How To Start Shopify Branded Dropshipping?

Venturing into Shopify branded dropshipping feels like walking on a TIGHTROPE. You need to BALANCE branding, niche selection, and supplier relationships.

Luckily, this is your TRUSTY COMPASS.

I’m a dropshipping expert. We help you create a Shopify store with 5 easy steps. Its ease of use and quick setup with templates streamline website creation. 

And the best part? Shopify lets you start a branded dropshipping store for as low as $1!

Ready to sell on Shopify? Keep reading!

Shopify Branded Dropshipping

How Does Branded Dropshipping Work?

How Does Branded Dropshipping Work?

Branded dropshipping operates as a unique blend of two BUSINESS STRATEGIES. “Dropshipping and Branding.” 

Let’s define them first.

Dropshipping involves sourcing GENERIC PRODUCTS from reliable suppliers. They handle the DIRECT SHIPMENT of products to customers. This model avoids the need to cram our online store with a MASSIVE INVENTORY.

On the flip side, branding involves buying products in bulk quantities. Then, start branding them with your own BRAND NAME.

Now branded dropshipping brings these two elements TOGETHER. 

It starts with identifying a hot-selling product to rebrand. Then, sell it through an online shopping platform like the Shopify store. This approach avoids cluttering your warehouse while maintaining product quality. Making it a POPULAR STRATEGY for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Why Dropship Branded Products on Shopify?

Why Dropship Branded Products on Shopify?

I’ve used different platforms to start a branded dropshipping store on Shopify. But I lean towards Shopify the most. Here’s why:

  • Extensive User Base

Shopify boasts a massive global user community. This means it’s TRUSTED and RELIABLE for selling branded products without a hassle.

  • Ease of Use

The platform is designed for beginners. Ensuring that it accommodates individuals with LIMITED technical knowledge. I remember how effortlessly I created and managed my branded dropshipping business.

  • Eliminates the Need for Third-Party Service Providers

One notable benefit I guarantee is the independence from third-party service providers. With Shopify, there’s NO NEED to seek extra help to set up a branded store website. Which is great for brand owners who want a smooth process.

  • Quick Setup with Templates

Choosing a design and adding products with minimal settings is VERY SIMPLE. As a brand owner, this feature speeds up the process of setting up the website. Allowing a QUICKER market entry to sell products. 

  • Diverse Applications to Choose From 

Shopify’s wide range of applications adds another layer of appeal. These apps cover various aspects, like marketing methods. There are also options for how loyal customers pay. And additional features like product search. Making the overall dropshipping experience BETTER.

  • No Extensive Training Required

Shopify is made so that you DON’T HAVE to learn a lot before using it. It’s easy to get started, especially for beginners in branded dropshipping. 

How to Start a Shopify Branded Dropshipping Business

Still UNDECIDED whether Shopify is the platform to start a dropshipping store? Here’s a step-by-step guide to make an informed decision.

Step #1: Select a Niche 

First of all, conduct THOROUGH market research to understand the dos and don’ts. 

Start from other stores or ask friends to understand the market better. Opt for a niche that is less saturated but is IN DEMAND. Low competitors for a product means MORE potential customers. 

Pro Tip: Beware of DEAD NICHES with no demand

I learned this the hard way. I chose a niche with low competition and failed due to ZERO DEMAND.

Step #2: Choose a Reliable Supplier

Supplier directory is a SHORTCUT I recommend when finding suppliers. LUCKILY, Shopify has this feature! 

No need to go through a TIME-CONSUMING screening process. The suppliers on Shopify have already undergone a strict selection process. Guarantee that all are TRUSTED and offer HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS.

Look for private label suppliers with NO minimum order quantity requirements. Especially for beginners with a LIMITED BUDGET.

Step #3: Branding


Creating brand recognition is a crucial process in branded dropshipping. Customers need to see personalized content to leave a LASTING IMPRESSION.

Now, let’s make this step a whole lot EASIER. And focus on the product labels and be meticulous about the product images

Product descriptions also need to be ON POINT. And don’t forget to offer custom packaging. Fully customized products scream BRAND VALUES to a specific target audience.

Step #4: Market Your Dropshipping Store

A well-planned MARKETING STRATEGY helps build brand awareness. So, don’t shy away from investing in influencer marketing or doing it yourself. 

Social media platforms are a great STARTING POINT for private-label dropshipping. It’s the best way to attract more customers nowadays. 

Step #5. Start Selling

Import products and start selling them with high-profit margins in mind. 

Expert Tip. Consider offering DISCOUNTS on newly launched products.

This strategy helps kickstart our online business today and foster REPEAT PURCHASES.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline is to help Shopify & small businesses shipping products from China and build your branded business.

People Also Ask about Shopify Branded Dropshipping

Is Shopify free?

You may try Shopify for free, but payment is required to UNLOCK its best features. Don’t worry, as it only requires $1 for the first THREE MONTHS. Aside from that, it also offers a 3-day free trial for first-time users!

What product is the most profitable on branded dropshipping?

T-shirts bring the MOST PROFITS to dropshipping businesses. Shopify offers a print-on-demand dropshipping business model. Perfect for those who want to sell products like clothing apparel. 

Do you need a large amount of capital to start branded dropshipping?

No. Usually, dropshipping requires little to no upfront investment. But since we’re talking about branded dropshipping, at least prepare a $500 capital. This amount does the REBRANDING and PROMOTION. Especially when choosing Shopify.

What’s Next

Many dropshipping stores choose Shopify to start their Branded Dropshipping business. The platform provides opportunities to GROW in the eCommerce world. And provide access to the best dropshipping suppliers. 

Ready to start your online business?

Call Leeline! Our team finds in-demand private-label products to start your eCommerce business. 

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