Shopify vs Amazon Dropshipping In 2024

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs get torn between Shopify vs Amazon Dropshipping. Amazon offers the benefits of joining a GIANT marketplace. Shopify helps establish a UNIQUE eCommerce business suited to your branding. 

I’ve had my fair share of experience using both platforms within my decade-long career. And personally, Shopify stands out better.

Shopify is a match made for online merchants. Its CUSTOMIZATION and AUTOMATION help you dominate the eCommerce world. Yes, Amazon might offer a wide range of products. However, establishing a STRONG online presence is achieved better at Shopify.

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Shopify vs Amazon Dropshipping

Shopify Overview

Shopify Overview

Shopify is an advanced yet easy-to-use platform. It is often hailed as the ULTIMATE online store builder. As it helps online sellers build an INDEPENDENT eCommerce store from scratch. 

It’s PACKED with free and paid themes and customizable features. Designed to make online stores look just right. And whether you’re a small startup or a big operation

Plus, it comes with a HUGE COLLECTION of add-ons and plugins from other companies. Along with a built-in payment processor to handle payments. Making it a TOP CHOICE for Shopify merchants looking to grow their online presence.


  • Offer unique selling experience 

Shopify stores have easy customizable templates. Allowing users to DISTINGUISH their own online store from other dropshipping platforms. 

Unlike Amazon, Shopify lets users create a site. INFUSED with the personality of their BRANDING. From experience, consumers LOVE BUYING from a specialized eCommerce platform. 

  • Extensive Shopify features 

Online selling isn’t too intimidating, thanks to the eCommerce tools Shopify offers. Enjoy a 100% safe Shopify payment gateway. And handle inventory management COMFORTABLY through the platform’s automated inventory tracking. 


  • Relatively high fees 

Shopify offers three paid subscription plans at the Shopify app store. The Basic Shopify Plan is the CHEAPEST at $19 per month. And being the MOST EXPENSIVE, the Advanced Shopify Plan has a $299 monthly fee.

Unfortunately, these monthly plans make a budget dent. Especially when we were not making much online sales yet. 

  • Hard to achieve organic traffic 

As mentioned, a Shopify store won’t be part of an online marketplace. It’s gonna be comparable to a brick-and-mortar store on top of a mountain. Amazon’s marketplace is a BUSY commerce alleyway with THOUSANDS of foot traffic. 

Because of this, sellers must give them all to market their Shopify site. Otherwise, their own store is DROWN among other eCommerce platforms. 

Amazon FBA Overview

Amazon FBA Overview

Fulfillment by Amazon is OFFERED by Amazon itself for Amazon sellers. Unlike Shopify, which helps sellers build their own store. Amazon FBA provides a different kind of support.

Amazon FBA allows an Amazon seller to store its products in Amazon’s warehouses. They handle everything from there on. Starting from storing items to packing and shipping to customers when orders come in. FREEING UP the hassle of managing inventory and shipping logistics.


  • User-friendly 

It’s pretty easy to sell online once an Amazon selling account is made. Amazon offers detailed tutorials to create Amazon listings and a store page. No need to be OVERWHELMED with tons of customizable features, unlike Shopify. 

  • Home to millions of global online shoppers 

The Amazon marketplace literally receives BILLIONS of monthly visits. This means there’s a HIGHER chance of getting orders from Amazon customers. Of course, these shoppers aren’t only from North America. So, give your business a shot at global success in a SNAP! 


  • Complex selling fees

Amazon’s selling fees are hard to figure out because they’ve got ALL SORTS of charges. There are shipping fees, credit card fees, referral fees, and transaction fees, to name a few. 

And these fees CHANGE depending on the item sold and how it’s being shipped. Plus, Amazon is always tweaking its fee rules.

Now, onto the main event…

Shopify vs Amazon Dropshipping: In-Depth Comparison

1. Brand Building

Shopify is often the TOP PICK for online business owners. Unlike Amazon, which has a set layout and hosting. 

Shopify offers more ADVANCED online resources like custom domains and templates. These features allow sellers to craft a one-of-a-kind Shopify store. Representing the BRAND IDENTITY that sets them apart from the crowd.

2. SEO and Marketing

Amazon requires a SMALLER marketing budget compared to Shopify. All thanks to its massive built-in audience. You rely on simple Amazon SEO techniques. And recreate good existing Amazon listings to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS and DRIVE SALES. 

This means spending tons of money on marketing efforts is unnecessary. Unlike Shopify, where sellers OFTEN have to build their audience from scratch.

3. Transaction Fee Structure

Transaction Fee Structure

Amazon tends to have higher selling fees and holds onto your payment for a while. In contrast, Shopify payments have a more standard processing time. Offering sellers GREATER CONTROL over their funds.

Additionally, Amazon offers a LOWER PROFIT MARGIN compared to Shopify. Sure, it does have a larger customer base. But Shopify allows us to make more money per sale.

4. Customer Support

Both Amazon and Shopify have you covered with reliable email and phone assistance. They also have COMMUNITY FORUMS. Where sellers talk to other sellers for TIPS and ADVICE.

Which Dropshipping Business Model Is Better For Dropshipping?

Which Dropshipping Business Model Is Better For Dropshipping?

Many opt for Shopify to set up their dropshipping store. And if I were to choose between the two? I’d pick Shopify, too. 

Branding is crucial in dropshipping, and Shopify assists you BETTER than Amazon. It’s known for its flexibility in shaping an online store the way a seller wants it. BRANDING, MARKETING, and DESIGN are the things sellers don’t need to stress about with Shopify.

But for those who prefer a platform that handles everything for them. Amazon might have a stronger appeal. It offers a READY-TO-GO platform. Saving TIME and EFFORT in setting up an online business from scratch.

But of course, not all sizes fit all. So, the choice still FALLS DOWN to preferences. 

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People Also Ask about Amazon vs Shopify Dropshipping

Are Shopify and Amazon recommended for dropshipping beginners?

Yes. Both Shopify and Amazon are GREAT platforms for starters. Shopify’s site feature is perfect for creating a standout store. Amazon’s wide range of product listings helps find your niche and succeed. 

Why choose Shopify over Amazon?

There are tons of reasons why I prefer Shopify. But the TOP on my list is it’s a store builder. Shopify BUILDS a strong brand identity better than Amazon. It’s an all-in-solution for sellers who wish to run their store.   

What is the most profitable dropshipping product to sell on Shopify?

Apparel and footwear tops the list of the most in-demand and profitable items on Shopify. Categories like T-shirts are the most popular ones for dropshipping. It’s customizable and perfect for a PRINT-ON-DEMAND business on Shopify.

What’s Next

Shopify and Amazon are two of the best platforms to start a dropshipping store. Both offer an incredible opportunity to succeed in this venture. But Shopify offers better FLEXIBILITY in creating and running an online store. Leaving Amazon BEHIND. 

Want to start business on either platform?

Call Leeline! We help build a brand that’s profitable and successful. Rise above the competition with BEST-SELLING products!

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