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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Sea freight shipping services that are both AFFORDABLE and dependable. Ship cargo through the ocean using either CARGO SHIPS or bulk line services.

You Find out where your marine freight is at any moment with Leeline.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Leeline guarantees FAST, SECURE, and CAREFUL delivery of your goods. Assist you in determining the economic means of sending packages by air transport. Our NETWORK offers very reasonable rates for air freight shipment.

Make sure you get your package as quickly as possible without compromising security.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

The shipping of goods by train with us is quick and inexpensive. We handle shipments of ANY KIND, NO MATTER HOW LARGE. Take special measures to ensure its safety.

Real-time tracking also allows STRESS-FREE monitoring throughout the clock.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

Collect your products from the factory and package them safely. Track Each shipment by our skilled staff, who provide regular updates. We also do checks for quality assurance.

Deliver your products right to your FRONT DOOR. 

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Make use of Leeline to get PRICE REDUCTIONS on your shipments from Alibaba. We guarantee timely delivery of your shipment.

Get different shipping alternatives that are both SPEEDY AND SECURE.

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

Take advantage of FBA’s speedy shipping and handling. You save your shipping costs in half when you ship with us.

We promise timely and direct shipments to Amazon’s FBA warehouses. Adding your company’s NAME AND LOGO to your items may boost your sales on Amazon. 

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Expert Freight Forwarder

We’ve been serving the freight industry for almost a decade. Our mission is to provide YOU with flexible, REASONABLY PRICED freight service. Your packages get where they’re going without a hitch.

Verifying Quality

Leeline guarantees the delivery of high-quality products to YOU. Thoroughly inspect Everything that goes out to retailers from LEELINE. We never impose an extra shipping fee on a purchase.

Customs Clearance 

We make sure you have everything you need to go through customs smoothly. Any other documentation is unnecessary. FULLY AND TOTALLY autonomous transportation!

Utilize Your Time Wisely

Transportation company Leeline Figure out the most efficient ways to move freight. You expect QUICK delivery Due to the easily available transport links. Shipment times are becoming shorter.

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In my experience, it is not workable to transport my items with exposed terminals. Leeline resolved my issue. They handle the international shipping of my goods with the utmost care. There have been zero shipping problems since then. I can’t wait to enthusiastically endorse them to all the company owners I know.

– Kenneth, Florida

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How to ship by railway from China to Europe?

Do your business involves moving large volumes of merchandise? Railway China to Europe is your best bet for you!!

Trains freight is becoming as popular as shipping by air and water. Saving time and money are the key advantages. Shipping goods by train is quicker than shipping by water. It is less expensive than shipping via air.

Here, a Leeline freight professional details your shipment’s route from China to Europe. You make a sensible choice about your shipping requirements with this data in hand.

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How to ship by railway from China to Europe

Advantages and disadvantages of rail freight transport

Advantages of rail freight transport

  • Convenient for large & heavy items

Compared to vehicles and aircraft, rail transport has an enormous carrying capacity. Shipments of all kinds and sizes, from corn to wind generators, transport easily.

  • Rapid travel across wide distances

Rail transport is faster than other modes of transportation. For example, the railway service is still operational when natural disasters prevent roads.

  • Transportation at a lower cost

One of the least expensive means of transport is rail shipping. In particular, long-distance transportation of large quantities. 

In fact, compared to driving a vehicle, a train uses less energy and hauls as much cargo as 300 trucks.

  • Friendly to the environment

Rail transport is safe and green. It is friendly to the environment. There are fewer emissions and pollution during transportation than other transport methods. It produces fewer greenhouse gases than automobiles and trucks. 

  • Efficient and more reliable 

Freight trains are more cost-effective than airplanes. With airplanes, fuel costs increase rapidly. Freight trains are a more economical choice.

It helps to reduce traffic jams and fuel consumption. You don’t need to worry about traffic jams, accidents or parking problems when using the train. Trains also have fewer maintenance costs.

  • Encompasses a huge geographical region

The railroad network in the United States is surprisingly extensive. It stretches approximately 140,000 miles to serve all major markets from coast to coast.

Advantages and disadvantages of rail freight transport

Disadvantages of rail freight transport

  • Significant expenditure of capital

There is always a significant up-front cost associated with major transportation projects. Funding requirements for rail projects are often in the billions. Besides the price tag, there are other intangibles like insurance, site purchase, etc. 

  • Not a good choice for short trips or light loads

Railroads are more appropriate for longer haul, higher capacity loads. Rail is the best choice for large-scale and high-volume shipments. Trucks and barges are much better options for short trips or light loads.

  • Disappointingly Limited Door-to-Door Support

One drawback of train travel is that it does not provide door-to-door service. People who want the ease and speed of rail transportation have to go out to get their products. 

  • Lengthy Reservation Procedures

Booking and accepting delivery by trains need more time. Reservation procedures are more lengthy. Need more effort than automobile freight.

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Leeline helps you ship from China to Anywhere in the World!

Rail freight routes between China and Europe

Rail freight routes between China and Europe

Freight trains have two primary routes, each with many secondary lines:

1. Central China-bound cargo should use the southern route via Kazakhstan and southern Russia. It includes the areas around 

  • Chengdu, 
  • Chongqing, 
  • And Zhengzhou.

2. Another route is the northern route across Siberia. It is an efficient option for shipping containers For cities like- 

  • Beijing, 
  • Dalian, 
  • Suzhou, 
  • And Shenyang in northern China.

How long does railway freight take from China to Europe?

It takes 15–18 days to go by train from China to Europe, terminal to terminal. It would take about twice as long to transport containers via ship.

Allows companies to meet the ever-shifting wants of consumers. This decreases shipping time. More frequent rotations mean fewer stock in the supply chain. Which in turn means shorter transit times. Thus, firms may save money on capital expenditures. While also increasing their available working capital.

How much does railway cost from China to Europe?

Comparatively, the cost of shipping a container through rail freight is-

  • About double that of shipping via sea 
  • One-fourth of shipping via air, depending on origin, destination, and volume.

For example, A 40-foot container stores 22,000 kg of merchandise.

  • It costs around $8,000 to go there by train. 
  • Through sea freight would cost roughly $4,000,
  • While shipping via air would set you back around $32,000.

How to ship by railway from China to Europe?

How to ship by railway from China to USA
  • Consider pre- and post-shipment transportation like air or marine freight. 
  • You must place your products in a container to ship items by rail. 
  • You can lease that from the rail company’s container depot. 
  • Moving things by road to the depot for loading if your warehouse is near will be more cost-effective. In any case, rail terminals are substantially smaller than harbor facilities.
  • There is less room for storage at the depot. Transportation to and from the depot must be carefully planned.
  • Rail cargo is primarily bulk. They transported unpackaged in enormous quantities.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Railway China to Europe

Is rail cheaper than ship?

Rail freight is CHEAPEST for moving large volumes across long distances. The cost-per-ton-mile of rail transport shipment is cheap. Because of its GREATER CAPACITY to carry large volumes of freight at once.

Can we ship dangerous or reefer products by train?

Reefer freight services are available through all modes of transportation. Including FTL, LTL, intermodal, rail, ocean, and air. Reefer freight means the transportation of perishable goods. It requires special vehicles and handling. The products must keep at a certain temperature.

How to reduce railway costs?

You may save money on rail transportation by taking advantage of economies of scale. When you ship many pallets, or “blocks,” on the same bill of lading. The railroad does many car swaps at once to ease faster turnaround and lower costs. 

Does China have an underwater bullet train?

China plans to spend $200 billion on an underwater bullet train network. This underwater tunnel connects the Chinese mainland with the United States. It is one of the most costly endeavors of railway lines in history. 

The underwater railway line would stretch for more than 12,800 kilometers. It extends from mainland China. Go via Siberia, Alaska, and Canada before reaching the United States.  

What’s Next

Railway from China to Europe has the potential to be dependable, quick, and efficient. Choose a reputable freight forwarder. Leeline is the most cost-effective freight forwarder to export goods from China to Europe.

We Assure you the lowest shipping costs. Fastest delivery times in the industry, regardless of shipment destination or order size.

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