Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay

Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay is much like finding your way out through a maze. You might waste TIME on products that don’t sell.

Luckily, I’m an AVID drop shipper from Walmart and eBay! So, in this guide, I’ll walk you through the 6 beginner steps to start dropshipping from Walmart. 

Starting from eBay store setup to seamless order fulfillment. Leverage Walmart’s swift shipping options and extensive product variety. Sell winning products and build a profitable business!

Keep reading to know more about Walmart’s and eBay’s policies.

Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay

Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping To eBay?

Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping To eBay?

Yes, Walmart and eBay both allow dropshipping. But connecting the two platforms requires CREATIVITY from your end. After all, Walmart isn’t too fond of being used as a dropshipping supplier. 

A traditional eBay dropshipping business is INVENTORY-FREE. Sellers SOURCED and IMPORT PRODUCTS from a supplier. The supplier then ships the Walmart item straight to customers when they order.

But the process works DIFFERENTLY when deciding to drop ship from Walmart to eBay. We called it the retail arbitrage method. 

Here’s how it goes: 

When customers buy from an eBay dropshipping store. eBay sellers placed a direct order from the Walmart marketplace with their OWN INFO. (I’ll explain later on why it’s the seller’s information and not the customer’s.) 

Once sellers receive the Walmart item. They ship the item back to the eBay customer. From this point forward, sellers provide POST-PURCHASE SUPPORT for the buyers. Such as having great customer service and providing tracking updates.

The Benefits of Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay

The Benefits of Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay

Here are the KEY FACTORS that make an eBay from Walmart dropshipping business super worth it!

  • Fast and Free Shipping 

Walmart offers “next day delivery” for FREE. Allowing you to DELIVER as fast as other dropshippers or dropshipping software. Even if they have to take EXTRA STEPS to dropship from Walmart. 

Also, the free shipping means they don’t need to stress about “additional cost.” Keeping the FINAL PRICE on par with what other eBay sellers offer. 

  • Wide Product Collection 

Walmart sells over 46 million products. No need to worry about searching for other suppliers or frequent inventory stockouts. 

As long as you know how to conduct Walmart product research. It’s super easy to find PROFITABLE Walmart items to sell on eBay. 

  • Price Match Policy 

On top of its REGULAR DISCOUNTS, Walmart has a reliable price match policy. This means if a customer purchases a regularly-priced item a week before it goes on sale. The buyer still gets the difference back just by showing their PROOF OF PURCHASE. 

How To Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay?

Step #1: Set up an eBay store

Start by creating an eBay account. Once this process is done, browse through the “selling” section in the “my eBay” tab.

eBay verifies the LEGITIMACY of your eBay seller account. So, follow the provided prompt and input details like name, address, and contact info.

Step #2. Manage the Payment Policy

Once all the info is sorted out, it’s time to connect payments to eBay. 

I recommend using Payoneer for this, as eBay and Payoneer TEAMED UP to make the linking SIMPLE. 

Thinking of running multiple drop shipping stores?

Here’s a neat little hack: One Payoneer account works for ALL of them.

Step #3: Setup eBay’s Store Policy for Walmart

To begin, head to the eBay business policies page. Next, select “Opt-In,” followed by “Get Started.”

Once you’ve done that, swing back to “Account Settings.” This is where the “Business Policies” section is LOCATED. Such as payment policy, returns policy, and shipping policy. 

Each of these policies serves as the BACKBONE of every eBay dropshipping business. Ensuring a smooth drop shipping from Walmart to customers.

Step #4: Source Products on Walmart 

Now for the fun part: searching for hot products that pick your INTEREST at Walmart.

Make sure other sellers are SELLING these products on eBay. It doesn’t matter HOW MUCH it sells on Walmart. What’s important is if people want it on eBay.

Step #5: Create Product Listings

All you have to do is save the product images from Walmart. Then, make a new eBay listing USING Walmart’s description. 

Make sure all the KEY DETAILS from the Walmart page are included. Such as the selling price and shipping price.

Step #6: Fulfill Orders

Good news! You’ve got an order! Time to SHIP the Walmart item to the eBay buyer.

Heads up, traditional dropshipping fulfillment doesn’t work here. So, use the customer’s details instead of yours, as I mentioned earlier.  Also, avoid using the buyer’s number to PREVENT Walmart from emailing them.

Wait for Walmart to provide the tracking details. Once received, LOG IN BACK to eBay and input them so the buyer tracks the order.

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People Also Ask about Dropshipping From Walmart To eBay

Can I dropship from AliExpress and Alibaba to eBay?

Yes. Dropshipping from other marketplaces is POPULAR these days. But remember that there are platforms that don’t allow this practice. So, make sure to READ their policies before jumping in. 

How does Walmart use dropshipping?

Walmart dropshipping works with suppliers who send products straight to customers. This means Walmart doesn’t have to keep all those items in its OWN warehouses. Giving more options when you shop on Walmart’s site.

How do you provide a tracking number to a customer after they buy from you on eBay?

It’s as simple as waiting for Walmart to email the tracking information. Then, add them to eBay so the customer track their orders. As I mentioned in the steps, it’s YOU who places the order, not the customers.

What’s Next

Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay is the dream of a retail and wholesale business. Walmart, being a BIG PLAYER in the U.S., opens up an opportunity for every eBay seller. So, don’t wait any longer, take the next step and start turning your dreams into REALITY. 

Want to try your luck at dropshipping?

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