How To Find Products On CJ Dropshipping?

How to find PRODUCTS on CJ Dropshipping for unparalleled success? In Dropshipping, the PRODUCT’s popularity determines the store’s success! 

Our experts have worked on hundreds of Dropshipping products. Use our SECRET technique to find SUPER DEALS in hot selling categories. Excel your ONLINE STORE ranking and customer flow! 

My secret recipe on CJ is via their RECOMMENDATION section. They have thousands of MARKET-tested products there. Evaluate them via REVIEWS and feedback to ensure their POPULARITY. 

Keep reading to boost sales by choosing HOT selling products for HIGH SALES. 

How To Find Products On CJ Dropshipping

Why Choose CJ Dropshipping?

Why Choose CJ Dropshipping

CJ dropshipping is a ONE-STOP solution for DROPSHIPPERS. 

It includes everything from PRODUCT research, Verified supplier, and Automation software. Get everything done under a single roof to save time, effort, and energy. 

Still, it’s a B2B platform without MOQ. Nothing to worry about pricing as you still get WHOLESALE PRICING. It got me the best PRICES with fast delivery service. 

Here are other reasons why to choose CJ Dropshipping. 

  • Overseas Warehouses

Aliexpress has mostly LOCAL Chinese suppliers. They have slow shipping but very cheap product prices. Slow shipping often results in CUSTOMER frustration. Overseas warehouses in NORTH AMERICA get you fast shipping. Increase customer satisfaction! 

  • High Quality

Each product supplier goes through a detailed evaluation process. Forget to deal with QUALITY issues and negative reviews by CUSTOMERS. Also, evaluate their QUALITY by reading reviews. High STORE reputation in the market and users. 

  • Automation 

Handle everything from PRODUCT Selection to Shipping. Tried and tested workflow strategies to operate the store automatically. Integrate their APP from the SHOPIFY app store. Convert extensive operations into easy tasks with few clicks. 

Expert’s advice: Check YouTube tutorials to understand their DASHBOARDS. A user-friendly approach to getting things done in a short time. 

  • Branding 

You get custom packaging on PREMIUM Products. Add the brand’s essence in Outlook or PERSONALIZED thank notes for customers. Competitive advantage over simple product packaging to build a BRAND image. 

How To Find Products On CJ Dropshipping?

CJ dropshipping is a goldmine for WINNING products to sell online. Let me show you how I found the best products that played a pivotal role in my success. 

Don’t stop, KEEP READING!

1. Search By Keywords/ Image

Did you get a PRODUCT IDEA? 

Well, now it’s pretty simple to find it. 

Go to the search bar and type relevant keywords of PRODUCTS. Add product’ pictures for exact search results. Apply relevant pricing or supplier filters and then browse the product pages. Copy the PRODUCT ID into your SHEET or directly import it to the store. 

Don’t worry if you are not sure whether it’s a winning PRODUCT or not! 

Go to GOOGLE trends and type the same keyword there. It shows you yearly search results for that particular item. A stable graph ensures it’s a winning product.  

2. Random Search Method

Explore the depth of CJ dropshipping. Yet you may not find the best products but here I have the perfect strategy

Go to random PRODUCT pages. Explore SOCIAL media platforms to get PRODUCT ideas. Later on, go to competitors’ stores and check pricing. Copy their link and search for the product name in CJ dropshipping. 

Here you need to look at two things.

  • Pricing difference: See the margin between the sourcing price and the final price. Calculator the operational expenses, including marketing. Later on, you must have a 30% to 40% margin. 
  • Product demand: Check the recent sales trend on CJdropshipping or Aliexpress. Read their reviews to understand QUALITY. Most reviews are from DROPSHIPPERS on CJ, so you get a more clear understanding. 

After reviewing random products on such details you select final items. RANDOM search idea got me untapped product ideas from CJ DROPSHIPPING. 

3. Hot Selling PRODUCT section 

See the hot categories or trending product section on HOMEPAGE. These are best-selling products based on their DATA POINTS. It’s random but in various niches. 

In this section, you also get to see ADS from wholesalers. Check their PRODUCT offerings but review them on the parameters I explained above. Don’t worry if you don’t like any PRODUCT. 

Don’t stop there! Go to recommended PRODUCT bars. Here is the SAME algorithm that works for new PRODUCTS. 

Pro Tip: Ensure the product’s popularity by reading reviews on DIFFERENT SITES. Not just rely on CJ dropshipping but also check other B2C sites. 

4. Private Dropshipping Agent

It’s ok if you don’t want to spend hours and hours in SEARCH and browsing. Well, Save BUSINESS resources by choosing a reliable agent like LEELINE

Here come the private agents in the PRODUCT selection picture. 

What do they do? 

They have a private supplier network and DIRECTORIES to get you winning products instantly. Save the hassle of browsing and evaluating each product separately. 

Get everything done by experts who are the real OGs of the GAME. 

Suppose you want to explore a niche for DROPSHIPPING. Now HIRE  a DROPSHIPPING agent. They get better pricing, QUALITY, and better shipping terms. In most cases, they handle your SUPPLY CHAIN. 

My agents have saved me a lot of mess, especially during RUSH seasons. Give it a try at least!

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline is to help Shopify & small businesses shipping products from China and build your branded business.

People Also Ask about How To Find Products On CJ Dropshipping 

Is CJ Dropshipping free and reliable?

Yes, It’s a free-to-use platform without SUBSCRIPTION prices. They don’t have a subscription model like SPOCKET. Yet they charge a commission fee for each order transaction. 

Which is better: Oberlo or CJDropshipping or SPocket?

Oberlo is shut down, and now DSer is popular in their place. But it is only an AUTOMATION software. Conversely, CJdropshipping or Spocket are PLATFORMS which also include automation features. 

What is the CJ Dropshiping payment process?

It is the same as other major eCommerce platforms. You pay via PayPal or Debit/credit card for the product’s price. Many flexible payment options with international coverage and fast transactions. 

How long does CJ Dropshipping take to fulfill?

Orders get fulfilled in 2 to 3 business days. It does not include weekends or HOLIDAYS. In my experience, they try to fulfill as soon as possible. There are no delays or lags in order fulfillment. 

What’s Next

Limiting yourself to just one DROPSHIPPING platform could be a costly mistake. Explore winning products on other platforms at the best pricing stack! Doubles your PROFIT margin and gets you a variety of choices in PRODUCT SELECTION. 

Ready to explore our market-tested winning products directory? 

Contact Leeline! We have your back in getting trending products directly from the manufacturer. Start your order with WHOLESALE pricing and fast shipping. 

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