How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify?

In eCommerce, reviews are the spice that determines how HOT you are as a seller. So, it’s ESSENTIAL to know how to import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify.  

I’m an expert in importing authentic and compelling product reviews. I’ve helped thousands of Shopify store owners OPTIMIZED consumers’ trust and sales.

My GO-TO tool? The AliExpress Reviews Importer app. It allows users to handpick products and select review criteria. And even import up to 500 reviews per item with only a FEW CLICKS. Save time and effort to maximize the CREDIBILITY of your products!

Keep reading to boost your Shopify store SALES effortlessly!

Key settings to adjust before importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify

Why import AliExpress reviews on Shopify: Is it possible?

It’s TOTALLY possible to import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify. AliExpress made this feature itself. So, the process is a NO-BRAINER for every Shopify store owner. 

Now, the real question is, is it a MUST to import online reviews?

The GOLDEN answer is a solid yes! As a Shopify store owner, we deal with THOUSANDS of competitors. Likewise, customers have millions of product options to choose from. 

So, how do we get ahead and convince these customers to CHOOSE our store?

Showing authentic online reviews from our previous consumers. Building TRUST, RELIABILITY, and professionalism. 

This strategy is FREE PLAN TO FOLLOW and has a high conversion rate. Import product reviews and watch your sales grow! 

Key settings to adjust before importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify

Key settings to adjust before importing AliExpress reviews to Shopify

The KEY for effective imported reviews is to ADJUST which ones to import. Not every review weighs the same. Remember these tips. And GUARANTEE to import AliExpress reviews that help your Shopify store grow. 

  • Import enough AliExpress reviews 

Imagine there are TWO of the same products rated 4.5 stars each. But one only has 3 reviews, and the other has 15. 

Pretty sure customers will be MORE TRUSTING of the product with MORE REVIEWS. So, make sure to add as many reviews from Aliexpress as possible. 

There’s no golden quantity to aim for here. But I always recommend importing at least 10 AliExpress reviews for each product. 

  • Choose ratings wisely

Never IMPORT reviews at random. It’s all about aiming for a HIGH RATING without making them too good to be true. 

Wanna know a HACK to make your store’s reviews believable? Importing both good and bad AliExpress reviews. What I like to do is to add one “not-so-good review” every 10 reviews full of praises. 

But of course, make sure the “bad” review isn’t the worst out there. 

Aim for something like a 2.5-star to a 3-star AliExpress review. Not anything LOWER. You don’t want to scare customers away after all. 

  • Know the importance of visuals

Photos SPEAK a thousand words each. Especially when it comes to online business reviews. Comments with images show potential customers how a product looks like IRL. And let’s admit it. There’s a THRILL in seeing how proud other buyers are sharing a product we plan to buy! 

  • Translate when needed 

Found good reviews that aren’t in English? Don’t shy away from translating them for others to read! This takes more effort than usual. But it is definitely worth it for reviews PACKED with valuable insights.

How to import reviews from AliExpress to Shopify?

Importing reviews from AliExpress is a PROVEN STRATEGY to grab customers’ attention.

This FREE APP allows users to import reviews from AliExpress to their online store.  Sellers import texts, images, and videos to make each review legitimate. 

Let us walk you through the process of collecting reviews with this handy tool!

Step #1: Get the app

Head on to the Shopify app store to download the app. Or download the app’s Chrome extension. 

Once the Chrome extension is INSTALLED, you may know…

Step #2: Choose a product with high reviews

Always choose the AliExpress product with A BUNCH of good and bad reviews. Then, copy and paste its AliExpress product URL.

Next, Search for the product name and select it on the next tab. See that checkmark next to it? SELECT the specific criteria before generating the AliExpress reviews you desire.

Step #3: Set up essential settings

Wanna make sure of the authenticity and relevance of imported reviews? Filter out unnecessary reviews and focus on the GENUINE ONES.

In the import settings:

  • Select the AliExpress reviews with a message or images, services, and videos. 
  • Set the minimum rating. It could be a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star.
  • Select how many reviews (up to 500)

Step #4: Import Reviews

The app starts importing reviews in the background. Once it’s done to export reviews, you check, edit, or delete them in the Reviews section.

Step #5: Display reviews

Unfortunately, AliExpress reviews don’t show up magically once they have been imported. Apps like Product Reviews. Or the Opinew App helps add reviews on the AliExpress pages. 

So, might as well download these apps.

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People Also Ask about How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify

Are AliExpress reviews trusted?

Yes. But, of course, NOT ALL import reviews that exist online are legitimate. Some were made to confuse customers. And some are made to falsely accuse the sellers. It’s best not to be swayed by reviews that seem too good to be true. Exercise CAUTION at all times.

How do you choose real import AliExpress reviews? 

First is to use a trusted review App. Choose an AliExpress product with detailed reviews, including PICTURES. There are also reviews that you watch. It’s all about judgment and receipts. 

Is it possible to manually input reviews for my Shopify store?

Yes, but it’s time-consuming. Apart from that, your store needs to be REGISTERED on a review site to use its data. This is a condition that needs to be met to import reviews.  

What’s Next

Online reviews take a huge chunk of customers’ purchase decisions. So, as a seller, learning how to import AliExpress reviews is a MUST to bring in MORE SALES. The MORE AUTHENTIC those reviews are. The higher the chances of attracting more buyers.

Ready to skyrocket your conversion rate?

Call Leeline! We make each brand stand out through legitimate reviews. DOUBLE your Shopify store profits!

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