How To Find Trending Products For Dropshipping?

How to find TRENDING products for DROPSHIPPING? GRAB prime business opportunities by selecting top-notch products to sell.  

Our experts have worked with many DROPSHIPPING brands one-on-one. Use our PROVEN methods to find best-selling PRODUCTS. Increase online store revenue and CUSTOMER flow! The most popular method is finding PRODUCTS organically from Social media.  

Keep moving to their SECRET recipe to find PROFITABLE products. 

How To Find Trending Products For Dropshipping

What Is a Trending Product? 

What Is a Trending Product? 

Trending or trendy, in simple words referred to as POPULAR products. 

Any product that has current demand among customers is trending. It could be a seasonal demand, a sudden spike or anything that makes it popular. 

The best example of a trending PRODUCT is fidget spinners. They were high in demand and trending at a certain time. I made a huge PROFIT while selling them. GRADUALLY their demand decreases. 

Now trends are divided into three main CATEGORIES. 

  • Short term Trends 

This sort of trend only lasts for a few weeks or months. It’s a hit or miss for most dropshipping business owners. Dropshippers invest heavily in MARKETING to catch these trends. 

  • Long term Trends 

These are more stable than short-term trends. It usually lasts for months or years. You invest in ORGANIC marketing techniques due to their stability. Long-term trends have dropshipping niche-based stores

  • Seasonal Product trends

It includes HOBBIES-related trending DROPSHIPPING products. You sell online fishing or camping-related winning products. Their period is limited to a year, so I need to act faster! 

Why Should You Sell Trending Products For Dropshipping?

Why Should You Sell Trending Products For Dropshipping

Newbies need more resources and knowledge to do so. Also, working on high-demand products has two main benefits. Let’s look around them! 

1. Existing audience 

If any winning PRODUCT is making a huge PROFIT, then there is existing demand. They must have a larger customer base or continue an increase in demand. 

See what a competitor is doing while selling dropshipping products. 

Have you got it? 

Understand their techniques and use them to build SUCCESSFUL dropshipping stores. 

Pro Tip: Look into GOOGLE TRENDS to check their demand patterns. You see whether their search terms are decreasing or still stable. 

2. More PROFIT margin 

These HOT PRODUCTS are already MONEY-MAKING machines. Need to waste less money on MARKETING testing campaigns. 

Less risk in working on BEST SELLING Dropshipping PRODUCTS. JUST come and catch the trendy wave to find opportunities. 

How To Find Trending Products For Dropshipping?

In an experience of 5 years, these methods got me the best PRODUCTS.  It boosted my profit to the sky. 

Don’t miss out and keep reading them! 

  1. Product research Tools 

Hundreds of market research tools are circulating on the internet. Choose any reliable one to find WINNING dropshipping products. 

What to look at while choosing a PRODUCT RESEARCH tool? 

Don’t rely only on product pic and Keywords! Check Product Details.

Look at whether the tool provides complete details or not. It includes supplier links, Pricing details, Competitors link, and RECENT trend data. 

Expert’s advice: Do due diligence on market pricing on other sites too. Check related suppliers with GOOD reviews. 

Check if they have HIGH-quality PRODUCT images. Use their LIFESTYLE videos for AD’s campaign. In some cases, they also provide SEO keywords for DESCRIPTION. 

Tools have subscription models, which would be an extra cost in your expenses. 

Pro TIP: Choosing the most popular tool means more people access their PRODUCTs. It reflects the HIGH competition. Choose reliable but not most popular. 

  1. Social Media Platforms 

Do you notice best-selling PRODUCTS on social media while browsing? 

Well, I got my best product ideas from FACEBOOK and Instagram. They made me a hell of a lot of money! 

In recent times, Titkok has been exploding with tons of DROPSHIPPING products. They have more engaging ads than other platforms. 

Now go to BIG social media platforms like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and Pinterest. Engage with existing PRODUCT ads. The algorithm shows you more related ads. 

Most ads are from BRANDS but gradually you see DROPSHIPPING ads. 

It would be a complete package of VIDEO ads, imagery, and Competitor links. Do you notice something is missing? 

Well, it’s SUPPLIER, search suppliers on B2B or Dropshipping sites. 

Do a complete pricing analysis before finalizing any PRODUCT. It’s time-consuming but the most reliable method. Why? 

Because you only get to see what competitors are selling. Check post-engagement analysis to check popularity. Read comments to know consumer feedback! 

  1. eCommerce Marketplaces 
eCommerce Marketplaces 

Go to Amazon or eBay. In best selling section you get to see recent TRENDS. Identify products with potential. 

On Amazon on the right side, you see the supplier option. It means the same PRODUCT is getting sold by many SELLERS on the same listing. It’s a BUY BOX concept where anyone go to any listing and sell that. 

In Dropshippers terms, these are “Me too listings”. Not all sellers allow this option on their listing but most DROPSHIPPERS do. If any product has this type of listing with various vendors then it’s a DROPSHIPPING product. 

Now you have the product, listing and now hunt its supplier. On eBay, this is different as select targeted marketplace and sold listings. Here you see many Dropshipping products. 

Pro tip: Avoid sensitive categories like Baby products, Medical or Pet niche products. 

  1. Competitor Analysis 

Identify main competitors in similar niches. Later on, keep checking their store and SOCIAL Media HANDLERS. Install competitor spying EXTENTIONs in your Google. 

Click on their PRODUCT and search by images on the eCommerce site. Do Product analysis of each item in their store. 

Check PROFIT margins, Suppliers, and other important details. Most dropshipping sellers have seasonal or short-term trending products. 

  1. Keyword research

Do you have a bunch of IDEAS but are not sure about POPULARITY? 

Go to “Google Trends” and type POTENTIAL keywords in the search bar. It shows the data of GOOGLE search queries in recent times. 

Evaluate data from search engines whether people are looking for this product or not. It is based on the user’s search interest. 

Check the trend graph of PRODUCTS. Best Selling DROPSHIPPING products have a stable trend instead of a sudden upward trend. In case of a sudden popular product check other parameters before making a decision. 

  1. News or popular Blogs 

Keep checking what’s trending on GLOBAL news. I have a habit of checking global trends to find TRENDING products. 

Blogs often promote new market entries. They have ads or sponsored collaboration for PROMOTION. Most long-term product sellers invest in BLOG promotions. You get to access better and long-lasting PRODUCTS. 

In ads or promotions, they have a STORE link. Go to the store and do a complete pricing, supplier, and profitability assessment

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People Also Ask about How To Find Trending Products For Dropshipping

What is the best selling site in dropshipping?

Amazon and eBay both are good marketplaces to start dropshipping. They have a large customer base for online shopping. Yet Shopify provides an end-to-end solution to start your eCommerce store. 

In dropshipping, who pays the shipping cost?

Initially, the seller pays the shipping cost to Dropshipping suppliers. Later on, add those costs into sourcing and PRODUCT costs. You also charge shipping costs separately to the customers. 

Can I start dropshipping with $100-$200?

It’s difficult to find trending dropshipping products to drop ship on such a small budget. Better to list products on the Facebook marketplace without marketing. Get orders and refill them one by one. Slow and steady strategy. 

What’s Next

Having the hottest products is one part of the game. The essential part is RELIABLE supply chain and QUALITY at low pricing. Increasing the supply chain’s resilience boosts BRAND’s success chances. 

Wanna secure your DROPSHIPPING store from failure? 

Contact us to access our best-selling dropshipping PRODUCTS! Multiply your REVENUE by selecting profitable niche items! 

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