How To Start An Online Store Without Inventory?

How to start an online store without inventory?

I’m an entrepreneur and created MULTIPLE online stores. Let me show you the multiple methods to sell online with zero inventory.

Dropshipping tops our recommendation as one of the MOST PROFITABLE MODELS. Set up a store with no upfront capital and no inventory to manage. Enjoy profits easily!

Ready to find what business model suits you better? Keep reading!

How To Start An Online Store Without Inventory

Benefits of Starting An Online Store Without Inventory

Benefits of Starting An Online Store Without Inventory

Traditional online stores often DEMAND a huge upfront investment for buying physical products. But let me show you how to skip the BURDEN of inventory. 

Allow me to introduce the INVENTORY-FREE business model, Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping stands out as one of the most lucrative methods we’ve tried to sell products online. Here are its top benefits:

  • Minimal Upfront Investment

Dropshipping ONLY requires a modest budget to start an online business. Entrepreneurs start selling products online WITHOUT BUYING upfront inventory. Making it an IDEAL CHOICE for other sellers on a low budget. 

  • Eliminates Managing Inventory

Starting a dropshipping business eliminates stockpiling. This saves us TIME and MONEY spent on storage costs and managing physical inventory.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

Not being TIED DOWN by inventory lets sellers sell products from different niches. They diversify their product offerings without committing to a LARGE INVENTORY. 

  • Easy to Grow

Not managing your own inventory makes it EASIER to grow a business. So, instead of worrying about keeping products in stock. We focus more on getting MORE CUSTOMERS and promoting products. 

  • Lower Risk Profile

Dropshipping is LESS RISKY compared to a traditional online store. The absence of storing physical inventory avoids financial losses. Providing a SAFETY NET when exploring various niches.

How To Start Online Store Without Inventory?

1. Dropshipping

Think dropshipping as a secret helper for your own online store. Instead of dealing with inventory and shipping stress. Suppliers and multiple manufacturers take care of it all. 

Let’s say a customer places a puzzle order from our website. The puzzle maker or supplier ships it straight to the customer. It’s a TIME-SAVER, sparing business owners the headaches of stocking products. 

Of course, there are DISADVANTAGES too. Like no custom packaging or customized brand logo. So, small businesses itching to launch fast and start making fantastic sales. Dropshipping is their GOLDEN TICKET.

Anything from gadgets to car accessories can be drop shipped. Making it an IDEAL SOLUTION for an inventory-free eCommerce business. 

2. Affiliate Stores

Imagine starting a store without the hassle of SOURCING PRODUCTS. That’s what an affiliate store means.

Instead of juggling with inventory. Brands team up with an online store to sell their products. Whether it’s books, pet goodies, or any physical item. EVERY SUCCESSFUL SALE equals commission.

The best part? 

This eCommerce model SKIPS the shipping hassles. So when a customer purchases, each order GOES STRAIGHT to the seller.

But here’s the catch. Commissions are modest, so selling a bunch is KEY. 

Pro Tip: Not all are suited. So, for someone who possesses multi-level marketing skills. Venturing into an affiliate program is a LUCRATIVE opportunity. 

3. Print-on-demand

Welcome to the world of print-on-demand e-commerce. This business model lets you sell print-on-demand products WITHOUT stocking up. 

How does it work? Simple.

When a customer purchases, a printing partner JUMPS IN. And takes care of the printing and shipping. 

Some think that the DOWNSIDE of a print-on-demand store is a limitation of products to offer. But from experience, there’s a BUNCH of products to consider. Starting from tees, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, and blankets. Besides, a QUALITY PARTNER is the real key for this model. As it broadens the choices.

4. Sell Digital Products 

Sell Digital Products 

No-inventory eCommerce business models come in DIFFERENT TYPES. And one of them is selling digital products. 

NOT ALL e-commerce businesses are about packing and shipping products. Some take a leap into the digital marketplace.

Everything on this model is digital.  No need for shelves of inventory. What can be sold online depends on who wants to buy. 

Here are some of the best products and services I recommend to consider:

  • Teach online courses
  • Sell digital art or prints
  • Offer e-books
  • Provide memberships
  • Give online services like tutoring

To start on this journey, you’ll need a LINEUP of digital products and services. But the ULTIMATE KEY is narrowing down to a niche. And be consistent on content creation. 

5. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a handy program that lets ALL SORTS of businesses run a store with no inventory. 

How does it work?  

  1. Create websites online. 
  2. Deliver your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. 
  3. Amazon manages, picks, packs, and ships those items to customers. 

Tap into Amazon’s VAST customer base through FBA. And sell online without inventory headaches. Time-saver, right?

Keep in mind that this convenience comes at a cost. 

Amazon CHARGES FEES for its warehouse and fulfillment services. But it’s all WORTH IT. Since any customer service issues are also handled by them.

7. Partner With a Third-party logistics (3PL) Company

Considering dropshipping? Why not try selling products using a 3PL company?  

A 3PL company is SOMEWHAT SIMILAR to dropshipping but with a twist. These logistics wizards handle everything. From managing inventory to order fulfillment. NO NEED to hoard inventory in your space. The 3PL provider like us takes care of it.

Although there’s still a need to source items. 3PL services offer flexibility in selling online. But be ready as it can be a BIT PRICEY. Since they handle almost everything except sourcing. Be ready to face necessary fees for warehouse storage and fulfilling orders.

Expert Tip: This is IDEAL for eCommerce businesses with a bustling customer base. But for starters, dropshipping could be a smoother start.

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People Also Ask about How To Start An Online Store Without Inventory

What is the best way to start an online store with no experience?

I’d say opt for dropshipping. Aside from the fact that this model DOES NOT REQUIRE huge upfront capital. Most of the intricate processes are handled by a supplier. 

How many items should you start an online store with?

Start with a curated selection of 20 to 30 high-quality products. This allows your own store to focus on each item. Ensuring they ALIGN with the brand and CATER to the target audience.

Is $2,000 enough to start dropshipping? 

Yes, that’s more than enough. Dropshipping requires little to no upfront investment. So, with a budget of $2,000, you’re WELL-EQUIPPED to launch a successful eCommerce store.

Where can I find dropshipping partner?

The best way is through recommendation. You may also try supplier directories of every eCommerce platform out there. Or try Leeline, the BEST dropshipping partner in China. Enjoy low prices and in-demand products.

What’s Next

Starting an online store without inventory may seem impossible. Luckily, business models like dropshipping and print-on-demand exist. Both DO NOT DEMAND huge capital. And lets you sell online with ZERO INVENTORY to manage.

Ready to start selling online?

Call Leeline! Receive detailed and transparent quotations in under 48 hours! Dominate the competition with LOW INVESTMENT. 

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