Top 20 High Ticket Dropshipping Products

Tired of selling CHEAP dropshipping products that barely make a profit? Then, consider high-ticket dropshipping products!

I’m a dropshipper with more than a DECADE of experience. Sold THOUSANDS of high-ticket products during 10 years. This article shows exactly which product has the highest surge in demand.

The BEST high-ticket item on this list? It’s no other than furniture and home decor! Everyone is a potential customer. Making the OVERALL DEMAND crazy! Sell this product and watch your online business GROW. 

Stay tuned to uncover the bonus products to maximize profits!

Top 20 High Ticket Dropshipping Products

Best 5 High Ticket Dropshipping Products

  1. Furniture and Home Decor
Furniture and Home Decor

The not-so-secret sauce to having a LOVING HOME is to invest in furniture. 

Furniture and Home Decor are the best high-quality products for a high-ticket dropshipping store. Every household is a POTENTIAL customer. Especially if you offer better aesthetics and quality than a competitor. 

SLAPPING a high price tag on a piece of furniture doesn’t matter. In fact, homeowners may see the higher price as a sign of BETTER QUALITY. 

  1. Air Fryer
Air Fryer

Remember when AIR FRYERS became extremely popular during the 2020 pandemic? 

I still remember trying ONE air-fried recipe per day myself over the lockdown. 

Luckily, that popularity is still very much alive. So, if you want to earn HUGE PROFIT MARGINS by selling high-ticket products. Selling air fryers is the way to go. 

Wondering which high-ticket dropshipping business niches air fryers fit into? At the top of my head, I think about home furniture, office supplies, and even fitness. 

  1. Kayaks

Sure, kayaks aren’t as MAINSTREAM as air fryers or coffee machines. 

But tell you what: those who are into them are BIG MONEY SPENDERS. They guarantee to have higher purchasing power. Making it SUPER SAFE to impose higher profit margins. 

Not sure how to sell this high-ticket dropshipping product? 

Easy. Craft is an eCommerce store focused on water sports and activities. Then, sell high-ticket products, including kayaks, in your online store. 

Key tip: Avoid selling both high-ticket and low-ticket products. You should only be known as EITHER a premium or affordable brand. 

  1. Solar Led Garden Lamp
Solar Led Garden Lamp

Nobody loves seeing a HIGH ELECTRICITY BILL. That’s why millions of residential houses now turn to solar LED products to bring light to their homes. 

One of the HIGHEST in-demand products in the solar realm is SOLAR LED GARDEN LAMPS. Perfect for lighting up front, backyards, and basically any area outdoors! 

The good news is this product is PRETTY affordable. As long as it comes from a reliable supplier. More money for the eCommerce business if you sell cheap products as “high ticket.” 

  1. Car Roof Rack
Car Roof Rack

Everyone loves a weekend adventure. Or a month’s GETAWAY to the beach or mountains. So what else is a perfect companion than a high-value gem like car roof racks? Offering SOLUTIONS to those who crave more space than their cars provide. 

This high-ticket dropshipping product is getting more popular year after year! 

Not only that, it offers an ALLURING profit margin. But selling high-ticket items like this one, grows your high-ticket dropshipping stores fast! Seize this opportunity and attract potential customers with its product quality. 

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List Of High Ticket Dropshipping Niches

High-Ticket NichesProduct Ideas
CafeCoffee MakerElectric Coffee GrinderEspresso Machine
Consumer ElectronicsSmartphonesGaming consolesSmart cameras
Outdoor GearExpedition backpacksHigh-end camping tentsPremium sleeping bags
High-end Kitchen AppliancesKitchenAid Stand MixerLe Creuset Cookware SetBreville Smart Oven
High-end Gardening EquipmentRobotic lawn mowersGarden power toolsGarden sheds
Luxury watchesRolex SubmarinerOmega Seamaster Planet OceanTag Heuer Carrera 
Fitness EquipmentTreadmillsIndoor cycling bicyclesWeight benches
Luxury ItemsCamera equipmentMusical instrumentsHunting rifles
CollectiblesComic books, Action figuresSports cards
Sports Equipment Golf clubsCycling bikesBasketball hoops
Smart Home SystemsSmart security camerasSmart door locksSmart lighting systems
Car Parts and AccessoriesWheels and rimsAutomotive lightingCarbon fiber body kits
Audio DevicesHigh-end headphonesProfessional microphonesWi-Fi speakers
Electric Micro-VehiclesElectric scootersElectric bicyclesElectric skateboards
Water SportsYoga BoardsPaddlesLife Jackets

How To Find High Ticket Dropshipping Products?

Let me burst the bubble right away: High-ticket products are NOT EASY to find. It’s not as simple as finding affordable products like plush toys in a standard dropshipping. Why so? 

First, high-ticket items are on the expensive side or come with a higher price tag. Second, MOST high-ticket dropshipping suppliers are usually from the U.S. or Europe. And NOT those from China like we all used to. 

But hey, finding something becomes easier as long as the right method is used. So, without further ado… 

Here are three proven techniques to EASILY FIND high-ticket items for a dropshipping business. 

1. Contact Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers Locally

Reliable suppliers in the high ticket dropshipping niche are mostly international based. But it’s still worth the sweat to try contacting a local supplier. Spocket, for example, is also more than willing to sell WHOLESALE price. 

2. Google Trends and Market Trends

Google finds anything with a high search volume in a SIMPLE CLICK. But keep in mind to use the right keywords when searching for high-ticket product ideas. This tool still needs a thorough assessment. Whether they belong to PROFITABLE NICHES or FACE LESS COMPETITION. 

3. Go to Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos provide a huge competitive advantage for high-ticket dropshippers. These events are filled with a WIDE ARRAY of products from ALL SORTS of industries. It could be from low-ticket items to products with a higher retail price point. 

Pro Tip: Choose a high-ticket dropshipping niche before attending one of these events. 

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People Also Ask about High Ticket Dropshipping Products

What is the difference between high-ticket dropshipping vs ticket dropshipping?

A product with a selling price of at least $50 is considered a high-ticket item. And products with a set price range of UNDER 50 bucks belong to low-ticket dropshipping. Price is the tricky part when you start high ticket dropshipping. So, don’t get confused.

How much money is enough for dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a business model with low upfront investment. So, having a $500 CAPITAL can be a good starting point. But if you decide to be a high-ticket dropshipper. Then have at least $1,000 or more. Depending on the niche selection.

What are the risks of high-ticket drop shipping?

Number one risk is the LOW DEMAND since products here are expensive. So, chances are, customers who afford these items are those with enough budget to spend. That’s why it’s important to make sure there is a stable demand.

What’s Next

Selling high-ticket dropshipping items is sometimes better than trying to sell cheap ones. Aside from the fact that it comes with a BETTER PROFIT MARGIN. The product quality is also guaranteed. But make sure to have enough cash flow to keep your store up and running.

Ready to find a profitable high-ticket product?

Call Leeline! We open doors to connecting every store owner to the best high-ticket supplier.  Don’t settle for less profit, triple your store earnings.  

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