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Dimensional Weight: Ultimate Guide

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with the calculations of Dimensional Weight? Then this tutorial is for you.

Dimensional Weight is a PRICING approach for commercial freight transit. It is very common in air freight transportation. The transportation business globally uses dimensional Weight. They define a minimum fee for a package’s cubic area. You need to be aware of three numbers to calculate the dimensional weight.

Our freight specialist compiled all the valuable information here. Write this post to assist you in determining the package’s dimensional weight. It ultimately helps you with your pricing decisions.

Keep reading!

Dimensional Weight Ultimate Guide

What is Dimensional Weight?

Dim weight indicates how much space a package occupies compared to its real weight. It is the theoretical weight of a package. 

The formula for calculating dimensional Weight is as follows: length * width * height. Commercial freight transport employs DIM Weight to efficiently use the limited space.

A shipment’s total gross Weight traditionally determines its shipping cost. Freight companies can’t make money transporting light, huge commodities. Their package size takes up a lot of physical space in trucks, planes, and ships.

It has now become the standard shipping scale. Dimensional weight calculations establish a base rate per package’s cubic volume.

DIM weight calculators by carrier

DIM weight calculators by carrier

Multiply the parcel’s dimensions divided by the DIM factor to calculate DIM Weight. Carriers have developed this DIM Weight to make the most of light things that take up more space.

DIM Weight = (height x width x length)/Dimensional weight divisor.

Dimensional Weight Rules

FedEx lowered the dimensional weight divisor for domestic shipments from 166 to 139. UPS will use a dimensional weight divisor of 139 for packages with a volume greater than one cubic foot. If the package’s volume is less than 1 cubic foot, UPS will divide the volume by 166.

Dimensional weight calculators use the package’s cubic volume to indicate its total volume. Every freight carrier utilizes a different dimensional weight divisor to compute DIM weight. Thus you must compare pricing.

You check each company’s DIM weight calculator from their website. A higher DIM factor means the computed DIM weight is less. So, it reduces the use of DIM weight.

Example of DIM Weight Calculation- 

  • A cargo package’s length, width, and height are 10, 12, and 6 inches.
  • Multiply all the package dimensions. (10 x 12 x 6)= 720 cubic inches. The package is 1,260 cubic inches. 
  • The next step is to divide the 720 cubic inches by the DIM factor of 139 
  • Package dimensional weight = 720/139 = 6 lbs. 
  • The DIM Weight is 6 lbs.; thus, even if the weight of the package is 4 lbs., the carrier charges you for the DIM Weight.

The actual Weight of your shipment may exceed its dimensions Weight if it is heavy and compact. The amount you pay to transport your box by its actual Weight.

But they charge based on the dimensional weight if the DIM Weight is greater. So, dimensional weight pricing is more detrimental to bigger packages containing lighter contents.

What is dim weight pricing?

What is dim weight pricing

DIM weight pricing is a method of calculating transportation charges. It accounts for the dimensions of a shipment. Shipments with large dimensions but little weight are subject to higher shipping rates.

Packages less than 1 cubic foot are not subject to Dim Pricing. The Major freight carriers now use DIM weight. So, they charge customers based on volume rather than weight.

Suppose there is a big delivery truck and 200 boxes of pillows in that vehicle. Pillows come in enormous cartons, although each one only weighs around 3–4 pounds.

Now assume the same truck with 2000 IPHONE boxes, weighing about 3 or 4 pounds. If the carrier paid per Weight, the iPhone would cost the same as pillows. Even though the iPhone would take up just as little space as the pillows.

For the same amount, shipping 10 times as many boxes of iPhones as pillows are more profitable.

Most shipping carriers have a minimum shipment weight of 1 Cubic Foot box. That is Dim Weight pricing. Utilize that higher cost for a large box that has lightweight items. You reduce shipping costs under Dim pricing by packing more efficiently.

Calculate Dimensional Weight Example

A cargo package’s length, width, and height are 18, 15, and 10 inches. (18 x 15 x 10)= 2700 cubic inches. The package volume would be 2700 cubic inches. 

The next step is to divide the 2700 cubic inches by the DIM factor of 139. Package dimensional weight = 2700/139 = 19 lbs. 

The DIM Weight is 19 lbs.,

The box’s billable weight = Actual weight 25 lbs. The carrier charges you for the Actual package Weight.

How to calculate dimensional Weight (DIM Weight)?

How to calculate dimensional Weight

Multiplying the package’s length, width, and height at its widest and tallest points. You calculate DIM weight in pounds by dividing the cubic dimensions in inches by the DIM divisor.

Use the longest dimension to determine the dimensions of a package that isn’t square.

Box size is important in determining DIM weight charges, so give this attention. 

  • Smaller boxes, 
  • Lightweight packages, 
  • And a reduction in packing materials helps shippers avoid dimensional weight fees.

A step-by-step guide to calculating dimensional Weight

>> Step 1: Measure a package using its longest sides. Dimensional weight takes the package’s length, width, and height. And any bulges or deformed sides. Most freight companies round dimensional weight to the closest whole number.

>> Step 2: Multiplying the measures yields the package’s cube size. Your box has dimensions of 40, 10, and 10, for instance. Its volume is 4,000 cubic inches.

>> Step 3: The next step is to use a dimensional factor to divide the package’s cubic size. This formula converts cubic inches to pounds. Freight giants like UPS and FedEx establish the numbers used as DIM factors.

>> Step 4: FedEx uses a DIM divisor of 139 cubic inches per pound. They use this divisor for both domestic and international shipments. For example, we can calculate the dimensional Weight to be 29 pounds by dividing 4,000 by 139.

>> Step 5: The carriers utilize dimensional weight if the actual weight is less than 29 pounds. Suppose the shipment’s DIM weight is less than its actual weight. The freight firm will charge for the higher dimensional weight.

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FAQs about Dimensional Weight

What is the difference: Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight?

The “Actual Weight” of a product is the whole Weight of the item, including any and all packaging. Dimensional Weight multiplies the package’s length, width, and height. Shipping prices can calculate more accurately using dimensional weight, which considers package density.

• Actual Weight = Total Weight, including packaging and plates.
• Dimensional Weight charges = Length x Width x Height of Cargo package.

How is Amazon’s dimensional weight calculated?

Amazon calculates the volumetric or dimensional Weight and Actual Weight of the cargo.

They COMPARE the actual Weight and the calculated volumetric Weight. Calculate shipping charges by whichever is higher of the two.

Is it cheaper to ship by Weight or by flat shipping rate?

Delivery of smaller packages under 20 pounds in a Flat Rate Small Box is far more cost-effective. So, you save money over weight-based pricing if your products fit in Flat Rate packaging.

What’s Next

Dimensional Weight is a simple formula. It gives you the approximate Weight of each cargo. Able to see if there are any issues with your packaging. Dimensional Weight is often used when it comes to shipping costs.

Having this information at your disposal is essential to choose the best package.

Hiring a Freight Service provider is excellent if you need to transfer items swiftly. LEELINE Freight Forwarding is here to assist you with your cargo requirements.

Get in touch! We’ll even help you get from the airport to the warehouse.

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