Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping

Struggling to start your eCommerce store? Selection of an eCommerce platform for DROPSHIPPING is a hard nut to crack! Any wrong step affects the store’s success

I exclusively worked on INTERNATIONAL eCommerce dropshipping stores. We utilize expertise to write this guidebook. Detailed review of leading eCommerce platforms to set up an automated Dropshipping store. Make dropshipping scalable! 

Big Commerce is our top selection for building an eCommerce website. Seamless purchasing experience on the CUSTOMER’s end.  A high conversion rate gets you MORE PROFIT MARGIN. 

Keep moving! 

Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping

Top 5 Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping

1. BigCommerce


One of the hot platforms in the eCommerce world nowadays. Multi-store front is their best feature for starters. Allow them to create many stores on a single subscription. Handle all of them from a professional dashboard from the backend! 

What I liked: 

  • An impressive list of users and HUNDREDS of online reviews. Strong social proof to convince visitors to purchase. High customer retention rate from PRODUCT RATINGS and reviews! 
  • Pricing starts at $39 per MONTH after a free 15-day trial. Single-page checkout to reduce funnel friction for users. Add COUPONS, gift cards, and DISCOUNT rules to Stimulate purchase decisions. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • The multi-step hassling process to cancel your subscription. Friction to get out of their ecosystem. 

2. WooCommerce


One of the most popular eCommerce platforms with 23% of the market share. Localized to 30 languages and installed in over 60,000 stores. High User Friendliness does not involve complex technical processes. Free tutorials on YOUTUBE in case the store gets any issues. 

What I liked: 

  • Seamless integration with GOOGLE shopping. Increase your sales from extra channels and get customer flow without extra marketing. 
  • Build huge social proof with Automated or manual review reminder emails. Also, have ‘click to chat’ integration for WhatsApp. Allows customers for quick and easy previewing. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • You need extra plugins to layer up the store to use advanced features. Extra hassle if not familiar with technology! 

3. Shopify


A Beginner-friendly self-hosted platform that has 19% of the market share. It hosts around 500,000 e-commerce stores and dropshipping websites. One for a SOLUTION as it handles both big and SMALL STORES. I hosted many stores on their platform within various categories. Different subscription levels to choose from as per your needs. 

What I liked: 

  • Multi-channel support and 24/7 technical service. Contact via email, phone, and chat support or even post on their official forum. Huge COMMUNITY to help around technical issues. 
  • A big customized theme directory, as many DEVELOPERS work on it. Fast theme and page loading on hosting services for optimal customer experience. High customer retention! Tons of apps that allow you to enhance accessibility, security, and SEO

What I didn’t like: 

  • More expensive than it appears. Transaction and APP FEES coupled with subscription make it costly. 

4. Wix


Integrate an online store with Modalyst to start importing dropshipping products. Edit product images, URLs, or DESCRIPTION for search engine optimization. I connected the product to the supplier and did one-click fulfillment. Fast-paced dropshipping for online stores. 

What I liked: 

  • TRACK orders and manage payments effectively from a user-friendly dashboard. Effective inventory management to reduce customer complaints. 
  • DRAG and drop website builders from templates. CUSTOM templates to build independent eCommerce stores in a few minutes. Save the cost of PROFESSIONAL designing. 

What I didn’t like: 

  • You can’t switch templates in the store. Need to build a store from scratch in case of theme switching. 

5. Squarespace


Squarespace is a NYC-based company offering remarkably intuitive INTERFACE. STANDOUT from the crowd through branded templates. I fell in love with their color patterns and themes as they make the store so compelling. Fluid engine to make the site more intuitive. 

What I liked: 

  • Website analytics, promotional banners, and popups are used for extra advertising avenues. Sell digital products without hassle with the DOWNLOAD option after payment. 
  • Schedule post option on BLOGGING PAGES. Build a vivid reader community for your store to create a LOYAL AUDIENCE. High success chances for new PRODUCT LAUNCHES! 

What I didn’t like: 

  • No free or basic versions are offered. You need to purchase a subscription to start building a store. 

List Of Best Ecommerce Platforms For Dropshipping

Platform Name ProsCons
Magento (Adobe Commerce) Custom dashboard with multi-channel support to resolve issues in short timeHigh technical barrier for beginners
OpenCartCompletely free to use at the start. Only pay for the domainDon’t have versatile THEME templates
SpocketOne-click product import and editing before publishing on the store Subscription-based plan to access their SUPPLIER directory 
WeeblyFree SSL security and automatic tax calculatorOutdated designs for POOR mobile screen optimization 
PrestaShopAdvanced SEO features to rank Product pages on GOOGLE searchesNot easy to set up with limited module availability
Shift4ShopAI-powered fraud protection to detect fake orders Difficult individual product page editing
VolusionIntegrated payment processing powered by Stripe for customer’s easeNo blogging functionality to build READER’S community
SaleHooOne-click Supplier directory to integrate direct into the store Limited advanced features and a small community 
ZyroEffective integration with FACEBOOK making sales tracking smooth No phone support makes it difficult to resolve issues in less period
EcwidGood point-of-sale features with pop-ups and advertising bannersBasic SEO and page optimization features

How To Choose Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping?

Starting an ONLINE business needs extensive research. Think from the perspective of both sellers and buyers. 

Potential customers want a seamless experience, while sellers need ease of use. Let’s dig deep into how you SELECT the right eCommerce platform. 

  • Integration capabilities

AUTOMATE the Dropshipping business to upscale REVENUE and BUSINESS GROWTH. Automation requires connecting your eCommerce business with dropshipping suppliers. 

I chose Shopify initially to start my own online store. The struggling part was to upload each product in a separate gateway. Increase store creation hassle. 

So, I used DSer to use eCommerce features of automation. I installed it from the app library and integrated it with one click. 

Check whether a hosted eCommerce platform has integration options or not. Most top eCommerce platforms have advanced FEATURES. Install their dropshipping extensions. 

  • Customization 

On website builder, you have full control over store’s outlook. Yet, on BIG platforms like Amazon or eBay, there are customization limitations. Best eCommerce platforms like SHOPIFY give me a variety of themes. 

Customize or add buttons, sections, blog pages, or anything else you want. Experiment with branding and color themes. Long-term branding to build a DEDICATED AUDIENCE. 

  • Ease of Use 

Complex dashboards and usage cause so many difficulties in setting up a business. Choose an easy-to-use DROPSHIPPING eCommerce platform. The more stable learning curve for beginners. 

For example, a WordPress website easily be set up to sell online. Yet sellers need to install so many extensions and dropshipping apps in it. 

Separate apps for inventory management, marketing, and other advanced eCommerce features. This causes a lot of friction and hassle. 

Choose the best dropshipping platforms with existing key features. Search YouTube for seller tutorials on setting up Dropshipping businesses on them. 

  • Customer experience 

You focus on customer preferences. For example, on Marketplaces like Amazon, there is an existing audience. There is no need to drive an extra AUDIENCE to save marketing costs. 

Other eCommerce platforms have MULTI-SALES channel integration. It helps to enhance the CUSTOMER experience with less friction in the sales funnel. 

Choose an eCommerce solution that has the customer’s preferred payment method. They won’t have to sign up for new gateways. High customer conversion rate by having a common payment method. 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline is to help Shopify & small businesses shipping products from China and build your branded business.

People Also Ask about Best Ecommerce Platform For Dropshipping

Which one is the best for automatic traffic?

eBay and the Facebook marketplace are best for automatic traffic. They are existing marketplaces with huge user base audiences. Set up your dropshipping business on them for selling online. 

Is eBay or Shopify better for dropshipping?

Shopify is much for having a BRANDED site. Generate traffic from SOCIAL MEDIA and manage store building at the same time. Yet eBay is easier to start with less profit margins. Their existing audience saves you from MARKETING spending. 

What are some ways to find reliable dropshipping suppliers?

Contact a DROPSHIPPING AGENT from China to have a versatile supplier book. Leeline is a leading agent that handles hundreds of DROPSHIPPING supplies. They get you non-stop suppliers at very low prices. 

What dropshipping platform do you recommend for an absolute beginner?

Choose Shopify as a start because there are many DROPSHIPPING plugins on site. Shopify offers web hosting and technical knowledge guidelines. Great eCommerce platform for starters with low transaction fees. 

What’s Next

The secret of Dropshipping success is not limited to the best Dropshipping platform. Partner up with a reliable SUPPLIER with ALL QUALITY CHECKS. It ensures your BRAND IMAGE among customers for CONTINUES SALES. 

Where can you get that reliable supplier at low costs? 

Leeline Energy helps you in getting GRADE quality products for HIGH BRAND images. CONTACT us to start sourcing now without MOQ restrictions! 

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  Leeline. We’ve helped 5000+ customers shipping from China.

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