOSSES for eBay stores. So, don’t shy away from using automation software to adjust prices and manage inventory. Take it from me: navigating such situations will be so much easier.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

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People Also Ask about Dropshipping eBay To Amazon

Is eBay dropshipping business worth a try?

Yes, eBay is one of the thriving platforms in online commerce. Where the profit margins in the last decade have surpassed $4 billion. It’s like having a FLEXIBLE eCommerce business at your fingertips. Especially for small online store owners using only their smartphones.

Is Amazon to eBay Arbitrage similar to Amazon FBA?

No, they are different. Amazon FBA is a fulfillment SERVICE offered by Amazon sellers. SKIP the hassle of managing the packing and shipping of sold items. eBay arbitrage is finding lower-priced products on Amazon. And listing them on eBay stores at a HIGHER PRICE.

How much can you make on Amazon to eBay Dropshipping?

Dropshippers who do Amazon to eBay dropshipping sell items for 5% to 15%. Their prices are said to be more than what they bought on Amazon. They do this to COVER FEES and allow them to make a profit. 

What’s Next

Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon is not an easy route to success. But despite the uncertainties. If you concentrate on profitable products and learn eBay’s terms and policies. Navigating this dropshipping business model is AS EASY as the usual dropshipping. 

Ready to dropship on both platforms?

Contact Leeline! Access trusted wholesale suppliers on eBay and Amazon. Expect a SEAMLESS and LEGAL dropshipping journey! 

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