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Leeline is an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT supply chain freight forwarder. We collect your shipment and see that it CLEARS CUSTOMS without any problems.

We’ve also developed a variety of shipping options for you to consider. Don’t waste any time and get your product to its final destination. 

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Free Hassle Shipping From China

Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Get your product through AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE sea freight shipping services. Both CARGO SHIPS and bulk line ocean freight services are available for transit. You have the current status of your sea freight shipping.

Coordinate logistics between ports, customs, and your suppliers for FCL or LCL shipment.

Air Freight

Air Freight

We help you figure out the most cost-effective methods of air shipments. The low-cost air cargo shipping prices offered by our NETWORK are highly competitive.

Ensure that you receive your shipment as PROMPTLY as possible without sacrificing safety.

Railway Freight

Railway Freight

Options for transporting cargo that is both cheap and quick. You get cargo insurance. We use extra precautions to keep the PRODUCT SAFE during train carriage.

Furthermore, stress-free 24/7 monitoring is possible thanks to REAL-TIME TRACKING.

Door to Door Shipping

Door-to-Door Shipping

We collect items from the MANUFACTURING FACILITY and deliver them to your doorstep. Feel consistently fast and reliable connectivity wherever you are in the globe.

PRICE-EFFECTIVE automation of the supply chain.

Alibaba Shipping

Alibaba Shipping

Spend less on delivery than you would with Alibaba’s agent service. Enjoy our extensive LOGISTICS infrastructure throughout the world.

Wrap and tag everything before loading cargo into a shipping vessel. 

Shipping To FBA

Shipping To FBA

We GUARANTEE Direct and on-time deliveries to Amazon’s FBA distribution centers. Brand your products with your company’s NAME AND LOGO to increase your sales on Amazon. Moreover, we perform quality control checks.

REMOVE ANY FLAWED products from further manufacture.

Why Choose Us?

Price Cuts & Low Costs

The entire process you need for shipping is available at low costs with LEELINE. We also provide cargo insurance and handle customs clearance. Save money while using EXPENSIVE transportation.

Thus, possibilities become less costly and more rewarding freight quotes.


After more than a decade of service, we PROUDLY SAY that we have earned the local community’s trust.

Our comprehensive supply chain services include a risk-free 30-day trial of our warehouse.

Successfully Cleared Customs

We ensure you have all the paperwork you need for customs clearance. Getting in contact with a variety of different customs departments is unnecessary.

There’s no need for any further paperwork. Transport that is wholly and completely AUTOMATIC!

Make the Best Use of Your Time

Leeline freight forwarder Find the best routes for transporting cargo. You expect QUICK delivery Because of the accessible transport connections.

We are seeing a reduction in shipment times, which is great news.

Hear it from fellow Products Wholesaler

My journey with Leeline shipping agent has been fantastic. I use several freight forwarders, but Leeline is the best. Their help was vital in my successfully automating all shipping procedures.

– Norman, Ohio

Ship From China and Make Big Money

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How to Ship by Sea From China to USA?

As the world’s largest exporter, China is in a position to REAP the benefits of this global trend. But Ship by Sea From China to USA is a HUGE deterrent when purchasing products from China.

We’ve all been there, right?

But luckily, you no longer have to worry about all of that. We provide in-depth information about transporting cargo from China to the USA by sea. You make an informed decision about your shipping needs with the information.

Read everything about sea freight shipments.

Ship by Sea From China to USA

What route do ships by sea take from China to USA?

What route do ships by sea take from China to USA

The Pacific route, also known as Pacific Lane. Ocean freight transport traveling from China to the United States uses this route. 

  • The ships will go south via the East coast China Sea,
  • Then north through the Sea of Japan and the Okhotsk
  • Finally, entering the North Pacific Ocean. 

The ocean freight shipping containers reach most major ports of-

  • Western Latin America, 
  • West Coast of the United States,
  • New Zealand,
  • Australia,
  • Western Canada.

A normal cargo ship can transport 18,000 containers. It makes sea freight a cheap choice for long distances.

How long does sea freight take from China to USA?

Generally speaking, the estimated transit times may be as follows (under normal circumstances): 

  • 1-2 weeks for standard mail, 
  • 3 days for express air freight, 
  • 8-10 days for air freight, 
  • 30-40 days for ocean freight shipping. 

It’s a good idea to double-check with your logistics provider. These estimates alter by a variety of factors.

So, The transit period for a consignment from China to the USA through sea freight is around 30–40 days. This is because boats travel at a much slower pace than airplanes.

Ocean liners also have slowed their speeds to save fuel surcharges and money. US Customs requires sea-freighted importers using single-entry bonds to use an ISF bond. 

Additional factors that have a greater impact on ocean freight include

  • Port congestion,
  • Customs delays,
  • Extra security checks,
  • and inclement weather.

Depending on the product’s urgency, expedited shipping may cut travel time. In certain cases, it may match air freight delivery times.

This makes using a fast shipping service from China a smart choice. The success of expedited freight depends on

  • Streamlining sea freight operations.
  • Integrating with quicker maritime services.
  • Premium trucking services.

How much does sea shipping cost from China to USA?

How much does sea shipping cost from China to USA

Ocean freight companies often charge by container. A 40-foot conventional container sent from China to the United States costs between $9,000 and $10,000.

Sea freight is a cost-effective method of transport if your shipment weighs more than 5,000 kg. You Save Money on sea freight by optimizing logistics decisions such as-

  • Container type
  • Port
  • Insurance

Besides, the cost of shipping over water decreases during the off-season. Keep in mind that shipping a full container may save you money and time. Use of a partial container incurs extra port fees. Also, Sea freight forwarding shipments face fewer restrictions for some hazardous materials.

How to calculate sea shipping costs?

A freight forwarder company’s base rates determine how much ocean freight will cost. Typically, the cost of shipping a full container load (FCL shipments) of goods by sea depends on-

  • The dimensions of the container load (20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet) 
  • The nature of the product. 

You pay for your LCL ocean shipment according to its gross dimensions or weight, which is greater. The freight company multiplies weight or volume in CBM by an LCL base rate. A shipment’s volume is the amount of space it takes up in a truck or ship. It includes Everything from packing to palletizing. The final cost of sea freight shipping to your destination port will add some other costs-

  • Customs security surcharges 
  • Container Freight Station
  • Terminal Handling charges 
  • Customs brokerage Pickup  
  • delivery Insurance Accessorial charges 
  • Routing charges

How to ship from China to USA?

How to ship from China to USA

International express shipping is the fastest way to transport goods from China to the U.S. 

Some international express shipping methods are-

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • TNT

Shipping by express is the best choice if you need your items fast. But the shipping rates also costs the most. Sending smaller quantities from China to the USA, ePacket is the best shipping choice. You must fulfill certain criteria, like-

  • Shipments under 24 inches in length
  • Combined length, height, and thickness do not exceed 36 inches.
  • Your package weight cannot exceed 4.4 lbs, 
  • The total value of your shipment cannot surpass $400.

 A Fast, Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Ship by Sea From China to USA

Is shipping by sea cheaper than air?

Shipping via airplane is more expensive than shipping via ship. But it also delivers more quickly, SECURELY, and RELIABLY. Shipping by sea is typically the most cost-effective option for large, heavy packages.

Why does shipping by sea take so long?

• Some cargo ships may encounter choppy and stormy seas. This may cause delays.
• There is a specific plan for loading and unloading each vessel at each port. Loading some containers may take as long as a week or two. If there is an EXCESS of reservations.
• There is a freight quota on the number of goods in and out of each port. When the available space is inadequate, congestion sets in. The result is a delay in berthing times.

Is shipping by sea reliable?

“Shipping by sea” is usually a good indicator of RELIABILITY. It’s an efficient method of transporting goods across great distances. However, it is sometimes SLUGGISH.

What’s Next

Ship by Sea From China to USA requires balancing shipping time and money. Ocean transport is your best bet If you deal in mass quantities of inexpensive goods.

You need the proper equipment to receive and unload, no matter where you send them. 

High-volume shipping connections with major airlines and freighters reaching China. Also, help customers overcome challenging logistical limitations while providing significant savings.

Most importers work with China Freight Forwarders. Choose a freight forwarder like Leeline that gives careful consideration to every detail. Contact us!

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